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Monday, December 05, 2005


Stransky's All Time World 15

Well well. It seems Joel Stransky does read Asked to compile a list of all time great players he came up with some interesting choices.

I guess like all of us, he chose players which he either has seen play in his life, or players he has played against.

Surprising selections in my view is the omission of Christian Cullen, Ray Mordt and Andre Venter. Instead he opted for Serge Blanco (close call that), Joe Rokocoko and The Sniffer formerly known as Lawrence Dallaglio.

Otherwise not a bad team.

Full team:

Serge Blanco; Joe Rokocoko, Danie Gerber, Tim Horan, Jonah Lomu, Hugo Porta, Justin Marshall, Zinzan Brooke, Richie McCaw, Lawrence Dallaglio, Mark Andrews, Martin Johnson, Olo Brown, Sean Fitzpatrick, Os du Randt.

Picture: Jan Hamman (Beeld) RWC '95 Semi-Final
Have Joel ever played against Richie MacCaw?

That is the only one I would question. Glad to see he rates Justin Marshall. Lots of people on Keo doesn't really appreciate what he brought to the playing field IMO.
I read on silverfern that Justin Marshall absolutely HATES South Africa and the Boks  
I know Hugo Porta played for a crap team for the most part, but with guys like Grant Fox, Michael Lynagh and Naas Botha around, I think Stransky's smoking something unpleasaant with that fat Spaniard getting the nod ahead of guys like that and of course Phil Bennet.  
Thats a shit team.....then again i have never rated Joel once he left the rugby field....  
well look at what he does on boots and all, we must start a petition to get darren back, the guy is kak  

Welcome Ig

Joel is a little whiner who was a useless git as a player except for one single moment of absolute genius brilliance

After he finished up in rugby, nothing changed

He is the VERY poor man's John Robbie
hahah DavidS - caught your rant on the first thread there :)...i was planing to run the site till the end of this week - it would appear Keo though otherwise.....

Tend to agree re Joel......he's an idiot
Haha Ig,

Just don't let Keo know of this and you can say what you want.
Sorry Ig

Thought it was you given your remark of 'heheheh just one more week'

I thought you couldn't wait to get the hell rid of us!
lol donner





And this is you Ig


Got your mail. Do you still wnat to know if I posted on Keo?
Davids - its like having no friends suddenly ;)

So what does it take to get banned on this blog ?

you just need to support natal.

Don't be to hard on him. He allready feels like he has no friends. That is almost as bad as supporting the Sharkies.
hehe, true.

davids, give me a mail address for you, we could do with your daily days of our lives posts on what happens in the office of Keo & Co
LMAO....rather have no friends than support the sharks  

BTW please note the collapsable comment functionality. This will work brilliant on Keo. Then at least we can skip directly to the posts that means something.

On da udder hand though, nobody wil read TheTacklers (aka Keo) posts.
I reckon Joel would make my 15 blokes to have a beer with at a world cup after party!  
Got ya Donner - when i start Developing the new keo i drop by and ask you fella's to come and have a look, comment and hunt bugs....  

do you know those dollies ?

I seem to remember seeing them at Ellis.

Bloody marvellous , although i suspect they must have been shown the door by LODGE !

unfortunately not!!!!

but i got plenty of them on my mails i get from guys that were there.

i know one of those guys on there.

lucky bastard, maybe kandas should use those dollies for the spears!?!?!
Howzit Ig

Gonna join us for BRANNASNAGHT?
Yoh !

The short one has great 5's !

dont be scared to mail them to me !

The world could use more dollies with such enthusiasm !

Where do I mail to?

Give you a daily dialogue


So you're here because you miss us?

So you can tell Simon that even people who have a remote connection with the Sharks are not welcome here.....

you should get an invitation soo, just follow the links!

They actually don't come into Ellis so the dolls waltz about the place posing for pics and basically making all the ous jags before a match.

They kinda stand at or near the entrances and invite okes for pictures and that sort of thing. I'm sure it makes The Lodge the moer in, but these dolls are outside!
Cheers pa  

Please phone me urgently!!!
Can't disagree with Hugo Porta - always thought he was the most complete #10 ever. Fat Spaniard my ass!
Lomu is another matter - power, size and speed but a poor rugby player nevertheless.

On you new site - will you consider a Noot vir Noot section?
So, are we allowed to post rugby stories in the comments section here?  
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