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Monday, December 12, 2005



We are yet to make contact with our intrepid investigative reporter DavidS, after his run-in with St Michel. He tells us that Yvette is displaying her gratefulness at being released from the clutches of the poncy Englishman WHO CLAIMS TO HAVE PLAYED A GAME AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL over and over again. With that we are again drawn to the Chronicles of keo as obtained by our secret tape session:

Keo: Hahahah. I posted a story on the George 7’s without needing any help from Ig.

Simon: You stuffed up though. Look. The coments section is open again.

Keo: Dammit. Now what?

Simon: Chris knows some about computers.

Keo: Well get him here.

Simon: I can’t. He’s sitting with his head in the oven.

Keo: Well so what? There’s no gas in there.

Simon: I know but he had it on grill and his ear’s burnt to a crisp so he can’t hear a things and the paramedics are trying to save his ear.

Keo: Well draw him a picture then.

Simon: I could but he can’t reach down far enough to see what you’re drawing…

Keo: You lanky bastard. I’ll stamp your toes with these new hiking boots of mine.

Simon: Where’d you get them? At Ackerman’s Baby?

Keo: One day Simon. One day.

Simon: Yes I am a master of the witty repartee. But of course I have to be seeing as I am a luminary in the media, editor of illustrious magazines like Making Victorian Underwear for Him, The Best Tourist Destinations in Langa and ….

Keo: Oh shuddup. I’m a journalist and a good one too. At least I’ve written a book…

Simon: I didn’t take a stupid job, do it badly and waddle off in a huff because I didn’t like it just to get a story for a book.

Keo: Waddle? I’m not fat?

Simon: I know, but I couldn’t think of a word for what shorties do.

Keo: Why you ……, hey look here! There are 110 posts on my last thread!

Simon: So what. How’s you get to George?

Keo: I didn’t. Ig phones the results through to me.

Simon: On your cell?

Keo: Of course my cell.

Simon: Ja, because if it was on your office number you wouldn’t have been able to reach that high after your ….

Keo: Hey you git! I’ll hit you on the ankle with this wooden ruler!

Simon: Heheheh. I bet it was Ig who stole the cushion from your seat!

Keo: That’s not funny! At least I don’t support the Sharks.

Simon: 39-3 and 74-14. At least we got to beat the Bulls once this year.

Keo: Shuddup!!!!

Well that’s it for today. Hopefully we can bring you DavidS’ next interview which will be with arch racist Die Waarheid, provided DavidS can get permission from his parole officer to interview him in the media, as, since his release from Rooigrind Prison, Die Waarheid has been prohibited from speaking to the media. He did tell DavidS that this gagging could be blamed on what he termed a "KF"
LOL! Great post! I hope Keo doesn't stumble on to this website. You will be banned for life on KEO! Still a great story...  

One day we really will compile a list of the Keo Chronicles!

Brilliant! I'm sure Keo has a sense of humour and won't take offence.

Have to admit, I look forward to the Keo Chronicles!

Keo might even make an offer to serialise you, David!
By Jupiter, if this site didn't exist I'd have to create it myself. Welldone!  
Gosh, if that really is St Michel, well, old boy, let me be the first to heartily welcome you on board.

I have to confess that you have such a cult following on Keo now that many people have arrived here pretending to be you, thus the lingering suspicion....

By jove, it will be jolly good if it really is you, anyone for tiffin, what?
St Michel, PissAnt posted a picture of you and Tackler at the bottom of the home page, might be in the archive by now.

Never fear, dear boy, we wrapped him on the knuckles!
Good grief.

I now have very good reason to believe it actually is St M!

Well, dear boy, in all sincerity, you are most welcome.

We've actually missed you!

Seriously, nice to hear from you again.

Aren't Wasps your team......tsk tsk
have to agree - it is the highlight of my week to these articles.  
Oh my gosh. St Michel old chap, how are you? Everything's fine on the Queens Island I suspect. Is it really you or is it a dream?  
By the way, did keo really turn on the comments?  
Everything is categorically NOT fine on the Queens island apparently.

No-one invited me to the fucking suprise barbeque they are throwing!!!
What barbeque StP?

I thought stuff was a bit out of hand in Australia where the white and Arab kids are going at each other hammer and tongs.

Meanwhile in sunny California, as we speak some character is getting ready to get the needle in oh about fifteen minutes from now.

This poor bastard's been sitting there since 1980!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now time's up and De Governador has decided that

"Dere vill be no messy. Hasta La Vista.....Baby"
Ja....nasty buisiness is it not?

That poor bugger in California.Still denies doing it.

Makes you wonder if they got the wrong bloke.If it was him why would he still not own up to the facts....he is only fooling himself after all.
the oke is Stanley "Tookie" Williams.There was even a movie made about his life.  

Well, now they can remake it and add an ending...

I'm skeptical of the American justice system. Really I am.

This whole jury crap just allows lawyers to grandstand to the poor idiots who don't know a single thing about courts.

And after a jury nails you, you're history.

This poor character comes from a poor background and was in the gangs. Obviously 1980 California was a gangland warfare centre, and then people had massive issues with the gangs so him getting the death sentence was almost a foregone conclusion.
i see you bashing the USA again. lol
DavidS I saw the movie cant recall the name of the movie.There is a scene where Winnie mandela visits him,he should have asked her what happened to Stompie.  
The guys a gang leader. Not just a member. He deserves the death penalty. Enough talk of the US please. They are in for a huge surprise when Davids and Dawnie get back together!  

You're right about that.

Winnie is still whining and De Governador sent her 'pecking' with a friendly "Hasta La Vista baby"...

News just in is that Tookie is no longer with us.

I don't like this lethal injection kak.

There used to be cool names for executiuons describing.

Hanging: The oke's gonna swing

Electric Chair: You're gonna fry

Beheading: You're getting the haircut

Gas chamber: You're gonna suck the pipe

Injection: (?) - you're getting a nasty injection?
lol Davids.

It is sad that someone should get the death penalty, but for some crimes people deserve to hang. I saw somewhere else that you oppose the death penalty. Is it okay if I ask why?
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