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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


SA Unions: CEO asks Sharks fans to put their hands up

Why not see what else the Sharks CEO has up his sleeve by perusing

Dear Loyal Sharks Supporter,

Every year we focus on ensuring that the value of your season ticket for The Absa Stadium Durban is enhanced with additional benefits to make your experience one to remember.

For the 2006 rugby season we are pleased to announce that, in conjunction with the Sunday Tribune, we are giving away 5 000 complimentary Sunday Tribune subscriptions to the first 5 000 supporters who purchase / renew their 2006 rugby season tickets.

The complimentary Sunday Tribune subscription will be for the duration of the 2006 rugby season running from Sunday 5th February through to Sunday 29th November.

The only requirement is that the season ticket holder must have a delivery address within the Sunday Tribune's delivery areas. For those supporters who are adversely affected, the Tribune will ask the season ticket holder to nominate a substitute recipient.

The Sunday Tribune is well known for its objective coverage of rugby, both locally and internationally, and we feel sure you will appreciate this new season ticket benefit – so if you already have a subscription, make arrangements to take advantage of this saving or nominate a worthy friend or family member for the benefit.

“The ‘complimentary subscription’ is intended to be a gratuitous benefit and Natal Sharks (Pty) Ltd will not be liable to any of its qualifying season-ticket holders in the event of any such persons not receiving a Sunday Tribune either timeously or at all. (The Sunday Tribune has a call desk at which any query in this regard can be dealt with.)”

Yours sincerely in rugby,

Brian van Zyl CEO: The Sharks (Pty) Ltd
Okay, so now they just need a sponsor for the wheel chairs.  
is this how low they have gone???

a sunday newspaper is the incentive for buying a season ticket - when the only international (game of quality) they will have will be against a scotland (ranked like 10th) - with the rest of the season you will be tortured through a clownfish s14 campaign and CC with no boks???

sad state of affairs...
Jumping jiminy

Can't people bloody write?

You'd think the CEO of a large high profile organisation woulkd be able to get someone to write a plain damned english letter to supporters and make it sound like a marketing exercise....

Awful writing. That last paragraph must have been written by some legal profession git.

Told you some loyal shraks supporters tried to get my wife to either pull the plug in her company's Sharks sponsorship or 'influence' management to get a decent coach....
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