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Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Port Elizabeth – South Africa: 12H00: In a landmark announcement in South African rugby, that is likely to reverberate through the 14 rugby unions, the newly formed and named Southern Spears Super 14 rugby franchise, in the Southern & Eastern Cape, today revealed the staggering sponsorship of R15 million, by the Australian manufacturer, International Sports Clothing, (ISC).

The CEO of the Southern Spears, Tony McKeever, said, “Today’s signing with ISC of Australia, marks a watershed in South African rugby and propels the Southern Spears and its three shareholders, Border, Eastern Province and South Western Districts into a sports marketing category that places a value on the Southern Spears trademarks and intellectual property that is on a par with, or greater than, some of the traditional historical rugby marks in South Africa”.

McKeever added that, “The Southern Spears received five sponsorship offers from various technical apparel manufacturers, from around the world, but it was the tenacity and professionalism of the Australian company ISC, that ensured the agreement got signed today. When the other manufacturers were content to go through a drawn out ‘mating dance’ and chit-chat, ISC jumped on a plane, to meet with myself and my Spears Board, 24 hours after speaking with me on the phone, to showcase their credentials and willingness to enter into a long term partnership and grow the Southern Spears Technical and Replica Apparel Market”.

The Australian firm, ISC, have entered into a three year deal, from 2006-2008, with Southern Spears, in which McKeever has also brokered ISC’s support for all three Unions, Border, Eastern Province and South Western Districts, in an unprecedented commitment of solidarity to the sponsor, by the Southern Spears.

Speaking in a conference call from Sydney and the Headquarters of ISC, the General Manager, Brett Corrick said, “We at ISC in Australia and the UK are extremely excited at this breakthrough into the South African market and particularly, in the partnership with the Southern Spears and SpearLeaders, to cater for the Southern Spears supporters, as well as their female and kids ranges”.

Ian Wright, General Manager for ISC South Africa, declared that, “this is an exclusive agreement with the 4 rugby teams in the Southern and Eastern Cape, co-ordinated and marketed by the Southern Spears, unlike the ISC sponsorship of the Australian Super 14 Teams, the Brumbies and the Western Force, In short, we have become, ‘The Brand Behind Your Team!’.

International Sports Clothing (ISC), has operating bases both in Sydney, Australia and in the UK, employing 85 staff, with offices to open in Johannesburg in the near future. ISC is an experienced and proven designer, manufacturer, supplier and distributor of merchandise under license, with an established track record for dependability.

ISC was established in 1991 and has been a major supplier of merchandise under license to:
- Cricket World Cup 1992;
- Australian Cricket Board (ACB) 1991-2002;
- Australian Football League (AFL) 1992-2001;
- Sydney 2000 Olympics;
- Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) 2000;
- and including Fox Studios Apparel 1999-2001;
- Coco-Cola;
- K-mart;
- World Wrestling Federation;
- Big W and Myer.

Currently ISC is a licensed supplier to National Rugby League (NRL) Teams: Sydney Roosters, Newcastle Knights, South Sydney, Canberra Raiders, Penrith Panthers and Super 14 Teams: Brumbies Rugby and the Western Force.
ISC holds an exclusive supporters license for the NRL, and also holds licenses for supply to Bowls Australia.

The UK arm of ISC holds merchandise licenses to 4 of the 12 English Super League Teams; the Bradford Bulls, Salford City Reds and the Wakefield Wildcats and the new French Team, Catalans. ISC distribution includes France, Italy, USA and New Zealand.
ISC has the expertise and experience to utilise both local and offshore garment manufacturing. This knowledge ensures consistency of quality and supply.
In house sublimation printing, screen-printing, embroidery as well as outsourcing relationships with Australia’s leading knitting mills provides the ultimate in control and responsiveness to the demands of high profile teams.


For Further Information Contact:
Melissa Uwa: 083.757.1636 or
So I take it is not the title sponsor- I saw the Logo on the spears site- but ...International Sprts Clothing

Are they going to manufacture in SA?
Photos to follow shortly.  
Guys, you wont believe this, i just went to the little boys room and when i returned there's these 3 ladies who have a meeting with my boss and one of them i used to see while i travelled on the train and she couldnt stop giving me the eye... HECTIC!!!

Ag, it's one of those times when you had to be there...

p.s. i know i'm getting married, just mentioning it...
That is great Kandas, I'm sure you'r very excited? Just too bad it's Australian and not South African... But money talks...  

This Mckeever Guy is cooking- how about an Red Bull induced/supported arti on him for OORB?

Very good news. Do you know the details how the sponsorship will affect the three unions?
Will look into it OO. Will come back to you. Just hectic here!  

I'll phone you now-now. Have to anyway about some more good news.

Tell all of you later in the afternoon.


You better phone me SOON!!! :)

Organise us an exclusive interview with the man.

He's cooking with gas.

Is this the NAME sponsor?


Is she a hottie?

Hey Rynhardt.

It's investment coming into SA at a rate of R5 million per year!

This is fantastic news for SEC. So, do we as the BOARD get to offer the apparel to people on this site at discounted rates?
Yip Kandas I can imagine

Does he have a Press person?
Hi, DavidS.  

I would be surprised if Mr Mckeever will sell the name sponsor to the apparel- sponsor- that name is on the jersey almost be default-

nope- unless otherwise informed- I will carry on harping about Vodafone-;-)
DavidS and all of you:

Put up your questions on this thread for McKeever. I will send the questions to him tonight and we'll have a live discussion with McKeever sometime tomorrow. I will notify you with the time.
Mr Mckeever

Do you believe in the KF syndrome?
she's a token black sister... she is not too bad. Built OK, has long dark hair... has a flat face though... if i wasnt taken i would probably have charf'd her when i saw her sniping me... (sniping is a term us coloureds use when someone watches you) lol
LOL Oranje!
If he says no he is in denial! Meaning he is already a vic!
Okay Board members

Following on the discussion we had yesterday about advertising at YOU KNOW WHO, should we not get more press with telling people about this if Kandas organises this?

Do you think ISC will sponsor BRANNASNACHT T-shirts as well?

Whatever you guys want to arrange.

I will put up the thread with the questions and answers at an agreed time tomorrow (maybe late afternoon) and Tony McKeever will join us for the discussion.

Why tomorrow? Why not Brannasnacht?

He might enjoy it so much he wil visit again. :-D
And I am very dissapointed 'cause nobody said nything about my Brannasnacht banner!


If Klipdrift sponsor Brannasnacht they can have their banner and link there. :)
news breaks quicker here than anywhere else.  
Real Q to Mr Mckeever

Is ISC now the name sponsor of the Spears?
reinhardt (nuweland)


Will arrange it for Brannasnacht.
Sorry Kandas

That is way cool- the Brannasnacht thingy

OORB Q 2 to Mr Mckeever

Will the embattled SA and SEC textile industry be the beneficiary as well out of this deal- and to what extent?

I noticed it but didn't want to sound stupid because I thought it may have been there for a wile...
But still cool though.
You savvy?
Fine thanks, yourself?
OORB Q # 3 to TMC

What is your view on Rugby Union analysis and the use of technology in your franchise.

Will IT be used to link the 4 entities at operational level?
i sort of have an idea but what Exactly is Brannasnacht?Is that like chilling @ the smokkie with a kus and a bottle of OB?  

No we should forget Klipdrift

Wellington VO5 sponsors the Boks so we should go for them.


If she were a hottie, and I mean a real hottie I would snipe back....with a 66% failure rate for marriages in SA you never know....


Thanks and your Brannasnacht banner is FANTASTIC

Real Question to Tony McKeever

This is team related. The Spears don't really have a field or stadium they can call their own. We've seen how this impacted negatively on the Cats S12 Franchise's performances in the past with the friction between the Cheetahs and Lions. Do you see the possible friction between SWD, the Bulldogs and EP and their loyalty to the Spears impacting on the ability of the team to deliver performances of quality in the Currie Cup and Super 14?
OORB # 5 to TMc

Do you have a vacant post for a Technical Analyst?

There is one flying around-he kinds of gets carried away- but ... really knows his stuff.

I'm cool, just biding time till we close for holidays.

Q2 for Tony:

We are seeing the creation of a new brand in South African rugby at the moment. What would you say are your main challenges in making The Pears a national brand that would attract a following outside the SEC?

Q3 for Tony

Your coaching team has put together a very young and somewhat inexperienced team of very talented youngsters. Are you planning to attract experienced older players to The Spears from the other unions and from the UK to add some experience to the squad? What would you view as the main points for attracting such players to The Spears?

I have been asked to start telling people that Klipdrift is on its way to replace "Botteltjie Dorp VO" from as early as next year allready. Lets stick to Klippies

You have it right, but we do it and then have our friends join us online and praat kak
Ok Donner

Not a good sign

Brandewyn vir die pyn...

Is this a sign of things that Jake White is trying to tell us with code?


Trying to organise PA a trip back to SA?

Q4 to Tony

Are there parts of the Spears operation where you think the organisation may be lacking in people and expertise asid from the obvious inexperience of the team itself.

What are you doing to meet those challenges?


Do I know you?

I have been asked to start telling people that Klipdrift is on its way to replace "Botteltjie Dorp VO" from as early as next year allready. Lets stick to Klippies

2:46 PM

Donner, pls explain
i will never cheat on my wife...
I'm not sure. Don't think so. Is you're real name David? In that case I don't think so.

I believe PA can make that decision himself- but to my opinion .. he will add value to all the Rugby Franchises in SA

I am not sucking up to him either- just of the opinion that there is awesome class associated with this blog- and he is a very good analyst
Thanks Davids  
Cheers see you later. I'm of to the gim.  

Do the Spears have any players yet?

Well.........DECENT PLAYERS?
Don't give me this "gifted 18 year old" horse shit......S14 will be hard and tuff......the CC next year will not be adequate preparation considering that none of the Boks will be taking part.Even Winning the CC next season will be as relevent as,????, well as relevent as whatever.

The Spears need to learn quickly that the Sponsors only stick around for good publicity.Should the SEC start getting snotted week in week'll be the Calafornian needle for you okes, and should you drop out of the S14 at the first opportunity(2008?),it'll be into the Abyss--no coming back from there,certainly not if play-off games are implemented.
Government handouts will be needed....and the SEC will be as popular as a good kick in the balls then.

Bulls to give you okies your first 60 point lesson?

What is there to explain? Klipdrift is gunning to become the sponsor instead of Botteltjie Dorp.

The way I see it, any thug from Gauteng, whether he is a boer or a Lens larney or a Tembisa Ma'Gent is worth twenty of any thug from anywhere else because we live in the most dangerous place on earth.....

They make Gauteng thugs tough and hardcore.

Cape Flats or not Cape Flats.

No thugs they send from the Cape can match us in Gauteng, we're what every thug aspires to be.

So, seeing as there are two of us, there needs to be 40 of them before they outnumber us...

Is Wellington Botteljie Dorp?

Innie Vrystaat ken ons inelk geval net Klipdrift & Oude Molen en so af en toe Moses innie Mandjie
Ja,the last time thugs from the Cape flats travelled north they have been steeked 75-14 and 39-3  

you have officially been awarded the first Rugga World lifetime membership award! tx btw.

guys there will be a lot of news coming through from teh region in the next couple of weeks.


how come naaashu stuck with the bulls then in those dark years? :)
sorry naaaashua  
WES are you gonna leave it like that?  
Ps: don't let Dawn catch you okes disrespecting the Cape Flats thieves  
lol @ StP

Even as a Cape Ou, you can always be counted on to give the one eyed Bulls opinion.

So who's next for the Californian Needle Treatment? The Cheetahs in their opener against the Bulls?


What's with The Tackler's quotes? Are you a spy of some sort...true colours....

But agree about PA. He is part of what makes this a classy blog...
because we were lucky.....and I'm not sure of your facts anyway.  

Dit is korrek. Wat ek kan aflei is dat WEllington se bemarking besig is om hom in die steek te laat. Olaf Bergh het bv hulle prys laat sak sodat hulle met Dorpie kan kompiteer. Dit gaan hom seermaak.

BTW het julle al ooit die foto van dei billboard buite Worcester geisen met die Klipdrift bottel op?

Onder staan daar net geskryf "Worcestersous". Ek dink dit is briljant net soos die Eish ad
Pleasure PA

I am anyway one of RW's unofficial moderators

But I accept the lifetime membership with the necessary respect ;-)

Seriaas- get involved with mainline coaching- if you are not already.
Ja....I liked that one as well,
"The Californian Needle Treatment"



Please fill me in


What's with The Tackler's quotes? Are you a spy of some sort...true colours...."

The same reason why Investec is sticking to WP...

They're tied into a term contract....

Seriously though, thet's because both the Bulls and WP are established powerhouse rugby playing unions with a loyal following in their region of the country so it makes marketing sense.

In the case of The Spears we have a NEW brand with NO following, so advertisers are taking a chance. That is a MASSIVE GAMBLE. From a sports marketing perspective a three year contract is very short so obviously the sponsor first wants to see whether the brand catches on before they commit to the standard five year plus contract. The ISC has given themsleves a nice out in case the Spears fail in S14 2007.

Ja Dawnie will come looking for you if you diss the Cape Flats, and she's a violent and dangerous one...


So you're saying they need 60 WP players on the field to get parity with the Bulls?
Thanks Donner

Yip Klippies ad campaign is the best.

Met of sonner eish.

Gaan jy hulle kontak om Brannasnacht te sponsor
"Oranje_Orakel said...

Please fill me in"


The Tackler is the only person on keo whom I know that draws quotes from other posts, puts them in quotation marks and the responds


Klipdrift se huidige ad campaign is absoluut briljant. Hulle het 'n Suida Afrikanisme gevat en dit aan hulself toegeien, net soos Vodacom met "Yebo" gemaak het 'n paar jaar terug.

Deesdae as jy die woord Eish hoor dink jy net aan een ding...en dis fenomenale bemarkingskrag daardie.


Die saadjie is klaar geplant. Ons moet maar net eers 'n bietjie geskiedenis opbou en kyk hoe dit volgende jaar gaan as die traffic terug is.

What's with the Raiders logo?

i was waiting for the investec one.....

talking of billboards, OO wasnt it you or perhaps old vleis that mentioned the billboard as you enter the states from JHB area that read "Welcome the Free State - Currie Cup free zone"

thought that was brilliant. he must feel like a knob know though!

does anyone know what happened to old vleis??

anyone still have contact with him?

You're acting like that child on your picture.....

I've asked 4 and OO has too.

Rasp, PA and Donner must also ask before I add anything more.....

Just for this thread- i am supporting ISC and their brands

Raiders one was the coolest.

Nope I am really not "The Tackler"

Been quoting post like this for ages.

Agree on your Klipdrift take- they have really made eish their own

i have no questions davids.

Ok Ok,

1. Mr McKeever, what are your stance re the "privatisation" of rugby, in other words moving away from unions and creating corporate entities where shareholding can be distributed.

2. Seeing that there could be a situation next year where the SEC and two of it feeder unions will all be playing CC premier league rugby, how will the situation be handled if two or three SEC players are injured and the feeder unions are reluctant to release their players due to own CC commitments. Will you draft fringe players from other unions?

it was from the Christiana side on a farm next to the road- could be a nice story though

Yes, I also misses Vleis- and some of the other Blue Guys that disappeared after the 22nd of October.

I am actually about to mail ole Vleis. I know he sold his businesses and planned to move closer to the now CC free zone, but since the final he was nowhere to be seen.
Maybe PA does not want to P-off his boss  
with 60 WP players on the pitch they might just win a lineout.

you blokes are getting all excited about the SEC but they don't have any sort of calibre to associate with.

How big is their estimated "full house" going to be for a home game?

They need some experienced players ala quick.All this pish about Paul Delport might show up or Solly T might come down......bollocks.These okes are nobodies yet,they won't win you games.You need some experienced players with Stalin's steal.......the sort of player that would give his own kid the Calafornian Needle if it ment the difference between winning a game and losing.

You also need a huge fuckoff chequebook,

the SEC has neither of these yet.
It is categorically NOT looking that good in my opinion.
Me & the Raider pic is off to home

Cheers guys
How do you okes get to put in all those little pictures?

I've a couple goodies for you.

in your profile settings, you can add a pic there.

we are only being fed through what they are allowed to feed us.

i mentioned on Keo before - i wonder if the current crop of S12 players playing in the 'bigger' unions have contracts extending beyond 2007?

whoever gets relegated - will sit with a host of players without income for the S14 come 2007.

a lot will change in a year.

a nice pic for you...

There are also a host of players sitting in their twilight years in the UK.

Just like Braam Van Straaten and Wylie Human, some of them may be persuaded to return to SA to play one or two final seasons in the CC and S14 before they retire.

Thiose would be real tough okes I'd say.

Remember the CC only starts in what May / June and with no Boks available to the Bulls, Lions, Cheetahs (to a lesser extent) and the WP, the competition is going to be reasonably open.


The Sharks could probably be in with a chance seeing as they only have two Boks on national duty...

Might even beat the understrength Bulls at Loftus again...

What is your goal for the CC premier league next year?
I can't get it,I'm stupid......give me the needle and I'll stick it in myself.

And with Wayne Julies, Andre Pretorius, Conrad Jantjes, Ash (probably), Jacque Fourie and Rickie on national duty, the Lions won't have a backline to talk of.

No wonder we got the Rose wunderkinderen as backup.

And Thabang Molefe

Added to which, hopefully Wikus Van Heerden and probably Lorry Sephaka, and we're screwed.


Make us happy about being in SA and tell us what your weather is like.

Then make us unhappy and tell us about the babes in their Barbarella outfits....

Matter of interest, can the Missus cook? Does she try?
I just spent the 1&1/2 hours looking for fucking unleaded petrol. WTF, when did we change into Zimbabwe. Fuck man, how the hell do you run out of petrol without prior fucking warning? I know that they've been talking about it for the last week, but didn't they know before then? A fucking useless bunch of plonkers.

ps. Yes I am anoyed and irritated.

Don't worry. There are some petrol stations that closed down in the Western Cape till the crisis is over. Bad planning.

Your best bet is Sasol. They seem to be fine on all fronts.

i couldnt tell.
nice time to run out of petrol too, what are all those gautengers going to do if they need to get back home at the end of their holiday - JHB might be very quiet in january.  

Glad to see Boertjie in the end accepted the invite.
Thanks for the tip Donner. I've got a question for the spears guy, are you going to import your own petrol or what plans do you have to get your players to their games?  

The good part of the crisis is that they don't have petrol to invade Cape Town. This might just be the busyest December in Gauteng in the history of mankind. :-)
aldo, calm down bro. Why not take a taxi? lol  
You know what the worst part is, all those buggers sitting there laughing at me because my cars gonna run out of petrol, and all they can say is: "Uhh, maybe you should get a car that runs on leaded, cos we're not getting petrol for at least the next week"  

Even I could do it man.

You click on your name.

Then there's a blue thingie that says "EDIT PROFILE"

Click on it

Then you scroll down the nest page till it says soimething about adding a picture.

Okay, then you go to the picture and right click on it. Then it gives you a URL. Left click and highlight the URL. Copy it to the field next to the Picture thingie and choose to save the settings at the bottom of the page


Picture of Wayne Julies making Wynand Olivier his bitch...
Donner, got bad news for you, the ministry of transport assured drivers that there will be enough petrol on all the main routes to the coast.


Where I live, Taxis only comes past every hour and not on Sundays, also not early enough to get me and the wife to work on time.
Okay, I feel better now. Hopefully they will have petrol before my car runs out of petrol again. I filled it up, so I hav about a week now.  

Thanks for that. The problem is there may be enough petrol, but all the guys with their 4X4's and RCV's run on diesel and that seems to have become a major problem. The trucks take every drop.

an unleaded car can run on leaded for a short while.

SASOL seems to be okay.

The government has said its not them

The iol companies have come out and said it's there fault. Why?

Because government set new standards of adherence to unleaded standards and the refineries all need to change the way they refine.

So the whole lot of them closed at the same time. All six.

And then they were really amazed when there's a sudden and unexpected shortage.


I wouldn't be so smug if I were you. The oke from BP said on radio just now that CT and Jhb would be first to receive the new petrol soon and because of that Namibia and Botswana will probably be severely affacted in the foreseeable future while the catch up on production....
hehe davids,

i dont use unleaded!!! plus there is a ship on the way already to walvis

Aldo is actually trying to tell you that as an overprivileged white guy he'd rather walk than be seen with a bunch of black thugs in a car....

That was a joke...
The weather is rather strange at the moment.......quite warm actually.The rivers and canals started unfreezing these past couple days since the snow turned to rain.

Still shitty and grey though.Couldn't have been more than 6 hours daylight today.

Anyway....the chicks are still hot and the missus can't cook for shit.

Have recently been approached by headhunters who want me to open a place in Moscow for them.Just when I thought I could get the hell out of this place and get a nice classy job in Asia somewhere.

Apparently speaking Russian is a valuable commodity at the minute.

Oh, I could be moving back down to Moscow again.There it really is freezing, not this luke cold girlie stuff like in St.Pete' Moscow you really do feel your nosehairs freezing solid and if you decide to take a quick leak behind a tree it's like firing yellow icecycles out of your bell-end.

Or, I'll take the other offer and become known as HoChiMinCitybok.
Oh ja PA

I forgot that unleaded petrol hasn't come that barbarian land of yours yet....

ps. Driviung a car that uses leaded petrol.....

That's very unCape Town isn't it.

Thought they were lots of green bunnies there or is it just about the Mountain, the wales and fynbos?
Cheers guys, i'm off. Dont miss me too much.
Oh, and one last thing, DavidS: Jou ma Se vrot tone!!!!


I don't blame the government for this. They knew about this some time ago and just did shitty planning.

This couldn't have caome at a worst time for our economy. The farmers are struggling to get hold of diesel to plant their crops. Supply chains are being interrupted. This is going to ripple through the economy early next year and put a brake on the momentum our economy was picking up.

I don't want to sound negative, but it is reality. I just hate it when people that supposedly know their business makes such f/ups. I mean how difficult is it to plan petrol production. You have years of statistics not per month or week, but per day. Geeez you don't have to be a rocket scientist to plan that, even if you have to shut down some of your facilities at one stage.
I know Davids. But I was serious. I stay on a farm outsid eof PTA, not in PTA. I drive my Arse of every morning to get to work. So no taxi for me, if we don't get new unleaded soon, I'm fucked!


I know all of what you've said, but it bugs me that they couldn't make some sort of arrangement before we ran out of petrol!
nope davids,

we survive solely on beer here.
Thank heavens for that StP

I thought for a moment you really did go get a needle and give yourself a California Spike!

Or shorten it and call yourself SaigonBok

The Vietnamese may take exception to that though. You sure you want to take the Missus to Asia? She might not measure up to those pretty asian chicks...

the planning is quite shocking.

cheers wpw, have a safe christmas and new year.
Donner I fully agree with you. They knew that the government wanted us to change over to unleaded for a long time now, Fuck I knew it last year. So why not plan ahead. Work some overtime to get enough petrol out there.  

Enjoy and have a safe one. And a good one. Don't miss wicked weasel too much. We'll keep an eye out for you next year.
The Asian chicks just don't do it for me.

I'm a breast man myself.

But it is all still tentative at the moment though.

Shit....can you imagine, the difference in time zones means I'll be up at 1 in the morning dishing shit to the WP okies on Keo.

I'll have to do a full days work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think tjis is the third time we've reached 100 posts on a thread Congrats all round.

Aldo I know what you're saying.

I agree that the oil companies f----ked this up royally.

With so many people available to do the work, how the hell did they miss that closing down for renovations together may just have an effect on the economy and petrol users.

And why did they wait till RIGHT NOW to do it three weeks before the deadline.

The way BP has been advertising, they have been bragging about being ready for the new petrol. Then Caltex bragged the same thing for months about their 'cleaner' petrol. Obviously they lied.

Ps. for the cricket lovers.

The match ended in a draw and Rudolph got 201*
I'm off. See you guys tomorrow. I think I'm going to go buy myself a jerry can now.


Enjoyed our senseless banter. Have a good one and see you next year!

Don't worry, at least somebody will be around to speak to Ras in teh early hours of morning.
lol StP

Just like Rasputin.

The nice thing would be that you could give The Tackler kak while he hangs out here!


have a Brilliant one and look after yourself and the new missus.

See you in the new year...
I work for clock watchers

Have to stick about another 10 minutes.

Just figured that I put my contacts in wrong way round this morning.

Man do I ahve a headache...
Have a goody WES
Maybe ill catch you on Muizenberg on boxing day!LOL!!
Look after yourself on the roads.
The funniest (or saddest?) thing about the petrol crisis is that the minister pf energy affairs yesterday denied any knowledge of it - and then expressed great surprise.
Maybe they don't provide newspapers on the Gravy Train?
I think this is great news.

Every enterprise has to start somewhere.

McKeever sounds like he knows his oats.
Here goes...........denuded by the sharp minds of rugby junkies.

What quaestion do you want answered?

No - ISC are not the Title Sponsors - that is under negotiation
What is the KF syndrome?  
OORB Q 2 to Mr Mckeever

Will the embattled SA and SEC textile industry be the beneficiary as well out of this deal- and to what extent?

Yes - some of the less specialised garments will be outsourced locally to the area
OORB Q # 3 to TMC

What is your view on Rugby Union analysis and the use of technology in your franchise.

Technology is an essential tool - but not at diminishing the skill set and reflexes of the rugby talent - this needs to enhance their synapses.

Will IT be used to link the 4 entities at operational level?

Yes - as this will be the players pool or well to which we will go to on numerous occasions.
To DavidS:

The Spears will use the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Field and Sports Academy facilities - I am in discussions to demolish and build a Home of the Spears that will be a multi-purpose facility for cinderella sports and lifestyle activities synonymous with rugby.
OORB # 5 to TMc

Do you have a vacant post for a Technical Analyst?

Yes - see

The Spears brand must be a brand for the People - A People's Team
If you want any tickets for the 14th January or 21st January - JUST ASK - But wear RED

This team that you say is inexperienced - have tested as good as the "best" in South Africa in Speed - Fitness - Strength - Conditioning & Endurance.
The missing component is mental - but that comes with a full stand of People's Team supporters - my target is 30,000 on the 14th January and we are half way there already.
The mental approach also exposes a vulnerability to the high profile names - as every one is wont to throw up - their mental state is more fragile - not stronger - than our Spears.
Hi Tony

Still here?
Privatising is good and some of the franchises are trying to have a go at it.
SA Rugby needs to unravel many contracts and agreements that spawn problems that impact the Unions and the Franchises.

Great second question - The feeder unions are obliged to concede and surrender the player to the Franchise - There is a Standard Players Contract known as a 3-in-1 that addresses this.

Just signed on - trying to work out how to use this stuff
Hi Tony

As a Cheetah fan, I must compliment you with the Roll-out of the Spears Brand.

It impresses me and I wish you, your management team, the players and the fans the best of luck for the future. I see that the other areas is mostly covered.
No problem. :)

Some of the guys on this site think that EVERYTHING that goes wrong is Kandas' Fault. From there the KF. They learn quickly though.

Thanking for answering our questions.

Feel free to give us more info though. Some of the guys on this site, ironically, are quite good at spreading the good news.

Would you consider alternative mediums for Broadcasting- ea podcasting- if the current contract does not specifically excludes it?

You'll have to figure it out before tomorrow evening as we would like you to join us for Brannasnacht! :)

I see SARU has just released a directive indicating the 'quota' of black players they want in the Super 14 teams.

From your squad make-up thus far it appears that you are deeply committed to transforming rugby perception in SEC.

SEC is the spiritual home of African rugby in SA. What are you going to do to take the game to black communities in SEC and I suppose more difficult to the rest of the country?
Kandas & Tony

It is a real KF that I have to return to my hunble dwelling and take up caretaking- duties of my offspring.

Will visit thread later


Thanks for taking the time in answering the questions- much appreciated.

Thank you for answering our questions. It is great to see that our opinions and questions does caryy weight.

Good luck with the Spears. It is a part of our country that has many untapped resources not only on the rugby front.

My Q4

Are there parts of the Spears operation where you think the organisation may be lacking in people and expertise asid from the obvious inexperience of the team itself.

What are you doing to meet those challenges?

I think you are setting a fantastic example of CEO accesibility for the other Super 14 Franchises to live up to.

I also have to compliment you on the absolutely professional way that you have rolled out the brand so far.

Good luck for the future. I am certain that with the professionalism you have displayed so far, the success of the team is virtually guaranteed.
Sorry guys

Just spoke to Tony and he will be back on later to answer the rest of the questions. Will also join us live sometime, probably tomorrow evening.
Cheers Kandas

I think we need to open a special thread that must just contain questions.

Or move this one back to the top.
Thanks Kandas  

I will open a new thread.
Donner & Co - Back again

The Mveleli Ncula presentation was done in East London and I prepared that presentation for him to show the Sports Indaba where the SEC Super 14 came from - how it evolved and where I think it should be going - I was in East London last night to launch the ISC sponsorship visit the Border region & groupd of delegates and then to meet up with the Head of the Department of Sport Arts & Culture and invite his entire staff complement of 1,500 and their families to the games -AT NO CHARGE - on the 14th January against the Cheetahs and the 21st January against the Cats.
There must be absolutely no excuse that no one could make it and they did not have an invitation extended to them - the objective? Put up the FULL HOUSE signs on the 14th & 21st Jan.
So an ad campaign "Let The Battle Begin" started today in the local papers and a radio campaign rolls out in 2 days for the next 4 weeks.
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