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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Rasberry Awards for Van Rooyen and Saru's PC

Article submitted by Boertjie. And, Yes, he just had to include the section on SEC and SWD, etc. :)

Saru president Brian van Rooyen is named as the "Dodgy deal of the Year" by Argus sportswriter Dale Granger in his annual "Raspberry Awards" for starring roles of incompetence and comedy. In the category "Disservice to SA Rugby" the Saru President's Council is top of the list.

Of Van Rooyen the author says:
"Besides attempting to divert R1 million of SA Rugby's budget for an office in Johannesburg, Van Rooyen tarnished his reputation by trying to drive off with a sponsored SUV."

No mention is made of Van Rooyen's other misdemeanors, e.g. the R150 000 he spent on once-off entertainment of the selected few riders of the rugby gravy train.

The President's Council is described as "the fatcats" who blew R6 million of Saru's budget and "wasted a lot of oxygen by backbiting and bickering their way through the year."

"They gave new meaning to hidden agendas, while making few unselfish decisions for the good of the game."

Under the heading "Honour and Integrity" mention is made of the way Rian Oberholzer had lobbied for Aussie to host the 2003 World Cup. The quid pro quo was that the Aussies would support any future South African bid, only for SA to be stabbed in the back with their vote going to Japan.

The SEC provinces Border, EP and SWD is named "Amateurs of the Year".

"All three ended the year technically bankrupt, having failed as professional sporting entities, and have now been lumped together as the SEC region. In addition the Eastern Cape players received an unwelcome end-of-year bonus when told that they were being made redundant."

Other recipients are:

Media Personality of the Year:
Alastair Campbell for being part of an expensive PR disaster during the Lions tour.

Coaching Calamity of the Year:

Clive Woodward, England's World Cup winning coach for blowing the RFU budget for the Lions tour of New Zealand, "and then sticking with with the old guard, ignoring the credentials of Welsh players who starred in the Six Nations."

Oh dear, Kandas will be hot on your trail, Boertjie!! ;-)

Excellent! How much longer is this man going to be in SA rugby?
For anyone who is bored, here is a site that can be offensive, amusing and titillating all at the same time!

As far as I know there are a few South Africans already - PW Botha, Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Kevin Pietersen, Annelien Kriel, Tanya Fourie....
Oh, and there are few holds barred, so don't visit if language etc is offensive!  
I would have given him the Asshole of the year award for the second time. Seeing that he took it over from Strauli in 2004.  
That is called "balanced reporting"
I don't think we can fault Granger's criticism on the SEC teams. All the more reason for SWD to turn the tide - which I know they will.

I guess BvR will be there as long as there are enough gatkruipers and gravy train riders.
But I will suggest an (SA) President's medal or some top military honour for whomever kicks his ass.
Let's face it, none of the President's Council have covered themselves in glory.

There doesn't appear to have been any concerted effort to reign in Van Rooyen's spending habits.

In fact, like it or lump it but one of Keo's Ten Most Hated, Maarkgraaf, was actually the only guy trying to bring this to the public conscience. Yet everyone went and signed his petition, a petition that I honestly believe drove Maarkgraaf out of rugby.

Lategan wouldn't, couldn't or didn't go public, so I can't include him.

I honestly don't know if Stofile is an honest character, I would hope he is but there are question marks. Is he the guy to take South African rugby forward? I sincerely don't know. It doesn't help him that his brother is the Minister of Sport, a Minister who publically supports the All Blacks and who has shown ambivalent attitudes towards rugby and soccer in SA.

It's difficult. I don't know who stands out anymore within SARU.

What an irony that we'll all be calling for Ali Bacher to be President.

I think your post sums up everything.

Good stories have reached my ears re Mike Stofile. But, like you say, what do we believe?

In the end someone has to take responsibility for the complete communication aspect within SARU.

I can just imagine if you tell them to take responsibility.

They will ask: "Uhm what's that? Can you eat it? If it cost less than R15000 a head we are not interested."
Not just communication - the whole can of worms needs to be opened and the undeserving ones should be fired.
We often moan about government intervention in sport - and rightly so. But perhaps Mike Stofile is the only one that can put this ship back on course; even if it has to be with the aid of his All Black loving brother the minister.
If he does not have the authority or capacity, who has? We all know how the current election process works.
Here is a chance for someone to act even-handed and get the BEST people appointed to run SA Rugby - and bugger trandsformation and demographics if this is the way it has to go. I don't care if they're all pink or blue, as long as they stop shaming the SA rugby public with their total incompetence.

what is going on?

At Keo we used to talk stront this time of night, now we talk rugby. Is this maybe the result of decent articles?
Ja - dis die resultaat van ordentlike stories :-)
Miskien kry Keo en Kie 'n paar idees...
Maar ek hoop om moreaand by te wees vir die strooigesels.

Iets soos:
Die vrou speel gholf en word deur 'n by gesteek. Sy hol na die pro-shop vir hulp.
"Waar het hy jou gesteek?" vra die pro.
"Tussen die eerste en die tweede gaatjie," antwoord sy.
"Mevrou," sĂȘ hy, "jy moet jou bene nader aan mekaar hou as jy slaan."
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