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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


SA Unions: History repeat itself at the Eagles!!!

Media Statement by Stag Cronjé, President of the SWDRFU

December 20, 2005

Dr. Phil Pretorius has today been appointed Head Coach of the Eagles for the 2006 season.

The SWDRFU Executive is elated by Pretorius' acceptance and is confident that this appointment will spark a resurgence in the Eagles camp.

In 1996, the Eagles lost to the Bulls by an embarrassing margin of 141 points – the final score being 148-7.

The following year Coach Phil Pretorius took charge of the Eagles and defeated the Bulls 30-18 at Loftus – the biggest upset of the decade, and the biggest turnaround in the proud 106 year history of the Currie Cup.

In 1997, under Phil Pretorius, the Eagles was rated in the Top 8 of South African Rugby and won the SA Rugby Magazine Award for the most improved side in South Africa.

In 1997 Phil Pretorius was the joint winner of the SA Rugby Magazine award as Currie Cup coach of the year and was one of 5 nominees for International Coach of the Year.

Now Phil Pretorius is back.

Phil Pretorius CV

Personal Profile

Name: Ignatius Phillippus Wilhelm (Phil) Pretorius

Birth date: November 10, 1957

Nationality: South African

Marital status: Married

Tertiary Education

Philosophiae Doctor (History): University of the Orange Free State November 1994

Magister Artium (History): University of South Africa, October 1989

Honneurs Baccalaureus Artium: University of South Africa May 1984

Baccalaureas Artium-Majors: Psychology and History: University of Pretoria, April 1980

Advanced Diploma in Education: Youth Preparedness: Teachers Training College for Advanced Education, April 1984

Higher Teaching Diploma: University of Pretoria, April 1981

Career History

1997 – 2005: Director Rugby, head coach of professional rugby teams.

1993 – 1996: Joint Head of History Department, Pretoria Teachers Training College.

1986 – 1992: Senior lecturer History Department, Pretoria Teachers Training College, and Pretoria University.

1983 – 1886: Journalist.

Rugby Coaching Career

Coach Pretoria Teachers Training College – 1990 – 1996:

Winner of the Northern Transvaal league and finalists in four of the seven years. Considered as one of the five best South African club sides during this period. Record of 144 tries in 1992 still stands.

Coach Northern Transvaal B – 1995 – 1996:

Winner of 27 out of 28 games and both years considered as the best provincial B-team in South Africa.

Coach Northern Transvaal President side – 1995-1996:

Losing finalist in 1995 against Western Province. Cup winner in 1996 by defeating Natal in the final.

Coach Northern Transvaal 15 – 1996:

Coach Northern Transvaal against the touring Fiji

Turned Professional Coach – 1997

Head Coach of South Western Districts (SWD) – 1997:

Competing in the Currie Cup (South Africa’s foremost rugby competition). Previous year (1996) last in the Currie Cup with three consecutive 100 point defeats in last matches. In 1997, SWD rated in the top 8 of South African rugby. Biggest turnaround in the 106 years of Currie Cup rugby – in 1996 Northern Transvaal 148 – SWD 7. In 1997 SWD 30 – Northern Transvaal 18 (and that at the latter’s home ground). Regarded as the biggest upset of the decade. SWD won SA Rugby Magazine Award for the most improved side in South Africa. Joint winner of the SA Rugby Magazine award as Currie Cup coach of the year. One of the 5 nominees for International Coach of the Year. One of the 6 coaches nominated (by Rapport, the Afrikaans Sunday newspaper) for the vacant Springbok coach slot. Nominated as the first choice coach of the Northern Bulls for the Super 12, a regional competition involving New Zealand, Australian and South African teams.

Head Coach Gauteng Falcons – 1998:

In the previous year (1997) one of the weakest sides in South Africa. Moved in 1998 to joint 5th in South Africa, the highest position ever for the Falcons in the Currie Cup in the professional era. Falcon’s three losses in thirteen games the joint fewest of all Currie Cup sides. Falcons won SA Rugby Magazine award for the most improved side in South Africa. Second year in a row that this prize has been awarded to a team I have been involved in. Nominated as SA Rugby Magazine Currie Cup coach of the year. Winner of special coaching award, SA Rugby Magazine.

Head Coach Gauteng Falcons and Tonga – 1999:

Appointed Tongan head coach in January 1999 for their repecharge matches leading up to the World Cup. Helped with the game planning and tactical analyses on the road to qualifying. Due to my commitments at the Falcons I couldn’t attend the World Cup with the Tongans.

Head Coach South African Barbarians and Gauteng Falcons – 2000:

Scored the most tries (49) in the Vodacom series, and interprovincial competition. Reached the semi-finals of this competition for the first time. Record breaking 60-0 win over Eastern Province in the quarterfinals. Scored more tries against England in 2000 than any other team in South Africa, including the Springboks in two tests. Best performance against England by a provincial team, following the wins against Wales and Scotland in the previous 3 seasons.

South African Barbarians – 2000:

Head Coach for the game against the South African under 23 side.

Bulls Super 12 – 2001:

Head coach of the Bulls region in the Super 12 in 2001. Bulls achieved their first away win as a Super 12 region since its inception in 1998. This victory was achieved against the semi-finalist, the Cats, at Ellispark before 50 000 spectators. The Bulls, by far the youngest side in the competition, progressed considerately during the tournament and won two of the last three matches. One of its greatest moments were the 4 tries scored against the eventual champions, ACT Brumbies, at their home ground, the Bruce stadium in Canberra. This has been the first time since 1998 that the Brumbies conceded 4 tries on their home pitch. The Bulls scored 26 tries in the competition, the most since 1998. Several of the Bulls’ young players progressed with such leaps and bounds that they were included in either the Springbok – or SA under 23 groups.

Falcons – Currie Cup – 2001:

Winner of Currie Cup section that includes the Sharks, Super 12 finalists, and the Lions, who provided the bulk of the Super 12 semi-finalists the Cats. Qualify for the Top 8 in the Currie Cup. Scored the most tries in die Currie Cup.

University of Stellenbosch 2002-2004:

Director of Rugby at the biggest rugby club in the world (56 sides). Head coach of the first team (Maties). Won the League in all 3 years. Won the prestigious Melrose 7’s tournament in Scotland in 2004. Beating Ponsoby of New Zealand in the final. Finalists in the international Rome 7’s as well as the Mosi 7’s in Zambia.

Mighty Elephants 2005:

Head coach of the Mighty Elephants in the current Currie Cup season.

Rugby Columnist and analyst:

Currently the provincial coach in South Africa that contributes the most to columns, Internet articles and in dept analysis in newspapers and the printed media. Columnist for the biggest Gauteng Afrikaans newspaper, “Beeld”. In depth articles for the biggest Western Cape English morning newspaper, The Cape Times. Columnist for ‘Die Burger”. In depth analysis on the Tri Nations series on the Internet for Sportal. Regular guest on M-Net and SABC rugby television programmes. Contributor to the SA Rugby Annual. Contributor to SA Rugby Magazine. Editor of the Northern Transvaal Craven Week recruitment brochure.

Contribution to Rugby Literature:

A Historical analysis of the meaning and matter at issue surrounding the Craven Week for Secondary Schools as interprovincial rugby competition until 1993. This work has been highly praised at the University of the Orange Free States’ graduation ceremony. Amongst others, it has been considered as an important part of the sport – and social history of South Africa. Senior rugby in Pretoria, 1983-1988. Rugby in Northern Transvaal, a history. 1987. Contributor to Northern Transvaal rugby 50. 1988.

Coaching Clinics, Conferences held and attended:

Since 1986 actively involved in coaching clinics.

Coaching clinics and conferences held:

Started in Belgium in 1986. since then numerous clinics for coaches, clubs, schools, referees in various countries on the mechanics of rugby. Above mentioned include the handling of SARFU level 1 and 2 courses.

Coaching clinics attended:

From IRB conference on Game Development to coaching clinics in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France to coaching clinics held by international coaches. Also gained distinctions in the Northern Transvaal Specialized course in back line play as well as SARFU level 1 and 2 courses.

Rugby and other sport knowledge:

Undefeated rugby quiz champion


South African Broadcasting Rugby Quiz champion

National Lion Cup Rugby Quiz champion

South African Broadcasting Olympics Quiz champion

South African Broadcasting general sports Quiz champion

Other spheres of sport interest:

First chairman of the combined University of Pretoria and Pretoria Teachers Training College Cricket Club. Northern Transvaal Cricket Board. Manager of South African Teachers Training College’s cricket side.

Watch this space!
Coached the Bulls in 2001.....

Nuff said

Impressive CV though

Where was he working till now though?

You see him bringing SWD into the Premiership and competing successfully Kandas.... even with the cream of the players getting contracted to the Spears and the Spears having first call on the best players of SWD?
And as for THAT match

I hate him already...
i love him for it - lets hope that how good he seems to be on paper is carried over onto on-field performances - unlike some other things in life......  
You are going to go to KKNK aren't you PA?

I sincerely hope you are......

Because I will so enjoy showing you the PAPER picture of Wikus holding up the S14 trophy and then rolling it into a cone and making you sit on it....

One or two concerns though Kandas

How come he's never been picked up by one of the bigger teams?

How come also, he seems to get teams to there or thereabouts but doesn't deliver the actual goods...i.e. an actual victory in the CC final. He always seems to coach teams that fade in the latter stages of knock out comps. Maybe because then the bigger unions have their Boks back?

My other concern is that his form with the Bulls was not exactly awe inspiring was it? Despite any spin you can put on it...

Sorry to sound negative.

Nevertheless from an OUR perspective, how bout getting him to give us some meaty analysis on what went wrong for the Boks on the EOYT. Not the media spun crap that keo spits out as his own opinion, but real technical analyses.

How about why FS managed to beat the Bulls.

How about guessing at what the Boks will be able to do against the AB's in the coming 3N campaign?

I'm sure someone with that kind of technical mind, would be a mine of information that Ruggaworld would be able to use too...

Cats is 2 S12 semi finals

Stormers is 1

Paper is sometimes the best way of expressing oneself too....
Phil was the coach who originally brought pride to the Eagles - and I think he coached them to a semifinal spot in the CC (Kandas?)
He then left due to some unpleasant happenings and has been coaching Maties since Kirkpatrick vacated the post.
There is a huge groundswell support for him in the SWD.
Oh, and as The Lions, we won the S10...which is more than WP can say.....  
Helluva CV!

Maybe he'll write some stuff for us! ;-)
Excellent suggestion at 4:06.
If Phil truly speaks his mind, this can become very informative and enlightening.

As hy nog hier rond is, kan ek selfs oorry na hom toe en die onderhoud(e) doen.

we had 2 semi's as well-one at home nogals!!!

the only reason you won the S10 is becuase Luyt somehow conned the aussies and NZ to play the final in SA no matter what!!!
Hmmm - we can surely do with a Luyt right now if you look at the S14 and 3N fixtures...  
hehe. true  
So you would have benefitted from that too and you couldn't.


We are busy negotiating with Phil to write for us and answer your questions. Will keep you informed. Just give a bit of time - things are hectic here - just hope someone buys my Christmas presents for m as I dont get time to move. :)
thanks boetjie

Was going to suggest that too

Luyt could convince them to play the 3N in SA every year....
ja nee, wp was maar eens net kak in die 90's  
hell luyt would have won us the WC bid on his own - gold watches and all  
Board Members

You've got urgent mail!!!
WP have more CC's than lions ever will.... your players always seem to wanna leave the Lions, wonder why? Januarie can come play for us any time... LOL

Oh, and stop poaching our coloured players (Rose bro's)
Wat moet ons vir jou vir Krismis koop?
'n Nuwe lewer?

You got mail
heheheh PA

I recall I was at a function at some boxing club and they had arch WP fan Tolla there and someone asked TOla to tell them about WP. Now remember these were the days when the CC was between the Sharks and the Lions.

Tolla said:

"Ai man, die WP is soos 'n broer in die tronk. Mens is nog baie lief vir hom......maar jy wil nie oor hom praat nie"


YOUR players always seem to want to come here!!!!

Like the Rose brothers, Wayne Julies, Enrico....
Must be the realisation that a pretty environment doesn't put money in your pocket....  
Jy herinner my aan 'n storie uit dieselfde tydperk:
Die WP-span oefen op Coetzenburg teen 'n klomp 44 gelling dromme - hardloop, gee uit, systap ens.
Alles gaan goed, maar toe moet die afrigter klubhuis toe gaan vir 'n oproep (dit was voor selfone).
Toe hy terugkom, hang die spelers se koppe.
"Wat's fout? Hoekom lyk julle nou so mismoedig?"
Antwoord een van die spelers hom skamerig:
"Sjit, coach. Iets het verkeerd gegaan. Die fokkin dromme loop nou 10-0 voor..."
i cannot understand it, they got such a pretty mountain and all....  
Oh in the 80's before Sannie Breed's days we used to say

Dis gevaarlik om verby Ellispark te stap met 'n tog sak...nou-nou kies hulle jou vir Saterdag....

Oh, and as the Francois Pienaar era ended

Eers was ons die Leeus...toe die Rooi Leeus....toe die Goue Leeus....en nou's ons die Sirkus Leeus....
Pity the mountain can't give your players the same cash Sandton can.....  
hey at least they have thebest gay bashes  
and eventually they all come back home davids!!!!!  
hopefully they wont come back in the state gaffie was in though!!!  
Ja, Swaer
Maar daar is darem die moeite werd goed om jou geld op te spandeer in die Kaap.
Die berg en die see is gratis, so ons het meer geld in die gatsak vir ander dinge ook.
Nou't julle nie eers meer mynhope nie.
en hulle spandeer al hulle geld in die kaap anycase  
Met die Groot Trek was daar 'n bord by die Oranjerivier:

Die mense wat kon lees, het omgedraai ...
It's the cost of living PA

They all come here to make REAL money and then they can afford to go live in the Cape.

How come you reckon Bobby Skinstead played for the Cats for a season and then retired from rugby?

We didn't stuff Gaffie up. Keo's favorite sons of WP, Nic Mallett and Harry Viljoen did that.


Ja dis hoekom die enigste mense wat geld het in die Kaap Gautengers is.

Dis 'n lekker plek om jou geld weg te sit, maar nie 'n lekker plek om geld te kry nie...

One of the Boeremag okes has been released from prison...he must be relieved...
Verkkerd boertjie

Daar was 'n bord op die berg wat gelees het

"Alle intelligente mense - ons trek Maandag"

Die res het agter gebly...
Consider this!

In 1996, the Eagles lost to the Bulls by an embarrasing margin of 141 points – the final score being 148-7.

The following year Coach Phil Pretorius took charge of the Eagles and travelled to the Bull Ring at Loftus in Pretoria – and defeated the Bulls 30-18 – the biggest upset of the decade, and the biggest turnaround in the proud 106 year history of the Currie Cup.

The Eagles was rated in the Top 8 of South Africa’s premier Rugby competition that season under Phil Pretorius…

The Eagles won the SA Rugby Magazine Award for the most improved side in South Africa that season under Phil Pretorius…

Phil Pretorius was the joint winner of the SA Rugby Magazine award as Currie Cup coach of the year that season with the Eagles…

Phil Pretorius was one of 5 nominees for International Coach of the Year that season with the Eagles…

… and Phil Pretorius is back in 2006!

The man has a doctorate in History – an he can obviously make it, history, that is!

Major local business leaders have already enquired about boxes and suites at Outeniqua Park – literally within minutes of the news of Phil’s appointment breaking… and to think they could have secured a suite last week at a ridiculous price. Now, however…

Phil? Phil Pretorius is coming back? You serious? Man!

The real man’s dr. Phil is ready to take centre stage.
Encore Jack Daniels

Well said

Good luck to them

Now that I have gotten the Capetonian backs right and up, I'm outta here to drive my expensive car to my expensive house from my high paying job....

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