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Monday, December 12, 2005


More million rand sponsors back Spears rugby

Author: Mark Carrels

THE South Eastern Cape Super 14 franchise yesterday received letters of intent from three more prospective sponsors in offers estimated to be worth about R15-million.

Southern Spears CEO Tony McKeever said a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement prevented him from disclosing the exact amount and the sponsors’ names.

McKeever said that the Spears needed about R50-million annually to meet financial obligations.

This amount would be divided of which R15-million was planned to be secured from the “the main sponsors”.

It was planned that a further five sponsors would commit R3-million each, and 10 other sponsors would provide R2-million each.

“To date all 13 other teams in the Super 14 have already spent about R150-million in total which puts things in perspective,” said McKeever.

“As of next month we will start negotiations on a payment agreement with our title sponsors.”

Algoa FM has already agreed to sponsor the team with R3-million.

McKeever said the contracts for the final squad of 24 players who were chosen after last night’s trials in George were being finalised. Four places are still up for grabs though.

“I am happy and absolutely delighted with the efforts by the community and the sponsors to support the franchise,” said McKeever.

He said players’ salaries would form the bulk of the SEC franchise’s expenses once the squad had been finalised.

The complement of 50 management staff members also did not come cheaply, he said.
Dragons to get speared!

Fuck if this goes on, they'll have more money to spend on players than the other unions combined!
Why R50 mil a year?


Even more than the Boks it seems.
good news for the spiese.  
Nothing against McKeever or the Spears but I'll believe all the figures when they are signed, sealed and delivered!

In the interim, McKeever is doing his job, ensuring the Spears get media attention and delivering good news soundbites.

Think about it, we've heard more from the Spears than from any other franchises combined!

He knows that he has to keep the interest levels high and constantly grab media attention.
I'm also wanting to ask that question Donner.

Personally I think it's because the franchise is separate from the three provinces.

In the other franchises they have an existing main union who basically runs the S12 show.

Here they are setting up the whole thing from scratch, although I'm thinking that at some time they will be assimilating people from the other three unions won't they?
Doing a good job too Ras

Although, most of this news is from EC sources. I ahven't seen anything in the local Gauteng papers.

Everybody knows that. I'm his biggest fan, and those bums are so tight, Oh my Gosh, I'd love to be a father to his children! ;-)
Yeah, I was thinking that too, David.

Obviously he needs the 'mainstream' media to start picking up on these articles.

I get a little stressed with the SA media sometimes, they need to assist sports by giving them a nudge sometimes as well as simply reporting the news.

Still, it's a good sign that the local EC media are getting involved.
I wonder if sometimes the media attention, or lack thereof, is dictated by whom owns whom?

SA business circles can be a little incestuous at times and all kinds of interests are bundled within the same pyramid.

Perhaps it doesn't suit a media outlet, owned by one corporation, to give media attention to an entity that may be sponsored or owned by a competing company?

The wonders of globalisation!
yup rasp,

i dont even just wonder about that - for me it is fact and as clear as daylight. the media like everyone else serve their own interests
By the way, WPW is a token Western Province thug who loves Geo Cronje!  
LMAO rasputin.

I see all the whitey thugs are ganging up against the token brownie...LOL

just remember, die wiel draai...
WPW, did you see the pic of Tackler and St Michel at the bottom of the home page?  
I see you aren't to stupid wpw. I would've said Boere thugs, without rememberring that Rasputin and PissAnt aren't Boere. Shit the token whitey is outclassing this boere thug!  
yes i did notice. they looked like 2 poor whites. lol
Guys, i'm off. Cheers till tomorrow.
I meant the token Brownie is outclassing the Boere thug, looks like it's not to difficult!  
En ons is almal F@KKEN MAL!!!!!!!!  
Donner ??????  
Aldo ???????  

I thought you were WP too?

My wife works with the media all the time and that is exactly the way it is Rasp.


Her company starts to market a new product. They want to advertise in shopping centres. Their competitor's penson fund runs the shopping centre so refuses to give them consent to set up a little stall even though they allow beggars too sit at the entrances.

I worked on the contract betwen Coke and Easterns Cricket. Part of the contract was a two page prohibition on Easterns to even ALLOW another maker's soft drink onto their premises.

Now because of that contract, a certain newspaper group had a massive advertising deal with a competitor and refused to cover Easterns Cricket!!!!!!!


Waar de duiwel was jy vandag?
Hoekom se jy ons is almal mal, Donner?  
Cheers all of you. I'm going home to go eat a massive supper, f@ck, I can't believe how hungry I am!  

Yip for my sins I'm a Western Province supporter!!


I'm a token Soutie Western Province supporter! Oooops, PA is also a WP supporter. See, it's obvious who the guys with class are!
Ja, so aldo and I are the lone Gauteng thugs!  
Maybe we'll get some poll software up here some time and find out exactly who supports who.

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