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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Rugga World

Morning gents, and the occasional ladies I am sure will pop in every now and then.

As you can see our little temporary blog is up and running. Thanks to some muppits, we were able to set something up in about an hour after the clowns at (or the "git's" as Davids will refer to them) shut us down without warning. Thanks Ig!

Nevertheless, we managed to get Rugga World up and running to help us cope with the boredom which comes with December. As you can see on the left of the website, we have a bunch of guys that will contribute to keep us entertained.

Donner will educate the men on how to get the best festive shag this season. Kandas will keep us up to date on the latest from the SEC and related article’s. Davids, will keep us up to date what the “git’s”, responsible for in his daily “award winning” installment of "The Days of Their Lives at the offices of Highbury-Safika", and other, well, typical Davids posts…. Rasputin will yet again dig up the most amazing article’s from around the world, which only he seems to find, and post most of them at the most ungodly times of the morning! And myself will try and keep everyone up to date with some sport stories and news from around the world (including the hammering I suspect we will get in Aus).

Please keep in mind we are not professional journo’s, but then, neither are the clowns at, so this should not be that much different! Also, it is not a closed shop, if anyone has any news or any items of interest he thinks will be great to post on this blog, let us know and we will gladly post it for everyone to enjoy.

The idea of the blog is to have fun and talk shit. Much like we were used to on Keo, but do not expect a professional looking website. I will add some links to online games during the course of the day and maybe even a rugby quiz or two to keep us entertained. That said, if there are any HTML geniuses out there that has ideas on how to improve the look of the site let me know, I can send you the template of the blog and we can possibly add some pics or whatever.

An e-mail message will go out later today to some other regular muppits who might not know where we are hanging out (thanks Rasp for that list). Also, thanks to Donner and a couple of other guys who mailed the guys with the details of this blog. The idea is to talk shit and have fun as I said, so let’s enjoy this blog until is up and running again. As for the rules, we are all adults and I think we can use our own discretion.

Thanks to the dragons

Anyway, PissAnt, send me the template and I'll add some pics and whatever. Not an expert, but I know a bit. Donner has my email.


will ask donner to send me the mail address or i'll just mail him the template....thanks buddy!

we can do with a bit of colour here
Dragonians??? OO, nope, DRAGONS or nothing!

All the best PA and I will certainly pop in regularly. If you want me to help ot Ras let me know.
Die site is stiller as!  
Frok Aldo, gee net kans OK!!!  
koos pop me a mail, the more the merrier i say.  
PA must be stoopid or something, but where do I get it, your email that is.  
Is jy wie ek dink jy is koos? Of is jy die groot koos?  
Oh and another thing, why do my name show up with a 'k' and not a 'K", will confuse the hell out of the other koos when he arrives...  
There you go even Also is confused.  
Having a good start Also - Aldo!!!  
frok, nou't ek al alles gehoor. Hier dog ek jy wil se f@k!  
Hehehe Also, jy ken die storie van Jannie wat gese het: "Oh fok amper vloek ek en se bliksem!"  
Ek loop nou...also!!!!  

Now I know. It's not that difficult to confuse me, wonder if the other koos will show up.
Is ek nou alleen?  
Nee ek is nog hier, seker ek het die ander koos al gesien maar miskien was dit net ek en ek het nie besef nie?? En jy is maklik om te verwar...  

Just trying to get the news to everybody.

Who's up for some Scorched Earth ?
sorry koos,  
On its way PA  
wicked murph!

thanks koos

Havent yet managed to organise an online game with own entrants, but we should look ino it.

All arguments , here or on Keo can be settled with a one on one shoot out. Maby with a cyborg thrown in for good measure.

If someone gets it right let me know. i think you have to register on a community host simillar to Typekey.

Maby get Ig to Set up a server for us ?

Ig ?

its set up just click new player
enter relevent crap

in Game password

type " boo "

and we rock
Hey dudes

Welcome to blogger!

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