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Thursday, December 15, 2005


SA Unions: SWD Eagles Coach

It is rumoured that Phil Pretorius has been appointed Coach of the SWD Eagles. This is a rather irresponsible and erroneous statement as the Eagles are not ready at this time to effect such an appointment.

Pretorius has been asked, and has graciously accepted, a caretaker position to prepare players for the 2006 Vodacom Cup, until the Eagles are ready to appoint a Coach. This foresight of the newly elected SWD Executive has been widely welcomed by the Southern Cape business community and potential sponsors. More to follow.
Eagles to soar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragons eat #$%^.
Ek sal seker eers tienuut se kant op Brannas kan wees.
boertjie, moenie worry nie, ek is seker die res ook!!!!!  

Hierdie thread is oor Phil Pretorius en nie oor hoe lank jy nog gaan partytjie hou nie! :)
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