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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Stormers import former export06/12/2005 21:32 - (SA)

Herbert Pretorius Cape Town

- The unheralded Doug Wheatley of the West Coast has been contracted to strengthen the Stormers tight five next year. The 27-year-old prop has played in the competitive English Premier League the past four years and played opposite the best scrum-workers in world rugby. Wheatley is not unknown in Cape rugby circles.

Before joining London Irish in 2002, he wore the Boland Cavaliers jersey a few times and also played for the Western Province Under-21 team. Wheatley, 1.88m and 121kg, knows the Stormers technical analyst, Gary Gold. Gold, a Province assistant coach, was the coach of London Irish for a couple of years and he knows Wheatley's abilities well.

Gold said: "I think he has the potential to make an impact in the Super 14 series, because he's been exposed to top level competition for the past four years. "He regularly played opposite players like Mike Worsley, Phil Vickery, Trevor Woodman and Andrew Sheridan (the English scrum sensation) in the Premier League. "He played opposite strong men like Sylvain Marconnet in the Heineken Cup series.

"Last season you did not have matches with the same high intensity week after week in South Africa. You would, for example, play against smaller teams like the Griffons, Border and the Falcons for two or three weeks and then all of a sudden you played against strong props like Kees Lensing (previously with the Bulls) and BJ Botha (Sharks). Has a lot to offer "If you don't succeed in England, you have nowhere to hide. I think a player like Wheatley who has played nearly 50 matches there, has a lot to offer," Gold said. Wheatley, like Eddie Andrews, is at home on both sides of the scrum and he will probably not specialise in one of the positions in the Stormers jersey. It will be useful to use him on the loose and tighthead as it wil open the options.

"It will be of prime importance to have a proper rotation system because the Super 14 series will be a long and hard competition and that's where Doug will be valuable." Wheatley's most important opponents for the No 1 jersey will be JD Moller and Eddie Andrews, while Andrews, Neil Fullard and Attie Winter will do battle with him for the tighthead berth.

The Stormers, with the exception of their Springboks, have started their intensive preparation for the Super 14. Gold said the "micro aspects of the game" were receiving special attention. "Apart from gym and conditioning, we are having several sessions practicing micro skills repetitively.

"We are giving attention to, among others, running into a gap; how to win the battle at breakdown points; basic techniques in tackling; forward drives; how to lift players in the lineouts and at kickoffs and accurate handling. "All the technical sessions are filmed on video and discussed in detail with the players. It's similar to filming your golf swing and analysing it step by step afterwards," Gold said. The success of the preparation will be tested for the first time at the end of January when the Stormers play a warm-up match against the formidable Bulls. The Stormers will also play a warm-up against the brand new South Eastern Cape regional team, the Southern Spears. The Stormers first Super 14 match will be against the Cats in Johannesburg on February 11.

Doug's Details:
Place of Birth: Yzerfontein, South Africa
Position: Prop
Weight: 19st 0lbs (121Kg)
Height: 6' 2" (1.88m)
Date of Birth:
Former Clubs: Moorreesburg RFC, Bedford Blues, Leeds Tykes (Loan)
Representative Honours: Boland Kavaliers, Western Province U21s
Heroes: Pieter de Villiers
Hobbies: Crayfish Catching; Game Hunting
Fan Sponsor: Vivienne Taylor
Re: Support the Bok's in George! (Score: 1 )
by Swingitwiiiide! on Tuesday, December 06, 2005 (08:13:14)
If there isn't better support than last year, then this will almost definitely be the last time it will be hosted in George, according to Rapport newspaper.

O and apparently one of the reasons for it's failing is the lack of support fromSA Rugby, according to the organizers
Re: Support the Bok's in George! (Score: 1 )
by barter on Wednesday, December 07, 2005 (00:54:47)
Agree with Swingitwiiiide! but why are we hosting the thing in George?!?

We should have it in Potch or one of the other University towns and get the students into it!
The writing is on the wall.

Get your act together, George and SARU.

Make this tournament hum like Hong Kong. Or lose it.
Howzit guys?
Good to be on a site where we can chat about rugby and noot vir noot,etc. LOL. Where's everyone? Who is the webmaster and keeps ppl in check?

Everyone is a webmaster except you. :-D

Did you spread the word?
Howzit wesley

LMAO donner

Howzit davidS?

I did spread the word yes. I see some1 sent me another mail: Concerned Resident [], Do any of you know who this muppit is? I saw dawn's email address on there too.

Did you guys invite katman? I sent him a mail yesterday...

Seeing you are getting married soon, maybe you will want to buy her a hoenymoon present from the Home Shopping link
Finally WP/Stormers are doing something about their (lack of quality) forwards problem.

Though I'm a Bull fan out and out, I would still like to see a NZ/Aus side get beaten by SA sides - like last year's Blues-Stormers match in NZ. South Africa need the Stormers to be strong as well.
Ras, come now, post us the one where they are replacing THMQD. You know which one I am talking about!  

The university towns are closed for the Christmas breaks.

They should hold it in one of the major holiday towns, like Margate or Plettenberg Bay

Problem with sevens is not George - Emirates and those guys are very happy with George. The problem is once again SARU and Prinsloo. No support whatsoever!!!!
ja donner, i know exactly what i'm giving her on our honeymoon, and i dont have to buy it anywhere. LMAO.

Regarding the Stormers S14 campaign, i just get the feeling that we will do better than most ppl expect. Everyone is saying we dont have a tight 5, that was not our problem in the S12, it was Gert Smal's stupid selections. DWB at 12 and JDV at wing. Gaffie, De Kock and Klein Tjips in the side...
What support Kandas?

Where are they falling short at the 7's?

Aside from fielding a woefully inexperienced team under an untested coach
Just read the article

Oh great

The Cats start their first match against a team they've never beaten.
i get the feeling that 7's is not that NB to SARU. I mean, how the hell can they make Treu coach if he only has CC and 7's experience as a player and none whatsoever as a coach.
Maybe if they appointed Chester he couldve resurrected his coaching career...

And they shouldve had Russell involved. Also Nokwe, maybe a few youngsters like Rose brothers and Pieter Louw from WP...
The cats did beat the Stormers once in the S12. I'm not sure which yr but i know they did. I think it was their last game of the season... Was it not in 2001? Or 2000?

I think Solly was the coach...
dunnu wpw

I do recall us playing Stormers in 2004 and being something in the line 24-7 up at one stage and then blowing the lead, just like the AB's at Dunedin

In 2000 / 2001 the Cats were under Tim Lane and were having their two best years, reaching the semi finals twice, and coincidentally those were also the years of the start of the reign of insanity in SA Rugby with Harry (no kicking allowed) Viljoen and Rudolph (I are God) Straueli
i am sure Tim lane only coached them for 10 games and the last game Chester took over... It mustve been 2002 or 2003. I think the latter... I remember it well. The players were really not taking to him and when asked what is it that he needs to improve the team he said he needs guys who can actually tackle...

On the note of us losing to the Cats, i remember Japie 'boere thug' Mulder was in the Cats team that day. LMAO.

Has anyone heard from vinnie? You know, the Limey thug...
Not me

We do need some colour here though....

A visit from 3rdday, St Michel and theTackler wouldn't be out of place, but if you go to Keo's starting days, he was lucky to get one or two posts on a thread in the opening months of

And he only really took off in about June 2004 when the first Jake White Bok tests began (given that he started his blog in 2003 in the RWC!)

The sevens is a IRB event with the logistical/maketing support of SA Rugby. Supposed to be. It is lacking however.
Bliksem kandas

There's no marketing coverage whatsoever anywhere for it.

Doesn't Emirates at least have a budget for advertising the event?

Logistical support being all the on-the-ground support for the players, accomodation, place to practice etc. Geez

It's like the overseas cricket teams touring India!

Shocking. More shocking stuff.
You people can stop asking for me. I have arived! Now this site is great, all because of me. Reminds me of some other great one.

The Snotting the boks got at Loftus in 2003!

The Bulls vs Highlanders this year. A 23-0 snotting!
If you want the answer to why all the bullshit happened in SA Rugby over the last year just read this, Especially the second and third paragraph. This was an interview by Moneyweb with the big cheese.

How can you be successful if you need to keep your eyes on two balls at the same time.

Rugby or Labat? SARU's Van Rooyen still to pick
Ana Monteiro
Posted: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 08:00 | © Moneyweb Holdings Limited, 1997-2005

South African Rugby Union (SARU) president and JSE-listed Labat Africa chairman Brian van Rooyen says he still has to choose between business or rugby.

Speaking on Moneyweb Radio on Monday, he said: “I have seen what happens if you take your eye off the ball, and I have been keeping tabs on what has been happening within the SARU.

“But I have focused on Labat. I have an obligation not only towards myself – a big shareholder within the company – but also other people who have entrusted their funds and their money in Labat, through me.”

Labat Africa was suspended from trade on July 4 for not submitting its numbers for the year to end-February on time. The delay was caused by a necessary restatement of figures for 2004 in terms of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

When the company eventually did release its figure at the end of August, it reported a headline loss of 18,1c a share for the year to end-February 2005, and a restated loss of 7,4c in 2004.

This was due to the losses reported by South African Micro-Electronic Systems (Sames), which manufactures microchips.

Figures released on Monday, however, tell the story of a different company.

In the six months to end-August, the company reported an operating profit of R34,2m, compared with R5,5m at the same time last year. This despite lower revenues of R83m (2004: R97m).

Net profit was R14,4m (for mid-2004, there was a loss of R5,8m). This translated into headline earnings of 1,7c a share, compared with a loss of 5,9c last year.

Cash flows were up from R9m to nearly R17m. The company reduced its debt R64,9m to R5,7m, which Van Rooyen says was settled on November 2. It also sold its non-profitable businesses, Acme Stores (for R10m) and Africard (for R13,3m).

Van Rooyen says Labat has focused on restructuring Sames, which is now “back on track and almost at break-even and projecting profits for 2007”. Sames won a five-year, €22m revenue contract from a Finnish company, with funding coming from the department of trade and industry’s industrial participation project.

Van Rooyen says Sames will be manufacturing smaller microchips. (The width on a microchip is measured in microns, which are a thousandth of a millimetre. Sames will be going down to 0.8 microns, says Van Rooyen.)

“We are already implementing [the Finnish company’s technology], and we will be in full production, starting in January. The prototype has all been approved. So from January, February, we will be in full production with our new products for export into Finland.”

Of Labat Traffic Solutions, Van Rooyen’s commentary to the results noted: “It continues to record excellent year-on-year growth in revenue and profit... The business now has proven technology and a business model that is expected to deliver enhanced earnings as a result of the implementation of new contracts. Negotiations are at an advanced stage with various municipalities who have seen the benefits of Labat Traffic's superior technology and business model.

Regarding the fact that he provided sureties in his personal capacity, Van Rooyen said: “I started Labat ten years ago, and things haven’t been going well the last year or two. But it was worthwhile, every single penny that I have put in there and signed surety for. And I will make sure that now is the time to extract shareholder value out of our two key operations, Labat Traffic Solutions and Sames.

Sasfin’s David Shapiro said of the numbers: “Brian did warn us [about the improvement]. I think the last time we spoke, he said Labat had this offset obligation and that it would do well and the company is focused. But I didn’t think the turnaround would be quite this fast.”

Yesterday afternoon, Labat shares were 11,8% up to 19c each.
You managed to recover from the 'snotting' roundhouse so fast tackler?

Damn, we should have broken your fingers, not your teeth...

Note to self...
I see the traffic's picking up. Great stuff, before long we'll have all the regulars here.  
Doesn't he also have a obligation to the sponsors, supporters and players of SA Rugby?

This is no excuse for his incompetancy. No wonder the rest of teh daily management is also not interested. Why should they focus ons SA Rugby if the President does not.
Yeah Donner, the guys a prick!  
Donner, BvR is like the rest of the quota Saffas. Useless and a shame to the game. Just like the Springboks. So mighty that they receive a snotting from the French. The AB's have a plan to win the WC, what is your precious Jake's plan?  
Buy who you want....Bulls are going to nail everyone. this bloke a loosehead?

Will the WP Boks,Shimange and Andrews....both be pushed onto the bench by newcomers?

Funny stuff.
Jake White must be pleased.....but then, he seemingly doesn't know a good forward from a bad one anyway and would probably select Shimanges cousins,friends room mate long before Skalk Britz.....or,now that Britz will be with the WP, he's a dead certain selection? Close call in my opinion.

Anyway,as for the prop, let's see what he can do first, the Newlands recruitment machine has been kak these past few seasons, maybe he's another dud or maybe he's half decent.

Coming from London Irish...he's not exactly "top draw" is he?
Okay, I was just F@cking around! Tackler was never on this site. Hope I didn't make you guys angry or spoil your day.  
Who's this anonymous guy? Please give a name.  

I think the URL gave that away. He is not even welcome at The Silverfern.
It IS Tackler

Jake has a plan. A single minded focused plan

Graham Henry has so many plans he doesn't know what team to pick from week to week.

When Rudolph Straueli did it it was called stupidity. Now Henry's doing it and he's a genius.

It's dilution of your international players base and it will harm in 2007, when you play different team from week to week and your coach doesn't know what team to pick from week to week because he has no 50 something caps experience, just a bunch of youngsters with 20 someting caos and an every third game on field time and when crucnch time comes.....

They fold like a aluminium ladder when a sumo wrestler stands on it.
You actually had me there for a few moments Also

I picked up the error when you didn't put stuff in quotation marks and then respond

I was in the process of stealing your 'other' story, you know, the one you 'stole' yourself, when I noticed it was about 2 months old!!

So, I left it and stole this one instead! ;-) Go Cheetahs!! ;-)))
BVR will be replaced or voted out when the elections take place in Feb i think. But who will replace him? Surely not Stofile? We need ppl who actually have SA Rugby's future at heart...

Guys, plse dont invite tackler or 3rd or even Die Waarheid...

Do you mind if i mail Eugene or Sacos? LOL

Personally, I don't mind, I want to hear more about the wonderful Hough (sp?)......

By the way, welcome, glad you could make it!

P.S. when I tried to mail Dawn, her address bounced twice...

Quinton Davids Rulez!!!!

I have been watching. Why all the hostility towards me my bra.
Cos you always giving the 'Dutchmen' a hard time. Nothing personal bro, if it was some1 else who was always bringing race up or being insulting most of the time i would feel the same towards them...

So are you going to be like the 3rdday we all know from
What mick did you use on

Oh and by the way, GEO CRONJE RULEZ!!!

Mail as many people as you want.

The more we have the better the quality of the discussions.

PA did mail tackler but he is yet to make his appearance, which is why Also's post had me going for a moment...
I am the one and only 3rdday. Why should we crawl at the feet of the dutchmen? They always think they know better. That is why I will never support the Springbokkies. They are based on a losing culture.  

On what exactly do you base that "losing culture" ?
The culture of the dutchmen of course.  
That's not a loser culture.
How can culture be classified as a loser?
If it's extinct - sure then you can call it a loser culture.

Or am I missing something here?

Nice ferrari by the way
Profuse apologies for moving the articles around, guys. I wanted to ensure the latest hit the top of the page first. Looks about right now.

Off to read DavidS's piece!! Didn't even notice it the way the articles were lined up before.

All new ones should now hit the top of the page.

P.S. WPW, I doubt that is the REAL 3rdday, 3rd is actually a passionate Bok supporter....

I am just guessing what his answer will be. This guy was actually very funny sometimes, but his rantings on the dutchmen are fcuked up.

Glad to see I had someone for a couple of minutes. The also thing is strictly for use on the site! ;)
Guys, there are a few new posts. A particularly brilliant piece by David at the top of the page.  
It's me.....I was "Anonymous"

Some how my post didn't register my original call sign???

Ja,sorry again....I'm the anonymous with the long post questioning Jake's forward know how and WP's buying policy.

St Pete,

I see from the other thread you are having trouble signing in with your name.

As far as I know there are two options, the others can help us out here.

1 - Go to and sign in with the same Username and password you used yesterday to register.

2 - You can just type your name by using the 'other' button, AFAIK.
Breakfast done StP?  
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