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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Other Sport: SA 'racially abused' in Perth

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Perth - South Africa's cricket squad has officially complained that some of their players were racially abused by supporters at Perth's Waca ground during the first Test match against Australia.

A statement issued by the team's management late on Tuesday said racial slurs and chants were directed at Ashwell Prince, Garnett Kruger, Shaun Pollock, Justin Kemp and Makhaya Ntini during the third day of the match on Sunday.

The match ended in a draw on Tuesday.

The South Africans said they had complained to International Cricket Council (ICC) match referee Chris Broad as well as John Rhodes, who manages the ICC's Anti-Corruption and Security unit in Australia and New Zealand.

The statement said South African management had asked for better security to prevent any repetition of the abuse during the next two Tests in Melbourne and Sydney.

It said measures had been put in place for the last two days of the Perth Test and the squad had been assured they would remain for the rest of the tour.

The second Test starts in Melbourne on Boxing Day.

"We regard racial abuse in a very strong light. We deplore in the strongest terms the racial abuse by some of the spectators against our players," Cricket South Africa chief executive Gerald Majola was quoted as saying.

"We hope that this will not happen again, and appeal to all to abide by the ICCs anti-racism policy. We thank the relevant authorities for the assurance that the necessary protection for our players for the rest of the tour will be place."

Cricket Australia, the sports governing body here, also issued a statement saying it had a zero tolerance approach to racist behaviour by anyone involved with cricket - including spectators.

It said spectators who made racist comments to other patrons or players would be thrown out of the ground immediately.

"There is no place in Australian cricket for racism, whether it be on or off the field," Cricket Australia public affairs manager Peter Young said.

Young said CA had spoken to the Western Australian Cricket Association after complaints of "unsavoury abuse by a small minority of spectators on Sunday".

The ICC later issied a statement from its headquarters in Dubai condemning the incidents.

"Cricket is an international game which is played by a diverse range of cultures and communities," said ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed.

"Respect for each other is a key component of the game and racist comments have no place in cricket."

Mmmmm, how do I get it to file itself under 'Other Sport'?  

Dont worry - it will be filed once the server is refreshed. That's why it's taking so long for the old articles to be re-indexed. :)

I really wish our press would start getting into these Aussies. It just seems that they get away with everything!!!
Exactly, Kandas!

If this scenario had been reversed it would be given bammer headlines in Aus.

'Nasty apartheid South Africans' yadda yadda yadda.

Sheesh but Aus has had some bad press this year, haven't they?


er....let's try 'banner'.
I see The Australian and West Australian chose to ignore these incidents.
Does not fit the image they try and portray of Sheepshaggers.
lol boertjie. i agree kandas, i was saying the same thing yesterday. none of our press really commented on what happened last week at camp cotton wool... with their swimmers and all...  
So they will only be thrown out of the ground if caught... Why not prosecute them or give them 30min with the players they abused in a room... i can see the cape flats gangster coming out of Gibbs. lol  

The only thing that separates Gibbs from Capes Flat gansta is the cricket clothes.

The oke drives a pimp mobile, rooks boom, listens to gansta rap

He's a truye product of the Cape Flats.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Gansta in Herschelle coming out with some fat beer adled sun burnt Aussie and Herschelle with a cricket bat in hand....

Actually...come to think of it....I'd pay to see something like that....

In fact,I wonder why that Cape Flats mouth doesn't come out when he's sledging the Aussies.

That's be REAL intimidating if he tells them exactly what he's "broertchies" are going to do to them when they come to SA ext year....
So Rasp

You found a rare picture of WP celebrating the fact that they didn't concede more than 40 points against the Bulls in a match....
Well of course the Ozzie press will not give this sort of skirmish much time.They are to busy following the "Nasty Arab folk vs honest down-to-earth Ozzie battle" in down town Sydney.

Am I to understand correctly that the Christians have retaken Jerusalem/Bondi?
By Michael Doman and Babalo Ndenze

Racial insults have been hurled at South Africa's national cricket players in the field during the first Test against Australia in Perth, in incidents condemned by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Ashwell Prince, Garnett Kruger, Shaun Pollock, Justin Kemp and Makhaya Ntini, among others, had the insults "k****r" or "k****r-boetie" shouted at them by spectators.

Some spectators substituted the word "k****r" for "Aussie" in a popular chant used by Australian sports fans around the world.
F--ing hell wpw if that's the truth, the UCB should load our players onto a plane and bring them back home.

That's all the degenerate f---ing expats who moved to Australia bercause they didn't want to share in a non racial society...

so true david. did you have a look at the 1st thread? You'll enjoy  
I saw your comments.

Now I want them to go find those nuclear weapons PW built, dust them off and bomb Perth with them

You are indeed correct. Went somewhat similar to the Paris riots. The inventors of Faternete and Liberte suddenly deciding that being fraternal, brotherly and libertarian with people who are different didn't suit them anymore....

Ozzies stunned because they suddenly saw their own youths don't buy into the brotherhood of Australia myth either.

However soeking kak with Lebs may not be such a hot idea....

Mostly Lebs who got moered by 'white youths'..... probably expat South Africans' kids.....

Unfortunately when situatuions of this nature arise,"Rascism" is the reason.....or so people would love to believe.

The real issue get's neatly brushed under the carpet.

The French(and English,Germans and Ozzies) it seems have a problem with the amount of immigrants and political refugees moving to France, gladly accepting a new passport and all the benifits that comne with it and yet offer nothing to the general community in return.They would gladly wave their passports, shout blue murder over their newly acquired rights....yet continue to live life as if they were in downtown Kurdistan.

Icons, like Thierry Henry and Zidane for example....who are the perfect examples of "new French" and revered by ALL FRENCH ,naively,in my opinion......climb on the racial bandwagon without taking a good look at the situation.(Not to be confused with blatant racial chanting from the terraces of Italy and the likes)

Just recently there was a court case in Germany where a young 21 year old Kurdish woman was shot dead by her brothers at a bus stop.The girl refused to go along with her fathers pre-arranged marriage idea and decided to move out.This is a "new" German family.The brothers lawyers are argueing that in "their" culture the shame is unbearable and it is the fathers/families right to put the girl to death.

The judge gave them the middle finger....something to the extent of...."it may be your right in Kurdistan but here in Germany, every individual has rights....not only the men"

This is just one example of the general mindset of many of the immigrants.Only German/French when it is financially or sociably convienient.

I know a lot of Germans and French blokes from my line of work, real liberalists in my opinion, who are becoming increasingly disenchanted with their own current liberal laws.....hence the increasingly massive far right support for some real nutjobs like LePen and the likes.Basically they want all the immigration laws reviewed.In England,I understand that the government is now giving "Englishness" leasons to new immigrants and a final test to pass before passports are handed out.All in an effort to get these new Englishmen to contribute to the local community and workforce.

As for Australia, a tourist needs to walk no further than China Town in Sydney to find people that are Australian, have been for decades.......and yet can't speak a word of English.

Again, as is the modus operandai and popular course of action........racism is the easily explained theory.Disgruntled locals see immigrants of a different color or religion, abused immigrants see racist locals...............the issue becomes forgotten and remains unsolved.

Another interesting point is that when I was living in London in the mid-nineties,I was sharing with 3 other people, 1 of which was a middle aged black woman of Jamaican decent.Now, the Metropolitan police had come under fire in the press lately and the chief of police came on the telly with a plan how his force where going to rectify the situation and a whole bunch of statistics,yadyadayada.......the one statistic he had was that 80% of the crime being committed(and obviously caught) was black youths from Brixton.Now understand, from what I saw....there was no seemingly underlying tone when this info was delivered.....they were just bland statistics.

Well, this woman started bitching blue murder....The Police are racist pigs, trying to put black people down, incorrect,yaddyadda,whatever.

Again, the real issue being that crime in London was increasing was neatly forgotten.Possibly it is an ego thing?

Personally, my opinion is that immigrants have to be prepared to adopt their new country wholeheartedly and not just a new passport.

I would expect a new immigrant to SA to start supporting the Boks.

Go to Germany and ask a Turkish immigrant who he supports.

I'll bet my house it is not Germany.Not to much thought required to figure out the reason for current riots worldwide.

Can't we all just get along?
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