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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Rugga World Humour: The chronicles of Keo continue

As the end of the year approaches, Keo is starting to do less and less in the office while retaining his acerbic annoyance at anything taller than a squatting brick. Ig learns that cricket can also be interesting. Simon brags about his editorship and Chris continues in his saga to end his miserable existence.

Keo: Hmmmm, I could get used to this sitting back and not waltzing about trying to find stories for those damned muppits. Ig! Where’s my coffee?

Ig: I asked Chris to make it…

Keo: So where is it. I’m the boss you know the BIG boss. I gotta have some perks.

Ig: Chris is trying to strangle himself with the kettle’s cord..

Keo: Ag dammit….must I do everything here. Get me coffee now.

Ig. No. Get it yourself.

Keo: I can’t

Ig: I know, but that’s why I’m telling you to. I know you’re too short to reach the kitchen counter. Leave me alone. My concentration on the cricket match is all that stands between us and total defeat. NOW Look you stupid short shit! Kemp just got out! It’s all your fault.

Keo: Did he get a yellow card?

Ig: You stupid git. It’s cricket, not rugby….

Keo: Don’t you talk to me like that! I’m the big boss around here…

Ig: I’d hardly call you the big boss. You actually need the physical stature to try pull that line off.

Simon: Howzit howzit. What’s happening in the cricket. Matter of interest. I’ve been appointed editor of the esteemed and prestigious Monthly Digest of Lesbian Cricket in Limpopo Province. I told them I’m a lesbian. They didn’t believe me so I told them I was like them. I like chicks and not guys so that makes me technically a lesbian. They fell for it.

Keo: But how can you be a lesbian? You are a male from Cape Town…

Simon: Newsflash shortie. I’m from KZN. Home of the Mighty ….. okay not so mighty …… okay pathetic Shar…no….I can’t call them that…..the Pathetic Sardines, but the Mighty Dolphins I might add.

Keo: Have the NFL moved Miami to Durban?

Ig: No idiot the cricket team, who have won some matches….in contrast to the Cape Cob…okay the Cape Shongololos who are yet to win anything.

Simon: Yes, we’re in cricket season now, and KZN actually have a good team at that. We’re not heading for relegation in cricket, although your lot should be relegated to the junior leagues and play amateur cricket the way they’re going on at the moment. By the way what is Chris doing in the kitchen with the kettle?

Ig: Still trying suicide. Keeps strangling himself, passing out and waking up again. I heard him howl just now because he bumped the ear he burnt.

Simon: Oh.

Keo: Grrrr….once I understand what you just said Simon I’m sure I’ll be really cross. And as for that little remark about me being short…..

Ig: What about them?

Simon: It’s just typical short man syndrome. Well….in his case REALLY short short short man syndrome

Keo: In the New Year there’s a new TALL Sheriff in town you gangly gits and then…

Simon: Huh?

Ig: Go Boucher! What did you say?

Keo: Yes. I said I’m gonna be tall in 2006. I got a pair of stilts from my wife so she can kiss me without putting her back out. And I’m gonna wear them to work. I might even DRIVE.

Ig: Why aren’t you wearing them now?

Keo: Cos I keep falling off them you idiot!

Until next time then, when our trusted secret agents will bring us more news of the goings on inside the keo offices at Highbury-Safika as gleaned from their clandestinely planted microphones inside the offices of the enemy.
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BRILLIANT STUFF Davids!!!!!!!!!!!!

How's Your church square report going. Can't wait for that. If it is half as funny as this, I'm gonna luagh my arse off!!! Poor keo, he'll never regain any sort of respect after the chronicles!!!!
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