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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Spears set to announce a major rugby sponsorship at noon

Source: EPherald
Writer: Stan Terblanche

THE Southern Spears rugby franchise, which embraces Eastern Province, South Western Districts and Border, will take another giant step forward when a R15-million sponsorship deal will be revealed by managing director Tony McKeever at the EPRU Stadium today.

Though McKeever was tight-lipped about who the sponsors are, he confirmed that those involved will fly into Port Elizabeth today and will attend a press conference at midday.

“I am ecstatic about the latest developments and I believe we are on the right road to success,” McKeever said.

He also confirmed that the kit and the entire Spears apparel will be revealed today.

McKeever added that the ‘capping ceremony’ for the players will be held on January 11 in the build-up to the first friendly of the season against the Free State Cheetahs at the EPRU Stadium on January 14.

McKeever’s first sponsorship deal came earlier this month from Algoa FM to the tune of R3-million, which was a mixture of airtime and cash.
wpw needs new fur for his dash  
LMAO donner, now i can really see you boere are ganging up on me. LMAO

Oh, and dont let me forget the 2 token soutie thugs...
wpw is a token thug with a dice hanging from his rear view mirror  
My vote is for Vodaphone  
Make that Vodafone

3G services
LMFAO where do you guys come up with this shyte?OO do you really skeem its Vodacom,those guys are just handing out sponsorships left right and centre  

Not Vodacom

Look at what Vodafone is doing with 3G- it is keeping the branding separate from Vodacom.

If you take the potential support for the Spears- Black Middle class- into account it make sense to market a tool which is also specific for them via this new franchise-

It would also stop MTN & Cell C from getting into S 14 advertising.

Just my take- maybe completely of the cuff
Lekka ding- They are handing out sponsorships because in a competitive world , you must keep advertising- And it is working for the Voda group

Look at the spears strip- it will blend well with Vodafone 3G

DavidS is of the opinion it is Sahara- It may well be TATA telcom- as SNO they also need to get exposure.

These are products that most people can buy- so I still vote Vodafone 3 G
Shyte WPW- it seem like the rooi gevaar is surrounding me


There is nothing yet on the Spears Site

Do you have access to PE news sites?

I also reckon that thye Cell C thing raises some interesting thoughts OO....

I don't think it'll be Vodaphone though.

Given their present involvement in EC cricket, I recckon Sahara


Given their need for exposure in SA as a new marque


wpw needs new tweeters and subwoofers for his stereo

As our so-called man on the spot you are pathetic at getting us the scoopsat SEC....
This must be classed as a shameful KF that we're not the news site leading with the story on the new Spears kit and sponsorships.  
Sorry man,trying to read to fast over here.
WPW salutemasekind
Hey, we restrict this site strictly for the use of only one token black. What's this now. Suddenly "Die Swart Gevaar" is all around us! ;-)


Are you tired of us boere thugs ganging up against you? lol
Now that that is of my heart, wellcome joulekkading.  
Hi, joulekkading! Have you been chating on Keo?  
Howsit Reinhardt
Nah,i was always on KEO,but just a reader.somehow heard about this site and then WPW gave me a headsup about it,i think its fekking cool here.
I was also only a 'reader' on Keo. I agree, this site is awesome!  



Province is part of my evil and nefarious plan to increase the demographic coverage of the site

It is a South African site and so subject to empowerment principles, so Wes inviting province here is part of this site's black empowerment strategy.

ps. Kandas

this is all your fault
Reinhardt and province

Thanks for joining us.

Appreciate the good words
I thought this had the looks of some sort of anc action plan to bring this site down! Just kidding.
I think were in trouble davids, we used to gang up on wpw, now that the token blacks are increasing, they're gonna turn on the Gauteng based Boere thugs! And there is only two of us that I know of!

Come January Keo will be begging for you to give him a job at Rugga World because no-one will return to Keo... LOL... You should give him a job, heard he was a damn good journalist... LOL
LMAO for 'Die Swart Gevaar'

I cant believe they actually used that terminology in the past. lol

On a serious note, why do you guys think we all get along so well on this site? Is it cos all the verkramptes and the ANCYL left wingers are not here?
But im from the i count?  
While all you closet racist are "bashing & Slashing-nobody poisons anymore" 5 ZAR to the oke that spot the correct movie that quote is from- the news on the title sponsor for the spears should have been availible- only Kandas is KF 'ing somewhere--

I cannot find anything- anyone that knows the web info of the Ep Herald?

I mean- cannot google everything ;-)
I think that is precisely why everyone is getting along
"On a serious note, why do you guys think we all get along so well on this site? Is it cos all the verkramptes and the ANCYL left wingers are not here?

1:32 PM"

Pity WPW, that it only happens in Cyberspace
Ya I think most of us on this site has a sense of humour wpw, if I think of the way some people got me agravated on keo, I wonder about my own sometimes. But yes, I think all of us on this site are moderates, not those to the far right or the far right, wanting everything to change radically or not change at all!  
Eish I'm an idiot, I meant to say those to the far left or far right!  
The EP Herald News desk reported that their reporter at the scene have not yet informed them "Who-it-is".

Will try to get to the news asap
Thanks Oranje. But if you can't get it we all know who's fualt it is...  
Eish, reihardt, it didn't take you long to join the chorus of it's all kandas' fault!  
Sorry, fualt = fault ...  


I'll have the Press Statement for you now-now.

Geez, it's Red Bull time again.  
Thanks Donner

But I googled anyway

Yip reinhart- that kandas fellow...

btw the EP herald news desk # is 041 504 7324

I phoned 13:45- they oviously did not want to give me the reporters cell- will try SABC- Hey who of you politically "moderates" have SABC newsroom buddies?
wpw you must know somebody at e-tv?  
are you flippin 15 yrs old? or are you just taking the piss?

if you know what that means...
i actually know the chick who reads the news. Haydee. the one with the big mouth... i had a thing for her quite a few yrs back... her boyfriend wanted to bliksem me at the time...

Give me 2 minutes and the release will be up.

Yes that is my age, why? And yes, I know what it means.  

Then phone the girl, bruvva- we need to get the news out- what is the use to rely on the most passionate Spears supporter as he cannot....

Oh hi Kandas- OO looking for roundhouse- relaxing when he remembers that it was DavidS who was hooked on Black Cat peanut butter.... and Chucky
There you go! It's up!!!


Give me 2 minutes and the release will be up.


1:53 PM

Just tjek the minutes- bru
Bummer- so it is not the title sponsor  
You are a man of your word kandas

It was up in 1 minute-
cool it kandas  
We get along 'cos we're all actually rugby fans.

And we can all talk kak well it seems.

Eish rynhardt

I was fighting Die Swart Gevaar in Angola when you were born

Damn that makes me feel REALLY f---ing old

I can't count either

I was in Angola BEFORE you were born...
lol davids...
so do i call you Oom? lmao

Reinhard can call you Oupa.... hehehe
Eina Wes

Just remember I am a Boere Thug still....
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