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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Rugga World Humour: The Rugga World Board Meeting

Rugga World secures a world exclusive!!

It was another boring day around the board table at Rugga World, thrashing out the financial figures, ratifying the good corporate governance protocols when PissAnt suddenly threw down his ink quill and said,

"Guys, I've got it!"
"Got what?", we dutifully chorused
"I've found the differentiator, you know how we've been scratching our heads on how to be 'different'? Well, I've got it!", PissAnt breathed heavily, "We'll track down Tackler, 3rdday, St Michel and Nancy. We'll get them in a room together and let them loose whilst we transcribe their diatribe!"
"Brilliant idea, PissAnt!", exclaimed DavidS
"Yeah, great, but how will we find them, PissAnt?", mumbled I, ever optimistic, "You didn't think that one through, did you?"
"Mmmm, ja, good point, Ras"
"I know where they are", piped up a voice in the corner
Four dumbstruck pair's of eyes focussed blearily on Donner
"Yeppers, I know where they are and I can get them", smiled Donner in a cat that got the cream manner.
"Well, don't keep us hanging, Donner, where are the bliksems?"
"No!, Not bliksem, I'm telling you guys, I can find Tackler, 3rdday, St Michel and Nancy. Not bloody bliksem though, isn't he in New Zealand?"
"Ag Donner, it's just an expression, a manner of speaking, we don't mean blerry Bliksem! We meant, ag no, forget it. Just tell us where they are", exclaimed Kandas
"Well, if you are going to be like that", mumbled Donner morosely
"No, no, it's cool, Donner, ag sorry man", placated PissAnt
"No, I think I'll just go post another lifestyle article if you ouens are going to be so donners onnooslik"
"Yassus, Donner, please man, just frigging tell us", exclaimed DavidS with that three o'clock in the morning screaming baby look.
"Ja well, okay, they're all in Keo's office", Donner was finding it hard to hide the smug look

Stunned silence

"Donner, you aren't doing a Stan on us, are you"
"Come on, Donner, we agreed, no conspiracy theories here"
"Geez, Donner, you've clearly tilted over the edge. Get him a glass of water, Kandas"
"Donner, Donner, Donner, wat DIE donner...?"
"Okes, I'm telling you! Keo is Tackler, Simon is 3rdday, Chris is Nancy and Ig is St Michel! It's obvious!"
"He's got a point you know....I always imagined Tackler as 4ft 6in and tubby..."
"S'true and what about Chris? I'm sure he wears a dress"
"Mmmmm, you know, you might be onto something, Donner. Ig does sound like he's got a plum in his mouth and he's very snooty"
"Ja, guys, and Simon is always saying blacks are superior to whites at everything!"
"Blerry hell, PissAnt, I told you already, not blerry Bliksem. Bliksem is on holiday in New Zealand. Get it right already!"
"No, sorry man, Donner, I didn't mean Bliksem, I, forget it"
"No, I didn't mean you"
"Keo is tackler, huh? Go figure, that explains why his bones always fall in favour of the All Blacks", muttered I
"Okes, I'm not sure this is right. Tackler is in jail, I'm sure of it, he murdered his wife and the SA cops nailed his ass. It can't be him, it simply cannot. Can it?"
"Ja, DavidS, I've never really bought that theory of yours. It's obvious Keo is Tackler and, thinking about it, Ig is definitely St Michel. All that 'hairy arsed sons of England are better' crap, has to be Ig!"
"Listen, guys. I didn't start this blog simply for you okes to gossip all day. If Keo wants to be Tackler and Chris wants to be 3rdday, or whatever, let them get on with it. Come, we've got work to do. I'll never get out of Windhoek if you okes don't pull finger and start making me some tom on this blerry site. Google are watching!"
"Frigs sakes, what already!"
"No, forget it! Bliksem!"
"Sheesh, I ALREADY told you, blerry Bliksem is......ahhhh, I get it, you're taking the piss, aren't you? AREN'T you?"
"Ouens, work already! I'm not telling you again!"
and so the virus spreads.....

great stuff ras.
Why must I always be the baddy.  


Hmmmmm, that's quite a conspiracy theory and donner would know seeing as he is in CT....
I like this idea of being transparent in our board meetings. We're much better than SARU in that respect.

Abnd the board members names are all published on the front page in contrast to SARU
I just wish our other board member will join us.  
The SEC one?

Is he working hard today?

I wish Ig would put a link to our page on keo....

PA? Can we organise something or are they not biting?

i mailed ig already so i guess they are not biting.......

maybe they are scared!!

btw, you will see that i added a google search bar so rasp can google to his hearts content and the image is courtesy of Aldo, guess what team he supports?!?!

i reckon we can put a pic of everyones favourite cheerleaders up every know and then!

mail me your pics and we i will make a plan.
Cheers guys, will chat tomorrow...  
cheers wpw  
Where the fuck are the Red Bulls!!!!

And calmettes!
Cheers wpw


Where's the picture?

Also's definitely a Blue man
Calm down Kandas

Go to the sex advice thread and share your feelings....

You'll feel better...

main page, should be up right under the google search bar!

There's a little crossy thing

Went to the sex thread. Expressed my feelings. Didn't help.

Did you get a couple of lines of coke through customs?
Judging by Kandas's comment on the Stress thread, he doesn't sound happy.  
What's gone wrong, Kandas?  

okay davids try now.
hehe, kandas is just stressing a bit, dont worry.  
No picture yet, PA. The red cross has moved to the left though...  



It works!!!
I'm cool. Dont worry. Just need some sex.  
what the picture on the main page or your picture for your nick?  
PA, you sure look like you are having fun with that red cross...;-)

DavidS, love the pic!

If that doesn't get the punters rolling in, nothing will, PA!  

Where did you upload the pic to. Give me the URL and I'll fix it.

No, my pic works

Thanks Andre

You're not going to get your lawyers to come and close us down are you. I'm sorry I called you 'Varkgat"


You bastard. Last week you were surrounded by potential spearleaders and you did nothing and NOW you want sex!
You okes really need to get a life?  

just on your question on page impressions, the money we generate comes solely from the adds. same as it is with keo. but the more impressions you have, the more value potential advertisers attach to your site!

personally i would rather advertise on a site that has more impressions than one that has not.
or a job to keep us busy st p.  

There are no links to the Super 14 teams pages on SARU's website.

I went to the Lions and they have a press release saying the squad of 30 has already been selected, but aside from naming players like Earl Rose, they have nothing on who the hell is in the squad.

Apparently the Cats S14 team goes on holiday today and gets back together on 9 January 2006.

That's me okes

That's the second time you've come here to tell us that you Russian Ivanovich Communist Bulls Supporting Capetonian knob!


I get it, but is a page impression something that measures how many times our pages are visited?
Now it works

Also's given a decidedly BLUE hue to our home page....

Take that you All Black bastards. You can't measure up to THAT!
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