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Thursday, December 08, 2005


SA's members of the IRB Board

Since when was Johan Prinsloo appointed to the IRB Board? Was this released to the media, I cannot recall reading about it anywhere? Is there still such a body as the South African Sports Commission?

Brian van Rooyen (2004) is the Executive Chairman of Labat Africa Ltd. The Group is listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange and employs over 500 people. He has more than 20 years of business experience, coupled with Developmental experience and was recently appointed a member of the South African Sports Commission by the Minister of Sports and Recreation. He also serves as an Executive Committee Member of the Sports Commission in charge of finance.

Johan Prinsloo (2005) is a veteran in the entertainment business. For 17 years he was in the movie industry, with Ster Kinekor - while also involved in rugby refereeing and coaching at Wits University. His particular involvement was with the Under-20 sides, working closely with Jake White.

Prinsloo was also Chairman of Technikon Witwatersrand Rugby Club, while working within the structures of the then-Transvaal U20. As a fulltime employee, he joined rugby in 1991, working for Dr Louis Luyt. During that period, he was involved in all aspects of rugby, the highlights being the beginning of the Super 10 and the 1995 Rugby World Cup Committee. He was appointed CEO of SA Rugby in 2004.
Oh well, I've given WPW a fair chance.... here goes



Your guess is as good as mine. I saw this on the IRB website the other day and was just as intrigued, especially given the lack of rugby credentials of Johan Prinsloo in Gauteng. I mean Wits Tech was like a second / third division side!

Have you looked at the credentials of the other IRB board members. Makes ours look embarrassing...
Ag nee man Rasp!!!  
Go and compare their experience to that of some of the other guys. Geez Gary Flowers' accolade look squite impressive.

Hey but there is not much more you can learn after 17 years in teh entertainment business.

An d we don't even have hte Impis anymore. That was entertainment.
LOL, beat you to it, David!

Yip, I looked at all the board members, we are a bit 'light' in the trousers department compared to most.

Very embarrasing.

I'm convinced our influence has waned enormously on the board since the days of Craven and then Luyt.

I mean, we've had Oberholzer (okay) and then Nkanunu and, bless his little cotton socks, but he doesn't exactly inspire.

Then we put BvR forward plus Markies, who never actually got there, and now Prinners.

Not exactly champagne stuff.

Have you sent me the pics yet, don't use my yahoo account, I don't check it that regulary. Anyway, who ever said that you need to know anything about rugby to be an administrator. Mr. Prinsloo is a well respected member of the Walt Disney fanclub, and he has a gold Ster Kinekor card. This makes him alomst as big a legend as Fleck. So he deserves his position.

Speaking of Fleck, don't you guys think we should make him the new SARU President. I mean, with a legend like him in charge, what could go wrong.


Did you receive my email about the Falcons?

Chris Moller (2003) was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Rugby Union on 30 January 2003.

Prior to taking up this position, Chris was the Deputy Chief Executive of Fonterra, New Zealand's largest company, and Managing Director of New Zealand Milk Products (NZMP). NZMP is Fonterra's global ingredients business responsible for the entire cow-to-consumer value chain from milk collection through manufacturing and logistics to marketing. It is Fonterra's largest business subsidiary contributing about half of Fonterra's total earnings.

Prior to joining the dairy industry Chris held several senior marketing and financial roles with various organisations including Barings Brothers London, Broadbank Corporation and Fletcher Challenge London.

A graduate of Victoria University of Wellington (B. Com. & Admin., Dip. Acctg.), Chris has also attended the London School of Economics and the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD in France.

Johan Prinsloo (2005) ran a cinema in Johannesburg for 17 years.

LOL - just kidding, Prinners, just kidding.
Where do I go to put a picture in my profile?  

Ja, you forgot he refereed second division sides in the club league!

How can you insult the man like that.

No it's pretty obvious we're decidedly lightweights there.

If Prinsloo is obscure and diappearing here in SA then how can he exert any influence in the IRB.

Doc Craven and Louis Luyt were the kind of hardnosed bastards you wanted in the IRB. Guys who put South Africa's interests first and always.

Edit your profile.

Then it'll give you the option of putting in a link to picture URL.

Ig said Japanese for Dragons. Someone has downloaded Japanese icons from Microsoft's website....
Dont worry I see now. You'll se my pic soon.  

I'll send you that picture tomorrow.

It's not the kind of thing you want lying around your company's server where IT can find it...
I dont understand Japanese. That's not fair.

Have you sent me the pic yet? Then I can do it tonight.
Okay Davids.  
I certainly agree with St Pete over pushing our weight around in SANZAR.

SA is the biggest television market in the SH, rugby wise. If they refuse to play ball we should pack our toys and go play in Europe instead.

A SA/Eng/Fra club comp would be as attractive as S14.

Leave the Aussies and Kiwis to play with each other. Murdoch would not be a happy chappy to lose the SA audience.
Ja Rasp

We're a much beigger TV market than what our friends in New Zealand and Australia are, although how many people do you think supersport reaches compared to SABC and the soccer?
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