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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Other Sport: McGrath blames flat WACA track

Australian paceman Glenn McGrath has defended captain Ricky Ponting's late declaration during the first cricket Test against South Africa in Perth.

Ponting has come under fire for holding off on a declaration to allow Brad Hodge to reach his double century.

The Australian captain admitted yesterday that he had hoped to give his bowlers a "nasty little session" at the Proteas before tea on the fourth day, but was swayed when Hodge raced towards his double century.

Ponting has previously criticised West Indian skipper Brian Lara for delaying declarations in favour of allowing batsmen to reach milestones.

McGrath said the decision to allow Hodge to reach the milestone was not one Ponting took in isolation.

"Every guy in the team wanted Hodgy to go on and get that double hundred," he said.
"Ricky did float it around the boys, so it wasn't a decision he made by himself, all the guys were happy."

McGrath blamed the drawn match on an unusually benign WACA pitch, and some good batting from the South Africans.

"We bowled and fielded pretty well," he said.

"To bowl 130 overs and only really create five chances, maybe the odd run out, it means they've batted pretty well and it means the wicket's a pretty good wicket to bat on."

McGrath said he hoped the flat WACA pitch was simply the result of a new curator coming to grips with the ground.

He added that he was concerned wickets around the country were showing signs of losing their traditional characteristics, while the drop-in wicket for the MCG Boxing Day Test remained an unknown quantity.

"Hopefully there'll be a little bit in it for the quicks," he said.

"You look at the wickets around Australia, the thing that disappoints me the most, I guess, is a lot of wickets are losing their character.

"The wicket yesterday was not your normal WACA wicket and I think it would be disappointing if all wickets around Australia were identical."

Ponting pays tribute to Rudolph and Kemp.

"That innings by Rudolph was a very, very good innings," he said.

"Considering he had to face a fair bit of Shane (Warne) from around the wicket into the foot marks he played very well."

But South African captain Graeme Smith believed the Australians had ruined any chance of a result by taking so long to declare.

"A day and a session to chase 500 doesn't give you a lot of options to go and win a game," he said.

"So he cut out any way that we could win.
"We got close to 300 without really pushing ourselves at any stage so I think 350 to 400 would have given us an opportunity if we had batted well."

Rudolph's performance left the South Africans with an abundance of talent to pick from going into the remaining tests with injured all-rounder Jacques Kallis ready to play in Melbourne on Boxing Day while spinner Nicky Boje is also likely to start.
"There's quite a few things on offer, quite a few options available to us," Smith said.

"Obviously we need to see the wicket and see what were going to face in Melbourne."

Both teams headed for Melbourne on Wednesday.

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Here we go with these moaners... What the hell is there problem? They couldnt even beat us when we drop 7 catches and have dodgy umpiring decisions vs us.
Now they blame the pitch... If the pitch was so flat, why could Lee, Ntini and Langeveldt get wickets? McGrath is a poofter!!!
Oh, and before i forget, davidS loves black women with big asses  
LOL Wes  
Im surprised they actually gave some credit to our batsmen,those arrogan plonkers dont often have anything decent to say about other teams, but the 7 drops are still bothering me deeply.Even @ my rundown primary school we were taught "catches win matches"!  
Damn Wes

That's not even an insult.

Black chicks can have some seriously sexy booty on them.....

McGrath and Ponting are just trying to live up to the hype of their own press. Both of them are sitting with their cocks on the same block as Eddie Jones with an axe hovering menacingly so any excuse to delay the chop...

If the Aussies don't beat us at Melbourne and don't win this series we'll see a completely new team come to tour here in March....

McGrath and Warne are likely to be put out to pasture and Ponting may find the captaincy fluttering off to someone else...
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