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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Rugga World Humour: Giggle for the day.

The Tackler and St Michel have got together to share the festive season. Here they are wishing all their friends at and a very happy Xmas and all the best for the Springboks in 2006.
Sorry, guys! It was irresistable!

I'll delete it tomorrow!

This is excellent!!!

All the Board Members, you've got mail!

Don't you have a life? ;-)

Anyway, I wonder if Tackler likes you posting your picrutes on a Saffa site?
no mail here kandas.  
i wont be on that much today, i will be online but will only check in here and mail every now and then, it is my las' b-day.  

love the bells on the bokkies kandas!
Thanks PA

Sent it to both adresses. Let me know, please.

my mail is up, got a mail from boertjie this morning.

nothing from you though.

and the site looks tit!
sent it again to both now  
Aldo, I'm sure St Michel would have a giggle and take it with a pinch of salt.

Tackler, on the other hand....
PA, I had a returned mail from you last night i.e. bounced.

Oh shyte, just remembered that I never answered OO!

OO, I'll get onto to that later, perhaps this evening! Thanks!
LOL, Kandas....

"Watch this space"
"Not for too long though"
"Go read some artis"

Very good!
RAs please do not remove

This is reaally cool, must be two pommies though ;-))


I believe that St Mick & The Tackler will have the most fab Festive Season by the time Keo gets back online.. then it is back to being real dicks again.

And take your time about the mail- I am in no hurry

Go Slow and.. Absorb it all

man is that picture is a good one.
If you click on the picture it gets even better!

I can just see those two behind their screens, furiously typing out anti-Saffa rants!!
Classic! Classic! Classic!
Pse leave it there for a while more.
LOL Boertjie

Okay, due to overwhelming demand Tackler and St Michel remain for a while longer.

I think WPW will enjoy it!
I'm sorry, I know it's extremely bad taste to laugh at your own joke but I still piss myself every time I see these two!!!!!

Go Tackler, go St Michel!!!

Sheesh, I wish Ig could see this!

So this is what their mouths looked like after I roundhoused them!

Cool pic Rasp...brilliant.

Kandas...nice work on the design.
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