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Friday, December 16, 2005


Rugby Administration: The King to judge the king.....


It would seem that in South African rugby, at least, nothing ever really goes away. In a surprising development, we learn at Rugga World that Judge King will be called upon to study allegations that the Lion King has possibly exceeded his mandate as chief primate of the rugby jungle. Rugga World will report all breaking news on this story as fast as it is released but, more importantly, far more importantly, joins with all South African rugby fans in wishing these times over and welcoming in any administration that puts rugby first, rugby fans first and Springbok rugby first! Your thoughts are welcome. Whilst you are about it, in your comments, give us an indication of whether the Lion King's head rolls or is preserved in aspic!

Reading further, one would have grounds to wonder if Mr Prinsloo is completely out of touch in contemporary South African life. Judge for yourselves.

Judge Edward King will study a report that Brian van Rooyen used his position and privileges for personal gain and did not carry out the functions of his office in good faith and honesty.

Johannesburg - The former Judge President of the Cape, Edwin King, who was in charge of the investigation into Hansie Cronje's match fixing in cricket, will study allegations that South Africa's rugby boss Brian van Rooyen has breached SA Rugby's code of conduct.

A provisional investigation by advocate Jannie Lubbe found that there is a prima facie case to be made against Van Rooyen and other members of SA Rugby's presidents' council.

Lubbe acknowledged on Thursday that he gave the report to SA Rugby earlier this month.

Asked who would take the matter further, Lubbe said: "I know SA Rugby has approached Judge King."

Lubbe was asked to evaluate the contents of the Heunis/Brandt report that was completed earlier this year, as well as additional evidence received from, among others, the department of sport and recreation.

Lubbe said that he received the report compiled by advocate Jan Heunis, SC, and AF Brand, an attorney, on August 16.

Die Burger has a copy of the report.

He said in his report that disciplinary action should be taken against Van Rooyen because he allegedly "used his position and privileges for personal gain."

According to Lubbe, he only investigated complaints handed in after August 16.

Not in good faith

He said there were prima facie evidence that Van Rooyen had breached some code of conduct rules by "not executing the functions of his office in good faith and honesty."

Van Rooyen apparently "did not act in the best interest of Saru and thereby brought the credibility and integrity of the union into disrepute and also acted in a manner not worthy of his position."

The report also said that Van Rooyen had acted in such a manner that it impacted unfavourably on Saru, SA Rugby (Pty.) Ltd. and a commercial partner.

These contraventions referred to "his initiative and active lobbying for an office for the president in Johannesburg" and an attempt to "obtain a Rover vehicle for his personal gain."

Van Rooyen also apparently "signed several agreements without the necessary authorisation" and also gave instructions to "Saru's CEO to sign agreements without authorisation."

The report also said "Andre Bester, Rayaan Adriaanse, Cliffie Booysen and Vusi Kama" were appointed Saru employees or service providers without following the correct procedures.

"Bonuses were promised to the Springbok team and management without any authorisation or provision being made in the budget."

According to the report Van Rooyen also promised a Tri-Nations Test to the Leopards.

Van Rooyen also allegedly made false statements about the action of former Saru deputy president Andre Markgraaff and another person to Springbok coach Jake White, while confidential information about the players' remuneration was leaked."

Not in their hands

SA Rugby's CEO, Johan Prinsloo, told Beeld earlier this week that the Lubbe report did not state that grounds existed for a prima facie case against Van Rooyen.

Prinsloo explained: "The case has progressed much further than what we had thought. I only heard about this on Wednesday. The matter is not in our hands anymore. It was in the hands of Judge Lex Mpati (chairperson of SA Rugby's disciplinary committee.)

Lubbe indicated earlier that he had given copies of the report to both Prinsloo and Mpati.

When Prinsloo was asked if King is the person who would take over the investigation, he said: "Yes, the name sounds right."

King became known when he handled the investigation into Hansie Cronje's match fixing.

His name is recognised outside the country's borders, but Prinsloo was unsure about the former judge's identity.

Even though the national broadcaster is in possession of the report, and has already reported on it, Prinsloo said the report was just meant for certain people's perusal: "We can't make the report public property. How will someone like Brian van Rooyen feel if he has to read about it in the newspapers without having seen it himself?

"His legal representatives also haven't seen the report," Prinsloo said.

It is unclear what disciplinary action could be taken against Van Rooyen. Strictly speaking he can only be voted out of office at the next AGM scheduled for February.

Mpati and Van Rooyen were not available for comment.


This is far more serious than it sounds on first reading.

'False allegations against Markgraaf', isn't that what Keo based his whole campaign on, and didn't a massive amount of muppets, including some of us, sign that silly, silly thread on?

I don't sign threads like that as a matter of general principle but I know some of us did. It is irrelevant, the reasoning was absolutely sound.

My general question remains the same as I asked at the time, how do we know Markgraaf is the baddy and his accusors are the goodies?

Let me lay my cards on the table, the sooner we get rid of Van Rooyen the better.

But that is hardly news to most of you.

Oh, and I wouldn't welcome Andre Markgraaf back but I think he was incredibly brave in taking the media shit and pointing out all this crap.

You, we, me, most certainly wouldn't have learned about it on most rugby sites around SA, especially the main and most important one.
In my humble opinion, PRINSLOO sounds like a REAL DOOS!

FFS, Prinsloo, are you a moron or a human being?

Wake up already!

In my own suspicion it confirms for my own personal idle speculation that if Van Rooyen goes, Prinsloo goes too.

In my humble opinion, the sooner the better! Both of you.
agree rasp,

i have my stance on BVR, i have stated it many times, he is as incompetant as they come. this should be a major clean of SA rugby. all involved, even if this filters down to union presidents or the bloody tea girl - should be booted.

no better person than king to handle this as well.

on markie's, the guy was accused of certain things - some he said was untrue, other he did not respond to. if the accusations were untrue - then he should have backed it up with facts. what did he have to loose? he was already out of saru. so in my view he had nothing to loose. or did he???

you see this is my problem, even though he was accused of all those things, he never came clean, i mean really came clean and naming and shaming the individuals that was responsible. it shows me he is still protecting his interests - for future benefit maybe.....

there are so many damn groupies in SARU the whole of sa rugby including the unions - it is all political bullshit. and in my view, markies, in what ever respect is part of one. they try to politically undermine one another, side with strong political figures to serve their own interests and agendas, and does not give a fat toss about rugby, the players, and the public. who can forget markies' inclusion of black players in the springbok team and subsequent befriending of the ANCYL???? only for those players to be cast aside once they served their purpous???

the whole lot of them are selfserving pricks - all the same, it just depends who you associate yourself. that will determine who you fight and why - markies' sided with the faction against BVR - he was too strong - and BVR kicked his ass. what happened to those other guys that was supporting markies' in his quest - the report that he released, cant remember what it was called now - but they basically said BVR was incompetant.

BVR challenged this - emergency meetings was called, and all of a sudden they come out and face the media holding hands saying everything is fine - only for markies' to resign a couple of weeks later claiming he was the fall guy.


like i said - its all political, these fuckers care about nothing and no-one but themselves. i mean you ask any guys that logs on to sites like this and keo, and ask them to put or suggest a CC format to best serve SA rugby, including the small unions. do you for one second think anyone - even with half a brain, would come up with the shit BVR and his fuckin clown buddies came up with???? FFS the CC final location wasnt even finalised a couple of weeks before the actual game!!!!! we are talking millions of rands in profits here!!!!

he only came up with that shit because it served his own interests - the votes of the smaller unions. and now that the smaller unions are still suffering and in shit - their boards are firing their incompetant gravey train presidents, only for these fuckers to come out in public and say they don't accept it?????!!!! what the shit is that? you have been voted off by your board for being fuckin incompetant!! piss off. but no, they run off to old BVR to protect them!!!!

this is why 100+ year old unions like the EP is in so much shit - becaus of selfserving pricks! why players of the falcons dont get paid - no money....this all, while "emergency meetings" costing millions are being organised over the country and world "to save SA rugby", and do not even mention the lunches - fuckin hell, seeing what the players of a union like the griffons earns - it could have paid their salaries for 3 months!!!!

how the fuck, saru or whoever was responsible to find a backup for oberholzer - could even consider a fuckin idiot like BVR - who is running his own company into the ground - being kicked off the JSE - having assets being seized by the courts - is as incompetant as BVR himself - but like i said, it is about self preservation - political fuckin bullshit.

get a guy - a business person in there - fuck all the politics - and by this i dont mean the whole issue around transformation - every one wants to see SA rugby transform, so keep structures in place - i mean get someone that knows how to run a business - the morne dup's of this world - fuck even Mr Ackerman - there are thousands of them out there.

will it happen? fuck no! the powers that be will make sure they get some fuckin puppit in there who will look after their interests. BVR will take the fall - but the virus will still be present - just enough to repeat this cycle over and over again.

the day i believe it wont, is the day our president and CEO dont make more headlines in newspapers than our national rugby team.
and who the fuck does this prinsloo prick think he is???

the report should not be made public?!?!??! duh you fuckhead - sa rugby - the springboks - the unions fucking all of it - is the property of the guys pushing money into them - the bloody public, you know, the guys that actually pay R400 to go watcht the boks play france, the guys paying R150 bucks to go see their team getting fuckin snotted at loftus, but next year will do the same no matter how badly they lost.

the guys paying R100 to go watch their unions play. even the bloody guys paying R30 at a club to support his local club side. the guys paying R400 a month to watch all internationals their team is involved in, who in turn, pays the sponsors, who in turn, pays you.

fuckin idiot - we have every right to see this report - and why pricks like you should be fuckin booted out of the bloody country - forget sa rugby. you are a bloody disgrace.
okay - thats my venting done for the morning.

i hope our 15 year old buddy reinhardt stays away today.
Ek het nogal 'n bewondering vir mense wat so poëties die moer in raak :-)
Een van BvR se beloftes was 'n toets teen die AB's in Rustenburg -natuurlik in ruil vir die Luiperds se stem.
Nou weet ek nie van jou nie, maar ek dink dis puur onnosel om so 'n belangrike wedstryd op 'n veld te speel waar die Bokke geen "tuisveld" voordeel het nie. Nie een van hulle of die AB's het al daar gespeel nie.
Speel toetse buite die groot unies ja, maar nie in 'n 3N-kompetisie nie.
Naskrif: Vergelyk die geknor as die Lions van ouds in Bloem moes speel.
Die Bokke het in '58 op Springs teen die Franse gespeel en 6-8 verloor. Dit word steeds allerweë beskou as die slegste wat 'n Bokspan nog in SA gespeel het.
MY PUNT IS: Stel BvR Bok-rugby voorop, of sy eie agenda?
Okay so

1. There is a first report that two lawyers compile. That's the one that everyone saw. Now that was a senior attorney with a senior counsel. On an average let's call that in the region of R45000-00 PER DAY!!!!!

2. Now a second senior counsel gets called upon to study the report and make recomendations on it. Again, this needs to be done through an attorney because of the referral system lawyers use, so add another R45000-00 per day while Lubbe 'studies' the report and makes a recomendation that any decent HR practitioner could have done for you for R400-00 per hour.

And now they approach another senior advocate, Edwin King, who despite his lilly white apearance is not as clean as everyone would believe, to investigate the matter.....and another R45000-00 per day.

Luckili Lex Mpati as an appellate court judge cannot charge for his services, but why the hell have a senior appellate court judge sit on a disciplinary committee that AGAIN any half decent HR practitioner could chair at a fraction of the cost.

So the bottom line is this. Three sets of investigations at R45000 per day and we're nowhere near any conclusion to the situation. SARU is spending huge amounts of money on lawyers that are all telling them something that a simple investigation by a junior accountant could have told them and could have been resolved by a decent HR practitioner inside of a month!!!!

Now we get to non-entity Johan Prinsloo who guffaws yet another SARU mizcommunication. Obviously Prinsloo the git knows something about what is happening, but in typical SARU miscommunication style pretends that he knows nothing, when this is the ONE thing he as CEO should be 100% up to speed on and BRIEFED by SARU miscommu8nication on what exactly to say to the media, but no.

I agree 100% with PA saying that SA Rugby does not belong to a bunch of self serving idiots in power for their own gain. It belongs to the fans who support the teams and the Boks. Most of all, rugby belongs to the people of South Africa. His abdication of authority to the disciplinary committee is absolutely shocking and unacceptable for the CEO of any organisation.

I have a solution

As so-called media liaison, Rayaan Adriaanse has been as awful as BVR.

I don't even know who the rest are, but for my money.

At Dawn on Kerkplein, line them up and execute them by firing squad in public. Take photographs of their corpses. Make a huge portrait and hang it in the executive board room's office and put Doc's quotation in huge fat bold below it that says:

"No Man Is Bigger Than The Game"
Drastic I agree

But the average SA fan is, to all intents and purposes punch drunk on all the excretion coming out of the administration of our rugby.

1. Louis Luyt and his nepotism

2. Ineffective Silas Nkanunu who let Rian Oberholzer, and by default, Louis Luyt, run things

3. Brian Van Rooyen with

a. Player contracts
b. Appointing people he should not or could not
c. Lying about Markgraaf
d. The Falcons can't pay their bills
e. The Super 14 team selection debacle
f. Money spent on legal fees astronomical
g. EP's issues undealt with
h. Border can't afford to contract 15 players while the Bulls ahve 70
i. Organising SARU to pay for offices in Jhb
j. The Rover issue
k. Mveleli Ncula's edicts issued in the media
l. Internal audits
m. CCMA cases against the players
n. No transparency

Time to face the axe BVR. Surely the unions have the power to remove from office someone as president if he mismanages the SARU?
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