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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The Return of the Giant

The much anticipated return of Jonah Lomu to professional rugby was the highlight of the Northern Hemisphere rugby weekend. Although Lomu had a solid, rather than spectacular return, it was the event that drew the most attention from the international rugby media.

The critics were in general kind to the giant former All Black great, which is testament to the huge impact this guy made in the game of rugby before a rare kidney illness robbed him and supporters of the game worldwide of this awesome talent.

Gareth Roberts, The Gaurdian:

"Jonah Lomu did nothing to suggest he is remotely near the powers that made him such an awesome force before the kidney illness that threatened his life, but he at least confounded some of the sceptics by lasting an hour of this tough if scrappy contest.”

"The one thing that will have to improve if Lomu is to be able to leave the field at any time with a smile of satisfaction is a dramatic improvement in his most potent weapon - the pace that made his power so irresistible on so many memorable occasions.

"Perhaps this at best efficient performance is the most we should expect from a player who has won the hearts of the sporting fraternity in daring to chase his test ambitions. That this iconic sportsman even managed to get himself in good enough shape to play for an hour at professional level should qualify him for a sporting bravery award.

"Lomu's is a risk that the Blues have opted to share until the end of the season, and in the process he and they have concocted a fascinating scenario. Whether or not it pays off remains to be seen, even if the commercial value to both parties is already a clear winner."

The Telegraph shared similar sentiments but highlighted the lack of pace on Lomu’s return:

"Jonah Lomu's eagerly awaited comeback turned out to be a solid rather than a scintillating performance," said The Telegraph

"For an hour the crowd sat transfixed by the giant former All Black, desperate for a glimpse of the havoc he once wreaked throughout world rugby before illness put his career on hold.

"In the end it was a competent return as Lomu struggled to find the electric pace that had come so effortlessly to him in his pomp.

"Although the Blues are revelling in a spectacular coup it remains to be seen whether the Lomu effect will bring in more bums on seats or points on the board.

"However, Lomu's arrival means that the Blues are departing from this Heineken Cup tie on a wave of optimism unseen for the past five years of European competition.

"It is not only the team but the man himself who will be hoping that it does not turn out to be a five-minute wonder."

Wales on Sunday:

“All eyes were on Lomu though he spent most of the afternoon as an observer as Cardiff got dragged into a forward scrap by the fiery Italian champions.

"He loitered out wide waiting for the ball, though was marked by at least two defenders whenever he came close to it.

"While he remains the biggest name in the game he is no longer the threat he used to be.

"Lomu still possess awesome strength and showed good handling skills with his passing, but the stunning pace has yet to return.

"These are early days and the fact that Lomu was even on the pitch is a remarkable achievement given his nine-year battle with a rare and potentially fatal kidney disorder.

"The biggest plus is that he emerged unscathed from his return and will only get better with more games under his belt."

I for one think it is extremely brave of the big man to make a comeback. He might never be the Lomu we got to know who struck the fear of god into his opponents, but his courage is testament to the character of the guy. Good luck Jonah!

Source: XtraMSN
Original article can be viewed at:,,12416-5133631,00.html
WPW is a token THUG... Black token thug!!!  

Self effacing wpw....

I like that kind of humour.

wpw is a black token thug amongst a bunch of Soutie and Boere thugs.

I hope Lomu does eventually come right.

Man that guy was one of the greatest meteors of the game.

He dominated the 1995 RWC the way Lance Klusener dominated CWC 1999
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