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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Schumacher doesn't 'deserve' break

Source: Wheels24
Posted: 13/12/2005 10:46

Ferrari's German, who this year failed to win his first championship since 1999 (when he broke his leg), will test at Jerez this week despite usually resting until at least January at his Norway ranch.

Schumacher, 36, says he wants to 'keep working'.

"It was a very sad season," he explained at a Ferrari Christmas Party, where the Maranello staff's children were treated to a circus and a visit from Father Christmas.

"In previous years I thought I deserved holidays. This time I want to be together with the team, talk to them, check where we are, and be in the car."

After 83 career wins, Schumacher added just one more with the Bridgestone-tyred F2005 car -- the embarrassing United States GP.

He insisted: "I feel very fresh and very motivated, very hungry. I feel it would be too late to wait until January."

Schumacher said everyone in the scarlet clad team is optimistic of a better showing in 2006. President Luca di Montezemolo gave a speech in which he urged: "We must get back to winning ways".

"When you listened to the cheering," Michael enthused, "you realised the desire within everyone to do better."
En ons is almal f@kken mal!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
As jy 'n Ferrari badge op 'n draad kar sit dan drup hy olie!  
Donner waas fleckie "the legend" se pic nou?  

I'm sure that Arrows have similar speeches.

You have to actually get onto the track and win to be able to add to that enthusiasm!

Ja donner, waar is THE LEGEND se foto?

waar is die legend se foto en hoekom is ons almal mal?
Oh and I forgot

wpw is the first black AWB member
Die foto het ek maar gelos tot die regte Fleckie haters hier is.


Vra jouself wie is werklik normaal?
Donner, ek natuurlik!  
Aldo jou mal wetter

EK ios die normale een hier rond

Die res van julle is absoluut mal.

Hoe hou jy van Wayne Julies se drie?
davidS is the 1st white ANCYL member... (well at least some of it is true) lmao  
Davids, that was the worst try in human history! lol

Just kidding by the way, it was a great centre try. Wayne Julies, like the late Ettienne Botha, must be wondering how much more he needs to do to get game time with the boks.
Guys, seriously. i think this site is going to be big. So in future, if you need BEE partners or a 'Black Face', you know who was here 1st. lmga

all i ask is just an opportunity to also catch the gravy, you know, like my fellow brothers in govt. lol
dont do much work and reap all the benefits. Damn, i love being black!!!
wpw, we might hit some trouble in the future, don't you know that coloureds do not qualify as black anymore? Shit, we must go look for a raal one! lol  
WHAT? Hey, i'm black and proud... lol

Ag, i couldnt care less. When i grew up Apartheid was still there but it never affected me that much... It's in the past, the difficult thing now is how long does the govt continue with it's policies like Affirmative Action?

I guess i dont really wanna go there... When i read the papers and listen to Cape Talk and here of all the violence and corruption, i guess i'm losing faith in the the govt. Not that i really support them, the only thing i think they are not stuffing up is the economy. Education, justice system, crime, etc. They are all messed up big time. Not to mention the Health dept...

you mean garlic does not cure aids?

You is playing wif de lions Ainies.

Our sammajoor in the army used to tell us this before an opfok

I think Local Goverment is the ANC's biggest problem. They have massive service delivery issues and I think this loacal government election may be a BIG wake up klap! They have some really bright people working for them, but there aren't enough of them to go around just yet. Even at Provincial level.

Don't worry we will certainly keep you in mind as a BEE partner

ps. As a 'coloured' person you'd qualify as a balck person but not an 'African", so we can only give you 10% shareholding. and 'African' is entitled to 71%

Geez DTI makes this difficult. It's almost as crazy as the old 'race classification board' requirements...


It was similar to the opening try he scored against the Bulls in the S12 opener.

At least Julies has had a look in at the Boks. What the hell more he needs to do to prove himself worthy of being in the starting line-up...I dunno

What the hell is that?

A real pissant?

Garlic boosts the immune system and is not a cure for AIDS but does retard the development of HIV...slightly...

That was one of the worst PR fuckups in the history of South Africa.

What pisses me off most about that stupid cow is that she had to be dragged to constitutional court to hand out ARV's and then she had the temerity to run an ad campaign to say people should look at how much she cares for them because she's handing out ARV's.

Must say one thing for her though. She cuts through crap like a hot knife through butter. Many a hospital administrator has tried to tell her something can't be done and had his head bitten off.

One coup for her is her stances against smoking and alcohol and her free pre-natal care and childcare initiateve

The provincial hospitals told her it would take years to implement plans to even try something like that. And there were all sorts of protocols and bureaucratic stuff on policies that had to be changed

She just set a deadline and said you choose. Either the service is available on that date or you're fired.

The service was online inside three months.

Now you okes know how to bait me...
a real pissant!!!!  
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