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Friday, December 23, 2005


Other Unions/ Teams: Nobody wants Steady Eddie

Queensland are not rushing to offer Eddie Jones their Super 14 coaching job despite glowing endorsements for the ex-Wallabies mentor from Reds players.

Jones, who was sacked as Australian coach earlier this month, has officially applied to replace Jeff Miller at the Reds following the inaugural Super 14 season.

Reds players have embraced news of Jones's interest in taking over at Ballymore and he has boosted his cause by stating that Queensland has the potential to again be title challengers.

"I don't think Queensland could get anyone better for the coaching job," said prop Greg Holmes, who made his Test debut against France on the Wallabies' ill-fated European tour.

"I think he is a really good coach and personally I know I would be rapt if Eddie got it."

Reds flanker David Croft has also declared that Jones would be "fantastic" at Ballymore.

At least eight candidates, including four from overseas, are believed to be vying for the Reds' head coach role.

Queensland Rugby Union CEO Theo Psaros said a selection panel including current Reds international Ben Tune, former Wallabies Dan Crowley and David Codey plus high performance manager Bob Murphy would interview all applicants.

"He [Jones] has officially applied but like every other applicant he's just now part of the process," Psaros said today.

"We expect to make a decision before the start of Super 14.

"We've got a lot of excellent applicants and it's going to be a tough challenge for our panel.

"We've just got to look at the candidates and we're looking for the best available coach for 2007.

"We're not rushing it because it's such a crucial appointment."

The Reds play a pre-season match at Ballymore on January 21 against the Auckland Blues, who will be in a training camp that week at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

Queensland will travel to New Zealand for another trial game against the Highlanders before the opening Super 14 match with the NSW Waratahs at Suncorp Stadium on February 11.

Submit a WP XV for SA in RWC 2007!!!!!  
The Reds are seemingly.... quite dumb,shockingly....even dumber than some of our most inept franchises.

The S12 finished HOW long ago?
They still haven't figured who they want as coach for the next season...which kicks off in little over a month.

They should take Eddy...I don't think anyone else would want the job.With so little time left to prepare, the bloke who comes in is doomed to fail in '06.Shit, even the Spears are better prepared and they didn't even exsist a month ago.

Quite frankly....we need to turn these well as the newly formed "Western Force".....our whipping boys.
When the history of the S12 comes to be written, the Reds and Bulls will firmly claim bottom feeder status!!

I agree, it is imperative that all SA teams at least beat the Reds.

Actually, it would be damned nice if, this year, SA teams help each other by pulling off some big wins.
Warawarawarawara Ras, we still kicked your arse this year!!!!!  
Howzit all

Whats up
OO, missed you last night but I checked 'the previous thread' and your presence is noted!

So, it's a DF this week!!!

DavidS' Fault!!!!


Count slowly with me;

IN A ROW!!!!! ;-)
Thanks Ras

Ek het dit gelaaik om by die skool weg te bly maar stokkies draai in cyberspace- not my scene.
All fivers starts with 1, and some bombs out at four, but then thats life  



Exactly how old were you when WP won 5 in a row?

Can you even remember?
Sounds like you are showing symtons of the English '66 strain of the flu.

A CC final this millenia is the only cure unfortunately.

Looks like you are screwed.
Make sure you see a lawyer about your Will.

Admittedly, St Pete, fairly young but the memories linger.....

I don't think ANY WP fan will EVER forgive 'that' 75-14 team!!!

They've subjected us to decades of torment, may their souls rot in rugby hell!!
I've just had another read over the S14 schedule on rugby365.

It is not the same one as I saw on Keo a while ago.

The Bulls schedule is different.I seem to remember that they had a bye week before starting their "away" schedule against the Force.Now they do not, they have a bye week while still in SA at the beginning of the tournament.This is a big difference to my mind.Also, we now jump back and forth across the Tasman now, before we did not.And we arrive back to take on the Cats and Crusaders.Won't be a walk in the park against the Crusaders this time.

A lot harder now....semis nonetheless.

All the SA sides have a great opportunity to shoot down the Waratahs and Brumbies in the opening weeks of the tournament and really screw up their seasons as well.3 weeks in SA for those blokes, they'll be crying like babies.
St Pete, have you seen the Boks schedule???

It's a killer!!!

Includes 2 tests at Twickenham.
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