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Friday, December 23, 2005


Rugby Administration: Aggrieved rugby boss takes case to court

Yako feels he has been unfairly treated by BRFU

By EDDIE BOTHA - Business Editor

AXED Border Rugby Football Union (BRFU) president Monwabisi Yako wants the high court to reinstate him after he was ousted by the union in an unprecedented move.

And, accusing SA Rugby Union (Saru) of dragging its feet when he approached it to intervene on his behalf in the domestic rugby crisis, he also issued a summons against the sport's parent body.

The latest shots in the battle for the BRFU leadership come after the union passed a vote of no confidence in Yako and his executive in October.

At the time legal advice was that such a move would be constitutional only if it had been done during an AGM.

"I have been treated unfairly. That is the only reason why I am taking the legal route,* Yako said yesterday. "There is a constitution which we have to adhere to. But when it suits people and it does not serve their purpose, they violate it.*

Yako said he had written to Saru, and asked the parent body to intervene. "But Saru has been dragging its feet. That's why I cite Saru as a respondent too.*

The summons, which cites the BRFU, Border Rugby (Pty) Ltd, the interim management committee which replaced the executive, and Saru and its commercial arm, SA Rugby (Pty) Ltd, requests the Grahamstown High Court in an urgent application to reinstate Yako until 2008.

Yako also wants the court to stop a planned AGM from being held later next month.

He wants to remain as a director of Border Rugby (Pty). He has asked the court to interdict the other parties from interfering with his work and that of other office-bearers.

The court documents contain Yako's affidavit and supporting affidavits by the then vice-president Zola Yibe, and executive members Malusi Mavela and Ivan Harry, also axed during the vote.

Pretoria attorney Brandon Foot, for BRFU, said the matter would be defended and he was busy preparing an answering affidavit to Yako's allegations.

Foot, who has been involved in the administration of cricket, represented the United Cricket Board when it opposed an application by the late former Proteas cricket captain Hansie Cronje, against his life ban for match-fixing.

Foot also served on the judicial management team of Eastern Province Cricket in the past.

He said he had received a copy of an earlier summons Yako's lawyers issued against Saru vice-president Mike Stofile.

The summons claims R200000 from Stofile for having allegedly defamed Yako during in an interview with Daily Dispatch sports editor Brian Mclean.

The Dispatch has also been served with a summons.

Foot plans to use the summons in the forthcoming litigation between Yako and BRFU.

Yako wants the court to set aside the interim committee's appointment. Chairman Cliff Pringle, Des Allison (premier league clubs), Bongo Nontshinga (tertiary institutions), Kwezi Malgas (high schools), Sipokazi Jani (women's rugby) and Fred Darke (referees) are cited.

After being axed, Yako vowed that he and his executive would not be removed without a fight.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm still the Border Rugby president."
Couple of issues here, I'm sure David can pad them out.

1) It seems obvious that the provincial rugby unions, probably even the national rugby union, don't have cast iron constitutions that lay out clearly, and transparently, what the proceedures are for getting rid off or electing/appointing members.

2) I don't know the merits of the Yako case but do these administrators not appreciate the crippling legal costs they are subjecting rugby to by their continual litigation? Should this go ahead it will mean that the BRFU and SARU will have to engage legal counsel.

3) We appear to be well past the days when sports administrators accepted when they were not wanted and bowed out quietly under their own steam. At least in SA. One could surmise that there is too much money at stake at board level within SA rugby circles.

These board members should not get paid at all, in my opinion. Only their legitimate expenses and a few perks should be picked up by rugby. They should be participating because of their love and interest in rugby.
Hah Rasputin

You are now trying to derail one of the nice sidings from the GravyTrain.

Maybe the Rugrat should come up with a version of Thomas the Tank Engine- taking the piss outta the GravyTrain. ZA

Mind you I can already see a job for the "Fact Controller"
Okay I'm here


Watchit oukie....

What's that graph next to the picture of?
It's meant to be an 'organogram', DavidS.

'meant' being the operative word.....

Is it just there as an example or is it a real one?

If it is a real one then it's a bit small, or is it symbolistic of the confusion that reigns in SA Rugby.

I'm working on four or five seriously difficult articles at the momement.

One of them will be pretty damned earth shattering.

However, I dunno if I should post them today or during the Xmas / New Year period when you and PA and Kandas will be the only people hanging around here.

What does the board, minus donner, (bastard being on holiday and all that) think?
It's meant to depict an example of one....

.....but I far prefer your explanation!!!

It's symbolistic of the chaos within SA rugby admin generally!
Jammer ek was nie hier gister nie...
Ek het veel belangrikker dinge gehad om te doen - ek het bietjie by iemand gekuier.
A good one then....

Thanks, that's what I thought, but with SARU the way it is one never knows if this may actually be a real organogram...

Things being the way they are in that white elephant palace of confusion...
So het SY jou teenwoordigheid meer geniet as ons Rendier?  
Ek sien jy weet presies wat ek bedoel...
Apologies for changing the pic but after DavidS pointed it out that organogram was getting on my nerves!  
Can you maybe give us a hint about the "earth shattering" article?
Sorry, DavidS, didn't see your question!

I'll mail an answer.
Lets hope his "earth shattering article" .....has nothing to do with yesterdays "Rectum Rangers" article.  
All good things come to those who wait, Reindeer!!!

P.S. like your pic.

What was this 'rectum rangers' arti, St Pete?
Morning all!

Feeling fresh and ready for another round of work.


What will you be preparing for Christmas Lunch in Mother Russia? :)
Boiled cabbage and potatoes roasted in reindeer fat, no doubt....  
Kandas, what's the scoop with Gorgonzola?  
Flambéd in Vodka

With Russian mayonnaise: Mayonnaise with horseradish grated onion and chilli sauce or catsup; sometimes with caviar added


He was offered the Coaching job at SWD an then declined because of the budget being less than what he expected. Then took the job at EP. Pretorius wanted to come to SWD and were prepared to work with us whilst we are sorting out sponsorships.

Now Gorgonzola feels that he might have some sort of recourse.

Sheesh, it never ends!

More possible legal shennanigans.

Apparently he claims that Joseph offered him a higher sum.

The bottom line is, if he turned the job down officially because he felt the salary was too low then surely that's that?

Maybe he's trying to go the Matfield, Bezuidenhout, Bands route? 'Straeuli verbally promised us contracts' type thing.

So, is he officially the EP Elephants coach now?

Yes. Have a look at
Sorry link is messed up. Here's the article:

Gorgonzola takes charge

EASTERN Province have appointed Oersond Gorgonzola as coach of the provincial team taking part in next year’s Vodacom Shield rugby competition.

He will be at the helm while senior provincial coach Blikkies Groenewald is involved with the Bulls at Super 12 level.

Gorgonzola will take charge of the team from this coming Saturday through until May 31 next year. Gorgonzola was assistant coach of the senior provincial side this past season.
Cheers boys

You got mail.

Merry Christmas and a good new year.

StP and Reinhardt

It's pretty sensitive so sorry can't discuss at this stage - seriously...

Same for you guys though. Enjoy the family over Christmas StP, and the snow etc.

Good Afternoon Gentlemen
I just wanna use this space to wish you all a Merry Christmas,and for those of you that wont be here next week,have a Happy New Year.Keep safe because im looking forward to spend me next year "talking shyte" to all of you!
Clayton Saville
Same here guys

One of the highlights of my past year was crossing paths with you guys.

Merry Christmas all. And please drive safely. I need you guys to be alive and kicking in order to experience rugby history over the next couple of years. :)

Merry Christmas.
Gaan na die nuwe artikel toe...
Christmas is no big deal here.Nonetheless, Roast Turkey with all the trimmings is on offer.
In fact,we have a wedding going on on the 25th.Mad twats!!!

Russian Christmas is actually on the 7th January.

They tend to celebrate New Year in a big way though......they all become very nostaligic, remembering better times(Soviet era)) apparently....and they all tune into Putins midnight speech religiously.All quite strange really- $450 per person evening going on, and they all want plasma screen tele's in the dining rooms.

Funnily enough,some mad twats filed a complaint last year......everyone had left by 02:30 in the morning(the evening started at 8).They were not happy about this.Considering that there is free flowing booze all night,I was impressed there were people still standing at midnight.

Nonetheless, in an effort to please all our clients.....the evening will officially end at 05:00 this year.However,there is a general concern that none of our employees will be sober come the end of the event.

Also,I have notified my assistants that they should show up at work on the 31st......"on the ball", because I'm doing a runner down the road at midnight.
And taking the 1st and 2nd off.

Like I tell all my employees......
"It's tough at the top,but it is shit down the bottom!"

Some of this years highlights for me include...
Boks trashing the Kiwis.
Boks trashing the Auzzies.
Boks trashing the Froggies.
The Bulls trashing you know who,at you know where,by a massive you know what.

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