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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Rugga World Humour: The lighter side of 2005

Since it is that time of the year after all, and it seems DavidS could do with something worthwhile on paper, I thought it would be a nice touch to re-live some of the lighter stories that made news in 2005. And no, this is not a recap of the Australian's sports season.

The following articles appeared on News24 throughout 2005.

Behind bars

In Denmark, a 43-year-old man was sentenced to two months in prison for passing himself off as a bona fide prisoner and thereby spending a night voluntarily behind bars.

Per Thorbjoern Lonka said he carried out the prank in order to prove that rich people could easily pay someone else to serve their prison terms. The prison guards who locked him up failed to ask for his identity papers.

Double trouble

A canny youth serving a sentence for assault in a Scottish jail escaped by virtue of the fact that his identical twin was also incarcerated there, but was due for release.

When the brother's name was called, his twin presented himself, and was duly let out. The authorities then had little choice but to free the brother as well.

Half price?

A court in the Swiss city of Zurich ruled that owners of very short cars could pay only half a parking fine, provided that two of them could really fit into one space.

A couple who owned two tiny city runabouts had done just that, but needless to say the parking attendant had stuck a fine on both their vehicles.

Going undercover

Tired of hearing reports of visitors paying grossly inflated prices for taxi rides in his city, the mayor of Prague disguised himself as an Italian visitor - and promptly unmasked a driver whose metre ran at over six times the normal rate.

"Disguised the way I was, I was certainly expecting to be charged a higher price, but not to such an outrageous extent," he said.

All the rage

Local lawmakers in the US state of Virginia threw out a bill that would have banned young people from wearing baggy falling-down trousers, which are currently all the rage. "Underwear is called underwear for a reason" said the congressman who sought the measure.

Catch a whiff

A woman in the US city of Norwalk, Connecticut filed a lawsuit against the local authorities for exposing her to colleagues' perfumes and colognes in her job as a municipal clerk.

She cited a serious allergy.


A couple in California pleaded guilty to trying to extort money from a major hamburger restaurant chain after claiming to have found a human fingertip in a bowl of chili.

The court found that the fingertip was placed there on purpose, and had been purchased for $100 from a construction worker who lost it in an industrial accident.

Donkeys have rights too

The local council in the northern English resort town of Blackpool enacted an employment rights charter for the donkeys that carry tourists along the beach. The animals won regulated working hours and a day off each week.


When World Trade Organisation negotiators rolled into Hong Kong for a major summit, digital piracy figured prominently on their busy agenda.

Strange to relate, many of the bustling outlets that usually sell music CDs, DVDs and software in the city decided to shut down for the duration of the talks.


PA_masturbates_on _PAPER_posters_of_Gus_Theron  
Bloody funny though PA

Thansk for that.
hehehe, cool man.

strange thing is, i was looking for some cool or funny christmas stories but found none...pity
so will you two give me some advice? i am buying me a virgin car but cant decide if i must pay a bit more and go for a brand new one... what do you think?  
Oh, and before i forget,
davids' grandad was a Pommie!!!
buy a demo model wpw, a coupleof thousand on the clock and about R30K cheaper.  
Agreed with PA

I did that too.

You're going to lose the value regardless of whether it's a new or used car.

New cars are ridiculously overpriced wpw, and with a demo you still get the value of the full warranties and balance of their car service maintenance plans.
PA, we are definately not on the same page. I cant afford an expensive car so i'm going for a Toyota Tazz. The demo models are not even R5k cheaper... i am going to have a look tomorrow.

The brand new one is 74K. Not bad for a reliable car...
and i dont earn what davidS does... he is loaded
i will check out the demo models tomorrow. if they are only 5 grand less i will go for a new one...  
You know why i am also taking my time? These car salesmen are so flippin scaley, the one oke wanted to sell me a car which was in a slight accident b4 and the radiator was already starting to rust... My mom's sister bought a new one from this oke and she reckons he is decent... i spoke to him earlier, he sounds cool, he is a soutie thug.
i will never buy from a coloured, they all too flippin skelm. lol
Hey wpw

Not just the coloured ones boet

ALL Used car salesmen are a genetic mofification from the human race. Their DNA prohibits them from being honest!!!

Tazz is a damned good car though. I drove one in New Zealand. Damned good car.

Of course I'm loaded....I live in Joburg!!!!


If that's the difference though, I'd suggest yoy rather take the demo and use the spare R5K to load extras onto the car like a radio, snatch (not that kind!) proof windows, mag wheels, metallic paint, service plan etc...

And ja, I dig the extras too. Remember I come from the East Rand...
Afternoon all!!!

Just some feedback regarding the site and to address some of your questions - I know DavidS also asked something about this on one of the other threads this morning.

This blog is part of a massive system of blogs working though one server which means that changes to the site (and there is a lot of them not showing yet) and certain posts and comments and the fact that certain threads dont show the amount of comments immediately all depends on the refresh rate of the server. This can be somewhat problematic at times and we apologise for that although we have absolutely no control over it.

PA and myself were discussing the possibility of our own server and we will look into that but obviously these things take time and I heard this morning that some people are on holiday - something to do with Christmas and New Year or something like that - and I wasn't aware of it :)

Please bear with us and we will turn this into the best rugby site on the Internet.

Not that we ever doubted the fact that you already knew that! :)

And no, it is not Kandas' Fault!

Now, may I also go get some Christmas presents and a lot of booze.

Knadas jou ou bliksem

Are you getting some work done?

Phew! :)

Working my ass off DavidS.
Wes is buying a Ford Cortina with a furry dash and dice in the mirror!!!!  
clayton, sorry, but i'm past that stage. i'll leave that for donner and his buddies...

my previous car was an Opel Kadett 2L GSI and it was nogals quite fast. it had the LCD dash, did over 200 a few times but not sure if it was the true speed...
Dude, the GSI was vinnig,probably not the true speed but close enough!  
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