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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Other Sport: Warne mocks Murali's 'cheap' wickets

Original article by Andrew Ramsey (The Australian)

The world's leading wicket taker with 650 wickets Shane Warne says he would like to see his record stand "for another 25 years" but doubts if it will happen. At the same time Warne belittles the feats of Sri Lankan Muttiah Muralitharan (578 test wickets) as being "cheap wickets." And for once the controversial Aussie seems to have it right.

Good news for the South Africans is that the Boxing Day wicket at the MCG may not be to Warne's liking if the groundsman is to be believed.

"I saw (MCG curator) Tony Ware the other day and he said he was sick of the Melbourne pitch being a batsman's paradise, so he was going to leave a bit more grass on it, which was very disappointing," Warne said. "I was hoping it was going to be bare, flat and a raging turner."

With up to three innings in which to add to his 2005 tally of 87 wickets, Warne appears likely to substantially exceed the old record of 85 scalps in a calendar year, set by Australian fast bowler Dennis Lillee 24 years ago. But in a less-than-subtle dig at his arch-rival -- Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan -- Warne declared he expected his new benchmark would be overtaken in the very near future because of the number of "cheap" wickets on offer in the Test arena.

"There's a lot more cricket being played these days and you have teams like Zimbabwe and Bangladesh in there, with some teams playing them a lot more (than others). I've never played a Test against Bangladesh and only one against Zimbabwe, but there are some teams out there that play them a lot.

"And some blokes bowl at one end all day against those sort of countries and take lots of wickets. I'm sure that whoever those people are, they might get it (the record) next year."

It doesn't take a sudoku expert or a Da Vinci Code sleuth to work out who "those people" are. Muralitharan has taken more wickets (89) against Test minnows Zimbabwe than any other nation. That he has captured so many from just 14 Tests against the beleaguered African nation adds substance to Warne's observation.

The controversial Sri Lankan's record against Bangladesh is even more remarkable, with 34 wickets at 10.12 runs apiece from four Tests -- an average of more than eight wickets a match.

Warne will have a chance to play his first Tests against Bangladesh when Australia makes its historic first tour of the fledgling Test country in April, shortly after the Sri Lankans visit there to play
two Tests in February.

But he is not planning to revisit his self-imposed exile from one-day international cricket, despite suggestions that his current form would virtually guarantee him a place in Australia's squad for the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies.

Warne attributes his 2005 record (87 wickets from 13 1/2 Tests) to the fact that his body and, more importantly, his overworked right shoulder, have not been subjected to the rigours of the limited-overs circus.

"One of the reasons I'm doing so well in Test cricket is that I'm not playing one-day cricket any more," Warne said. "In one-day cricket (apart from bowling) you need to be good in the field, you need to dive around and have a good, flat throw.

"I hardly throw at all now, so that keeps my shoulder strong."
kak man - your shoulder is sore cause you are a wanker!  
Good one pissant

How 'bout him saying he enjoys test stuff more because he doesn't have to throw himself around so much.

If Melbourne's a grassy pitch, then you don't want to bat first. You want to bowl first, knock them over quickly with our quicks and then bat for two and a half days and get 600 and something and declare. Then leave yourself enough time to go for the jugular.

Bet this is exactly what'll happen to us.
Murali can't help it. Its his culture to have a eye for a good bargain (Cheap wickets)

Seriously, I think Murali throw the bal anyway. He is not near Warne's class.
have faith davids - when last did we win a toss? hmmmm, okay now my comment makes even more sense, the aussies are the best tossers in the world - with warne (the wanker) as their leader!!

seriously - the toss is going to play a major role.
agree brick - however, legal or not, muralli can turn a ball on glass.  
murali probably has a better record vs SA than this wanker... it doesnt surprise me that the Umpires who called him for chucking were all Aussies...  
Yeah PA and so can Stuart McGill and Nathan Hauritz

And these are guys Aussie bowlers face in Sheffield Shield all the time.

Ask yourself if Nicky Boje would be selected to play for a real Sheffeld Shield team?

He'd probably make the Queensland version of the University of Queensland 7th team.... as a lower order batsman and not as a bowler...

Good call on the Aussies calling him for chucking. The only umpires to do so. In fact there was a ridiculous situation in the one ODI where the Aussie umpire at the one end no-balled Murali and the ICCC neutral at the other end didn't!!!!!!!

How pathetic can that be....

He's record against SA is mainly a home record, because, like the Indian spinners he never performs well outside of his hoome turf, but then again, who would want to face Murali on a Galle wicket on the fifth day of a test match....
davidS, i was at work till 11pm last night, had 36 files infested with viruses and got my cousin to sort it out. So i hardly did any work... Today shouldve been my last day, now i have to come in tomorrow morning... i will mail you to let you know how the viruses entered...  
HEY wes

Just now they eneterd via e-mail!!!!

Don't worry our firewall won't let it come through.

In any case, I ran a scan on my pc yesterday and it seemed okay.

In any case, that's what you get for cruising the web looking for sites like

Eish man....

Sorry to hear about extended work. My wife worked four extra days because of some stupid advertising campaign....
When the virus first came thru i had this stupid spyware program which did absolutely jack. so we installed firewall and also an anti virus... i was panicking...

as for, that is donner's favourite site, not mine. lol
By Michael Doman and Babalo Ndenze

Racial insults have been hurled at South Africa's national cricket players in the field during the first Test against Australia in Perth, in incidents condemned by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Ashwell Prince, Garnett Kruger, Shaun Pollock, Justin Kemp and Makhaya Ntini, among others, had the insults "k****r" or "k****r-boetie" shouted at them by spectators.

Some spectators substituted the word "k****r" for "Aussie" in a popular chant used by Australian sports fans around the world.
and when i was at the wanderers to watch the test between us and the racists, a guy with a poster that read "gillchrist - who's your daddy?" was immediately escorted out of the ground...

obviously relevant to the story of gillie's wife cheating on him with another member of the team - standards???? hell what are those?
Anon. First i hear of this. Who did she cheat with? Maybe Michael Slater?
Is he still married to the hoe?
wpw and anon

I remember that incident.

There was a massive crowd and media outcry about it.

There was something that annoyed Gilchrist and one of the other players.

Anyway, the minute they told those Lodge dooses, both were immediately escorted off the grounds. Even the Australian commentators said they thougt that was harsh, but then Lodge Security is not something renowned for its sensitivity or intelligence.
Communication Ability of Lodge

"Drrrnnnggg HuuH?"

"Frow out"

"Stop dat"

That's about it....
Like I said

Those can only be f---ing expats who loved apartheid so much they couldn't bear to live in any place without it so they went to a place that has something similar with their indigenous peoples.

That's just the old them remembering their words. he k***er boetie one was one I've had told to me many times in the far past, but not these days. That can only come from expats....

Why is the comments thingie showing 0 on almost all when there are actually comments?

it was slater, and if you recall, he never played for Aus again...

his wife fell pregnant and stories were doing the rounds that no-one was sure who the father was...

i was sitting a couple of rows from the guys, i thought it was hillarious! needless to say after a couple of pints those security guys were given a lot of stick, so much so that the boss came around and promised they'll go and look for the guys to bring them back. the crowd was very annoyed with the arrogance of these plonkers - a couple of boere wanted to bliksem them.

But that's Lodge for you.

I think Murph can also speak for their capabilities in the intelligence department....

They're real good at telling the little kids trying to get autographs to f--koff (seen that) and chasing okes who invade the pitch (I almost got away) and skopping people out (personal experience)

But not much of anything else...
yeah davids,

i must say they got told off that day - was brilliant. the main c*nt was some brakpan look alike mechanic with the same attitude of "shatap ok or i wil frow you out too" when the guy and his mates got up and said come and f*ckin try.

these boys weren't small - needless to say and went and got his mechanic buddies but by now the whole section of the crowd has seen all of this and got pretty irritated so when this idiot returned with his buddies the whole section stood up and told them to f*ck off.

radios came out and soon there were plenty of guards there - one of the guys in the crowd was an off duty cop and some other guy a lawyer (where you there?) and they basically told the main muncho that they will arrest their asses and sue lodge, the wanderers and everyone involved unless he takes his monkeys and f*cks off.

after the guy pulled out a police badge i think they got a fright of their lives.

i also saw another incident at the same wanderers in a one day game where a boy, no older than about 10 was man handled byb one of these idiots - me and a couple of action cricket buddies just walked in when this happened and needless to say we almost spend the night in jail.

i think the only thing that saved us was this boys dad that came out and threatened to lay a charge against the security guard for assault on his child. funny thing was the security guard then said but we (us) assualted him first and the dad (who was not their even) said he did not see anything and he was there the whole time...hehe.

so i can vouch for these clowns to be complete fuckin idiots who probably got bliksemed in school and now tries and make up for it by bullying kids behind a bloody security gaurd badge.

people like that piss me off.
Can't recall PA.

It may have been because my brother in law is also a cop and he and I usually go together and get lekker dronk in the cheap open stands.

It may have been but I struggle to recall detail of everything I have gotten up to at the Wanderers, except for a one off pitch invasion as a student and getting firmly escorted from the Wanderers....
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