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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Rugby Marketing...

Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

There are opportunities still available this season for companies to benefit from an association with The ************ through sponsoring a match, the match ball and players.

Match Sponsorship: to include table of ten at the ****** Business Club, tannoy and programme mentions, choice of Man of the Match.

Match Ball Sponsorship: to include table of ten at the ******* Business Club, tannoy and programme mentions, donation of the match ball.

Player Sponsorship: mention in the match day programme and on the website, access to the player for events and/or publicity.

For further information please contact ******** on *********** or sally.*******@*******-********.com.

The FRONT PAGE of ANY website must be turned into a sole marketing opportunity for the forthcoming match!!!!

In other words, there must be a 'false' front page that simply says, "The EAGLES to face the Pumas at home", "Last OPPORTUNITY to secure front seat places" - date, time, where to obtain tickets and THEN entry to main site.

Conferencing & Banqueting Introduction

A superb function venue in the very heart of the city

The Clubhouse at ****** Rugby not only overlooks the famous ********* Ground that has been graced by many of the game’s most celebrated players, but also provides a superb function venue in the very heart of a beautiful city.

Why come to ****** Rugby?

Fast and efficient service- we will answer all enquiries within 24 hours.A wealth of experience - we can help plan your event from start to finish.Excellent location, beautiful surroundings – parking available."We can arrange your event the way you want it- whatever it is you want we will endeavour to make it happen"

Whether it is a wedding, corporate function or Old Boys gathering, come to ******* Rugby for your ideal venue!

(P.S. the site must detail menus, sample wine lists, room dimensions, sample flower arrangements, other facilities etc.)

Sponsors must be gained for EVERY function of the club - from water, rehydration, pub sponsor, favourite local newspaper, sports supplements, 'Independent' financial advice etc etc etc

Organise a weekly braai event, invite local musicians, magicians, talent artists etc, set up braai areas, provide all ancilliary equipment and necessities etc etc etc

It is VITAL to create a BUZZ in the town - we want the SWD ground to be a place TO BE on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. Enthusiasm, 'n boer maak 'n plan attitude and old fashioned hard slog will make it work!

Invite local chefs to come up for a cook-off, get the media involved, let the chefs advertise their restaurants, sell the food with a little mark-up for the chef and the club.

Have a local Food Festival or Festival of Local Products - from cheese, biltong, droee wors, smoked fish etc etc etc The SWD Rugby Festival of Food!!!! Get sponsorship from various national food companies etc.

Gotta run, more ideas to follow!
Excellent ideas.
Just add a Potjiekos Competition and a Langarm Dans :-)
And what about a Miss Wet T-Shirt competition? But the SpearLeaders may not enter - it will be too hard to separate them (though it may be a delightful exercise!)

Wat daarvan as die SpiesMeisies 'n paar gasvertonings by groot klubwedstryde gaan hou om die aksie te adverteer - naweke wanneer die span weg speel?
Dit spreek natuurlik vanself dat jy sal toesig hou as Toerleier.

Yes Boertjie....


I have to be involved. :)

Awesome ideas!!!
kandas / boertjie

Check out the Bulls and Lions websites

Their cheerleaders are available to be booked for corporate functions.

Why not the Spearleaders too?
Another idea is one I've learnt from the AB's and Boks

The weekend before a BIG game like against one of the Top 5 you have a whole campaign against the opposite team in the media to whip your fans into a frenzy.

Your local newspapers would help with thiws running daily stories against the opposition team.

Posters around town would not be out of place.

The Lions and Cats do this quite well with Die Beeld and The Citizen.

In 2000 when the Australian cricket team came here to play those three winter ODI's, the whole Jhb was filled with Citizen posters on lamp poles etc that said "Go Get 'Em Boys". On match day there's a special SPONSORED collectors pull-out with player profiles, interviews, team photographs etc.

Before the Dunedin test, the Boks were faced with posters that said:

"Our Team, Our Stadium, Our Country" in black covering almost every empty space.

The Bulls were welcomed to Johannesburg in the 2005 S12 with posters all over Joburg from Die Beeld saying

"Klap Hulle Cats" (I still have one).
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