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Thursday, December 15, 2005



Recent news reports will have us believe that rugby is being forced to have 60% black players. This was widely reported on and in the Afrikaans media and exacted a hysterical outcry from fans. Here we examine what this BEE thing is all about, transformation charters and how it will affect rugby

Picture Credit: The Department of Trade and Industry

What is Broad Based

These days, we hear a lot about Broad Based black economic empowerment. What is broad based black economic empowerment and how does it affect rugby?

Broad based is a term that derives from the new black economic empowerment initiatives of the government. Their studies showed that in the awarding of work, and determination of black economic empowerment credentials, the narrow view was taken that ownership and management of a company should be the sole determinator of whether a company or organisation was black empowered. This allowed several companies who were making good contributions to black economic empowerment. It also allowed unscrupulous operators to use black people to front their company, while they still did all the work.

The government studies revealed that the different measurement levels were misleading. For instance, many companies created a black owner / director / shareholder. But this did not affect the way the people in the company worked at all. It contributed nothing to really empowering people.

So they developed a new measurement system called broad based black economic empowerment. This does not just measure ownership and top management. It goes further. It creates a scorecard to measure broad based black economic empowerment. So now your black empowerment credentials are measured on a wide basis and not the narrow ownership / management alone.

So how does this scorecard work?

The scorecard measures seven categories of black economic empowerment contributions. It measures your black economic empowerment contribution on a score out of 100. Each category counts for a certain number of points. These are called weighting toward the 100 score. These categories are (with the weighting in brackets):

1) Black ownership (20 out of 100)
2) Black management (10 out of 100)
3) Employment Equity (10 out of 100)
4) Skills development (20 out of 100)
5) Procurement from BEE enterprises (20 out of 100)
6) Development of BEE enterprises (10 out of 100)
7) Residual elements of contribution (10 out of 100)

Any company with a score above 65 is seen as a black economic empowered company. This means a company can stay completely white owned and managed and still be considered a black economic empowerment company. There are sub-categories of measurement in the seven divisions. For example, management measures not just the number of black people in controlling positions in a company, but also black women.

The targets

Each category contains a measurement of where a company should be aiming at as a target. The points a company then scores out of the weighted score is then determined on the basis of their percentage compliance with the target. The targets are:

1) Ownership – 25% + 1 shareholding
2) Management – 50% of voting rights at board level
3) Employment Equity
- 71% African
- 14% white
- 10% coloured
- 5% Asian
- 50% women
4) Skills Development – 4% of annual payroll must be spent on training initiatives
5) Affirmative procurement – 50% of non discretionary spending with BEE companies annually
6) Enterprise Development – 2% of Pre-Tax profits spent per year
7) Residual elements – 3% of post-tax profits spent on corporate social investment per year

Charters and changing the scorecards

Industries can collectively get together and draft their own scorecards. These are called Charters. There are two types of charters. The first is an advisory charter. With this charter an industry will publish a proposed scorecard as an advisory charter to commit itself to BEE. The second is a mandatory charter. This is also industry specific and it effectively replaces the generic scorecard. Examples are in the mining sector, where the involvement of women in the industry has been reduced to a 10% target because for obvious reasons the industry is not woman friendly.

The proposed health industry charter may not be constitutional because it goes over the top in targets, setting woman involvement at 60% and black ownership at 80%. But these are the vagaries that face people who choose to involve themselves in an industry controlled by the esteemed minister Manto.

The Rugby Charter

SARU presented a transformation charter to government. Now aside from being a nice little PR exercise to impress the Minister of Sport, it is also necessary. Firstly, the sport is also one that is not woman friendly. Secondly, the public face of the sport is the players and this is where change must be seen.

So what does this charter say? The overwhelming measurement criterion of the sport is weighted toward the players. So, black player representation counts for 60 points on the scorecard. This does not mean 60% of players must be black. It means that how well represented the player profile is of the racial demographics of the country counts for 60% of the total score out of 100. So, the player make-up of 71% African, 14% white, 10% coloured and 5% Asian is what counts for 60 points on the scorecard.

The rest of the measurement criteria do not count as much and this is a massive concern. Firstly, it ensures that the predominantly inept white administrators and their lackeys, who have controlled rugby for years, will stay in power. Secondly, there is very little or any weight attached to the developmental aspect of the game, whilst I believe that the skills development of players (who will only play professionally for between 10 and 15 years) and the growth of the game at a grass roots level have been thrown by the wayside in an effort to impress government with player representation figures, losing of course from view that in order to meet the player representation criterion, we actually need to go out there and find these players.

In conclusion, BEE scorecards are complex business. SA Rugby has again gotten it completely wrong in concentrating on the wrong end of the spectrum with their proposed charter. They have promised top flight professional players from a portion of the community that is still in the embryonic stages of growing into the sport, without any thought for where those players will come from or how they will grow the stature of the sport in this community so quickly.

In yet another typical SARU communications KF, their own proposed charter is not even available on their website.
wpw en Aldo speel met Drake  
Hoe de duiwel het jy dit reggekry donner  

Excellant. I would however cut SARU a bit of slack here. There is big corporate institutions that still don't understand the Broad Based BEE.

Great read though.
Like Emmett told one of the workers at the OEM:" You've gotta be fast, fast."

Now figure that one out. :-)
Well done DavidS

Hierdie artikel is een van die redes hoekom die kwaliteit op Ruggaworld so goed is- experts skryf oor dit waarin hulle goed is-en dit voeg baie waarde by vir die leser- genoeg rede om terug te kom.

Haak dit aan my punt oor PA se analysis- . Donner se expertise oor Finance & Corporate Gov- jou kennis overlap hier en dit saam met Rasputin se journeyman know it all knowledge- en boertjie se unieke insig wat so met die jare getemper is-:-) seker hy sal my verskoon en gelyk gee. Moenie dat ons die Kandas man se passie en tolbos-toorkunsies vergeet nie.

Julle content management is goed.

Geluk- van die Oranje-Tackler

I agree many corporates don't understand the BEE charters.

Hell I struggle to understand the Practice Codes.

My issue is someone must have drafted the thing for them and there aren't too many people around who can do that. I can think of KPMG, because they do most of the charters, but there are a number of excellent people to consult. Surely these consultants would have advised them and drafted the charter according to what they were told by SARU.

So share the Emmet and OEM one with us?
i would like to add to OO's post.

a great read and for someone who does not know the laws - or basically couldn't give a crap about politics, this explains a hell of a lot.

unlike the same report on keo we read, this article deals with the facts, not some edited junk that is written purely to create contraversy and play on the emotion of south africans on an issue which is both sensitive and emotional to us all.

well done.

Nice ad...

Jy speel met jou eie draak man.


Skitterende artikel. BEE is iets wat nie verstaan word deur die meerderheid mense nie. Hel, ek doen 'n staatsdepartement se netwerk en werk vir 'n BEE company, maar verstaan nogsteeds nie BEE nie. Dankie dat jy dit so breedvoerig verduidelk het. Ek stem saam dat SARU die bootjie heeltemal gemis het, maar hulle doen nog altyd. Vir black presentation moet spelers op grondvlak ge identifiseer word en ek glo ook in die top skole gekry word. Kan jy nou dink hoeveel moerse sterk fetchers is daar in Mamelodi of senters met sidesteps wat skrik vir fokkol. Die soort ouens moet gesoek word en moet nie toegelaat word om deur die vingers te glip nie. Hulle moet in top rugby skole soos Affies, boys high en Grey, die lys gaan aan en aan, gesit word sodat hulle kan ontwikkel in die sport. As daardie ouens dan deur kom, sal die bree wit gemeenskap ook transformasie aanvaar, want dan is dit nie net die topspanne wat in seker gevalle moet sukkel om kwaliteit in alle posisies te kry nie, daardie ouens sal self deurkom.
PissAnt, I agree, I got really pissed of at keo's article. He changes a lot to add sensatiolism.  
Does the word sensatiolism even exist? In afrikaans we just say "sensasie!"  

The problem with the old school managers and directors is that they see it as a sign of weakness to use consultants. Just another f/up on teh governance side.

Emmett is a character in Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche. He is Rork's(Tommy Lee Jones) righthand man at the OEM (Office for Ememrgancy Manangement) in LA when the volcano strikes. Rork walks in and asks a question and the worker is slow in answerring. That was Emmett's words to him.
Ja Aldo

Ontwikkeling binne gemeenskappe wat tradisioneel nie rugby as hulle sport identifiseer nie is baie belangrik as SARU by die speler verteenwoordigings getalle wil uitkom.

Die probleem is egter dat ontwikkeling van die spel nie hoog op die telkaart is nie, so dit wys jou hoeveel hulle vir ontwikkeling omgee.
sounds all evry proffessional and seemingly a good path to the future.

Do you see any downsides to this "black empowerment program"?

The one drawback I see is at senior management and ownership level.Usually this level of management requires experience.........years of experience.Experience is the key to good senior management and business ethics in my opinion.

I cannot see how many black CEO's,etc would have these positions in another country as they could not have accumulated the CV or credentials to get the job.

In another 10 years or so this problem should have solved itself though.Emplyees would have acquired the CV's and calibre to challenge for positions on merit alone.

Vra vir Boertjie- hy is nog 'n oud-wereldse woord-smit, hy is egter baie interessanter as Edwill van Aarde

Is that Big Joe running for his life away from the Bulls pack at Loftus?
to add to that aldo, you can only but admire some of the black and coloured guys that has made it thusfar. can you imagine the problems and adversities they had to deal with?

we, myself included, underestimate the difference having been in a nice school, decent education, not worrying about getting donered or stabbed every day, living in a decent neighbourhood, etc., added to what we are, and where we are today.

we almost saw it as our rights, not priveladges. very ignorant.

and as i always say, you have to understand something to be critical or positive about something, i guess about 95% of white south africans has no clue about this stuff.
I have no idea, possible...

At least he have the ball,so it could not have been against the bulls
Baie waar... Maar ek dink dit was teen die Chiefs as ek reg kan onthou.
Yip PA

I do not think we truly understand-

but that system that you spoke about- it was not gifted...

It was created and maintained and that is the point on which a lot of White Saffas is harping....
Nice Artie

Pitty about the KF reference at the end. Undermines the effort put in.

Nice pic Donner !

Ek hoop die Stormers kom hierdie jaar uit met al die goodies en skop gat right left en- centre( nee hier dis die cheetahs !)

Kom ons hou dit by right, left, North & South.
PA, I defintely agree. The current crop had to overcome a lot. But I can say that I've lived on both side of the track in my life, and it's shocking how easily you take things for granted. I hate driving around and seeing all these poor beggars on the street. You cant give money to them all, but I feel so guilty everytime that I drive past them in my air conditioned car, when they don't even have food. That's why I allways donate toys and money to organisations that help people on the street. Shit, that was my deep side. Lets not go there again, I come to this site to uplift my mood. Just basically saying, that next time you see a poor beggar and you tell him to go get a job, think of his situation and how difficult it will be to get a job, without clean clothes or even a bath to clean yourself in.  

Ownership is not the major problem. It's very easy to create a myriad of trusts and front companies and there are quite a number of BEE investment groups on the prowl out there. Then of course the banks are forced to contribute by financing BEE deals. The only problem with the shareholding issue is with multinationals, where you have to convince overseas shareholders they have to sell shares (They'll never just give shares away)

Board and management representation is the major challenge because there are, at the moment, just a small number of BEE investment groups with a limited number of effective leaders. These are yet to be grown and they're in HUGE demand.

You can fast track and mentor etc, but this will not give someone 20 years experience in 5.

Luckily government has seen this, so the targets are all targets to be attained by 2010, and as you saw from the measurement criterion, they're being pretty realistic about how many black people will have the experience and credentials to reach THAT senior level of management over time.

What most companies are doing is to use the employee share trust system. The trustees are then from some of the big black investment houses like Kagiso and Mvela. They then allocate someone to vote on the shares and the director they appoint votes in accordance with instructions from the trust (i.e. the investment house).

One of the massive issues is that, with so few black people with cash or credentials to buy ownership, you have a massive issue with empowerment deals on ownership just benefitting a few very wealthy black people like Patrice Motsepe and Tokyo Sexwale and Manny Dispico.

The resistance to this kind of empowerment is starting to show, with the recent bad press De Beers got for selling 10% of their company to Manny Dispico.

The view is that 'the rich get richer' and this is not really empowering disempowered people but further empowering people who are already empowered.
Ek hoop nog altyd so. Maar hoop gee nie vir jou 'n vaste 5, losskakel en uitstekende afrigters nie...
Maar dit beteken nie dat ek nog steeds bly hoop nie...
"Maar dit beteken nie dat ek nog steeds bly hoop nie..." moet "Ek hou nie op hoop nie" wees.
Ons verstaan Reinhardt

Ek het 29 jaar gewag- tyd is 'n bliksem.

Lees Rasputin se Stormers arti op OORB- hy beskryf die WP/Stormers situasie goed.
Sorry Murph

It is the site of talking shyte after all too.


Tommy Jones is also one of the most underrated actors in the world and he's had some brilliant one liners in the past too.

Harrison Ford in the Fugitive

HF: I didn't kill my wife

TLJ: I don't care

Aldo that is what SACP is saying about these empowerment deals with rich black businessmen.

Winnie Mandela (bless her controversial soul) summed it up best when she told Moneyweb that in 1994 she'd gone into townships to encourage people to vote for the ANC for a better life and improved living conditions and she recently started campaigning for the municipal elections and she says she is telling the same story to the same people living in the same squallor they were in 1994.

Winnie reckoned these were the people who should have benefitted from empowerment but never did.
Wanner doen ons 'n BRANNASNACHT chat oor die spelers en hulle reg om te staak- gesien uit die hoek van die supporters. Ons roer graag die Bestuur - maar is die spelers onskuldig?

Reinhardt se pic het my laat dink aan daai semi met die Stormers ouens wat eintlik wou gestaak het- en toe tog maar gespeel het- en wel goed op die pitch opgebliksem is- was dit nie nog 'n home semi nie?

As Aldo uitvind dat jy so naby aan Pretoria bly en die Stormers / WP ondersteun gaan hy jou kom soek!

Cunts !!!

Hows them moan when The Aussies left them out of a joint V in 2003

The best world cup to date in terms of spectator but in !

Not only were Japans efforts at globalising the game snubbed , but now the Islanders , who should have along with Argies been given a look in on Super 12 and 3N a long time ago, have also been given the Fuck you small fry treatment.

It may well be time to start a Boycott of this Shambles of a WC that will be nothing like the world spectacle it should be.

I officially Launch The Boycott NZ 2011 !!!

To think i was actually going to go !
Wat kan ek se? My hart le in die Kaap...
A guy walks into a pub and sees a sign hanging over the bar that reads:
Cheese Sandwich $1.50
Chicken Sandwich $2.50
Hand-J** $10.00

Checking his wallet, he finds one single 10-dollar bill. He walks up to the bar and beckons to one of the three exceptionally attractive blondes serving drinks.

"Yes?" she inquires with a knowing smile, "Can I help you?"

"I was wondering," whispers the man, "Are you the one who gives the hand-j**s?"

"Yes," she purrs, "Indeed I am!"

The man replies, "Well go wash your hands, I want a cheese sandwich!"

Bly Reinhardt naby PTA.

Reinhardt, joum klein kak! Vertel my waar jy bly, jy gaan groot kak kry as die oom jou in die hande kry!


Indeed- it seems like a Danish Cheese story again
Lol Murph  
LOL, Murph!
Ek wonder of daar nie 'n plek is waar ons nog mense kan betrek by rugga world nie? Kan Ig nie 'n artikel plaas op Keo waar hy mense aanraai om hierna toe te kom vir die tyd wat Keo toe is nie? Dis nou vir die mense wat nog perongeluk op Keo kom sonder om te weet dat dit toe is...
Ja Murph

I can't believe the smugness of those Kiwis now that they have the RWC. They don't seem to realise that they're going about the right way to antagonise everyone in the world with their smug attitude.

Their whole interference in Australian rugby about the Japan vote (which was REALLY) for the good of rugby and now saying no island gets a game should tell you all you need to know about the Kiwis.

"We're the best in the world and f--k the rest of you it's our RWC'

I agree

Let's boycott it, although

Given the facilities there, I strongly believe that there won't be all that many attendees in the first place.
Reinhardt, Ig sal nie so iets doen nie, waar bly jy seun, ek hoor rumours dat dit naby PTA is en jy nie die Bulle ondersteun nie.  

Ons het Stu gevra, maar hulle het nie eens reageer nie.

Ek kan nie dink dat ons hulle blameer nie.

Good one Murph
Davids, so you're saying that the kiwis will boycott themselves!  

If it was a Blonde Bar TENDER

then you would know that you were in camps bay !

pehaps even within walking distance of Monarch offices ....
Nee, ek bly ander kant Pofadder. Ver van blou bul wereld af! Net droogte hier, niks anders nie... Regtig...

You making it sound like you want the CC semi's to be in the Cape again :-)
Ek grap net Reinhardt. Okay, nou moet ek regtig gaan. Weereens die kak interview ding doen. Hoe werk dit, ek werk nie eers vir die staat nie, maar ek moet interviews vir hulle doen, of at least die IT skills assesment deel!

Davids, Donner, Oranje Orakel en PissAnt, you've got mail!
I got a phone call from a gorgeous ex-girlfriend of mine the other day. We lost track of time chatting about the wild romantic nights we used to enjoy together. I couldn't believe it when she asked if I'd be interested in meeting up and rekindling some of that "magic."
"Wow!" I said, "I don't know if I could keep pace with you now! I'm a bit older and a bit balder than when you last saw me!"

She just giggled and said that she was sure I'd rise to the challenge!

"Yeah?" I replied, "Just so long as you don't mind a man with a waistline that's a few inches wider these days!"

She laughed and told me to stop being so silly. She teased me, saying that tubby bald men were cute!

"Anyway, I've put on a few pounds myself!" she giggled.

"In That case," I told her "

FUCK off and I hung up the phone.

maybe you should consult with Donner :-)

You Know that there is only one thing sweeter than thumping the Goats in their Mountain Shadow Cabbage Patch ,

Beating the Bulls In The CC Final in Die Rapport se back yard a week later ....

As my miskien bietijie meer kennis gegee het van die interviews. kon ek vir jou die DavidS interview guide gegee het.

Dis foolproof.

I went to all of the SA S14 websites to post the link to Rugga World on their message board but only The Stormers and The Sharks have message boards. Donner already posted one on The Stormers website so I went to post one on The sharks website. They didn't reply or anything! Maybe they are ignoring everyone untill they begin to win something again..?  

I disagree

There is NOTHING sweeter than beating the mountain goats under the mountain.

Not even beating the Bulls matches that.

Is the Cats site open yet?
Jacob Zuma's (smarter) son Mosie enters a barbershop and the barber whispers to his customer, "This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch while I prove it to you."
The barber puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other, then calls Mosie over and asks, "Which do you want, Mosie?"

The Mosie takes the quarters and leaves. "What did I tell you?" said the barber. "That kid never learns!"

Later, when the customer leaves, he sees the same young boy coming out of the ice cream store. "Hey, son! May I ask you a question? Why did you take the quarters instead of the dollar bill?"

The boy licked his cone and replied, "Because the day I take the dollar, the game's over!"
I don't know. I could only find a link to The Lions, but I didn't see a message board on the site. Maybe I sould go and look again..?  

Ja , i know its just that the cup and 29 years blurs your usual passions ..

and to think at least we get to do that every year ....

he he heheh

he h he

aaaahh aha aaha hah heh he hdehe

eh eh
If you want to you can check out
Not their real website but has some news on it...

It seems we have a few WP haters on this site.

(Make note of names.)
Bad Ass Billy the Kid and his regulators have the Lone Ranger lined up and they are ready to shoot him. They ask him if he has any last requests.
He replies, "Yes, I'll have a last cigarette." They give it to him and he proceeds to send smoke signals to Tonto, who's down the trail.

Within minutes, Tonto comes flying down the trail to find the lone ranger lying dead , he had been shot.
Don't bother

The Cats site is offline

I think they're revamping it for the S14
Thanks for that, David, certainly clears up a lot of things.

SARU have apparently spent in the region of R100m on attempting to take the game outside it's traditional strongholds, will this effort count towards their score?
lol Murph

The Lone Ranger is being tied to a totem pole to be sacrificed to some horrific indian god. The Indians offer the Lone Ranger a last request. He says he wants to talk to Silver. He whispers in the white horse's ear and the horse gallops off.

An hour later Silver returns and on his back is the hottest cowgirl in the West.

The chief is really impressed and says LOne Ranger can have another wish. The masked one calles for his horse again and whispers in his ear:

"Now listen carefully. I said a posse. Okay, get me a posse."

Ja, but I don't know what that will be weighted at.

There's also the issue that it has to be THEIR money and not that of a sponsor. If a sponsor spends money on rugby development then that sponsor will get points for CSI (residual element)
Pommy big game hunter runs into a buddy in London and they start talking about his recent trip to Kenya and about a lion hunt.

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Hi all, new arrival here. Site looks great. I hope it grows and develops and we won't need to go back to keo too often.


Two guys walk into a dodgy little diner and take their seats. They notice the mustard stains that clearly have been there for months, and the layer of dust on the seats.

After a lengthy wait, a scruffy looking woman with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth, arrives to take their order.

"Er, I think I'll just have a black coffee," says the one guy after looking at the uninspiring menu.

"Er, same for me," says the other. "And,um, could you make sure I get a clean cup?"

The woman glares menacingly at him before storming off.

A few minutes later she emerges with the coffees.

"Right, which one of you wanted the clean cup?"
My Schooling gave me many things. A passion for learning sustained by a deep routed intellectual curiosity. An ability to lead with grace and fortitude and in particular to inspire the common man. An understanding of honour, respect, obligations and what it takes to be a gentleman. All qualities lacking in South Africa's youth but that's a different matter.

Every now and then I remember a pearl of wisdom delivered by one of my school masters. And in this instance one in particular seems most aposite. Old Man Caruthers, cut from a different kind of cloth it must be said, once said to me "St Michel my dear boy. Please remember that the intelligent man that has too much to say chooses to say nothing at all."

And Bravo to that. On this subject it is perhaps best that I stay quiet. As perhaps we all should.

I believe my pox-ridden pig farmer, yvette, has gone missing. She must return the compost needs turning over.
lol St Michel. where's davids to see that!  
Touche old boy

I didn't suspect that a wry sense of humour lurked somewhere in your brandy addled mind....

On reply however, lively debate is the cornerstone of all democratic institutions.

ps. Yvette says

"Monsieur St Michel. La Merde to your pig farmingk. I joost 'ad to dress zem up for you 'av your fearful way wis zem. You are le digust little Angleterre man. I spit at you..."
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