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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Moans lives up to his name

Former Wobbly coach Eddie Jones is living up to his nickname yet again.

In an interview with The Sun Herald, Jones expressed his obvious disappointment in the ARU accusing them of having no integrity. "You'd think that after I'd coached the Wallabies for four years they would at least sit down with me and go through the issues and give me a chance to present my case," he said. "That wasn't done. They're entitled to do that but if you talk about rugby being a game about mateship, honesty and integrity, none of those things have shone through with the ARU."

Somehow Jones is also bemused by the fact that the ARU is not interested in building a team, but more on the performances of the National team week in and week out.

Uhm, duh Eddy, rugby is a professional sport in the end mate! Results count, not promises.

Nucifora is the right man for the job

Jones believes David Nucifora, the Auckland Blues coach, is the right man for the job. "They've made it quite clear they're not interested in developing a team, just performances - so they should pick the coach who has the highest winning percentage," Jones said.

"They've said to me the reason I'm not in the job is performance. If that's the case, they must get the most successful coach available in Australia. That guy must get the job."

Asked if he was endorsing Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie, Jones said bluntly: "He doesn't have the best record."

While McKenzie is considered the favourite to replace Jones, it is understood Nucifora - who is to coach the Auckland Blues in the Super 14 next season - is a chance should he get the support of the three Queensland board members on the ARU.

Gregan is still the man

Asked whether his persistance with Gregan might have cost him his job, Jones said: "That's not right. The loyalty I have is to performance. Some of the comments about George have been right out of kilter and not in line with any true observation of how he's playing."

Well Eddie, I must be honest, personally I will miss your mug on the TV when you get another snotting. But it is not all doom and gloom, sources suggest his payout, (he still has 2 years left on his contract) is estimated in the region of $600,000.00.

Enjoy the holiday in Japan Eddie! I am sure we have not seen the last of you!


Moans suck Dragon titties!  
Well the guy does have a point. If you want to be professional you have to be in all aspects. It is not unfair of him to expect the ARU to at least discuss the situation before canning him.

This is going to cost the ARU dearly over the long term.
agreed donner,

i will maintain this guy would have put one helluva aussie squad on the park in 2007.

I see you also have the pictures of the new Bok jersey!
I dont care if the Aussies lose all their games, they're a bunch of tossers!  
nice hey!  
Very nice indeed!  
Shame man

I actually feel sorry for him. He's lost key players and not just one or two. He's lost numerous key players and sure it'sa professional sport, but hell man give the guy a break. Just because Japan's committed to performance doesn't mean they get to win every game they play do they?

Poor Moans and I think he actually has a point where they should have discussed things with him before making him walk the plank.
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