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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


OTHER SPORT:Proteas put up a brave fight in Perth

This comes from Wesley.

The Proteas, lead by Jacques Rudolph, are putting up a brave display trying to save the first test match at Perth after arch nemesis Shane Warne was among the controversy again, getting a dodgy lbw decision against left hander Ashwell Prince and calling Justin Kemp his bunny. Herschele Gibbs failed to impress yet again. Here's hoping against hope. Story:

Perth - Another contentious umpiring decision gave Australia a late boost just before lunch on the final day of their first Test with South Africa on Tuesday after the tourists had shown early grit in their quest to salvage a draw.

Umpire Billy Doctrove, who wrongly called a no-ball against Proteas paceman Charl Langeveldt in the first innings when he claimed the wicket of double-century maker Brad Hodge while he was on 13, again grabbed the limelight after a disputed lbw decision.

This time it was Ashwell Prince who paid the price after spinner Shane Warne had him trapped in front for eight, although it was not clear the ball would have hit his stumps.

Prince walked back to the changing room shaking his head and with the Proteas at 140 for four at lunch - still 351 runs behind the target to win set by Australia with two full sessions to survive.

South Africa had resumed at 85 for two, still trailing Australia by 406 runs after the home team's massive second innings of 528 for eight (dec).

With any hopes of winning gone, even holding out for a draw seemed like a monumental task for the tourists on a wicket that was starting to deteriorate.

But they dug in grimly, losing the first wicket of the day when Herschelle Gibbs misread a delivery from speedster Brett Lee.

Lee had managed to extract plenty of swing and always looked threatening as he moved the ball away from the right-hander.

Gibbs had done his best to be defiant, sharing the crease with Jacques Rudolph for 51 minutes, but eventually edged Lee to Warne at first slip for 33.

Rudolph, who was drafted into the squad as a replacement for injured allrounder Jacques Kallis, showed plenty of class as he battled to hold his place for the second Test starting in Melbourne on Boxing Day.

He played a chanceless hand but when Warne was brought into the attack he made life very difficult for Prince who had survived two earlier appeals.

At lunch the Australians had bowled 29 of the allocated 90 overs for the day.
Kemp and Rudolph doesn't seem to keen on getting out.Brilliant stuff. Kemp 45* and Rudolph allready 76*. Hope they stick it to the Aussies. Have you seen their strike rates? It's flippen 33%. That must take a lot of patience!  
Shane Warne is a fat tunc.  
Aldo & StP

You'll be happy to know

The batsmen who have gotten out are all WP batsmen

The guys saving us now are both Titans...

And the sonofabitch Aussies take the madatory fifteen.

I thought they only got those if there was a good chance they could win.....
LMAO davidS
You a real stirrer hey...
And which two players dropped more than half of the catches? AB and Kemp each dropped 2. 4 out of 7. that's not good either...

Maak die fielders almal Cobras!!!
Ag fok Kemp....  

And exactly how many games have the shongololos won so far this year?
i dont know what you talking about davidS... lahdadaaaada...whistling as he tries to ignore the statement...

Anyway, did any of you see the nice weather outside? lmao
does anyone know the score? the last i heard it was 250/4. i cant get onto, must be very busy...  
Why did the Ozzies get an extension with still 6 wickets in hand?

Surely there must be some sort of precedent, or have I got it wrong?
it is cos they are the Aussies. everyone seems to be too scared to piss them off...
Ja, I did notice the weather outside.Looks like it's going to be a white Christmas.

Family will be happy.
Come on Rudolph....hit us a 100.

Boucher,don't be a twat!!!!
I couldn't get onto Cricinfo either.

Methinks there is 500 million Indians and Pakistanis tuned in somewhere?
Boucher is making me nervous.

Who's in next....Richie Bands?

you can stream live, also try cricket world for live commentary- SA 5 for 262 rudolph on 89 9 overs remaining
that is  
rudolph 91*  
Oor jou vraag gister: Ja dit is Zahier, ratse jong speler.

St P
No don't think he is a lock, but with WP you never know...
Shongololos! Lmfao

anyway, sad that Kemp is out. Who does the selectors drop to bring back Kallis in the next test. Apparently the choice was between Kemp and Rudolph. Now both of them have hopefully saved our arses, lets not talk to soon though. Still many overs to come. But looks good at least.

I've been listening to the comentary on R2000 when I've had the chance. They tune into ABC radio in Aus. The Aussie cometators are very impressive. Not as one eyed as they've allways been. Our's are quite good as well. Gonna be an enjoyable series from that point of view. The SS commentators aren't as good. I watch the cricket like Davids does his rugby. With the tv's sound of and the radio on R2000.

Oh and before I forget:

"Maak die Titans almal PROTEAS!!!!"
4 for rudolph


de ja vu kallis scoring 101 a couple of years back to save a test too!!!
boucher survives a huge shout - possible out.  
doctrove gave us one back- no warne appeals for everything  
I dont have trouble with cricinfo. You guys need to get faster links!

Try they give the same live scorecard that cricinfo gives. Just a bit slower to update.
If only Richard Bands did come in. I'd like to see that aged gangly git McGrath snarl something at him.

Or maybe pudgy blonde can try calling Richie bands a bunny and see whether the Australian Cricket Board is prepared to send him to the States for reconstructive surgery and, in a delicate 84 hour operation, remove his head from his asshole after Bandsie scrums him into the pitch....


I read in one of Rasputin's articles that the Russians actually go out and play rugby in that shit you're having there!

ten gazillion Indians are glued to cricinfo to catch the match between them and Sri Lanka I think....


dropped catches should carry the death penalty against the Aussies...
Rudolph 95 from 262 balls

SA 272/5

Ek't nog 'n storie gevind.
Nou-net vir jou ge e-mail. Post maar as jy wil...
Ja,I wanted to say the same thing earlier......but let's hope it is not Deja vu.Kallis saved the test for us in Melbourne back in '98.........but we cocked it up again in Sydney in the following match and lost.  
If we survive these last few overs it will to wonders for the confidence, I believe Jacques Rudolph is on his way back to form!  
rudolph 98*  
Rudolph scores 3. 98 not out  
5 overs remaining. Come on Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  
Rudolph onto 98

Off 28 balls

Reminds of Kallis in that test series we had there in 1998/99
smacks warne for 4- rudolph 102*  
well batted young man.  

Sydney is Shane's playpark.

Enter McGill and Warne

Result is

Proteas skittled...always been like that.

Where's the last test? The Gabba or MCG?
Lee is swining the f---ing ball late and reverse like a banana!!!

Damn if Boucher isn't getting continuously lucky.

Eish after Polly the rest really are just bunnies. Please please please!!!
Standing ovation for Jacques Rudolph please.....  
Rudolph 102*. Come's from a four againsit Warne. Brilliantly played Rudolph. Hope this will cement his place in the team.  
Or as cricinfo puts it," Amasing Innings!"  
24 balls to go...

Now Jacquie

Go for your 150!!!!!
This guy has single handedly shown us to not be afraid of batting a whole day against Warne! Brilliant. I'm over the moon for him. He truly deserves it. What a team to come back into the international scene against.  
i reckon gibbs will get the chop, maybe kemp too. if they bring Boje in for Langeveldt they will be making a huge mistake. they can use Rudolph as our spinner, along with Smith. Langeveldt did OK in the 2nd innings.  

Langeveldt could have had 5 in the 2nd innings if we didn't drop catches. Dropping him for Boje would be a travesty.

Anyway, how can they drop Kemp after today?
great news for Rudolph, he is a class act. he wont be dropped, not after this century... And to think the Aussies rate him as our best player...  
Agree wpw. Langeveldt was unlucky not to get a fiver. Also think Gibbs should get kicked under his arse. He needs to start scoring runs and Boje should stay as far away as possible. Think Rudolph was under utilised as a bowler. He's our only good spinner in the entire squad. Boje is a chop!  
Ek gaan nou eers groet, ek wil die laaste deel van die toets kyk.
Now tell me ho mch of a moron the quick is when there are 3 overs left and you're desperate for a wicket.

Then you bowl a bouncer.....

It'll get an opener out at the start of his innings but not an oke who is gritting it out to save the test.

He'll just sway away.

Thanks Brett Lee!
Well wpw, he's proved them to be correct in their judgement! He can almost start beginning to call the Aussies his bunnies. He allways performs agaisnt them. Warne must be getting nightmarish flashbacks to Ceturion before the 2003 WC!  
BTW wpw, how do you like my profile's pic?  
2 Overs remaining. If Boucher gives Rudolph at least 10 of the 12 balls, it's enough for him to score his 150! ;-)  
The best news about Rudolph is..

he is an Eagle- not a Titan- that makes him an Honourory Cheetah!

Go Oranje!!!!

He was born and bred in Pta and only contracted to the Eagles this year. He hasn't even played a game for them yet. Until he does he's a Titan...

12 to go!

He should start chirping Warne and McGrath that they're his bunnies
Bands'll be pissed off that he is not going to get a knock!!  

I'm pissed off Bands isn't getting a knock.

Although he might not understand what it means when the coach tells him to "go and have a knock at them"

He might think he needs to "King Carlos" them....

Bulls steel comes to the rescue again.
We could do with a Bakkies sort opening our bowling as well.

"Aim for the wicket? Are you nuts? I just want to take heads off!!"
Even a hattrick can't save them!!!!!!  
Hey DavidS- its the proffessional era

When he saved SA today- the books will reflect he is an Eagle

but I agree- it will take a while before he will call himself a Free Stater

His wife is studying for medical Doctor at the UFS- so he may be around for a couple of years.

The urban legend has it you only cries twice if you comes to Bloem- when you arrive... and when you leave.

Well done Messr Rudolph and Kemp- you have done all of Saffa's proud.

PS Kemp was born & bred- a Spear? make that a Jumbo Spear!
well i guess no one could've describe rudolph's innings better than the man that tried all day to get him out: "amazing innings" as warne shakes rudolph's hand  
Who's man of hte match? Only two contentenders if you ask me. Either Hodge for his double or Rudolph for the way he gritted his teeth and got himself dug in. Both of them had a huge influence on the game. Rudolph saved it for us and Hodge put Aus in a commanding position.  
What was Rudolph's score?

I am now tired of this: Titans saved the day. When he plays for SA, he is a South African... St.P, stop being like a prick, you really starting to annoy me.

I know he's just arrived in Bloem and he is an Eagle. I'm just pulling your leg.

On Kemp though. He's beeen appointed Titans skipper this season and he's played for them for two seasons after the Jumbos stupidly discarded him...


Saved by Bulls steel while the Shongololos dropped the team!!!!!!

"St.P, stop being like a prick, you really starting to annoy me. "

But it is so much fun.......being "like" a prick!!!!


Bet your fiance doesn't call it a prick......

She calls it MENEER Prick
No....actually in Russian it's called,

So MENEER pishishka then?

Being a Bulls supporter and all that....
pishishka! I'm glad I don't live in Russia, wtf!!! Rather call me a prick than a Pishishka!!!!  
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