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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Other Unions: Harrison in the dock again

Disgraced former Wallaby lock Justin Harrison has failed to comply with conditions of a sentence handed down to him by a SANZAR Judicial Committee earlier this year, following the racial slurs he hurled at Cats wing Chumani Booi in a Super 12 match between the Waratahs and Cats in Johannesburg in March this year.

Harrison, who has been involved in a number of on-field incidents this year and currently plays for Irish province Ulster, will also appear before an independent European Disciplinary Committee as a result of a citing lodged against him following the Round Four Heineken Cup Pool Four match between Saracens and Ulster at Vicarage Road last Saturday, December 17.

The veteran lock forward was given an "extension" to comply with the orders of the SANZAR hearing, according to a statement issued on Wednesday.

"A SANZAR Judicial Committee comprising of Chairman Terry Willis, Kim Garling and Mick Mathers, met in Sydney today [Wednesday] to consider an application from Justin Harrison relating to his compliance with orders made relating to a sentence imposed on 20 March 2005," the SANZAR statement said.

"The Committee granted Harrison an extension until 1 September 2006 to comply with the 20 March 2005 orders, having considered his commitments to playing Rugby in Ireland."

Back in March, following his racial outburst against Booi, the Judicial Committee suspended Harrison for three Super 12 matches.

Harrison was also fined AU$20,000 (US$14.600) to be paid on or before 31 December 2005. However, the Judicial Committee decided to suspend the payment of the fine upon the condition that Harrison completes his offer to attend an anti-discrimination course, run by the Anti-discrimination Board of NSW, and serve 30 hours community service delivering anti-vilification workshops to Academy Players of the ACTRU, NSWRU, QRU and the Australian Rugby Institute.

But Harrison joined Ulster soon after the completion of the Super 12 season, where the Waratahs lost 35-25 to the Crusaders in the Final.

It means he has not complied with any of the conditions, attended the anti-discrimination course or served his community service.

During the Super 12, following the racial incident in the Cats match, Harrison was again cited for on-field violence - after a bust-up with Highlanders lock Filipo Levi in the game between the Waratahs and the Highlanders on May 1.

Harrison was later cleared on a technicality, with the judicial committee stating that it "accepted that the pursuit of Levi by Harrison was a reaction to a high level of provocation and mistaken identity".

The latest incident involving Harrison came after he was cited for contravention of Law: 10.4 (a) - which states: "A player must not strike an opponent with the fist or arm, including the elbow, shoulder, head or knee(s)."

The independent European Disciplinary Committee will be chaired by Professor Lorne D. Crerar (SRU). Douglas Hunter and Iain Goodall (both SRU) will complete the independent Disciplinary Committee who will hear the citings in Glasgow on Friday, December 23.


province fails the pencil test hands down!!!  
please explain to me how this racist pig is still playing rugby after contravening, which in my view is worse than headbutting a player (especially after the bullshit john smit had to go through in Aus following racist allegations!), by insulting one of our players by insulting him racially?

furthermore, how he can get away from NOT completing or paying his fine or work out his sentence handed down on him?

and now he is cited again???

he should be bloody banned for life!


Give me some good news ... :) I need it.
Agreed PA

Who are those citing commissioners though?

I don't see any South African sounding names on that...

Geez wpw

How the hell can you still remember the pencil test!

That was from the sixties and fities!

Do you even know what the pencil test is boet?

just read the three humour posts that PA and I put out today.

They should cheer you up.

Who do you support of the test unions?

Otherwise here's some news you may not enjoy.

It's exactly a month till the day when the Cats klap the Spears in East London!!!!!

I seriously suggest you go home now, get in the pool, have a beer, tell the little ones that you dont want to be disturbed, relax and deeply think about the Team you support.

The Spears are going to run the kitties snotters!
Too bad this oke is such a dickhead, he could've been a really good lock.I think he left Oz because basically....nobody could stand him?  
Did particularly enjoy his performance against the Lions in the 3rd test in '01.Healy(also a dickhead,possibly bigger) had bad mouthed him in the press.The plank had a great lineout steal against M.Johson at the death to seal the win for Oz.  

healy is by far the biggest dickhead
Ja....I'd agree with that.

The other dickhead extrodinaire would have to be Ben Cohen.
As for St.M....
can't figure out if he is a dickhead or headdick?
What about the scrummie Dawson. he has to be the biggest...  
Go do yourself a favour and go see how messed up Bill Gates's (microsoft) site is! I find it flippen funny that with all the money he can get, he still has the same problems as us normal okes.  

I've had 2002, 2003 and 2004 and 2005 to think about that.

There's some truth to Taureans being 'hardkoppig'

Maybe I like S&M like St Michel, just in a different way though....
ag shit no, you a taurean as well?  
Ja....The Cats/pussies are definately for the submissive S/M crowd.

Aren't the Frogs into all that as well?
Think the Frogs invented it with The famous Marquis De Sade, but the Poms are the ones still into it.

Ja StP

The S&M fans managed to beat the Bulls twice out of three this year.....


Bitterly yes.... and a classic example...
Of course the Lions S/M crowd would defeat the Bulls.Those honest god fearing christian Afrikaaner sorts take one look at those stillettos and whip......and they start running....away....  

Next time we'll pitch up at Loftus in Leather outfits and whips and cuffs

Wonder if Jonathan Kaplan will let us play or if it'll work on the WP?
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