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Thursday, December 15, 2005


McKeever: The Key to McKeever

Questions and answers session(s) with Tony McKeever, CEO of The Southern Spears. Mr. McKeever will visit us from time to time to answer your questions and discuss with you all the reasons why The Spears will be the Super 14 Champions in 2007 and 2008 and ...

Tony, from all of us at Rugga World, thank you very much for your time and the fact that you are prepared to enter into discussions with us.


Here goes...........denuded by the sharp minds of rugby junkies.

What quaestion do you want answered?

No - ISC are not the Title Sponsors - that is under negotiation

OORB Q # 3 to TMC

What is your view on Rugby Union analysis and the use of technology in your franchise.

Technology is an essential tool - but not at diminishing the skill set and reflexes of the rugby talent - this needs to enhance their synapses.

Will IT be used to link the 4 entities at operational level?

Yes - as this will be the players pool or well to which we will go to on numerous occasions.

To DavidS:

The Spears will use the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Field and Sports Academy facilities - I am in discussions to demolish and build a Home of the Spears that will be a multi-purpose facility for cinderella sports and lifestyle activities synonymous with rugby.

OORB # 5 to TMc

Do you have a vacant post for a Technical Analyst?

Yes - see


The Spears brand must be a brand for the People - A People's Team
If you want any tickets for the 14th January or 21st January - JUST ASK - But wear RED

This team that you say is inexperienced - have tested as good as the "best" in South Africa in Speed - Fitness - Strength - Conditioning & Endurance.
The missing component is mental - but that comes with a full stand of People's Team supporters - my target is 30,000 on the 14th January and we are half way there already.
The mental approach also exposes a vulnerability to the high profile names - as every one is wont to throw up - their mental state is more fragile - not stronger - than our Spears.


Just signed on - trying to work out how to use this stuff

Oranje Orakel: Hi Tony. As a Cheetah fan, I must compliment you with the Roll-out of the Spears Brand.

It impresses me and I wish you, your management team, the players and the fans the best of luck for the future. I see that the other areas is mostly covered.

Kandas: No problem. :)

Some of the guys on this site think that EVERYTHING that goes wrong is Kandas' Fault. From there the KF. They learn quickly though.

Thanking for answering our questions.

Feel free to give us more info though. Some of the guys on this site, ironically, are quite good at spreading the good news.

Oranje Orakel: Tony

Would you consider alternative mediums for Broadcasting- ea podcasting- if the current contract does not specifically excludes it?

DavidS: Tony

I see SARU has just released a directive indicating the 'quota' of black players they want in the Super 14 teams.

From your squad make-up thus far it appears that you are deeply committed to transforming rugby perception in SEC.

SEC is the spiritual home of African rugby in SA. What are you going to do to take the game to black communities in SEC and I suppose more difficult to the rest of the country?

Oranje Orakel: Tony

Thanks for taking the time in answering the questions- much appreciated.

Donner: Tony,

Thank you for answering our questions. It is great to see that our opinions and questions does caryy weight.

Good luck with the Spears. It is a part of our country that has many untapped resources not only on the rugby front.

DavidS: Tony

My Q4

Are there parts of the Spears operation where you think the organisation may be lacking in people and expertise asid from the obvious inexperience of the team itself.

What are you doing to meet those challenges?

DavidS: Tony

I think you are setting a fantastic example of CEO accesibility for the other Super 14 Franchises to live up to.

I also have to compliment you on the absolutely professional way that you have rolled out the brand so far.

Good luck for the future. I am certain that with the professionalism you have displayed so far, the success of the team is virtually guaranteed.
Donner & Co - Back again

The Mveleli Ncula presentation was done in East London and I prepared that presentation for him to show the Sports Indaba where the SEC Super 14 came from - how it evolved and where I think it should be going - I was in East London last night to launch the ISC sponsorship visit the Border region & groupd of delegates and then to meet up with the Head of the Department of Sport Arts & Culture and invite his entire staff complement of 1,500 and their families to the games -AT NO CHARGE - on the 14th January against the Cheetahs and the 21st January against the Cats.
There must be absolutely no excuse that no one could make it and they did not have an invitation extended to them - the objective? Put up the FULL HOUSE signs on the 14th & 21st Jan.
So an ad campaign "Let The Battle Begin" started today in the local papers and a radio campaign rolls out in 2 days for the next 4 weeks.

5:13 PM

If you read some of the other threads you will see that most of us have massive issues with SARU and their so-called Communications Department.

Would you like to comment on that with specific reference to the seemingly smooth operations and communications at The Spears. (Although we still need to break through mainline press barriers, I believe.)
Another debilitating sinister element has emerged in a "Dark Force" that is attempting to undermine and politicise the Southern Spears -
At the George Sevens - certain SA Rugby executives were seen and heard to be conspiring with a band of brothers from the Eastern province, to undermine the EP Executive and promote some kind of palace coup and were crass enough to declare, in public, that SA Rugby should withdraw its support of the Southern Spears.
Firstly this is impossible as SA Rugby to avoid a meltdown agreed publicly and in minuted meetings to support the Southern Spears.
The problem is that these same individuals are focussed on elections in February 2006 and have assumed a short term view by harrassing, bullying and intimidating executives who are quite frankly gentlemanly folk with rugby's best interests at heart and instead they are being mauled by a pit bull from Jhb.
I have declared my absolute intent that if the Southern Spears and its executive board members are pushed, we will push back with a veracity and intent that will not go away.
What are the issues at SA Rugby's marketing & communications department?  
Communications Department is basically non-existent..  
I'm sorry I missed all this.

Tony, I'd just like to say that I'm extremely impressed at how you've hit the ground running and with a great deal of energy and passion.

At the very least the SEC & Southern Spears are now making waves and creating the right kind of noises at last.

I sincerely trust you are going to get the back-up you'll require from the three provincial unions.

It's not an easy challenge you've taken on and I trust that in the inevitable dark periods, when you are tossing and turning, that you'll stick with it and keep driving the process forward.

Rest assured that there is a latent groundswell of support out there, hoping you'll do well and adopting a wait and see attitude for now.

The Spears are in a unique position whereby, by batting cleverly, you could become most people's favourite second team. Most people outside the SEC, that is!

There is a previous thread where we posted quite a few questions.

Should you read this and should you get a window of opportunity, feel free to browse that thread and email us the answers at leisure.

Good luck, keep popping back and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions.

All the best.

Thanks for the declaration of support.
Your knowledge and insight is most impressive and occasionally chilling.
It actually is most interesting being an agent of change, as although this might sound idealistic, I do see the Southern Spears as becoming the blueprint of change in a sanitised South African rugby environment.
Much flushing of drain cleaner through South African rugby will commence from now till February.
It has begun already and reports will become publicised of the miscreants in South African rugby.
There needs to be a new calling for levels of professionalism and sophistication in the management and implementation of rugby in South Africa that brings in sweeping changes.

The communications department is non est at SA Rugby - too many other distractions and you would be appalled at how information is managed and disseminated - days and weeks pass when issues are not addressed or replied to.
This then compounds itself into a catalysmic situation and chaos invariably prevails - there is no accountability and no real rewards system for performance.
FRom another thread but relevant, I believe;

Hi 'Koos'

I'd forgotten about the Aussie clubs (especially league) propensity to make money from gambling machines. I wonder if the Kiwis have the same, for lack of a better word at the moment, culture?

It's the 'peripherals' you mention that interest me. It is undoubtably the way forward and ALL of SA rugby is backwards in coming forwards in this regard.

'Membership clubs' are almost a dirty word in club and provincial circles in SA when they should be a prime originator of confirmed capital for the year - field side restaurants, weddings, old boys reunions, stag parties, hen parties, you name it, over and above the obvious corporate opportunities.

What South African rugby PROVINCE, never mind club, has a top class chef running a single restaurant in their entire stadium? Open 7 days a week, regardless of rugby and expected to become an icon by, and of, itself?

Perhaps the Spears, with the LEAST capacity to make it work, will explore the obvious potential.

Think about King's Park, or Ellis or Loftus - nobody, NOBODY considered building an exclusive restaurant high into the stands, never mind a boutique hotel or a mini shopping plaza under the stands.

Okay, we can perhaps forgive them their sins considering the era within which the stadiums were designed but PE are planning not one, but TWO new stadiums within the next 5 years. Will they build these added-in features into the design?
Sorry I missed this session. Hopefully he wil join us tonight.  

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By the way. Howsit?
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Posted by: Harlequin at December 6, 2005 02:35 PM


Hierdie nar hou nie van Dragons nie- wat dink julle manne van sy standpunt?

Ek dink Dragons is cool- as jy dit nie laaik nie- browse verby dit
hey brick,

skree maar as jy hulp nodig het!


To join the chorus, thanks for taking out the time to talk to us and answer our questions. As you no doubt have guessed, this site is all about tackling issues in the game we love, asking the real questions, the type of questions the guy on the street is asking, because simply, that is who we all are! Thanks again.

One question, that is relevant to my above statement.

Transparency in rugby in this country is seriously lacking. And becuase of this we are always left with more questions than answers, and no-one to answer them. What measures, if any, have you, or are you looking to put in place, to ensure transparency throughout the SEC? Not just from a financial point of view, but administration, player recruitment and performance, etc.?


Toemaar hy sal weer op Keo post volgende jaar, dan kan ons aan sy versoek voldoen. Hehehe
Ag vloek! Ek het nou 'n moerse nice post vir Mr McKeever geskryf, en toe gaan die krag af. Nou moet ek die hele donnerse ding oortik, ek het nogal in Ingils ook geskryf!

It went something like this.

I've been highly scpetical about the Southern Spears until a week or so ago. I didn't think they'd be able to make it, but with the passion I've seen so far, I think that the Spears will be a team to reckon with. I must congratulate you on the passion that you and your guys have shown so far Mr Mckeever. Please, do not lose this passion, as I believe we need more people like you in SA Rugby. I wonder how many other members of SA Rugby in general will come to this site and answer fans questions? We really do appreciate it and good on you to take the time to speak to the fans. As a straunch (spelling?) Bulls supporter, it's difficult to say this, but I hope you hit the 2007 S14 with a storm and kick Ass (just not the Bulls')!!! I will be rooting for you guys and I hope you don't see relegation, as that might kill the passion. Congratulations again on your effort.
Sorry Mr McKeever, but as for my question that you have ignored! ;-)

Are you guys planning to bring in your own fuel or do you have alternative plans to move your players around? (Just kidding by the way, we can't ruin the spirit of the site and stay to serious for to long!)

Ietsie vir jou -oor Vodafone

Ek dink nog steeds....maar sal nie vir Tony op die spot sit nie.

BTW- dis vanaf-


Vodafone hangs up on Ferrari for McLaren


Vodafone has announced a long-term sponsorship agreement with McLaren, commencing January 2007 which will last into the next decade.

The mobile communications giant will become Title Sponsor of the Team - 'Vodafone McLaren Mercedes' and the 'Official Mobile Partner'.

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"This is only the third time for more than 30 years that the opportunity to become the team's Title Sponsor has existed," said Ron Dennis. "The status of the brand and the level of activation in support of the sponsorship were key criteria for our choice of Title Sponsor and Vodafone over-delivers in all respects. In addition, as our agreement is long-term, this provides important stability within the Team, allowing us to focus fully on our objective of winning races and Championships together. We are delighted to welcome Vodafone to the team and look forward to many future successes."

"We welcome Vodafone as the new title sponsor to the team," added Norbert Haug. "The fact that a world-renowned brand like Vodafone with such an impressive market performance has joined us is of significant importance not only for the team but also for all our world class sponsor partners. I am sure that each one will benefit from the respective activities of the other, which is a first class prospect for everybody involved."

The title sponsorship will includes branding on the cars, drivers' and pit crews' overalls and helmets and other ancillary elements.

Furthermore, there will be significant marketing activation opportunities including hospitality, merchandising, and promotional rights including access to drivers and track days.

Additional content will include Vodafone McLaren Mercedes racing news updates, test results and full team biographies, the McLaren story, exclusive Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team games, videos, ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers.

Following Vodafone's decision to drop its sponsorship of Manchester United, there was speculation that it might also drop Ferrari and pull entirely out of Formula One.
So it is official- Oranje_ Orakel is 'n Vodafone-Vodacom fen.


Michelin maak klaar F1-wise in 2006
I have to ask this.


In your opinion, what will be the solution for the "politics" in rugby? By this I am not referring to governmaent intervention, but to the whole elections process that is still in place. Surely we need to get the professional people in who will be able to run the business and not the people who is popular and can bullshit the best. In business it is quite acceptable to sometimes be an ass and not to kiss ass.
Die rede hoekom dit hier post moet saam gelees word met my vraag aan Tony gister oor die "podcasting" moontlikhede.



Would you consider alternative mediums for Broadcasting- ea podcasting- if the current contract does not specifically excludes it?

# posted by Oranje_Orakel : 4:01 PM


Properly packedged podcasting will be the next big thing in Sports Entertainment & Marketing- and Vodafone is realising that.
Oh yes,


What is the goal the management of the Spears has set themselves for the CC in 2006?
a well timed Dragons is cool.Someone posted Kangaroos the other day and i almost pissed myself,its good fun man.  
A real question now for Tony McKeever. All of us know about the shambles and corruption in the managment of the provinces that falls in your region. How do you guys plan to keep talented youngsters in the province? Are they going to be paid by the Spears or the individual provinces?  
Tony, like you know there is always some admin involved in everything and the site is no different. Some earlier posts referred to the Dragons posted as a first post to a thread. It is compulsory that the first post be as meaningless to the thread as possible.

Just to set the right tone. :-D
Donner, ek het hom gestuur. Het dit gecopy van n ander site. Ek weet nie veel van copiereg so check dit maar uit.

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Howzit Brick. Welcome.

Email PissAnt about the profile issue.


I was obviously joking but I would just like you to know that as of today we will have some "high-profiled" journalists and other influential people visiting the site. Just keep that in mind. :)
Isn't it possible to type an article about SA's teams in the S14, etc....? Then we could also host our opinions about selections like who the wings of the Stormers should be seeing that there is an abundance of quality wings in the cape...

I will look into it. Just hectic today but will see what I can do.
"article about SA's teams in..."
"article about SA's teams CHANCES in..."
Donner is actually busy with it right now.  
Thanks Donner and Kandas...  


Tony, if I come down to watch the game on 21st, is it okay if I wear red.....Cats red!!!

Sorry couldn't resist that.


Are the squads available yet.

Real question to Tony though:

To add to what Donner asked earlier. There is an existing perception that SARU does not have the first clue about communication. The latest guffaw directive about the 'quotas' in the Super 14 Teams is another example.

How do you propose to deal with reactive lack of communication like that, seeing as you appear to be set on being a progressive example to SA Rugby?
Hi Kandas

How about a mugshot of Mr Mckeever?
Ja Kandas

can't we have a picture of Tony?

Real question:

Tony, I know this is early days, and you have obvious challenges in marketing, branding and finance of the Spears.

Looking further, however, which would you regards as you secondary challenges in The Spears. For example, how do you intend to instill a driven corporate style vision within the people at The Spears. Will your backroom people be placed on performance based contracts etc. Of course I do not refer to the players and coaching staff, but the backroom people who will run the franchise / union from day to day.

What do you mean that some important people will start watching this site today? I've been here for a while now haven't I?
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Sorry Aldo.

Won't happen again.
How can you insult me like that... lol
wpw was intimidated by all the boere- so he created a pel- but I must say I like lekkading more- more relaxed..:-)  
Is it fair to say that in an ideal world we want backroom administrative staff that are passionate about rugby and highly regarded in their particular field e.g. marketing, accountant etc.

Can we expand that to say that actually the priority is the skill set and expertise they bring to the union first and foremost. Whether they are passionate rugby supporters is merely a cherry on top?

I definitely think that too often well meaning 'amateurs' have been drafted in without the requisite skill set to give maximum value to a union.
He is more relaxed cos he smokes boom... lol

wahts up with you, it seems you boere thuggies are all on my case today... just when i thought i was moving into the 'broederbond' circle, you treat me like this. *sob *sob
Has there been any further movement on Province getting some of our money back from those two fraudsters?

Furthermore, are any heads going to roll for allowing this deplorable situation to occur in the first place?

Don't tell me it's just going to get written off as 'one of those things'?

Anyone heard anything?
Good point Ras

But will it not be rare to find the necessary professional skills-housed in the same body as the passion for the game- willing to work for the salaries that is usually associated with these posts?

The other side of the coin is the nepotistic appointment of so-called experts, which ends up being family members or friends of the THE BIG CHEESE.

Something like a standardised skill set will help, but most Cheeses will see that as "Interferance"

I am outa that circle as well- mind you..

But it seems that you are the only one around- so bare with me- have you read my 2c's on the pollock issue- see you there
WP - S14 Champions 2006
WP - CC Champions 2006
Haven't heard anything more, but I can promise you it will be swept under the carpet as soon as the criminal case is finished. Do you really think the CEO will stand up and tell us that he didn't do his job properly. In the end it was his responsibility.

This links up perfectly with your first posts on what people bring to the union.
Must say i like Ras predictions for 2006,Wes gaan se vir jou ma daars vis!
Dont smoke much boem,but i keep a bottle of johnny walker in my desk drawer,so whenever the day gets a bit hairy...i just have a slikkie
Congratulations Ras

Have you informed all the other franchises of the play yet?

who will be here on Monday
I will be here.  

Fill me-in which team are you supporting?
WP S12 2005

S12 Loftus = 75-14
CC Loftus = 39-3

WP S14 2006


WP S14 2007

Vodacom for the Goats.
We will see who will be laughing last next season... one good season and you think your team is the bomb.... After the S14 you'll be crying crocodile tears my friend...

If the Spears get hammered in an understrengh CC next year, how badly will this impact on 2007 S14 preparations.
How badly will it affect sales figures and general community optimism?

Are the Spears planning to recruit en masse some of the choice players from the franchise that is relegated?

Was the recruiting of DeVilliers REALLY a smart move? He is rated but largely inexperienced in this arena.I know this is a common problem in talented younger coaches/players a position coaching, that they are really not ready for, but now that relegation is a distinct possibility one would have thought that a far more experienced head would have been called for.There is absolutely no time and space for coaches to learn from their mistakes anymore.

Just look at our contempories, The Western Force.......John Mitchell.

Quite honestly, we look well beaten in this department long before we've even taken the field.

Also,seeing as the Spears are in effect given a free ticket for there first season in S14, this could mean that a SA side finishing above the Spears could still be relegated.
What are your thoughts on this?
Mine are quite straight forward......if the Spears aren't good enough they shouldn't be there.

Personnally, this is a particularly nasty senario, should the Spears be given a blatant "free ride"...... can't see your franchise harbouring too much support from the rest of the crowd.
I'm sure you yourself know how important it is too make friends quickly in the right places.
Anyway,Good Luck.
As for me,I'll wait and see the results before acknowleging how well the franchise is doing.
Cats to win S14

2005 S12

Cats beat Bulls 23-17

CC 2005

Lions beat Bulls 38-22


It's all the remarks about me having my penis stuck in the anus of a well known reugby personality and me seeking lactation at the breast of a maligned Lions team player...


The only criteria should be the skills set the person can contribute to the organisation, and their commitment to the team (by this I mean the working team not the rugby one) and the ideals of ensuring success.

These are the only criteria that should count.

A love for the game should come a very far second or third or tenth. It should simply count as a bonus. The person should be there because of their commitment to performing their functions and not their love of the game.

I.e. at Coca Cola people are not hired because they drink Coke, they're hired because they are meant to do a job. The same at places like Disney and SAB Miller......geez...if only SAB Miller hired people based on their love for beer.....


It's all the remarks about me having my penis stuck in the anus of a well known reugby personality and me seeking lactation at the breast of a maligned Lions team player...

I'm not with you on this one. Please explain...
Cats = CC Chokers.

Good at winning "friendlies" though, just not too good in semis or finals.
Good point StP

That kind of resentment engenders dangers of litigation and, as the chairperson of OPM Holdings once said:

"Lawyers are like nukes. They got 'em so I got 'em. But once you use 'em they f--k everything up"


This may not be nice either:

I hold the view that the arrangement between Spears and Cheetahs appears to have been a desperate one aimed appeasing everyone and rather than one with a view to the future of rugby development. I have no doubt that there will be litigation in 2006, 2007 and 2008 aboutthe guarantees the Spears have procured for themselves

Cats/Lions v Bulls 2005

Bulls won 1

Cats Lions won 2

Lions put 38 past you

No other team did.

Must have known what WP felt like at Loftus a few weeks later.


DavidS has his dick in BVR's bum

DavidS sucks Jorrie's tits

.... and a score of others.

I dunno 'bout the rest but that's why I'm picking on
It was actually davidS_fingered_BVR_etc....

OK, i will stop. As long as you do too... capish?
CC final....'87?
CC final....'02?

Who's your daddy?
DavidS is Frans Ludicris's love child.  
Looks like the pommies are in the kak.

73/3 chasing 353.
I don't mean to rush you but how is that article about the S14 coming....?
well stp,

i wouldnt be using the word chokers so liberally - some guys in the free state might be chucking that right back in your face - FDP and Roets - CC final - 2005...

One day..... I will hunt you down and kill you.

Still....The Cats cost you a home semi.....and everyone else beat the Cats...even The Breezes....

StP secretly yearns for the Bulls to have a midfield with the abilities of Jorrie Muller and Doppies Le Grange

On the Poms. It's not enough that they try and blow their island up.

I see that Kevin Pieterson git is back 'ome, because of an injury.

And on his team?

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving nation and couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.



Let's gang up on the others.

Cut off for naming squads is 9 January 2005.

None of the squads are finalised yet.

I know at the Cats there are only snippets, like that the Rose brothers are in it (nyahnyahnyah) and Wikus will skipper, but that's it.

Touche PA

Also the 1990 CC final against...of all teams....uuuurrrggghhh....THE SHARKS....(spit spit)

Roets and DuPreez have more CC medals than Rassie Erasmus,Os,Andre Venter and any other big shot from Bloemfontein.

Free State are closer to the "one time wonders" tag than the Bulls are to the "Chokers" one.

The article will have to wait a bit. Most of the teams/squads haven't been announced yet. I will ask one of my board members to try and get the stuff, because I am going to be off for three weeks.

Sorry to disappoint you, but unfortunately I don't have inside connections at the unions yet.
Thanks for the update but I was actually asking for a "speculation" article- you know one of those types Keo always wrights... LOL! Then we could debate "who should" get a spot...
You savvy?

almost the same as the bulls s12 team? they make the semi's once after being bottom dwellers for the majority of the competition...

how many CC medals would that bulls hero Ollie le Roux have?

cant remember if he played for them (sharks) in 96?

I know about the Cats squad and who should be in it, but as for the other unions, I'm totally in the dark.

I can publish one about the Cts, but that's about it.

Maybe Also can help me on the Bulls, and PA and Donner with the Stromers and OO on the CU Cheetahs

We'll ignore the Guppies because they're not really a rugby team, just an excuse to keep the Spears out of S14 2006.

I hope some of their star players (I use star in a very wide and tongue in cheek sense here) should be contacting the Spears careers section of their website!
Okey, let's start then!
From 22-1.

I will only be able to provide info after 6 Jan 2006- before that is even uninformed speculation.

Dont write of the Sharks that easily- they may well be a nasty surprise in 2006

The whole article will be uninformed speculation.

Aside from the Rose brothers and Wikus I'm totally in the dark about who will be in the Cts squad so I'm going to give it a go and speculate the match day starting 22 and the 30 man squad.
I'm joking about the Sharks.

We actually need some input from KZN world here.

It's a shortage, but I think PA likes it that way...;-)
Of course it's only going to be speculation but still I think we ought to get at least 80% right...
Ask if you need help or an opinion, but you are the expert on the Cats, so you would do fine...
now i know you despise or hate the Poms and all but since i was young, probably about 6 or 7 yrs, i supported Liverpool FC. And i just got the news that they have made it to the final of the World Club Championships and are playing Sao Paolo in the final on Sunday...

Bro, just dont give me crap cos i support them...
lol wpw


I support Bayern in Europe and the Buccaneers from Orlando here

(Don't YOU dare give me crap about last weekend... I get enough of it from the black okes I work with who all support the yellow Soweto team)

Have a soft spot for Pool though.

So don't'll never walk alone...

Good luck.
Ok DavidS- here is the speculation team for 15/12/2005

30. Vuyani Dlomo
29. A Hollenbach
28. Wayne van Rooyen
27. Valie Oelshig
26. Tiaan Liebenberg
25. Gareth Krause
24. Wouter Moore( Rory Duncan)
23. Wian Du Preez

22. G Du Toit
21. J Du Plessis
20. H Scholtz
19. Ollie
18. G Passens
17. M Bosman
16. M Claasens

15. B Fortuin
14. E Fredericks
13. R Cooke
12. B Goodes
11. S Zweni

10. W de Waal
9. T Carse

8. Ryno Vd Merwe (C)
7. Juan Smith
6. kabamba Floors
5. Barend Pieterse
4. Corniel Van Zyl
3. CJ vd Linde
2. Trevor Leota
1. Os Du Randt

BTW new Vodacom Cheetah site is op
Thanks vir die post OO...
Sou persoonlik vir Hollenbach bo Sweni kies.
Save dit nou sodat ons kan kyk hoe naby jy was...

Ek fan Liverpool Groot!

Gegewe die politicks...

maar Cooke sal moet speel..

Ek is al vier maande op record dat ek vir Hollenbach op 13 en Meyer Bosman (as sub) op 12 saam sal wil sien.

here is more than speculation cause it will never happen, but imo the strongest match 22 the stormers can put on the park.

front row:

(damn why did barnard have to go??)














that dude from boland who's name i always forget. (kicker too)

ja well, not many will agree with me on jean, but my strongest team.

Skryf 'n artikel daaroor en spekuleer dit.

Ek doen dieselfde met die Cats op hierdie stadium.

Reinhardt doesn jy dieselfde met Stormers.
great stuff OO...
mt son wants to support Man Utd but i told him not while he is my son...i was a bit too hectic. he got a fright... but i told him they too arrogant.

i cant stand UTD and Chelsea... Arsenal is still OK, and Spurs...
you only like us wpw because of our nickname "the gunners" you token thug who dreams about belinda carlisle  

We got Tv in 1978- just before the FA Cup Final

Ek het rerig Zip van Sokker geweet- soos in vokol.

It was my mom & me watching- she had choosen the Blue ones and I had choosen the reds.

Liverpool won that game against Everton.

Since that day
I never walked alone!

Liverpool- Liverpool - Liverpool

The Gunners WP

must be rear-gunners !

Just joking
Ok the Stormers speculation team is up.  
Wes,liverpool supporters are the most arrogant supporters ever!fekkit bra,you dont get much worse than them,UTD guys are bad but Liverpool just disgust me.Just thought id take this Thursday night drinking thing a bit far and get a head start on you guys,im sipping some Gin,nasty stuff but its getting the job done  

Did you see on the liverpool site that you can be an e-season ticket holder as well- must be costing a pretty penny though

Must export some vrystaat lam choppies to rasputin- then he can pay in pounds ;-)

i take it that you are a Chelsea fan now?
Mind you Chelsea fans arent that bad  

Try calling SA Rugby on (27)21 659 6700 and you will get an answering machine that they are closed till the 9th January 2006
Afternoon Gentlemen!

Kandas asked me to get back to you so here goes.

Firstly try calling SA Rugby on 27 21 659 6700 and check out the message. On holiday till the 9th January 2006

On transparency:
My Team Management will be based on meritocracy and we have a good internship program and have recently engaged a great intern to be an Assistant Marketing Co-ordinator.
On my style of management and recruitment: go to and assess this for yourself.

Performance management is good as I see people not only being driven by their passion for rugby but also a career and the desire to be rewarded financially for performance. That needs to structured for each individual and I have no problem in paying a performance check every 6 months if they hit the marks set for them collectively

PASSION - will be derived from the people and that is one of primary missions to rejuvenate and spark a passion for rugby that is dormant in the region - this goes as far as my invitation today to the 6,000 Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal employees to attend our game on the 14th January AND to bring their families as this is a family affair with rugby as you need to eat, sleep and love it 24 Hours a day.

On keeping the young talent: They all need guidance and a career path, plus security - we offer this and will endeavour to establish the same within each of the three regions.

Already some of my young guys have come to me with requests of letters of commitments so that they can buy a car. I have given this as this needs to be encouraged and this is probably the biggest purchase of their life right now and we assisted them with this and displayed a confidence in their longevity in the region as a player of excellence!

The solution for politics is to stop soapboxing and get on with the job. If transformation needs to be balanced deal with it or set up a plan to address it. Do not tolerate incompetence.

My goals for management are simple, although you did ask for one and I will offer a few more:

1. Fill the stadiums on the 14th and 21st January with the Spears fans

2. Let my 22 Spears feed off the Electricity of the Attendant Crowd and the responsibility for playing for them - To Win - whether they do or not I require that they throw their all at their opponents.

3. Prove to the sponsors that these fans exist. (Sponsors actually know that they do exist)

4. Tear into the Cheetahs on the 14th January for the first 20 minutes and Get First Blood (Points on the Board)
Oranje Orakel AKA OO:

You seem to be a techno junkie and podcasting is definitely an option - but consider how many people of our fans have access to this
Thanks for that Tony.

I'm certainly considering taking the trip to watch the Cats v Spears match.

Sorry I won't be supporting the Spears though, but I would be part of filling the stadium!

Have you read earlier articles that we wrote about SARU's communications capability?

SARU & QUOTA'S: Clearly it has been necessary to instil a "guide" as to how to profile the teams - however this has more often than not been politicised on both sides and those people have not shown their bona fides to rugby. Their have been and there still are intense racial overtones and inuendos on both sides and even a third force entering into the fray to further complicate and compound matters.
It is enormously complex but I do wish people could follow the example of Peter de Villiers in which he unabashedly selects on performance and it so happens that his team of the Under 21 World Champions is so often held up as an example of good selection rather than a cocktail of players of different colours, when it should be a normal course of events.

Corporate Communications: The SA Rugby department is challenged to say the least and rather set their calendar to events than their watch - The Spears hope to be responsive all the time and will eventually move into this genre urged on and pushed to satisfy this insatiable craving for rugby info

Litigation in the Super 14:

I am aware of two legal dossiers that have been prepared by both the Cats and the Sharks in the event that they are relegated - if this is the case they should have withdrawn from the outset and not accepted or been privvy to the system that has been accepted by all 6 South African Super 14 franchises. If they are not good enough - use the gap 2 years to improve and develop their region
Matter of interest

I read your careers section.

I quite like the idea of the legal counsel for player contracts seeing as I am a lawyer who turned to HR.


on the possible legal complications you might incur as referred to. do you think it is a real threat to the spears and that, if legally challenged, could have serious implications on the franchise and the administration?

fair enough they agreed to it earlier, but whoever gets relegated could cause a stir which will affect the spears negatively. are you preparing for a scenario like that?
Hahahah Tony

It doesn't look as though my team's management team are very confident about their chances...and here's me saying they could win....
Good question PA

I was wondering whether the Spears have instructed attorneys to prepare for a legal battle, I think it would be between the team relegated and SARU, but it would affect the Spears as the team set to neter in place of the relegation bound team.

Have you made contingency plans Tony?

The Spears have declared their/our intent to perform and every waking moment of mine is focussed on taking this to a higher level.
Your comment on sales needs to be reviewed from a Ticket perspective and from a Sponsorship perspective.
On ticket sales - If I had my way I would dearly love to see the stadium filled with our fans and the cost of the staging is picked up by the sponsor/s as we will give access to the fans via our new form of entertainment.

We are running a campaign in the Southern & Eastern Cape for the next 4 weeks through the press and over radion that we will waive the cost of a R65 ticket if our fans wear RED and cut out the coupon in the paper and redeem this at the stadium on or before the 7th January - we are into the second day of the 4 week campaign and hit a 2,500 seat mark of the 35,000 seat stadium.

My sales will be measured in sponsorship sales and not ticket sales yet - the stratgey is fill the stadiums and the sponsors will come.

I have asked Corporates to get into this vibe and sponsor RED Spears T-shirts and Caps for their staff and we will offer them complementary seating.

On de Villiers: You miss judge the man who has been schooled in 2 years in Wales in coaching and his last international assignment was winning the Under 21 World Championships.

The man has an eye for talent and a gift to motivate players. He has identified a core group of 28 and of course the 14th January at 15H15 will be a measure of how well these Spears can sustain an attack on the Currie Cup Champions and their psyche.

You are way too much of a sceptic and tad ascerbic with your comments but your passion should allow you to understand and realise that these current Springboks were nameless 2 years ago until they won the World Championship.

I would go so far as to suggest that righ there is the mental vulnerability of thes players at an international level and the first 20 minutes against the French exposed that weakness as a yawning chasm in the Springbok armour.

I have not read the piece about the SARU communications - ask away - I know that one individual runs a consultancy on the side, to who I do not know, but it severely impacts and inhibits the performance of SA Rugby and has done for 6 years - this needs a serious overhaul and you can not have the web placed in the hands of SuperSport who run it like 10 other sites - if you are into HR as you say you are - the HR lady at SA Rugby has resigned which I think will augur well for the company

Glad to see you will journey to East London for the 21st January - it will be a great day and your red garments will not be out of place!
its okay tony, as long as you play the cubs on grass and not paper you will whip their asses.  

Don't mind StP

He thinks there is only one team on earth and they come from Pretoria and wear Blue. He should call himself StPetersburgBull.

Next question:

From what you are saying I surmise that you are creating an ethos of corporatisation within the Spears. Is that your background or do you come from a rugby administration background? What would you say are your main challenges in creating a corprate vision in Spears rugby and allowing it to filter into the rest of SEC rugby

How do you intend to go about creating a fan base in the rest of South Africa? Your fan base seems to be concentrated on being regionalised, whilst the key to the large support bases of the major unions are that they have fans outside their regional bases?
Pissant & DavidS:

The legal challenges are not those of the Spears but rather those of SA Rugby - they started it and they must finish it - the parties that will be slapped with injunctions will be SA Rugby - not the Spears - yes we do have a counter suit to file
good news tony.

although the suits might be aimed at saru, the outcome, if in favour of the franchise, will affect you directly, perhaps declaring the original decision by saru being unconstitutional, hence reversing it or whatever.

lets hope it does not go that route, but it is good to know you are prepared.

I don't know if you have a corporate background, but there is a saying in the corporate HR world that goes:

When a company's HR manager resigns then you know there's an employer you don't want to work for.

I wouldn't take that job for all the money in the world given all the bureaucracy and the complete lack of capability filtering from the top.

It would be like trying to fight Mike Tyson on PCP blinfolded with a hand behind your back.

I reckon I'm a pretty tough guy at HR challenges, but even I can see when there's a challenge even I would be daunted by.
Back in 60 minutes  

Namibia is not too far away for me to come looking for you...

We're not mixed with Rassie's mob this year so there's team unity.

After the opener you'll be crying on the Nuweland grass the way you were after the Currie Cup semifinal.
Thanks for the time Tony

I speak for all of us when I say you are setting a fantastic accesibility example as CEO of the Spears.

We really appreciate the feedback to our questions and we share your frustrations about SARU's missing miscommunication department.
Hello Tony

Thanks for taking the time.

Well, sceptical or ascerbic or whatthehellever.....

My comments must have hit the mark or you wouldn't have bothered.

I appreciate that you and your staff are working your socks off to make a success of this--- but come on mate, you trying to say all the other franchises are walking around with their heads up their arses?

The other franchises have more experienced coaching setups, more financial clout, more history,until now-better and more experienced squads.Honestly,the one advantage you have is that of a "novelty" one and a decent location that can POSSIBLY draw you a full crowd.There,apologies....2 advantages.Neither of which will score you a try or kick a penalty.

Unless I missed it, did you tell us if you were going to recruit choice specific players from the franchise relegated?
I'm guessing YES? This is not a critizism on my behalf,although does defeat the object of having a promotion/relegation setup.In my opinion if a franchise is relegated their players should miss out on next seasons S14.....Springbok or not.The Joe Van Niekerk sort of players need to learn that 1 good performance a season for the Boks at Ellis is not good enough.A fairly draconian stance I'd agree but I truely believe it would breed more positives than negatives.

Quite frankly the one sticking point we come back to is the fact that I don't see your current group of players being good enough to sustain 14 weeks.I readily admit that I don't follow the feeder teams for your franchise particularly closely but I do see the results....and they are poor.I just can't see how you can get 30 S14 calibre players out of what you have at the minute.There may well be some super talented youngsters but 1 season of under strengh CC is not going to equip them adequately for S14 2007 in my opinion.

As for me, I rekon the Sharks will be relegated next season for possibly the same reasons that your side may struggle initially.

Muir is largely inexperienced and although he can put a pretty good 1-15 starting team on the field he has not enough quality AND experience to maintain 14 weeks of international calibre rugby.

So, I get to win a Spears jersey, it's pretty bloody cold here(-15) and would be very much appreciated?
love your honesty stp. but watch this space. remember it took the bulls a lot of years to build the squad they have now.

the are so many variables involved with this setup, expect major changes this time next year.

That is exactly it, there is no more time anymore to get it right and build.

We will not be interested in tjhe players from the Union that will be relegated next year.

If I were you I would be more concerned about the 60 odd Bulls players who are contracted but will not get game time next year. :)

Your comments are noted.

You speak of theother Super 14 Franchise squads as if they are really good - they are not and their playing performance in the past Super 12's are not something to write home about even if it is
-15 whereever you are.
The South African Super 1 performances have been dismal to say the least.
That strikes at the heart of the matter - how good then are their administrators?
St.Petersburgbok - Round 2:

To recruit from the relegated carcass of the team that are also rans would not be a good idea as that is the reason they were relegated in the firts place.

The low hanging fruit ofplayers are the boys signed by the BB's and those player contracts require scrutiny especially given that in 3 months 70+ odd players willnot have been given game time and they are stuck out in purgatory, maybe with a check that would suit some, but to the rugby purist who wants to play and to their fans - my message to them is Come Home to Papa!

Going off line now - till tomorrow!
Ja Tony
I agree recruiting "en masse" as is would be pointless as well, but you can't deny the value a Brent Russel,AJ Venter or Jon Smit might add to your set up?

Also, as for the Bulls......not too concerned.If certain players can't make the S14 squad--so why panic if they want to go, also, it's not as if their U19/20/21 machines are going to stop overnight.

Yes, agreed...all our S12 sides have been poor.
But,on the face of it,surely you don't suggest enthusiastic youngsters will succeed where seasoned pro's have failed? If you do, I can only assume that the rugby romantics will fall in love with you.I'm more of a realist.A 20/21 year old prop packing down against a 28 year old is going to get damaged.Likwise a Jody Rose sort running into Umanga is going to get hurt badly or if lucky....just badly beaten.

Quite honestly,knowing what sort of "laarger" mentality that prevails in our rugby, I think we can expect many of the sides seeing a successful season as being one where they did not get relegated.Very defeatist.....let's hope we still have coaching setups with ambition?Your side will probably be seen as the game that MUST be won at all costs.Memories of Jappie Mulders cold shoulder vs a young DeWet Barry come to mind.

I hope you don't read my comments as being anti SEC.
Your franchise should offer an exciting and interesting new angle to our rugby and one I will follow closely.

But please,take my advice.......(although I'm sure coach DeVilliers already knows this)
1. A battlescared tighthead.
2. Find out if Bakkies has a brother.
3.One tuff backrower.
4.An experienced midfielder in the DeWet Barry mould...maybe even DeWet seeing as he may start playing off the bench for the Stormers?

And make sure your kicker is a dead-eye dick.

4 experienced players should be enough for your youngsters to feed off of and learn from.

Right on the money with your comments there - you could almost have been around the table with Head Coach Peter deV - we share the same sentiments, but and this is a BUT, the Spears boys are big and solid and I know there are some junk yard dogs within the crop of players that are not quite what you would call Private School (Paarl Gym, Bishops, Grey, Hilton, Dale, Selbourne, PBH etc) and Queensbury Rules players.
Not that they are dirty, just desperate to show who they are and what they can do and they are absolutely unafraid to give it or take it, unlike some precious players who will go into the warm ups to preserve themselves for the season.
This is animal instinct at its best and you are right the rugby romantics will thrill at the sight of rugby in the making.
brilliant comments once again StP, and i cannot help (believe it or not) than to agree with what you say, your 4 areas you identified as crucial positions were also spot on.

but i have to agree with tony too. rugby, in essence, i just that, rugby - a game played between 4 lines for 80 minutes. where two teams meassure themselves against one another on an equal playing field governed by laws. matches are not always won by the strongest team, nor by the quickest team. it is the team that does the basics of the game well and makes the least mistakes that usually walks away the winners.

take all the hype, and aura away from some players created by the media - not their performances - and they are as human and as ordinary as the next guy. i dont care if you are a victor matfield, if i am going to tackle you - you are going to stay hit, and down. and you will know i dont give a shit about your reputation.

as tony mentioned, his biggest challenge imo is the mental make up of these boys. if they are strong there, and coached well, i see no reason they will not be successful.

i remember a game played at school, we were the underdogs playing a very good side - top of their league from the boland at home. these boys demolished everything in their league, their two centers, who went on to play for boland later on, were in the boland craven week team.

we were totally psyched for this game weeks before the time - positive, no team from the boland, is going to come to our backyard, and give us a hiding. it was one of the most tense toughest matches i can remember. we murdered those centers and the instance one of them went of after a moster tackle by our lock, they were rattled. we beat them 28 - 18.

the monday it was all over the papers, people could not believe a 2 tier team beat a super league team.

three of our guys got selected for craven week that year - two of them went on to represent the bulls and wp/stormers - a first for our school who never produced a craven week player in its entire history.

it is amazing what level of strength (mentally) players suddenly jump to, when not given a chance or being written of before they were given a chance.

it is one for the romantics, you are right - but not impossible.

I'm busy with the Site Navigation so please dont go into the template.

Still trying to get through to you on the phone.
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