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Monday, December 19, 2005


Other Sport: Alonso Shocks The World of F1

The following article appeared on News24. You can visit them at

In news I am sure will please Orakel, Fernando Alonso has stunned the Formula One world after announcing that he will quit Renault for McLaren in 2007.

London - The British-based team's announcement that it has secured the services of the hottest property in motor sport came just days after McLaren revealed that they are to be backed by mobile phone giant Vodafone from January 2007.

Alonso said: "To become part of a team with such a desire to succeed and passion for performance is a dream come true for any Formula One driver.

"It will be a new beginning for me and a tremendous challenge and from what I have heard about this exciting new partnership there is something to look forward to.

"Obviously I will be sad to leave Renault but sometimes possibilities come along which are just too good to miss.

"I'm pleased that we are able to make this announcement already now as it will allow my current team and I to focus 100% on defending the world championships next year."

McLaren boss Ron Dennis added: "Its great that our strong belief in the strength and competitiveness of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes package has been further endorsed by the world champion.

Vodafone withdrew from their 23-million-pound-a-year deal with Ferrari this year and will back McLaren from 2007.

"We always make it clear that we want to be the best and the only way of achieving this objective is by attracting the best people, the best drivers and the best sponsors."

McLaren's announcement means that they will have to part company with one of their two current drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Dennis said he had begun talks with both drivers about what would happen once Alonso arrives and hinted that they will effectively be racing for their jobs next season.

"Our aim for next year remains absolutely clear to everybody within the team -- we want to win races and be in a position where we might have two Formula One world champions driving for McLaren Mercedes in 2007,"
Dennis said.

Alonso's seven Grand Prix wins made him the youngest driver at 24 to win the Formula One world championship this year and broke the Ferrari and Michael Schumacher monopoly.

Renault also wrapped up the constructors' title depriving the Italian powerhouse of the crown it had made its own since 1999.

Raikkonen also won seven Grands Prix for McLaren in 2005 but McLaren have not won the world title since Mika Hakkinen's second championship in 1999.

They won three world titles with Ayrton Senna and three with Alain Prost when they dominated Formula One from 1985 to 1991.

They also won the world title with Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittipaldi and James Hunt.

Kak career move I think

Kimi is the blue eyed boy and there are real driver positions of a No 1 and No 2 driver at McLaren.

My guess is the crazy Columbian gets the boot.

Could hamper Alonso, especially if there suddenly come team orders and the team goes for Kimi.

Should have stuck to Renault.

This could be like taking up the Rubens slot at Ferrarri. A dead end career move where you are forever delegated to No. 2 in your team.
interesting indeed davids - but you have to ask yourself, can the make the world champ the number 2 driver - i think not - and i also do not think he would have accepted an offer if he was told you will be the no. 2 driver...

i also think the crazy columbian is getting the boot - but kimi is moving down imo.

watch out for the crazy columbian joining ferarri!!! man can you imagine that - i know there is no love lost between him and schumacher!!!
That crazy columbian is one of the few emotional drivers left in F1.

He drives on passion and not brains.

No way Michael will stand for that I can tell you.

I quite like the crazy Columbian. He reminds me of people like Gilles Villeneuve, Jon Alesi, Nigel Mansell. Guys who drove with their hearts on the edeg all the time. Kimiko Sato is also like that. I prefer them above guys like Schumacher and Raikonnen.

I can see why reality wise Raikonnen would be relegated. He drovethe ebst car of 2005 and still couldn't beat Alonso. Tells you all you need to know about Fernando really. Like a young Michael Schumacher at Bennetton beating big names at Williams Renault and McLaren Honda with an inferior car.
Howzit guys


I received no call yet :)
There are hardcore rumours that Ferrari has signed a one way option on Raikkonen for 2007 and beyond.

This is Ron Dennis's way of giving them all the bird.

There is no team order policy at Mclaren- remember Lauda/Prost &Senna/Prost.

The best Mclaren driver will get the most out of the car.

The silver bullet was just a very fast & fragile car in 2005- that is not Kimi's mistake.

the bad news for the boys from Woking is that Adrian Newey has left for RBR.

My prediction is that Valentino Rossi will drive for Ferrari with Massa in 2007- Montoya will be at Red Bull or Toyota and Mclaren will sit with Raikkonen & Alonso

Just watch the other Renault enginners defect to Mclaren- Bob Bell- is anyway an ex Mclaren man and most people believe that he is the real genius behind the Renault chassis and not Mike Gascoine.

But- time will tell. Thanks PA
The crasy colmubian isn't a F1 driver. He should drive stock cars at Mahem on a Saturday night with a huge amount of Drunks cheering him on as he crashes into the other cars. He's not worthy of F1.  
Apparently F1 isn't to popular on this site. Almost no posts  
i guess so
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