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Friday, December 30, 2005


Rugby Administration: Sail shareholding becomes a target

Border Rugby Football Union has its eye on 24,9% stake


Business Editor - Daily Dispatch

THE MINORITY shareholding of Border Rugby's commercial arm has become a target in the union's leadership struggle.

Border Rugby Football Union (BRFU) interim chairman Cliffie Pringle confirmed yesterday that his management committee was eyeing the 24,9 percent stake which is held by the Sail sports and entertainment group.

Pringle said that the committee, who replaced the former administration under former BRFU president Monwabisi Yako during a vote of no confidence at a special meeting in October, wants to approach TV pay-channel SuperSport to make an offer for the Sail shares.

Last week the Daily Dispatch reported that Yako has served summonses on Pringle and his committee in an effort to convince the Grahamstown High Court to reinstate him as the union president and a director of Border Rugby (Pty) Ltd.

Pringle said the committee last week discussed the matter with its Pretoria attorney Brandon Foot, who represents BRFU in the Yako matter.

"Mr Foot is a director of SuperSport and we have asked him to speak to SuperSport."

Pringle said that Yako was at this stage unaware that SuperSport would be approached.

He said according to a company search which had been done by Foot, Yako was also not listed as a director of Border Rugby (Pty) Ltd.

"Mr Yako believes he is a company (director) and in his capacity as president of the BRFU he should have been one but his executive has neglected to register him as such," said Pringle.

Sail's Barend van Graan, whose group also holds shares in other unions such as the Blue Bulls, said he was also not aware of the latest developments.

Asked to comment, Van Graan said, as a shareholder, Sail's view was that it would not comment about the purchase or sale of shares in the media.

"It is a private shareholders' issue," he added.

Van Graan would also not comment on Yako's status as director.

Pringle said there were rumours Yako was involved with a black economic empowerment group, which had an interest in the Sail shareholding.

"I have been told that the group comprises Yako, (SA Rugby Football Union president) Brian van Rooyen, (former acting chairman of the board of SA Rugby) Gideon Sam and (former SA Rugby chief executive) Rian Oberholzer," said Pringle.

Yako is known to be close to Van Rooyen. After a special Saru meeting in Johannesburg, which Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile attended, Saru vice-president Mike Stofile condemned Yako and the BRFU's reluctance to support a motion that Van Rooyen stand down.

Sam, also a supporter of Van Rooyen, featured in the infamous secret Van Rooyen dossier, which has now become a subject of an inquiry to be chaired by Judge Edwin King into the rugby administration.

Sam is chairman of Oberholzer's In-Site Sport (Pty) Ltd, which was heavily involved in the negotiations with Van Rooyen to get competitions such as the Anglo-SA Cup and the Rainbow Cup off the ground.

Pringle said he had discussed the rumours with Yako, who had denied it.

The cellphones of Yako, Van Rooyen and his spokesperson, Andre Bester, were all on voice mail and they did not return the Dispatch's calls.
When Appeal Court Judge Lex Mpati confirmed on December 15 that Edwin King, a retired judge president of the Western Cape, has been appointed to head a new, independent, enquiry into the affairs of South African Rugby Football Union (SARU) president Brian van Rooyen and other members of his notorious president's council, the event was already 10 days old… antediluvian in news terms.


Why the delay in laying such critically important news before a suspecting and longsuffering rugby public?

It was kept under wraps by SARU in another desperate attempt to keep negative reports about the union's administration out of the media.


Why keep the fans at bay?

It’s a no-brainer, really… e-l-e-c-t-i-o-n-s! Come February the desirable SARU gravy train first class seats are up for grabs, which means that the Rugby silly season – are there other seasons at SARU? – is well under way.

Advocate Jannie Lubbe, charged with investigating claims of maladministration by Van Rooyen and his supporters on the SARU president's council, handed his report to Mpati some time ago. Mpati decided there was enough evidence to launch a commission of enquiry and then approached King to head the enquiry. It required intervention by the minister of sport, Makhenkesi Stofile, to force SARU to hand over a copy of Lubbe's report, after it was kept under wraps by rugby officials.

The decision to appoint an independent judge to head an investigation into SARU/SA Rugby's affairs, followed the failure of SARU to act on the findings of poor corporate governance contained in a 338-page report released by Advocate Jan Heunis and attorney Adri Brand earlier this year.

It is platitudinously obvious that the controversial SARU president, Van Rooyen, is facing a desperate battle to save his position as SARU chief. Reports suggest prima facie evidence exists that Van Rooyen is guilty of financial maladministration on 11 counts.

What does Van Rooyen do? Resign? Yeah. Right. Take unpaid leave of absence to allow due process to be unhindered? Say what? Unpaid?!! You’ve gotta be shitting me! Not even paid leave is considered, to be sure.

No, Van Rooyen is launching a desperate attempt to hang on to those first class seats. After four provincial presidents who were staunch Van Rooyen supporters have been ousted in recent months – Joey Daniels (South Western Districts), Baby Richards (Griquas), Riaan von Gericke (Griffons) and Monwabisi Yako (Border), his eminence (sic) is still not blessed with sight of the indelible writing on the wall.

Consider this scenario…

Rumours abound that Yako is involved with a black economic empowerment group, which has an interest in the Sail shareholding of at least the Border Rugby Football Union (BRFU). Yako has served summonses on BRFU interim chairman Cliffie Pringle and his committee in an effort to convince the Grahamstown High Court to reinstate him (Yako) as the union president and as a director of Border Rugby (Pty) Ltd. However, Yako is not listed as a director of Border Rugby (Pty) Ltd.


Why is Mr. Yako not listed as a director?

His executive, under his own watch no less, has neglected to register him as such!

Exceptional governance discipline that!

Pringle confirmed on December 27 that his management committee was eyeing the 24,9 percent stake which is held by the Sail sports and entertainment group. But Yako, lackey of Van Rooyen, both with apparent redoubtable management skill, and Yako with BEE interest in SAIL, is lurking in the corridors of the Grahamstown High Court…

Watch this space.

And hope to all that you hold holy that for once – for once! – in 2006, the Game, and not personal interests, will prevail in South African Rugby. Us fans, Master van Rooyen, simply want to watch our beloved teams, and our revered Springboks, play under our Southern sunshine and not under the storm clouds of administrative baloney!
Jack Daniels

You've got me jumping up and down and, believe me, not only because I agree with you, but also as a result of frustration.

If all this is not proof that BvR and his boksombende are only interested in themselves and dont care a dime about us, the supporters, the sponsors, the game, the players, the passionate self-funding administrators... I dont know, then myself and my parents wasted a lot of money on my studies and upbringing.

Van Rooyen knows that he and his gang are out come February 2006. So, are these the type of games we can expect in the next couple of weeks?

Van Rooyen, vat jou pie en waai. En vat Yako en jou ander tjommies saam met jou.
Dammit Jack, only just caught up with this site now.

You boys are cooking!

What happens to the Keo site, does this become the mainstay for the hardcore RuggaWorld people?

Another take on this is that van Rooyen has read the writing on the wall and his time is up come February.

This strategy that is unfolding is clumsy and has no merit in it. It is of course an option but the take over of Border and even the other unions is way off.

First, if there is such a BEE group with the founding members of van Rooyen, Sam and Yako, with Oberholzer keeping up the rear guard, it will out all the players as having been in bed together over the past two years. This then is refutable evidence that the Brandt/Heunis report is right on the mark and one needs to go deeper. Read 2011 World Cup Bid, as I believe bonus's of Millions, read Tens of Millions were on offer at stake here, as Oberholzer got a sweetener in the 1995 World Cup and saw what could be reaped, or is that raped here?

Secondly, it places Oberholzer on the periphery and wilderness of rugby which will dilute his credibility no end and especially incur the wrath of his top clients, namely British Airways and Budget Car Rental. Also SA Rugby sponsors.

Lubbe, Mpati,King, Brandt and Heunis and Co, have only served to put the spotlight on the roaches in South African Rugby.

What is called for now is the Exterminator, to sweep the bugs up and rid South African rugby of these parasites.

I can confirm that at a meeting at SA Rugby mid December, obscene bonus's, one of One Million Rands, without any credibility on performance or excellence on the job, were mandated for payment.

Now, Who You Going To Call?
I meant irrefutable.

Too bent out of shape with rugby in South Africa.
Another observation is that SAIL will have to first sell their shareholding to the BEE group, following a due diligence and valuation of Border and following the offer of right of first refusal to Border to buy back the share holding.

I do not see Border rushing to embrace this gang of reprobates as fellow shareholders, as they are not held in particularly high esteem by society.

They have become the scourge of rugby and the very toxic material which is contaminating rugby and the regions.
Sheesh, you boys are cooking on gas now!!

Interesting, very, very interesting.

The rot runs so deep, and so much at the very centre of power, that one wonders if there are enough good men left standing to excise it?

A One Million Rand bonus. Amongst others.

Am I correct???

For an employee or one of them?

... actually, it doesn't matter for which. If it is true, given the financial situation of SARU and the Unions (especially the smaller Unions), the needs in terms of development, the lack of facilities, etc., then it is in a totally different category than a Fine of R1 000 000 for the Chavanga-sevens-catastropy, a R150 000 lunch, a Million for offices, etc. at LABAT, air tickets, accommodation, who knows what.

Its worse. Its criminal.
Kandas, in a year where they announced a record loss nogal.  

Just by the way, if you're cooking on gas, you almost expect an explosion. :)
By what standard should SARU be measured?

By the success of the Springboks. Period.

O, come now, bourbon breath! It’s much more complex than that!

O Yeah?

I’m a rugby fan. I’m a South African rugby fan. I even put John* aside from time to time and have a brandy and coke, ek sê. I am a Springbok fan above all else. I’ll even support a flying winger and a soaring lock forward, wearing that god-awfull turquoise cum light blue strip up north on the unfortunate side of the Hennops river, if they were the best to go around Rococococo or whatever and put one over that other Jack, should Smith be able to find his man on occasion.

From a business perspective, who are the successful sporting management teams? I’ll tell ya – it’s Ferrari. It’s the Baggy Green, that well-oiled, slick yellow monster that consumes all before it until it gets so bored that even the bottom of the food chain Soute beat them. It’s the All Blacks, first and second on the ladder me hearties, and entrenched at that. It’s Man United, although I have never in my entire life been able to sit though even 15 consecutive minutes of a soccer match. (I make sure I have paint I can watch dry during open air badgering ballet.)

They play so good ‘cause they’re managed so good!

And what is more, the managers are creaming it too – deservedly so – because the teams they manage are delivering. Delivering for sponsors. Delivering for fans. Perhaps it isn’t simply pathetic management at SARU, it’s much worse – perhaps it’s good old unadulterated indifference. A team hovering in the top three or five is a team that makes enough money to fuel the gravy train. No more effort to maintain that personal comfort zone is required, and, in any case, the payoff won’t be worth the extra effort.

Ag nee, sies man!

*In the movie “Scent of a woman” Al Pacino’s character, Colonel Slade, calls Jack Daniels “John Daniels”… “cause if you know him as well as I do…”
Rugby, for the great game that it is, is a pretty basic endeavour. Doc Craven, methinks it was, used to say that rugby is a game for piano movers and piano players. There aren’t really better props in Argentina, better flyhalfs in New Zealand, more imagination in Oz… call talent early, nuture it, don’t force it, manage it and let it loose in a World Cup. Manage rugby from primary school to internationals and you’ll get results that make the sponsors jump up and down, that wow the fans.

Contributing to a compilation on Business in the 21st Century, called “Rethinking the Future”, business philosopher and futurist John Naisbitt claimed that his Megatrends Ltd had 57 joint ventures in 42 countries – a veritable Brobdingnagian multinational that probably kept him and his obviously supranumerous management teams slightly busier than, say, the presidential staff of SARU.

Prodigious management teams? Naisbitt ran Megatrends with, including himself, wait for it… 4 people. They outsource everything, and I mean everything, that does not involve decision making on the core business issues.

Manage rugby – what else should SARU do, for Pete’s sake? Find sponsored cars? Debate the hue of yellow on the board room walls?

Let’s get a professional manager appointed as SARU President. Appointed! Not elected from the ranks of Union presidents. Let’s get the best woman for the job.
Agree with all you say.
If I start, I can make you a long list of sportsclubs and teams that were tops when properly managed, and into the doldrums when they lost this - and this goes for all sports at various levels.
A team peerforms when it is well managed and coached - full stop.
Actually the SA under age and senior rugby sides are to a big degree the exceptin to the rule ;-)
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!  
WEll done, RuggaWorld, thank you for filling the empty spaces!!!!  
Happy New Year to all the contributors and readers.

Here's hoping the next year will be absolutely wonderful for you all.
Jis jis manne ek wens julle almal n goeie jaar toe vir 2006.Kom ek kom sommer en kry die ding van my bors af.Nuwejaarspaarties is moer overrated.Ons bou hom so op voor die aand en meestal bullshit ons onsself dat dit moerse was.Ek is seker Orakel se CC final paartie was beter as sy nuwejaarspaartie.Wat van daai spontane paarties saam met n paar vrinne,of daai pel wat jou sommer gou kom optel die een aand vir n vinnige bier?As ek moet terugdink was daar baie sulkes in my verlede waarby enige New Years paartie nie kan kers vas hou nie.Dis so vals so plastic.Meeste dolle is gesuip en elke dom wetter hang aan jou en dink hy is jou pel.Staan weg!,se ek.Daai meisie wat so kom gatswaai teen jou.Hou vas jong man.Hierdie is nie n free hit nie,daar is nie iets soos n free hit nie.Voor jy haar net daar en dan gryp en listig en vol vuur so n bietjie tong gee,het jy ooit gestop en gewonder wat sy in haar mond gehad het n paar minute terug?Sifilisties manne.Maar nuwejaarspaarties is n bonus vir die manne wat op die gewone aand nie kan regkom nie.Manne soos ons wat nie daai probleem het nie worry nie juis daaroor nie.Ek het nodig om terug tekom,wat ek deesdae as "mooi" aanvaar is redelik walglik.Nog n ding,die mense hier burp en dis nie n probleem nie.Dis soos om tewag tot maandag voor jy daai nuwe verandering in jou lewe wil maak dis n onding.maar sal driekwart van ons wag tot maandag om n nuwe styl met haar teprobeer?Nooit gesien nie.Hypocrites se ek vir julle.Kyk as n paar manne om n vuur alleen sit en burp is dit reg maar jenne kerels hoe gaan dit lyk as prinsessie so n knoffelbroodburp hier langs jou loslaat?Onlekker in die hoogste graad.Die girls druk hom sommer hard uit,kyk as hy nie tax betaal nie moet hy uit.Die strand op napier en hastings is shale strande,dis so gruis klip wat hulle grind tot verskillende grootes m paaie mee tebou.Na Abel tasman was dit n dissapointment.Was vanmiddag vir n midaagete uitgenooi.Daar was ook groenlip mossel onner andere.Hoe is n voorberei?Hy is plein in water gestoom.Fok mense,dog ek by myself.Daai mossels het n hoeer skeppingsdoel as dit gehad.Wat van so n bietjie suurlemoensap,botter,knoffel,peri peri poeier en mayonaise???Se niks dan is daar niks,net nou wil hulle he ek moet die heeltyd kos maak.My gestel is woes af en ek soek so n bietjie suid afrikaanse vleis en n n skaap tjoppie en n sirlionsteakie sal ook nie bad wees nie...DavidS was reg oor die girls hier,in die geheel nie die moeite werd nie.Mooi land,maar ek sal nie hier kan bly nie.Ons flippen chuck en brisket vleis snitte proe beter as die kerels se steaks.Jammer ek repeteer maar dis supersonies kak.
Wel geniet haar manne
Howzit All

Grand 2006 wished to all. Hope the RugRatRing will expand and play a meaningfull role in Rugby Union.

Bliksem- verseker was die CC paartie beter- eerste keer in 29 years- elke jaar het 'n nuwejaar & 'n ou jaar.

Welkom Jack- you are shooting ruff stuff from the hip-like it- time to clean up the SARU mess.

I reckon BvR and his cronies does not want 2006 to have a Feb month- for the rest of us it cannot come soon enough.
Orakel gelukkig hoef ons nie weer 29jaar tewag nie,net omtrent so 365 dae van die laas jaar se cc finaal af voor dit wer gebeur.Soos jy weet ek was n tharks supporter maar hulle manne daarbo is net so sleg soos sarfu.Nie meer nie.Gelukkig het ek n loophole gevind om wettiglik n Cheetha supporter teword.Go OVS!!!Ek voorspel die sharks gaan uit die super 14 uit val vir 2007 en sal nie in 2009 kwalifiseer nie.Sit terug en kyk hoe n groot maatskappy bankrot speel.Die ouens daarbo wil nou net soveel geld maak as wat hulle kan voor hulle koppe waai.Selle met ou brain,hoe lyk dinge nou daar by Labat?hy het in n interview gese hy herhinner sy seuns altyd van sy roots waar hy vandaan gekom het.As brian nie wakker skrik nie gaan hy terug gaan na sy roots toe soos hy nou aangaan.Ek kan nie glo ons laat toe dat iemand SA Rugby as n "sideline' bestuur nie.Dit is mos n voltydse joppie is dit nie?Ek het Corne krige se boek geniet en die ou is nie so bad as n ou dit vergelyk met die uittreksels wat keo op sy site gepost het nie.Dit was werklik verfrissende.hy praat reguit en is man genoeg om te erken hy het foute gemaak.Geen wonder hy het nie vir keo gekry om die boek teskryf nie,hy wil mos n spin op alles sit.Dis nooit ja of nee nie.Ek dink ook hy is uiters slim om nie keo tenoem nie want dit sou die geloofwaardigheid van die na die gutter toe gesleep het.Chester is sekr nou so jammer hy het ooit vir keo gevra om sy boek teskryf.Voor spelers drank om n storie tekry.pateties.Dan is daar ook nog die 'skrywers' wat vir hom werk wat happy is want hulle maak geld.Langtermyn kerels is al wat ek kan se.Help nie jy werk vir iemand wat mense se siening van jou wat in die bedryf is versleg nie.Hartseer deel is ook dat die manne geen beheer daaroor het nie.Maar hey,wat weet die "dom Springbok rugby ondersteuners" anyway?Nie dat een van ons ooit iets in ons lewens bereik het nie volgens hulle.Ek voorspel 2006 gaan supersonies belangrik wees vir die WC.Beserings aan die einde van die seisoen gaan baie belangrik wees.Kom ons kry n nuwe bestuur,rus sleutelspelers die jaar,gee n klomp jongelinge n kans bv Nokwe en kom ons raak ontslae van die oue manne soos percy.laat hom vir die sharks speel en die seisoen daarna kan hy saam met die sharks toer as hulle b-liga speel.goeie manier om die land tesien reken ek.Die manne hier is opgecharge vir die WC.Ek voorsien hulle gaan tegou peak plus n paar sleutel beserings plus die bad memories van frankryk in die laste wc en jy het n upset op hanne.Ek dink ook die franse hou meer van ons as van hulle.Die manne gan gebreek wees as hulle nie die WC wen nie.Graham henry se hier in die pers dat al die suksesse van 2005 niks beteken nie,hulle moet n WC wen.
Byron Kelleher het vir sy pors star girl n huis gekoop en voer aan hy hou van haar persoonlikheid.Wat kan ek se die man kom op sy meisie.Skies typo,"kom op vir sy meisie'.
Andrew Hore is innie kak want hy het n "fur seal' geskiet met n geweer.
mils muliania se meisie is in die kak want sy het gels by die auckland rugby unie gesteel.
Nee wat,Lukas van Biljon is n beter role model as enige van die knape.So die 4de is ek oppad terug na Christchurch toe en sal vandaar af my laaste paar dae hier uitchill.Bier in die hand,kak kos in my bord,leleike meisies.Ek het flippen beter ge eet in die army.Maar ek het hoop,daar is biltong by die huis.
Geniet haar manne.

jy het mail. reply op die ou adresse, ek kan nog mail kry maar my smtp in SA is geskroef. hoop dis die keer deur.

o ja and Happy New Year All!!!!!
NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez
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