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Monday, December 05, 2005


Rugga Board: Our Home for December

Well since we have been left in the bloody cold by our mates at Keo, I thought it might be a nice idea to create something to keep ourselves busy with until normality returns.

I guess we'll get the usual drivel we have become used to, the now infamous BrannasNacht, Donners Sex Tip for the day, Kandas and his spears, insightfull 3 a.m. postings by Rasputin and some sensible sports discussions every now and then.

I am still busy with the settings of the blog so be patient, give me a day or two and let's see what happens!
Yes, Hoezit!!!!

Not very nice of keo and his buddies, I must say! But, as usual we are prepared and the BRANNASNACHT regulars (inculding the aggressive Rasputin :)) should support this blog of PA and the one of Oranje Orakel.

Well done guys.
Ja well,

We are the only bastards that will be around for December it seems.........
Now where is donner and Boertjie and the likes?  
I guess we have to mail them and give them the address.

Donner already knows though, I think he has everyone's e-mail addresses.

Have Email the guys.

Hope they join us.
BTW, haven't gotten my invite yet!!!  
Damn was I relieved to get Donner's mail.

I was going off my head.

I see Keo's asked the regulars to go to Xtramsn. So he'll support the Australians after all. Bastard.


Maybe you can send Ig a note to ask he redirect the regulars here.

I think we need to send keo a big fat middle finger

And Ig too

I'm very bitter. I thought we'd at least have another week of talking kak, but that Ig bastard lied to us.
good idea davids, ill drop him a mail.

donner i will resend it quickly.

How the hell did you get that picture next to your name?

Yes its good to be back and able to talk kak again.

Have not posted anything anywhere for over two weeks now.

But here we go again!
Howzit all

Glad for this- it just would not have been the same without a daily chat.

I am not going to be rude to the Monarchmen of it is still(still) a great environment to hear juice bits about the game that we all love;

Will be looking in a lot- all the posters here will be able to post on my blog as well- if not let me know.

DavisS- dont worry how he got the photo in-get to know how to enlarge it.

Kandas- you still owe me a story on the Spears

Story is on the way.

I have a similar one

Scotland v SA 2003 at Ellispark

The Teazers dollies!

I was just wondering how to put a picture into my name...

What's your site OO?

Glad to see you back. So what was your take on the SA vs France game?

Hope your business went better than the rugby.
Het vir BloemBull, Murph, CSB & Shields laat weet  

Don't have their emails. Go ahead.

Just joking on the image.

This one is seriously under construction- but peruse through the content- will try to fix all the tech glitches asap

please write a good one- something well spaketh- like only "the Oracle" can and i will post it on my blog- no competion "Ruggaworld" but me blog ia all about the personal "touch"
DavidS- Imeant a good write on the Teasers Tollies!  

We haven't even started adding the personal touches.

Wonder where Aldo is.

I had a cool Oracle post for that last thread on keo

But Ignatius had closed the site so his loss.

What's your mail address?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

I meant that mine(OORB) is seriously under construction when I said "this one"--I have a bit of content but the tech side still sucks

Please let meknow if anything does not show well on my blog- will rectify gladly

was jy al ooit by a sheepskin dans ?

by Hartebeesfontein !

Common Football commentary Beaut's

5. He goes deep.
4. He found a hole and slid through it.
3. He pounds it in.
2. He beats them off (the line)
1. He's got great hands.

Just kidding.
Dankie PiepieMier!
Briljante gedagte! Julle het seker al vir Rasputin laat weet, maar ek sal hom ook 'n nota stuur. Hy kyk net nie baie in daai posbus nie.
Sal later weer inloer.
Must have a picture! :)  

My real e-mail
Thank goodness for this site.

Was getting pretty bored at work with nothing to read on Keo.
Good thinking guys.
Thanx for the email, OO.

Please phone me urgently!!!!

Jy werk vir die regering?


Wil jy dit hardop vir almal uitbassuin?


Big slip of concentration there.

Yip- ek hoop PA haal daai comment vinnig af- het jy my regte mail gekry?

Stuur vir my daai spaketh storie oor die Teasers Tollies- met goeie foto en hy is in

Het jy al Murph se flatdog gelees?
Howzit boertjie

Wat dink jy is die kans dat daar vannaand 'n BRANNASNAGHT gaan wees?
Nee, dis reg so met 'n Brannas - sal uitkyk waar julle hierdie keer wegkruip.
Maar Kandas sal seker te besig wees met die Spiesleiers.

Ek het Murph se storie gelees

Sal kyk of ek met een opkom oor die Teazers Dollies
Dankie vader!!! Ek het so foken verveeld geraak!!!

If I could have found Ig, I'd have gunned him down for spoiling my December!! ;-)

Ha, great to see all the boys!
So, we don't need to register here?  
Apparently not Rasp

Just keep the midnight posts to a minimum.

I thought I was bad....
Ou die Brannas

Ja die Brannas , die brannas is n wonderlike ding

ek gaan by die kroeg en syp'ie hele aand

Die Brannas is n wonderlike ding

na net n paar moer ek enige iemand klaar !

ek's nie bang vir jou ma en raak nerens moeg !

Die Brannas is n Wondelikke ding !

Steve Hofmeyer dink sy pappa is groter as myna ...

Ek skop hom sommer met al twee pote ... dan skree sy EINA !

die Brannas is n wondelike ding !

Ou steve gooi n vuis hou ... ek moer hom weer my Chyna !

Skielik toe hy huis toe gaan dink sy ma Dis Blackie Blou Swart wat kom kuier !

die brannas is n wondelike ding !

Ja Die Klippies weet nie van verloor af nie !

Die Red BuLL Help glad nie vir Stevie nie !
Thanks OO, made it albeit a day latish!  
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