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Monday, December 19, 2005


Super 14: Jaco could become a Stormer

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Mon, 19 Dec 2005
Springbok flyhalf Jaco van der Westhuyzen could be turning out for the Stormers in the inaugural Super 14 competition next year, if Bok coach Jake White gets his way.
White is keen for Van der Westhuyzen to get regular game time, at flyhalf, ahead of the start of the Boks' 2006 international campaign in June.

Van der Westhuyzen is currently recovering from knee surgery and will not be able to play until March, when his Japanese club — NEC Green Rockets — will have completed its season.

It means his only other game time opportunities would be in the Vodacom Cup, a second rate domestic competition in South Africa, and the Super 14.

And White is keen for Van der Westhuyzen to play at the highest possible level, Super 14.

The 27-year-old Van der Westhuyzen, a 28-Test veteran, played Super 12 rugby for the Bulls in 2003, before moving first to Leicester Tigers and then to NEC in Japan.
But the Bulls already have their quota of flyhalves.

A large group of 42 Bulls players are currently honing their skills in George for the Super 14 — with three flyhalves in the squad. They are Morne Steyn, Derick Hougaard and Kennedy Tsimba.

Bulls coach Heyneke Meyer was noncommittal when approached about the possibility of Van der Westhuyzen making a comeback to the Bulls.

As it is, he will have to slash his squad from 40-odd to 30 early in January and with three flyhalves in the squad already, it is unlikely he will find place for Van der Westhuyzen — who would only be available after the competition has started.

The Stormers are certainly not as blessed with as much flyhalf talent as the Bulls.
Peter Grant, the Western Province Currie Cup number 10, is sure to get first bite at the flyhalf cherry with the Stormers. WP utility backs Werner Greeff and Johan Pietersen could also be in the running. And the Boland Cavaliers have Antonius Verhoeven and Solly Goosen in their ranks.

But other than Grant and Greeff, none of the others would be able to challenge Van der Westhuyzen for skill and class in the number 10 channel. And if Van der Westhuyzen joins the squad it will free up Greeff to bolster the team's midfield and fullback resources.

For Van der Westhuyzen it would certainly be a positive move to get some quality Super 14 game time to sharpen his considerable skills.

With the Boks' other flyhalf, André Pretorius, also still recovering from (ankle) surgery, it is vital that the Bok coach keeps his options open.
for those wanting to stream the cricket, log onto:
Is Jaco 'n draak?  
Nog nie reinhardt, maar as hy vir die stormers gaan speel word hy dalk een! Grappie, ek dink hy sal goed doen op losskakel in die stormers span, hulle soort rugby pas by hom. En daar is nie nou regtig vir hom plek by die bulls nie. Arme ou. Nou's hy in elk geval in die regte plek om 'n bok te bly!  
Ek stem saam, Jaco mag dalk net die spark wees wat die Stormers kort... (Dit EN 'n vaste vyf)
Ek sien die dag se spel is darem verby, nou't ons nog net een hele dag om nie uit te gaan nie.  
i dont rate him that much - but the stormers will do well to sign him.

once nick and kobus pulls their head out of their asses.
If this is true it will be fantastic news. Will he be getting gametime if he moves to Bulls? Dont think so... I know the Bulls supporters out there wont be happy...  
Good Morning All
I agree with you WpW,it would be great news if he came down,i dont think grant is half bad but he is still very young and Greeff,well he is Greeff!
Howzit my token black brother from another mother. Hoe lyk dinge innie fairest Cape?  
hi clayton. Ja, i will use your name cos most of the other muppits use mine. lol.

greeff is overrated and too injury prone. he hasnt had a good season since he just became a bok...
aldo, are you speaking to me or province? well anyway, i'm fine. i am car hunting and its taking so much time. i nearly bought me a car on saturday but decided to take my mechanic with to 1st check the car out. it was a very wise decision cos we found the car was in an accident and the radiator was starting to rust... anyway, these car dealerships are really skelm... well, most of them at least.

oh, and to pissant and davidS, the car is stock standard, no mags, no scoops or performance parts...
Aldo if you were talking to me,im cool boety,had a mad mad MAD weekend,Wes,when are you coming to Galaxy.Aldo,it was the Clifton beach challenge yesterday,if you want i can sho you just how fair the Cape is  

Seeing JvdW playing in a Stormers jersey certainly does have its merit- both for him & Stormers.

Would like to know what JdV is thinking. Hopefully this is the end of the JeanDiv speculation at 10.

There is some speculative news for Derrick Hougaardt as well on OORB- third story from the top- will see how soon to get confirmation
i read it OO, poor boy must be shitting himself.

oh ja and wpw is a token coloured rugrat parow arrow under cover as a decent cape town oke with high morals for reasons too explixit to mention on this blog....

Do you willingly stick your finger into an electric plug? No?

Same here, which is why I will NOT follow the cricket after yesterday.


So you almost got yourself a virgin car that you could customise yourself!

BTW I disagree PA. I reckon Jaco can add a lot of value to the Stormers at flyhalf. His whole game style suits the Stormers. And combining him with DWB, JDV and Marius Joubert will see him locking combinations with the Bok incumbents so he should combine well with them

Provided the Stormers backline sees any ball.

ps. Relying on Sicknote to be your 10 is desparate okes....
Wes, was actually talking to both of you. I knew that if I just threw uot the comment, both of you would respond.

You must be shitting me, a coloured with a standard car. Are you one of the poor people in the Cape? Just kidding!

What car are you looking to buy?

Clayton (seeing as that is your real name)

Just how fair is the fairest Cape today? Also kak tired today. Weekend was loooooonnnngggggggg.
looking to pass as such by buying a decent car with no furr on the dash and no cd hanging of the rearview mirror  

Is dit die jonge Zaheer Raylands in jou foto daar?

Belowende jong speler daardie.

if it wasnt for the fact that jaco killed dewet and mj earlier this year in the bok setup with his lateral running, i might have agreed. lets hope he dropped that habit first!
lol Davids

Agree that anyone relying on sicknote for more than a sicknote is extremely desperate.

What the hell did you do this weekend to get tired. I got exhausted because our housekeeper unceremoniously decided she was going back to Groblersdal for Christmas.

How damned uncharitable of her leaving my wife and I to take care of the kids on our own....

ps. Wes wants a virgin car that he can customise himself!!!!


How'd the performance appraisal go on Thursday?

How do you think the Boks scored the most tries in the Tri Nations last year. Jaco is a playmaker, which is why I think that he'll do better at the Stormers than at the Bulls.
his wife to be made him do it davids - i guess she refused to travel with him in his pink pimp mobile.  

got no problems with last year, but this year he was way off the form he displayed in 2004.
lol PA

Jaco's lateral running was only part of the problem. The major part of it was their own lack of form as the S12 so adamantly demonstrated.

However, DWB and Jaco showed pretty good form in the latter part of the 3N. I thought Jaco looked a better player than Andre Pretorius in the Perth and Dunedin tests.
i just dont rate him as a natural flyhalf, he is too unpredictable imo. the fact that he is a talented footballer i have no doubts in, i like my flyhalf to be solid though.  

I'm tired because when I woke up Saturday morning, I got this crasy idea to go to the closest orphanage and ask just how many children they had, and how many were girls and how many boys. Then I went out and the wife and I bought a christmas present for each and every one of them. Do you have any idea how long it takes to cover 200 presents? Now my wife wants to invite the lot over to the farm for Christmas day. I think I'm not going to be that charitable yet, I'm allready tired, can you think how a day of watching that amount of children is gonna be like?

That way he can slowly cusomise it over time while she doesn't notice.

Eish Wes

If PA's correct and she's sitting on your head already it's gonna be a bumpy fifty or so years for you.

My wife the cow keeps smsing me to tell me that she and the kids are lying next to the pool tanning and swimming and playing.

This does not bode well for my mood here at work. If I had a disciplinary hearing today, someone's ass was on the way out of here!

But all I have is that Johan Prinsloo idiot and he can't even come and bumble some meaningless attempt at an answer to one of my incisive sarcastic questions...

No all I get is the Geordie Englishman, whining (that accent is so difficult I wonder if he is speaking English) that the Zulu workers don't understand him.....

I got news for him...neither do I!!!!!!
Pissant, that's why I prefer Hougaard as a flyhalf. But Jaco might fit in because he is so unpredictable. The whole stormers lineup is like that, so he'll fit in great!


I also thought that Jaco looked a better player than AP in the latter part of the Tri Nations.
that is a very nice thing you did aldo!

davids, i am enjoying a beer at the moment, thought i'd throw that in their to change your mood.

Firstly, thanks, secondly, PISSOFF!

the whole bloody WPRFU is unpredictable - they think they are so good they dont even need to pitch up for games to win them - that is why they dont.
Jisis Aldo

We did that on Saturday for 10 cousins nephews and grandchildren and we were exhausted.

PA seeing as Earl Rose is with us this year, maybe at 15.

I reckon that's his best position in any case. Besides he's the first Bok fullback since Johan Heunis who will fearlessly go for the high ones..... in contrast to your favorite SACS Old Boy....

Or do you want a solid one like Derrick Hougaard or Willem De Waal...
Nee man PA, nou kan ek net dink aan 'n bier. Nee man. Hoe moet ek nou deur die dag kom?  

Willem De Waal en Hougaard is volgens my (dit se nie veel nie) twee van ons top loskakels. Ek trate altwee hoog en as ek 'n afrigter was, sou ek hulle altwee in my 22 wou gehad het en 'n tradisionele, outydse, forward gameplan gehad het. Nou waar het ek daardie vierkleur van my gesit?
Gepraat van vierkleur. Davids, het jy al jou special report oor Vrydag se gebeur op die kerkplein in PTA geskryf?  

Yeah sorry for missing that.

That was a damned nice thing to do.


I was involved at a child abuse clinic for a couple of years but I left because it became like SA RUgby administration. Everyone was in it to catch the shine and they lost focus on what the kids needed.
i reckon 15 is his best position - but i also agree that he will bring more to the party than grant for the stormers...have sicknote at 15 - keep him as far away from the ball as possible, he might just look good again - hey it worked for monty!!!

and dont be talking fowl of my favourite springbok!!!

on dewaal - now if there was ever a guy that was too solid its this oke. if you take his boot away marius goosen will overshadow him.

the cheetahs will do well to get the confidence back into a gaffie du toit and give him the chance to make that position his own.

First my wife phones me to tell me she's lying next to the pool catching rays and playing with the kids.

Now you tell me you're sipping a cold one

Yip DavidS
Life is not fair


I think that is exactly the reason why gaffie is contracted.

He can still be extremely efficient in the Cheetah team- man that will be goode

Unsure about Hougaaard. He stands to deep to be an attacking option for me. I like De Waal though.

PA is just jealous cos WP let De Waal and Hougaard go and look what happened to WP.

Haven't beaten the Bulls or FS in two years....

Ek is besig om aan die spesiale Ruggaworld verslag te werk rondom die gebeure van Vrydag oggend.

PA - I quite rate Marius Goosen....
Thanks Davids, but please stop now. Not that I don't appreciate the the compliments, but I become lost for words when people compliment me. I was never good at taking compliments. I blush and start to stutter. I got the idea from the christmas article that OO wrote and how a lot of kiddies out there does not get to see that side of christmas, soo OORB must get the credit.

Anyway, of to your comment about child welfare. It is sad, but what you said is the truth. The bastards are just in it to try and show the world how goody two shoes they are. Irritates me endlessly. Those children get a t shirt for appearring on a photo with who ever but then goes to bed hungry. I used to do Beach missions over December. Do a bit of Volleyball coaching and then preach gospel and just bring a bit of christmas spirit to the street children. I stopped because one of the pastors asked us if we are willing to come help out in one of the townships around Plettenberg bay on christmas day. Put up our nets and just help hand out little gifts and talk to the kids. Bloody plonkers then decided to say, "No, it's our day of!". Bloody hell, not what I saw as the christmas spirit. Be all happy and friendly on the beach but not willing to help someone out on christmas day.
Hougaard used to be a attacking flyhalf. It is just because of the Bulls gameplan that he's become a kicking flyhalf. The reason why he stands so deep is because after Straulli did a gaffie on him, he lost all his confidence. He has never been able to dominate a game after the 2003 wc.  
pity we did not manage to lure AP to province!!!

and we know that gaffie and mallet will never get along.


after MG kicking display against the stormers a couple of year back, i think you are the only person in gauteng that rates him.

played action cricket against him once, pleasant oke i must say. and he was the one player the whole pumas game revolved around it must be said.
there are two flyhals that i really rated in my life in the 90's, the one was gaffie - he is one of the most gifted players - but his got mental issues that needs sorting out - hopefully rassie can do that.

and for the life of me the name of the other guy has completely left my brain - he played flyhalf for boland for quite a while in the mid to later 90's - dark haired fellow.
PA, ja, the Pumas was never the same after Marius Goosen left. He definitely brought some stability to their team.  
Franco Smith!!!!!!!lol  
Ek draai my rug en dan gaan Kandas ape shit op die site.  

Didn't he start out at the Sharks, the dark haired guy you are talking about? Clinton van Rensburg I think. He had a bokkie. I rated that guy. Never made bok team, but I still think he was excellent.
Bly om te sien julle werk nog lekker. Gaan nou eers terug en 'n dop drink langs die see.

Moes dit net se. Hehehe

Gaan kak voor ek en Davids ons agressie op jou uithaal!!! Net 'n grappie.
die manne is biekie high strung donner!

nee aldo nie hulle nie - hy het bekendheid verwerf in boland.

Ek weet waar jy vakansie hou....

Moenie jou lekker tyd nou hier oor my kom glaot nie.... ek waardeer dit nie. Wat de hel is dit met julle mense?


Spot on with the people involved in welfare. We had some poppies from Wits volunteer from their psychology department, but no working on weekends, not too late in the evening, not on public holidays etc etec....all they wanted was to put the name on their cv's.

And then the management committe. I had the misfortune of getting voted onto t5hat stupid structure.

That's the reason I left because everyone was too worried about buying a new car with the cash from NMCF than helping kids....


Was joking about Marius Goosen.

But Aldo's right about he's influence on the Pumas.

We haven't had a good all round flyhalf since....well....since Bennie Osler.....
Ag shame ! unlucky Jaco !

Could be worse though ....

naaa not really !
Ja Donner

le lekker by Augulhas- Africa's most southern most point. kan ook maar die cyber diet los nie ne

DavidS, daar is 'n Kerskaartjie vir jou en die ander Lions- okes op OORB.

Net sodat dit jou dag kan maak ;-))
well the sharks could sign him murph  
tell me, what will you guys say IF the spears bliksem you okes from teh states on the 14th of jan?  
None of them have ever been the real deal full package in the way of a Barry John, Dan Carter, Johnny Wilkinson mould.

Naas had the boot and the dominance, but no defence.

Lem had no boot

Stransky couldn't get his backline going

Derrick is too defence minded and stands too deep

Jaco has no tactical boot

Andre cracks under pressure

Hennie Le Roux couldn't kick

I agree with PA

I rated Gaffie when he was at Griquas, but Carel Du Plessis and Mallet f---ed him up completely.

But nobody else.

I have yet to see enough of Meyer Bosman to form a definitive opinion.

I had considered the sharks ... but still reckon he would be better off in a side that had no Super 14 Representation than in Goat country !

He he

If the Spears know better they will forfeit!

let's start buying!
you guys are hilarious!!!

virgin car! lol
but you are correct. we cant get mags or drop the suspension cos we need to save for the wedding...

aldo, i'm just looking for something reliable, a toyota tazz...
scaryshit that davids - we have not had a decent flyhalf in years!!!!

could it be the same reason why we dont have any class spinners in our cricket, i.e. the styles of play our kids are coached from an early age???????

everyone wants to be the fast bowler - only the fat guys are spinners.
Bly om jou op die site te sien!
Hoe's die wind in Agulhas? Ek hoop nie jou dop waai vol sand nie.
Kom jy by vir Brannasnacht? As jy wil, kan ek met Tafeltjie praat...

Jip. Ons soek nog steeds na die volmaakte losskakel. Klink amper of Hansie Brewis die laaste een was ;-))
Thanks PA

On the profile of the spinners ;-))
waar's aldo?  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
nothing against big people OO, but its fact - in SA we are so hopelesly focused on image we loose the plot. and its not the kids, its the adults pressuring the kids whether they be teachers or parents.

most of these kids hate thos roles in sport because of the "title" that goes with it - thank god we got guys like Os, Guthro, CJ, Bands and the likes being hailed as heroes and scoring tries left right and center - maybe the kids of this world will want to be an Os when they play backyard rugby, or a bands that runs over spencer!

the stigma is killing us. to this day, guys that play flyhalf are moulded into miniture naas botha's - why not henri honniballs or the likes?

Hy was

Sedertdien het ons nog nie een gehad nie.

Maybe....and this is a big maybe....if Butch James can solve his disciplinary issues and his NFL tackles....


Do you disagree on us having decent all rounder 10's since the days of Hansie Brewis and Bennie Osler?

Don't get me onto spinners. It's a damned shame the last decent spinner we had was Hugh Tayfield. Can anyone remember his remarkable stats in a test we played against England and won. In one day

54 Overs bowled for 4 wickets and 52 runs!!!!!!!!

We keep making the fat kid spin because there's more glamour to being the tearaway instead of letting the clever kids bamboozle with spin. And of course all our wickets in provincial cricket are doctored to suit the quicks in any case so a spinner never gets any chance in home cricket.

Jacques Rudolph could have been it, but for some reason none of the SA skippers or coaches rate him as a spinner and our skippers are always taught that spinners are only there to bowl at one end while the quicks rest, otherwise you always have 4 quicks blasting away with nice and predictable right arnm over the wicket

Boy Murph

If you guys crash in PE are you going to have egg on your face....

Vat jou grappie op jou blog en druk hom diep in jou onderstel in!!!!!

And PA your paper line......

Paper Lions beat the Bulls remember....didn't go down 75-14 and 39-3.......

And OO

Can't recall FS beating the Lions this year....

Is quite funny though.....

an arti i am sure will please you has just been posted.
A Bit delayed but nice one Aldo!Jeez brah,that is an awesome thing to do,much respect!  

who do you support ?

Have you not choked on that beer yet....

I was trying to hex you but I'm not too good it seems...
Sure DavidS


Like I said, the feeling was that we would rathet play the Bulls...

and the rest is history.

he is a lion - he is just trying to get a rise out of me.
Shyte, leave you guys for 1/2 hour and you put me 40 posts behind.


I'm here, you still here?

The misfortunate only Lion in this place....

You know...the team that ended second on the log and should have had a home semi over those mountain goats.

The only team that beat the Bulls 2/3 and FS 2/2....

And choked like a paper tiger at Loftus....
PS Murph

Isn't the photo of Wayne Julies cutting up the Bulls defence a dead giveaway?

and the paper tigers choked 3 times this year against the stormers, and twice against the goats......
Rumour has it that Michael Jordan has approached Murph to fill in for him in a game for the Looney Tunes against evil aliens  
i see

sorry i was wondering why WJ in the pic

i had you down as an FS man

ajustments have been made accordingly !
Dont you guys know of a site where I can find some nice rugby pics?  

use google images.

otherwise click on that link on keo on the sasol banner.
Just to put an 4 blade proppeller spin on the 2/2 Lions- Cheetahs scenario.

I did not see the first game in Bloem, but me boet informed me that the lions loosies played a lot on WdW and that he was not protected by the pack. The lions mauled the cheetahs in that game.

I watched the second one on TV and yes lions won- but with a point- at Ellis.

Sure Cheetahs lost- but it was the turna round of their season.
F-off you soft twats......get your own players.

Laughable anyway.......Jaco would be thrilled at the prospect of standing behind the Stormers pack,ne?

Ja,and DeWet must be thrilled at the prospect of not being able to command a starting 12 spot?

And all 13 other packs must be thrilled at the prospect of facing the same pish-poor tight 5.

And Egon Seconds must be wondering what he must do to oust Gus Theron?

And Eddie Andrews must be wondering how he ended up becoming an international tighthead........along with every other tighthead in the world.

And Big Joe must be working on his "pick up and retreat" from the back of a scrum moves.

And Conradie and DeKok probably don't talk much either.

And Skalk Britz must be looking over at Shimange and thinking.......only gay supporters would rate this oke as the 2nd best hooker in the country.

apart from that........must be a super day in Cape Town.

wish you were here.
Thanx PissAnt  
Hozit Stp

take it you are not making waterblommetjie bredie for the komsolmol today?

you see that WP oke running there in your little he the new WP highly rated "lock" folks have been talking about?

Jake'll make him a Bok next season no doubt.
Can't help but notice that even in the cricket the WP okes crumble and fold when the going gets tough.

Ag, it's a shame much talent,so little backbone.
and suddenly CIA men dressed in bikinis

burst thru STp 's door and squirted him with fountain pens

filled with invisible ink !

he feels better now.
hehe stp,

this is why you guys copp so much shit - the bulls are fast becoming the most arrogant team in SA - and when they fall flat on their faces - their supporters are going to get a lot of shit from every other supporter in the country.

no wonder the free state gravy train was steaming full speed ahead after the CC final with guys from all provinces jumping on board and celebrate a bulls loss - no offence OO, the only guys that celebrated a cheetah win was the cheetah supporters - and guys with sentimental values attached to the team.

where did i see this before - even when they loose they think they win...
i would love to know the odds on which SA S14 team is going to be relegated...

maybe i can make some good bucks here.

Please don't place my team in the same boat as England. I'll burst out crying and then come kick your beer drinking arse! ;-)

St Pete

Relax bru. I also think the Bulls are the best team, but we dont have any bragging rights at the moment. Neither does province or any other team, except for the Cheetahs. Now's not the time to get into the whole provincial fighting thing.

The closest I came to supporting FS was in S12 when I support the Cats.


To quote an ols truism

Looks at the scoreboard

Aside fromwhich my view is that Rassie looked at what the Lions did to the Bulls at Ellis and he played exactly the same game plan against the Bulls at Loftus.

Pity Frans Ludikrous didn't watch the same video, because he would have seen that Baywatch at 6 was the way to kill the Bulls in the semi.

Also the loss of Enrico Januarie really hurt us. If we had closed down Derrick Hougaard as quickly as we did to Morne Steyn and Willem De Waal at Ellis that game'd have been a walkover, but Ludikrous lived up to his nickname by selecting his fastest loosie at 8 as a ball carrier (moron) and Enrico managed to hurt himself (little git) - geez wpw I thought you coloured okes were tough....

Sour grapes....heavily so....


That was damned funny.

Shouldn't let Joe Van Niekerk and Jaco play in the same team then....can you imagine all the lateral movement. Might as well line up your centres and wing inside the 5 yard line-out line on the other side of the park, because that's the amount of space those two together will give their outside backs.


Was daai foto wat ek vir jou gestuur het?
So PissAnt, Can you clarify your stance?

Jaco will be thrilled to play for the Stormers?

DeWet Barry won't mind starting behind DeVilliers at all?

All 13 other packs tremble with fear at the thought of the WP pack?

Gus Theron is a legend?

Andrews is an international class tighthead?

Van Niekerk never runs backwards or sideways off a scrum?

Captain DeKok is thrilled that Conradie is a Bok....or something to that extent?

Shimange is without a doubt the 2nd best hooker in the country?

The weather is shit in Cape Town?

Where exactly is the arrogance?
Or is it that we don't like talking about those sort of things?
Ek't al heeltemal daarvan vergeet Davids. Nou't jy my iets gegee om te doen!  
The really funny thing is,is that if I was a Province supporter who made those sort of comments, a very healthy debate would now be beginning.

But because a Bulls supporter stated the absolutely blant fucking's perceived as arrogance.

Funny fuckers you okes from Cape Town,I'll say that.
Is my pic on yet?  

Looney tunes with MJ?

invisible ink from CIA agents in StPetersburg?

Okay whatever you're having must be better than what PA that beer swilling, Namibian sun baking, WP supporting, Monty liking, Lions insulting swine is having.

What adjustments have you made?

Matter of interest

What became of that party bus of yours?
Ag fok en nou?  
Aha, anyone remember that moment my picture is showing. I bet you Carlos Spencer remembers what happenned about 5 seconds later!  
Ja, and he'll be nice and ready for the Bulls S14 hopefully?

Look out Dan Carter!!!
Look out Richie McCaw!!!
Yip St Pete. I hope he's back to his old ways again.  
lol @ StP

Fight with the future Mrs StP?

Weather getting you down?

Russian cops body searched you on the way to work this morning because you wouldn't pay them a bribe?

Still embittered about losing the CC Final?

However, with that expression of bitterness aside, you do make a number of VERY valid points. I personally think DWB is up for grabs for someone who can offer him game time.... if not then the Hitman's being really dof about his future...
My pic's gonna change again. Still looking for the perfect pic.  
oh no not at all stp.

jaco will love playing for WP, he will have his national team mates next to him.

dewet and JDV will form the combo in the midfield, the coaching staff has indicated as much already preferring JDV at 13 which is better imo aswell.

MJ, not having played rugby for a while will substitute JDV, and at times start games with JDV on the bench looking at at the schedule of the S14 and the whole issue of rotation and resting players.

Joe van Niekerk is rated SA's best no. 8 by everyone outside of SA - it is just the die-hard cronje and the (fast becoming second sicknote of SA rugby wannenberg) that seem to think otherwise.

james small was also not your complete wing but he had the heart of 15 guys all crammed into one player which made him a player refered to even today as a bok legend - write of eddie at your own perril.

shimange was the second best hooker in the country before he started with WP - and looking at the hookers around the country - i am thrilled we have brits and shimmie.

de kock has been terrible the last 2 years imo - luckily we have bolla and delport, so i have no worries in that department.

on the locks, gerrie is too good a player to produce the form, or lack thereof he has this year - and together with bekker will be more than capable to stand their own.

our loosies are covered and backline pretty decent.

i would love to know what the weather in CPT is seeing i am sitting in the dessert at the moment and would love to sit on the beach sipping a martini putting R200 on the bulls being relegated next year!
'The only thing I'm feeling bitter about is that the Ozzies hit over 500 against us in a 3rd innings.

Apart from that, everything is just dandy.Been snowing for the past 48 hours and the family all arrive next week.

All fucking 9 of them.

You see, some people have nothing better to do at Christmas and New Year other than to go on exotic holidays.

Except for me of course......I have to take names and kick ass!!
i see i missed one or two.

gus is a dick and hopefully someone writes him off in training before he takes the field.

and howcome you write off a tight 5, that has more than stood their own against the bulls / wp games this year - given you klapped us in the tight loose?

oh yeah, and with chavanga and nokwe their gus hopefully will never see a stormers jersey again.
That's better.  
That is actually very funny.

You don't believe it do you?

Particularly the....Shimange was the best hooker back then bullshit.

Ja, and Naas was the best flyhalf ever to play for the Bulls before he retired.

What bizarre logic.

Oh well....with that line of thought,it's no wonder.
so you think, with your line of thought that is, that shimange is nothing more than a quota player?

or even, that gary botha, with your line of thought, is still the best hooker in the country?
Ja.....and wasn't it because of Mendez that the WP tight 5 held their own.

And hasn't he left?
sorry i, just pressume that you also believe GB is still the best hooker in the country, correct me if i am wrong.  
Why are you guys fighting. You're going to make me cry and then go back to keo. sob.....sniff!  
no doubt mendez changed a lot within the WP setup - but to think one man makes a tight 5????

surely i misunderstand you there.


healthy debate mate.
as far as i know mendez has not made a decision yet.  
pakistan klapped england by 13 runs - hopefully that will make us forget about our own joke currently fighting for survival in Aus  
Will PA,

you figure it out.

Shimange is a quota victim.
If he was a quota player....he'd be playing.

Gary Botha commands a starting berth for the strongest tight 5 in the country, with junior international hookers as his understudies and until recently, a former Bok hooker as his replacement.

Shimange can't command a starting spot in the weakest tight 5 in the southern hemisphere......possibly the world. that clear enough for you?

Are you mental?
you dont need to defend WP, we will be back. We maybe dont have the tight 5 of the Bulls or Cheetahs but we will be competitive next year...
Worry about your own team. they were consistently the worst team in the history of the S12...
In light of recent discussions on this site, I've changed my pic for the last time. I will now sport a pic of St Pete's alltime favourite prop.  

i have just corrected the list of who supports who , and removed the gold star from next to your name , replaced with a tick of approval.

The Party bus to the final you mean ?
it was a huge success

we will be doing them to bloem for the s14 games , you are welcome to join us when the lions play there ... you just wont be alowed to wear you jersey on the bus
Eddies a loveable bloke.......he's just not an international calibre prop as of yet.

In fact I'd compare him closely to Wayne Julies.
Not bad players, do the basics well......but at international level a player has to have a weapon...a specific strengh to complement their all round game.
Neither player has this.
lol@ Aldo's first picture

I don't personally think 'King' Carlos remembers much about that night to be honest.

All he raclls is five minutes of the first half then he remembers seeing this huge green wave/wall like thing and the rest is still locked away in his subconscious, where it creeps up on him in the deepest hours of the night and leaves him screaming in terror at an empty bedroom.


The light five stood their ground against the Bulls in S12 for exactly 0 minutes. In the Pretoria CC game it was the first 20 minutes. After that it was goodnight nurse. Be honest with yourself.

And relying on Gerrie and little Bekker as the saviours of the WP lack in the T5 department is as wishful as thinking Percy can field an up and under....

Can't you see StP's having a horrible time of it hence the acerbic remarks about WP. He's sitting in -14' cold and people in CT are having balmy 18 hour sunny summers sipping cocktails in La Med...


Can't believe the family's prepared to leave THAT to go to St Petersburg for Christmas, but I suppose the romatic notion of Christmas in the snow and all that.

Who's family is coming by the way? Hers or yours?

BTW, don't they have some sort of Ice Palace show in StPetersburg this time of year?
lmao aldo...

St.P actually started it. he hates WP with a passion... I wonder where he was when the bulls fielded crap teams with Casper Steyn and Nicky VD Walt... He probably used to go to Loftus to boo his own team...

did you see who i've got in my pic?

You okes are talking stront today!

classic aldo.


i dont know how long you have been overseas, and if you followed shimmie's game when he played for the cats and the free state - but this boy was damn good. and unfortunately, like with so many players under gert smal, their form was coached out of them. something was not quite right at WP in the past - and we, as WP supporters hope nick and moaner will turn things around.

but to say those players are shit is plain ignorance. luke watson is a classy player, so is shimmie - ask any cheetah guy on how good he is, sam goes for gerrie, etc.

what exactly did GB do to get this status some guys elevate him too? yes the bulls pack is the best in the country - hence, in the local competitions and only this year - against some S12 teams, their loosies and backline looked good.

but they were also shown up a lot of times as tackler likes to remind us.

a guy like smit, through all the critisism lead our national team through 2 years of a great resurgance and personally, played his best rugby, and that of any hooker this year in the 3N this year.

because GB shines against local teams in a local competition in a monster pack, does that suddenly make him the best hooker? i guess this is where the 'making the bulle almal bokke thing comes from'?

the saviours - not at all, but as the states showed us, vic and bakkies are not gods in the line outs and they can be challenged.

against the bulls in the s12 this year, the whole bloody team competed for 0 minutes, let alone the forwards.

on loftus, the bulls murdered us at the breakdown, not so much in the tight phases. hell even natal stood their ground against them there!!!!!
St P
"Shimange is a quota victim.
If he was a quota player....he'd be playing."
One of the many nice things about this site is that you can copy and paste without reverting to FireFly.

Vreemde weer in die Kaap - motreën, dan trek dit oop, dan weer motreën.
Maar dis beter as die Suidoos wat ons hierdie jaar so voos waai.

Who was the second picture of?


Wayne Julies successfully marked Brian 'O Driscoll for the Boks and ripped the Bulls midfield of Ettienne Botha / JP Nel and Wynand Olivier / JP Nel to pieces.

The guy's pure class and you guys at the Bulls would do well to have an inside centre like him.

On Shimange, I'd agree that at the moment he's being discarded unfairly and we have no measure of how good the player is, but in 2002 / 2003 he was outstanding for the Cheetahs and the Cats... and everyone rated him as the second best in the country after John Smit.

His move back home has been a complete disaster. If he'd moved to the Lions or Bulls he'd have been the deserved second best in the country by now on performance, but we don't know do we?


On the cricket....anything to take the mind off the impending sight of the gallows....

No Murph

You were planning one for Jobrg around the 18th weren't you?

Are you going to PE to watch the Cheetahs play The Spears?

My cousin works at a game farm as Chief Chef in the EC and he has kindly offered me accomodation for the 21st when the Cats go to EL. Giving it serious thought.
No pissant, don't you dare steal Steve's limelight and give it to St Pete. You can bash the Bulls all you want, but leave Steve be! It's his song and his own fame. I will not let you take it away! ;-)  
St Pete It's of the late Ettienne Botha. But don't let me get into that, I still get tears in my eyes when I see clips of his games.  
sorry aldo, i will leave steve out of this.....  
I'm going home. And I'm gonna have a beer and blame it on PA. It's now not Kandas' fault anymore, but Pissant's!  
ja blame it on the province guy!  
oh ja, davids,

i was one of those that never rated julies - must say i have changed my opinion of him slightly - just slightly - on paper he promises much more than what he gives on the field.........
StP is from CT wpw

Rare animal

A Bulls supporter from CT

Aldo, what about that picture I sent you? Haven't you altered that?


Weather in whole SA is actually quite crap as boertjie pointed out. Was so chilly in Jhb yetsreday and overcast and windy. I actually wore tracksuit pants instead of a rugby short. Pretty miserable in fact. Today's beautiful though...

Bugger that.

I clocking out. Heading for home for a swim and a beer

Put that in your pipe and smoke it PA!
cheers davids!

and aldo.
Ja PA, like when he marked Brian 'O Driscoll successfully on paper, and ripped the Bulls midfield to pieces twice on paper.....

That argument won't fly with Wayne.

The guy's pure class.

And I'm with Aldo

The fact that I'm sitting in a stuffy unairconditioned office in December is all your fault....

Your logic is bizarre to say the least.

You'd berate a player for not being as good on the international stage but advocate a player who can't make the self same squad to play on that selfsame stage?


Same thing applaud the Free State for beating the Bulls.

Yet last season when the Free State coaching staff went with Drotske over Shimange they were berated and ridiculed?
Shimange is much better,blah,blah,fucking blah.....

The okes not making the starting 15 wherever he goes, logical explanation = not good enough?
Pedantic explanation = all coaches are verkrampte laagerists?

Everyone one wants to see black players succeed, it's the only route that benefits all, but lets not lower our standards to applaud mediocre players,hey?

Quite frankly, Solly T is exactly the same.....their "Legends" play better than they do.

40 minutes at Ellis Park and everyone was ooing and aahing?I must of being watching a different game. The oke was poor, that's why Jake pulled him off after 40 minutes.

If a player is good...he is good, but I hate this situation that is currently developing where players grow "Legends" who play better than they do.

There is never this much attention withregards to white players who are discarded, it is just accepted that they are off form or not good enough, I see no reason to assume differently for black rugby players,particularly those that are perrenial benchers.
didnt o'driscol score a snorter of a try at newlands?  

I agree about Solly T

He was cokmpletely overshadowed in that Ellispark test. He should never even have been in the squad. He is not good enough.

Here's hoping Tim Dlulane comes out smoking hot for the Bulls next year!!!!!

On players being discarded howver I disagree.

Can you recall the polemic that exploded around the dropping of DWB and Marius Joubert for the Ellispark test match?

What do you think would happen if Jake White dropped Victor Matfield and Bakkies Botha and replaced them with Gerrie Britz and Albert VD Berg?

He might as well stay in CT cos if he then sets foot anywhere near Pta / Jhb, he may as well save everyone the time of looking around and bring his own rope for the lynching....
Ja PissAnt

Another memory lapse there for DavidS.

He appears to have forgotten the bit where O'Driscoll sidestepped around Julies in Bloemfontein and chipped over him at Newlands.

But Julies plays for the Lions and DavidS is a Lions Julies must be a legend right?
Yes, but if you go look at the video, and yes this is sacrilege, it was DWB's tackle and DWB missed the tackle, becaue BOD broke inside him and completely wriongfooted him. Wayne had his man covered. Wayne made damned good ground to then run him in from behind and stop him from going down under the posts, herding him toward the corner.

Anyway, BOD didn't even look like scoring after that.


The ruskie fam or yours from here?
stp i totally agree - but like you mentioned, it is the coaches that pick the players.

again - to say shimmie is a bad player is wrong - he proved his class in 2002 and 2003. the decision by the free state coaching staff to leave him out can only be specualted upon.

the same can be said for most players in the WP setup at the moment. look at schalk, joe, dewet, brits, watson, etc. they are class players - there is no denying that, but why oh why have they failed so dismally in the WP/Stormers setup? hell if i knew that we would not even be having this conversation.

look how jake turned joe's form around. the guy is a class act and he displayed it yet again this year in the bok jersey - but why so piss poor for province??????

the setup at province, as stated before, is bizarre, no arguments there. but the players in question has more than proven themselves at the highest levels.

the reasons and way HM shows faith in his players are to be commended - this is why theyr perform so well week in and week out for the bulls. we saw the same principles applied at the cheetahs this year and look at the results.

coaches and administrators play a huge role in a players career, and WP at this stage is kak in that depertmant - not anywhere else.

your argument on the best 15 then should imply that wikus van heerden should command a spot in the boks, so too ryno van der merwe, willem de waal, roets, julies, and the likes, because at the business end of the CC, they were clearly the better players in their positions.
ja davids blame the province guy!!!!!  
You select possibly the best locking pair in the world as an example?

R U mental as well?

possibly you can explain the number of Bok caps handed out in the past 12 years.

Possibly you can explain why the Montgomeries,Boomes,Louws,Visagies have upped and offed while in the prime of their careers?

Just the money........or possibly out of favor as well?
well after your last comment i reckon we are at least on the same page regarding the administration in WPRFU - how the hell could we let those type of players go!?!??!  
It's my aunt,uncle,6 cousins,mom and dad.

Lekker stuff hey?
Oh well, at least oom will bring me some biltong and droe wors.

I'm sure all those names where in contention for the end of year tour.

DeWaal must have been pissed off that his understudy was selected ahead of him?
agree there - no doubt.  

no it didnt happen , unlucky for us !

Might be able to , unfortuneatly it will be spur of the mo if i do go to PE , it just the nature of my schedule next year is very uncertain.

But very keen!
St Pete,

Agree with you 100%. I don't get 'Shimmie Mania' either. I have never seen him play a match where he stands out, or in other words, an outstanding match.

I should temper my criticism by firstly acknowledging that I haven't seen a great deal of him but what I have seen hasn't left me short of breath.

Secondly, Gary Botha doesn't lift my skirt either.

If people were seriously honest with themselves over the last two years then the old boys - Danie Coetzee and Naka Drotske out-played and out-manoeuvred their young challengers besides John Smit.

PA is talking about Shimmie being 'great' in 2003 but I don't give a continental for 2003, especially not as we head into 2006.

I suspect we have about another 3-4 years to go of this kind of subterfuge before we can all really honestly debate whether players deserve their spots or not, without reference, or thought, of their race.

We are not there yet though, not with the Shimmies and Andrews of the era.

On 'nice guy awards' they'd be hovering around 90% but Test rugby isn't played by 'nice guys'.
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