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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Other Sport: Security for Proteas stepped up

The safety surrounding the South African cricketers in Australia would be "tightened considerably" according to manager Muhammad Moosajee. Security personnel at Australian cricket grounds will also be coached to recognise slurs in Afrikaans and other foreign languages.

These steps are taken following the racial slants directed at Protea fielders on the third day of the first test match in Perth. The squad would now be joined by additional security guards everywhere and not just at the stadiums.

Using the same chant as "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie", several players, among them Makhaya Ntini, Ashwell Prince and Garnett Kruger were victims of the chants "Kaffir, Kaffir, Kaffir," while Shaun Pollock and Justin Kemp were told that they were "Kaffir brothers."

Australia has been in the news the past few weeks because of racial tension in Sydney. The team management acknowledged that the players were uneasy because of the prospect of travelling there.

"We will have to lie low and make sure we avoid areas where there possibly could be trouble," said UCB spokesperson Moabi Litheko.

Peter Young, public affairs manager for Cricket Australia, said staff in front of the Inverarity Stand in Perth were aware of the shouting, "but did not know what the words meant".

Sources: Christo Buchner (News24) and Michael Doman (IOL)
"We will have to lie low and make sure we avoid areas where there possibly could be trouble," said UCB spokesperson Moabi Litheko.

I disagree strongly!

Don't lie low! It's the time to be visible and in their faces. They have the duty as hosts to provide protection and take the media flack.
Without being insensitive: This happened only on Day 3. Maybe it was an isolated incident?
Talks about 'lying low' and 'stepped up security' sounds like a bit of over-reaction.
Wow Ras, where did you dig that pic out. Must be almost as old as I am!!!lol

Anyway, I have to agree with boertjie. I think it might have been some Aussies to drunk to even stand, let alone think, that just did some things that they are now, hopefully, ashamed of. Allthough racism must be stamped out, it might be that we're being a bit oversensitive.
i cant remember who said it first - but i also think it was some pissed ex-pat who obviously lost his job to the "swart gevaar" and now hates everything about SA.

tackler, wtf are you doing in Aus you tit?

That was me

My view is that that line of k**er and k***erboetie is so peculiarly South African that only an expat could have come up with it and taught it to the Australians.
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