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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Super 14: Cobus Grobler is a Cheetah

The Lions lock Cobus Grobler will join Rassie's men in January where he will be available for the Central Union's Super 14 campaign.

The Lions decided to let Grobler go confident that Trevor Hall, Kleinjan Tromp and Jannes Labuschagne will be able to do the job for them.

As an 18 year old he used to play with Barend Pieterse for the Lions under 21's team and chances are the old partnership will resume once the Super 14 starts

Fine player, pity about the hairdo.

(Although they like the Jimmy Abbott hairstyles in Wales - so if he's ever thinking of qualifying for another country ...)
Ja ja leave the big smoke you little scaredy chhetah cub

We'll see BIG JANNES rip you a new one.

Besides, aside from Kleinjan Tromp and Jaqnnes, we also have Willem Stoltz and Gordon Gilfillan

We're overstocked on locks and in truth he's probably the firth choice lock at the Lions behind Trevor Hall (4) and Gordon Gilfillan (3)

Not a bad career move then.
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