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Friday, December 16, 2005


Rugby Administration: Rugby boss back in the dock

By: Liam Del Carme
Original Source: Beeld

There could be enough evidence to investigate allegations further that SA Rugby Union president Brian van Rooyen, as well as members of Saru's presidents' council, contravened the organisation's code of conduct.

SA Rugby has denied that a prima facie case exists for further investigation following advocate Jannie Lubbe's investigation.

Saru CEO, Johan Prinsloo, has tried to deny the allegations, but Beeld's information is that the SABC has a copy of Lubbe's report in its possession.

Prinsloo said: "Advocate Lubbe was asked to compile a report which forms part of a broader investigation. The chairperson of our disciplinary committee, Judge Lex Mpati, and the other members of this committee must however decide whether action will be taken against anyone.

"I don't think a decision has yet been taken if grounds exist for a prima facie case. The people who reported that have more information than us."

Lubbe's investigation came about after Van Rooyen was found guilty of corporate mismanagement after an internal investigation earlier this year. He, among others, took decisions without the necessary authorisation.

SA Rugby, spurred on by the department of sport and recreation, decided to launch a comprehensive investigation.

Much broader investigation

Lubbe was asked as part of the investigation to ascertain whether or not a prima facie case could be made.

Prinsloo said it has yet to be decided if the case could be taken further.

"I don't know why everyone is concerned about the story all of a sudden. Lubbe's investigation forms part of a much broader investigation ordered on October 14. Legal procedure must take its course. The case is yet to be completed."

Prinsloo said he did not know when the investigation would be completed: "The matter is in the hands of the legal representatives. They have to take a decision and we can't tell them what to do."

Even if Judge Mpati should decide to take disciplinary action against Van Rooyen, the beleaguered president will be involved in a bigger struggle for re-election when SA Rugby's annual meeting takes place in February next year. Expectations are that he will be opposed as president.

Van Rooyen is overseas at present.
and that is where he should bloody stay-twat!

dammit ras, you had to post that other arti about the kings so it had to be the first one i looked at this morning!!!!

damn useless twats all of them.

I see it made you spill your corn flakes, PA!!

Apologies for getting your day off to a rough start!
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