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Friday, December 23, 2005


SA Unions/ Teams: Spotlight on Durban Collegians

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Collegians' efforts pay off
December 15, 2005

By Jos Robson

The remarkable success of Durban Collegians during the 2005 club rugby season, which saw them win the McCarthy Toyota Premier Division thus allow them the honour of representing the KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union at the SuperSport National Club Championships in Stellenbosch, has paid off handsomely on theeve of their centenary year.

Collegians performed way above themselves at the National Club Championships, ending up playing in the semi-finals against the University of Johannesburg (formerly RAU). Their efforts didn't go unnoticed, and they have been rewarded for their achievements with the announcement by Gilbert that they have committed themselves to a three-year clothing and equipment sponsorship for the 2005 Moor Cup champions. The Managing Director of Gilbert, Eric Ichikowitz, in a statement to the media, highlighted how extremely proud the company was of being able to be part of a very special moment in the history of Collegians as they approached their centenary year.

"Gilbert have been involved in the game since its inception in 1823, and understand the proud heritage and traditions of arguably the most successful club in KZN," he explained.

"It's not only a great moment for them, but also for us as a company, and we are proud to be associated with them as it really does suit our brand, and we look forward to a successful and happy partnership," he added. Andre Botha, the Chairman of Collegians, was delighted with the announcement. He stated that the club was equally proud to be associated with one of the great leaders of sports equipment and apparel. Botha also highlighted the fact that rugby clubs could not survive without having successful corporate organisations on board with such important sponsorship deals in place, which goes a long way in contributing to the success of any club.

Durban Collegians have also announced that they have appointed Juiced Media, publishers of the Sharks rugby magazine and South African Rugby News as their media partner. They will be publishing the club's centenary brochure, scheduled for publication in early March 2006. It certainly looks destined to be a bumper year for them.

Josie Nel, the widow of legendary 1937 Springbok captain Philip Nel, will unveil her husband's Springbok blazer at a function at Maritzburg Collegians tonight. The event will also be used to announce the club's new sponsorship deal with Gestetner

UPS Durban Collegians was formed in 1906. Rich in rugby history, Collegians has been the spawning ground of 15 Springboks, 7 Junior Springboks and over 80 Natal players.

Collegians have an outstanding record of achievements in Natal club rugby; Collegians have won the Moor cup (Premier League in Natal) 26 times, including an uninterrupted run from 1971-1987 and have never been out of the top 3 teams in league finishes.

They have won the Murry cup (premier knock out competition) 29 times of which 14 times ran concurrently with the league.

There are/were currently two playing springboks with the club: Ollie le Roux and Trevor Halstead.

During the 2002 season four collegians played for the sharks: Ollie le Roux, Trevor Halstead, Philip Smit and Brendon Botha

Seven players represented the Natal "Merit A" and Wilderbeest sides. Six players either played in the Natal Under 21 or 19 teams giving a total of 17 players who represented Natal last year.

Collegians boast a junior rugby section of over 300 registered players, ranging from Under 8 to Under 18.

Collegians is situated at Kings Park, adjacent to the Kings Park Virgin Active Club and the Natal Athletics Stadium.

Chairman : Gary Meyer
Cell : 083 4492299

1st Team Coaches: Dean Hayden and Quinton Reynolds
Under 20 Coach: Gary Brown
Junior Chairman: Danie Bester
Oh yeah.......Ras

WP as all Boks=

Bulls 75
Boks 14
Yeah, yeah, St Pete!!!

5 in a row!!!
Eish ras, I'm gonna sound like an arsehole now, but I prefer the sound of 75-14 and 39-3 to that of 5 years! Tell me again, how long ago were those 5 years? You sound like a New Zelander, still bragging about WC victory in 1987!  
bottom feeders for the entire history of the S12, one semi - do the math....  
And Orakels it will be in 2006

Ras read your mail- or rather respond to it ;-)
OO, will do!  

Did the maths, still came up with the answer of us outperforming you guys over the last two years. Don't care too much about what happened before that, selective memory!

with the hammering you guys gave us this year - we still lead you guys in points difference over the history of the super 12.

the stormers, has been the flagship team for SA in the S12 - lets see what the S14 holds.
Flagship team of mediocrity more like.......welcome to the brave new world of The Bull!!  

i would be one of the happiest people alive if the bulls can deliver on the promise of 2005 and klap the crusaders in the final of the S14 - just dont tell anyone i said it.
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