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Monday, December 12, 2005


No Vote No Test

Article submitted by Wesley.

KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union president Oregan Hoskins is seething after he was told that the Absa Stadium is facing the prospect of not being awarded a Tri-Nations Test match next year.

Even though the Tri-Nations series has been expanded by two extra rounds, Durban will not get one of the plum Test matches which are scheduled to go to Pretoria (All Blacks), Rustenberg (All Blacks) and Johannesburg (Australia).

With Springbok Test matches against teams from the antipodes being sell-out occasions, the Sharks stand to miss out on a small fortune.

The Sharks are likely to get one of the Scottish internationals, with Newlands in Cape Town hosting the French.

The other venue for the Scots' visit is yet to be finalised.

"We are highly annoyed about the prospect of not having a Tri-Nations game," said an irate Hoskins.

"Since the inception of the Tri-Nations in 1996 we have hosted a game every alternate year and don't see why we shouldn't have one this year," he added.

This year the Absa Stadium was awarded the French game and in 2004 the crunch Tri-Nations clash against the Wallabies was held in Durban.

If the Sharks miss out on a match against one of the traditional powers in world rugby, this will impact on suite and season-ticket sales.

It is believed that the Sharks, along with Free State, are being snubbed because the provinces tried to get a motion of no confidence passed against South African Rugby Union president Brian van Rooyen earlier this year.

The Leopards union, who have supported the president in the past, seem to have been rewarded for their loyalty with the All Blacks game.

Even though there is no rugby stadium in the region which has the capacity to host an international fixture, the Royal Bafokeng Stadium, better known for soccer, is being punted as the venue.

However, Hoskins said all hope had not been lost and the Sharks leadership were trying to meet with Van Rooyen to reach a solution.

"We have asked SA Rugby for an audience and are hoping to meet with them in the next few days before things are finalised," Hoskins said.

The Springboks' Test-match schedule should be finalised next Monday.
They've got it all wrong, it's because they don't have dragons at their field.  
Anyway, back to the article. I think the sharks should wake up and start realinsing that in a professional era, your performance on the field gives you points. You need to show that you deserve a test match with onfield performances. You guys allready steal enoguh of KZN's money with your pisspoor perfomances at ABSA Stadium.  
No Pointzs no Super 14 side !  
show me the money!

well i am undecided on whether taking huge test matches like the AB's to the 'platteland'.

maybe a scottish international would have been a good call to see what type of turn out there would be.

but then again, can you imagine the blacks kakking themselves having to go to rustenburg, which is even higher above sea level than JHB?

i dont know.......

I think playing the AB's in Potch is a great idea. They have been treated good for way to long. They deserve to get the same treatment that all our players get when they go overseas. Now we just need to book them into a 1 star B&B as well.
lol Murph, I see Robd's posted on some thread, he's going to kick your arse for that post!  
We're getting good at tokenism

We have a token black oke in wpw

Now we have a token Sharks fan!

The Royal Bafokeng is a bloody nice stadium and the Bafana Bafana have played a couple of games there.

Climate wise it should be our equivalent of the Boks playing at Dunedin. It is f---ing hot yearround, at HIGH HIGH altitude and the fans will be fanatically Bok supporters.

I can't think of a better way of thanking the All Blacks for scheduling a match against us in Arctic Dunedin.

Anyway, in 2003, Ellispark also only got one test match and that was against Snotland, and one of the rare games where we won while under the reign of Rudolphus the Insane.

Besides the Sharks should be punished fro bringing Rudolph back to South Africa alive in anything leg irons to face charges of gross crimes against humanity, i.e. the agony and torture he inflicted on all Bok fans during his tenure.
Howzit guys?

How was the weekend?
Our end of yr function was not so gr8 for meself. Was sea-sick for about the whole trip... And i was the only one...

Anyway, did anyone other than kandas watch the 7's semi we lost and would like to get your views...
LMAO DavidS. Just read your comment now bout the 'token black oke'... LMAO.

You guys!!! lol

i guess you know me well enuf by now that i would find it funny instead of reacting like a few other muppits like eugene or seepo... lol

Oh, and by the way, you all are a bunch of 'boere thugs'... except for Rasputin

Please inform me why I am a typical "boere Thug" and then why Ras is not ;-)
Cos Ras is a soutie isnt he? As for you being a 'boere thug', i dont mean to offend you. it's something that started a few weeks back on keo. Vinnie called Japie Mulder a boere thug for his tackle on DWB and it carried on from there. lol.
I'm sure Ras said that he is married to an Afrikaanse Poppie. lol. That is why i thought he is a soutie...

Dont worry about the boere thug thingy, it's kandas' fault...lmao

We're all boere thugs

Robd is the token Sharks supporter

WPW is the token black face


Thanks for seeing it as a joke. I thought it was a bit risque, but I trusted your sense of humour...

Our Yearend function may have been slightly better than yours because it was on dry land, but that's the only difference....

I haven't heard Kandas say a single thing about the 7's. As someone who should have been there as Ruggaworld's exclusive man on the spot I expected at least three scoops on the other rugby sites. Shocking. Really shocking.


You're a mielievreter. You're from Bloem. You support Vrystaat.

Yep, them credentials make you a typical boere thug by default.

So is Ras an afrikaner? i really thought he was soutie... I reckon he is gonna crap on me about thinking his ancestors are
Nee sies man, hier dog ek, ek is 'n racist pig! Ek het mos Vrydag gese ek voel vuil en verneder om 'n boerethug genoem te word! ;-)  
Let me go have some lunch... till later.  
OO, I fall in Wes's "Soutie Thug" category!!! ;-)

I'm the token Soutie...
Youre not alone Ras, PissAnt's also a soutie. We need to work on the demography of this site. We need at least 50% black people otherwise they'll close us down! (just a joke in case anyone was wondering)  
So guys let this site be a "Thuggin" good site then..

mielievreter.... my ass!
aldo, i can always invite a few guys who will be happy to be BEE tokens on this site. How about Eugene(andre Hough's agent), seepo, Gareth, dre, flo, 3rd, BBOB? lol

There will be war on this site everyday...

Thugging good Site indeed! Okay nes jy wil, as jy nie 'n mielie vreter is nie, dan is jy 'n mieliepap vreter!
No wpw, please. We dont want to turn this site into where the tempers flare all the time. You said yourself the other day that we went over the top a bit. I like the senseless banter on this site just the way it is.  
i know aldo. there is no way i will invite any of those guys, i prefer it that way too. I dont have any of their email addresses in any case and dont get along with 3rdday. Not that i dont get along with him, he is just over the top basically...

where's my other boere thug friend, donner?
Nothing new here.
Happens all the time.
Politicians back the wrong bloke and end up being Consulate General in Uzbekistan instead of Chancellor of the Exchequer,etc....

Sharks backed the wrong horse......bummer.
Now they must pay-literally.
I agree, St Pete, and you can bet your boots it doesn't just happen within SA rugby circles.

I'm sure it would happen in NZ or Aus as well.

Can't happen in England though - all tests played at Twickenham, which the ERFU own! Kup wykorzystywany. rozrywki internetowego moga byc bardzo drogie, czasami polewa piecdziesiat dolarów. To moze byc trudne stycznosc, jesli spedzic tak wiele gotówki jedynie do odwiedzenia ustalenia, iz nie zaakceptowac uwielbiasz gry. Jesli nabywasz wykorzystywany, moze stac sie mógl otrzymac 25 % do odwiedzenia piecdziesiat procent wykluczyc sposród rozrywki, która Cie ciekawi Uzyskac przy ksztalcie z grami internetowego. Duzo konsol istnieja teraz interaktywne oraz uzytkowac obroty ciala. Jezeli nudzi z robienia rutynowych albo nie zaakceptowac posiadasz jeszcze konta, wkladac w zabawy internetowego oraz dostac sie do ukladu. Odnajda sie swietnie bawic oraz sie w uklad wszelkie w raz. Sie pograzyc sie w pre-owned sektorze konsol internetowego. Mnóstwo zawodników zakupi gre oraz ukonczyc gre dosyc szybko. Duzo sklepów umozliwiaja ów gry, które maja okazac sie obiektem ruchu, natomiast w nastepnej kolejnosci wyprzedawac je na obnizonej cenie. Jest to moze stac sie najbardziej oplacalnym sposobem, aby uzyskac nowsze rozrywki bez ogromnych kosztów. Nim maluch gra gry [url=]gry[/url] przez internet, rozrywki sie. Nie powinno sie uzyc ESRB ocen i wyrazenie innym. Nie moze okazac sie zawartosc w grze, ze naprawde nie chce narazac dziecka na, a wylacznym pomyslem, bedziesz rozumiec, wydaje sie byc rozrywka na krótko glówny. Zabawy preorder jesli oferuja rabaty na kupno. Mozesz posiadac najnowsza gre, gdy to wyplywa oraz przyoszczedzic pieniazki w wartosci lub uzyskac inne specjalne przywileje w trakcie preorder jest to. Przetestuj miejscowych sklepach rozrywki lub sklepów internetowego, by zdobyc najlepsza oferte na preordered konsol przez internet. Jezeli masz potomstwo, zapoznaj sie sposród ESRB ratingi zabawy internetowego przed osiagnieciem kupna na rzecz mlodzienca. Wiele gier obejmuje pare niezwykle krwawe momenty oraz / lub wulgarny jezyk i seksualne insynuacje. Jesli obawiasz sie maluszka doswiadcza tychze kwestii, nauczyc sie systemu klasyfikacji oraz kupic odpowiednio. Wybielic ekran. Uciecha osadzona przy ciemnej jaskini lub przepuszczony budynek, który byc moze zrobic na rzecz swietna aura, ale nie zaakceptowac czyni nic, aby zdobyc efekty. Odcienie lacza sie ze soba i powoduja, ze ciezko zauwazyc wrogów, pozwalajac dywanom w pelzanie sie w ciebie. Jezeli nie zaakceptowac przeszkadza blogi spadek do rozrywki w dotyk, podkrecic nieskazitelnosc. Owo spowoduje, ze odcienie prostsze do odwiedzenia rozróznienia, a mozesz zauwazyc swych przeciwników, zanim cie u nas. Wyszukaj najwazniejsza oferte na rzecz gier online przez internetowe wyszukiwarki. Duzo razy, to najkorzystniejsze miejsce, by w rozrywki przez internet bez rozbijania banku. Zdolasz dostac gre, bedaca po prostu w jaki sposób nowy, bez swiezej wartosci. Zabawy sa drogie, natomiast owo najkorzystniejszy sposób dzieki zaoszczedzenie kasy dzieki nich. Kiedy rozrywka wydaje sie byc darem, w kazdej sytuacji patrzec dzieki Segmentacja ESRB, szczególnie, kiedy nabywasz dla maluszka. Ocena ów wspomoze Tobie zrozumiec, na jakim pulapie wieku rozrywka wydaje sie byc najbardziej odpowiedni na rzecz i umozliwi Ci wiedziec, lub gra wydaje sie byc brutalne. Jest to ma mozliwosc wreszcie wspomóc okreslic, badz pragniesz nabyc gre.  
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