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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Rugby boss calls in police

Picture: Touchline Pictures

The suspended president of the Eastern Province Rugby Union, Willem Stuurman, has handed a report compiled by PriceWaterhouseCoopers to the commercial branch of the police.

Stuurman last week threatened to give the report, earlier commissioned by the South African Rugby Union, to the Scorpions.

He wanted to take the action because he felt the content of the report was being swept under the carpet by the EPRU's management.

"I started the investigation with my memorandum to SA Rugby earlier this year and now I want to end it," Stuurman said.

An EPRU disciplinary committee recently suspended him for five years because he allegedly submitted false claims.

Stuurman appealed against the suspension and wants to prove his innocence by taking the matter to the police.

The EPRU's acting president, Aldy Meyer, said his management "would handle the challenges as they come up."

He declined to elaborate on Stuurman's allegations that he was sentenced by a "kangaroo court."

However, he said earlier that his union was conducting further investigations after studying the PriceWaterhouseCoopers report.

Stuurman, however, questioned the sincerity of the EPRU management.

Stuurman said: "This is definitely not a normal process taking place.

"There are numerous irregularities and everyone is in cahoots.

"I believe the amateur arm of EP rugby must close its doors and the implementation committee selected by SA Rugby at the beginning of the year should take over.

"But I want the matter to be resolved once and for all.

"If the police should decide I am guilty and transgressed the law, I must become the first one they arrest," Stuurman said.

DavidS likes it up the bum!!!lol  
this is an interesting turn of events. HE gets suspended for fraud but HE hands in a report to the cops?!?!?!

something tells me the shit is going to hit the fan here
exactly PA  
wpw adores Naas Botha

Won't help him. Cases like the police case and the disciplinary case are all completely different.

I've chaired may a disciplinary enquiry for a criminal offence and dismissed the guy only for the state prosecutor to withdraw charges and then the oke doesn't get it when I win at CCMA.

The tests are all different.

In criminal courts they have all these stupud evidentiary rules and beyond reasonable douybt crap, whilst employment law requires only that you investigate all parts of the case fairly and make a decision on a balance of probabilities.

In most disciplinaries the accused sits with a 'bek vol tande', while at CCMA he invariably comes up with a thousand different stories and then wonders when the CCMA tells him he should have opened his yapper in the disciplinary hearing!
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