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Friday, December 16, 2005


Other Tournaments: Maoris will walk it....again.

They can formalise whatever they wish but any tournament featuring the New Zealand Maoris only means one thing, you could contribute towards environmental concerns, cut greenhouse emissions and simply send the Churchill Cup to New Zealand via TNT. In what looks to be a lopsided encounter it is hard for your correspondent to envisage any other outcome than the Maoris beating England A, Ireland A beating Canada and Scotland A beating the USA.

Tournament organisers have formalised teams, places and dates for next year's Chruchill Cup.

The competition will include Canada, USA, England A, Scotland A, Ireland A, and the New Zealand Maori.

The six teams will be divided into two pools, a Canada pool and a USA pool, playing each team in their pool before moving to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for the Finals Day at the Commonwealth Stadium. Each team will play a total of three matches in the tournament.

Pool A in San Francisco, USA
Ireland A
NZ Maoris

Pool B in Toronto & Ottawa, Canada
England A
Scotland A

Sat 3rd June
England A v Scotland A, Toronto
USA v Ireland A, San Francisco

Wed 7th June
Canada v Scotland A, Ottawa
USA v NZ Maoris, San Francisco

Sat 10th June
Canada v England A, Toronto
NZ Maoris v Ireland A, San Francisco

Sat 17th
Finals Day, Edmonton
3rd Place Pool A v 3rd Place Pool B
2nd Place Pool A v 2nd Place Pool B
1st Place Pool A v 1st Place Pool B

Rugga World Service

Statistics for New Zealand Maori

Games played: 79, 1.48%
Games won: 48, 60.76%
Games lost: 27, 34.18%
Games drawn: 4, 5.06%
Most wins in a row: 12
Most losses in a row: 4

Teams played: 12, 9.16%
Teams beaten: 10, 83.33%
Teams lost to: 6, 50.00%

Largest points for: 69, 31 - 69
Largest points against: 36, 13 - 36
Largest winning margin: 63, 3 - 66
Largest losing margin: 25, 6 - 31

Total points for: 1,563
Total points against: 1,031

Average points for per game: 19.78
Average points against per game: 13.05
Average points difference: 6.73
They beat the Lions.

If any of these A teams think they're going to compete against the Maoris, they have another thing coming.


I wonder why we don't do something similar?

Would it be conducive to rugby developent among the black communities or would it be perceived as racist.

One cannot help but think that SARU would never be able to sell this concept as a developmental one with their miscommunication department...
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