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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Marketing Rugby II


Okay, we want hats, beanies, scarves. We want jerseys, socks, perhaps beach towels (if they are cool) and little boys pyjamas. Cups or mugs, ties, tea towels, car stickers, lapel badges and calendars - yes, calendars of all these fit, strong young men in revealing poses at the scenic spots of the region. Why not picnic baskets? Get the women involved on a committee to devise the most desirable items for a picnic basket plus the packaging and basket itself. Obviously long shelf life products but with a tasteful imprint of SWD, or whatever region, on them. Discrete, not overpowering.


Baby gear - always a winner. Again, keep the committee men away, get the women involved in a small but attractive range of baby gear - cute, cuddly, modern, attractive.


On the web must be a link to Gift Ideas for Him - perhaps even Gift Ideas for Her. For him must be traditional logo stuff, approach manufacturers, ask for a limited edition run of stuff - coolbags, watches, wallets, spare wheel covers, sun vizors for the car, umbrellas, lighters etc etc

Do the same for her but make it soft, stylish and in fashion - pastel colours, pink, mauves - forget sticking rigidly to your 'corporate colours' - give women what they want, fashionable, ready to wear stuff for running about town or going to a braai or the rugby.


Hook up with the local golf club, offer a discounted special deal for a years membership and a season ticket.


Sell, sell, sell EVERYTHING!!!! The space on the walls in front of urinals, the space on the backs of toilet doors, the back side of match day tickets. EVERYTHING is marketable, everything must go!


Get the local computicket or bank to sponsor building the front page of your website if they are the ones through whom the public must buy tickets. Keep it simple, clear and uncluttered - e.g.


Get THE local supermarket to have a corner devoted to your sales products - what's good for you is good for them and vice versa. You must be on the ball when dealing with them. In the UK most big clubs have a club shop in the centre of town, in SA we must adapt - the local big supermarket will do but don't go in half-arsed! You have to appeal to their sense of 'region', everyone helping everyone to get bigger and better.

Same with the local tourist office, SWD will be a big deal in the holistic regional setup, they are duty bound to assist and help you grow and you are duty bound to be reliable, quick and proactive in dealing with them.


Our VIP Matchday Hospitality is available for two or more people, and allows you and your guests to relax in friendly surroundings and enjoy world-class rugby. Eagles matchday hospitality is a great way to entertain customers and suppliers, reward staff or just have a memorable day out with family and friends.

Your day at Eagles will include:
Four-course silver service lunch with wine
Complimentary pre-match bar
VIP match seating
Post-match afternoon tea
Visits from playing squad for Q&A sessions
Reserved car parking
Match day programme and gift for each guest
Competitions and prizes
Price from ********* per person
For further information, please contact our Sales Team on ************ or by email
Whatever you do, don't be half arsed about the merchandise area!!!

It must be devoted to SALES and MERCHANDISE, it must be clean, attractive and draw the clients in. FFS, don't use it as a store area or somewhere to keep the mop and bucket!

It must be dedicated as a high class, well decorated area designed to SELL your goods and make the punters HAPPY to be there!

Carpet it, paint it, borrow a window dresser from a store in town to lay it out - GET IT RIGHT!

First impressions last and women won't go near a little shitty cubby hole.

If you have kiddies wear, get kiddies models and take great photos, blow them up stylishly, get proper dummies to dress, put them in a pram - make it real!

Don't just use a spare moron to look after the merchandise area, get a keen, attractive and bright personality in there.
Never EVER pay for stuff or services!!!

Get it donated or volunteered in the interests of the region or the province or rugby or whatever.

But BUT - you cannot have arseholes in charge with this approach. People give nothing to arseholes.
It'll cost R6-7k to send someone overseas for 2 weeks, maybe R8k, to spend time with a successful rugby entity in a cut throat environment.

DO NOT send your CEO, MD, any director - they'll cruise and achieve f-all. Send an intelligent, energetic bright young thing and they'll make you ten times the money back in the first 6 months from what they learn.

No too young, someone married and with responsibilities.

Send them to Leicester preferably - they are the marketing kings of Europe and inspire a die hard loyalist following.
Just remember......

Nothing happens by mistake.

If you are sitting there with f-all money, no sponsorships, no opportunities - then look in the mirror because it'll be your own fault.

I'm using the generic 'you' here.

If the province is honest, straight forward, passionate and loyal they'll get there. Those are the qualities that attract great people.

If it bogs down in deceipt, back stabbing, disloyalty and greed you can lock the doors right now.

SARU can basically lock the doors right now. They need to be swept clean.
Damn it but we need fresh blood on here!

Come on guys, walk the tar, get out there and get us some contributors from, message boards etc etc etc

Nothing against it but it will be boring with just a handful of us posting things.

It's our DUTY to ADVERTISE ourselves, even just as a temporary facility.
Hell, Rasputin You are surely beating the drums of war here- but as always your comments are insightful.

Just a pity that the rest of us need to sleep when you are at your best ;-)

Yip, the Tigers are well managed- it seems that as always- it is our system & structure that is letting us down- "our" also being a generic term.

It seems that you have found the means to "mind your own business" not somebody elses- mind if I ask what (except - being a brilliant internet researcher)- is your line of business?

Vistis to Mabchester United wouldn't be out of place either. They went from also rans in the Premiership to one of the most marketable brands in the world in ten years.

Also, vists to our very own Discovery health would be good.

If you think they started in 1993 when two disgruntled 28 year olds resigned from Liberty with a rejected idea and a logo drawn on a napkin....
What the hell are you insomniating about

We're not trying to compete with keo, just having a place to talk crap while they're closed.

Why do we need different contributors?

Why the sudden manic obsession with marketing and advertising

The way I see it you need someone to make that a national thing.

You have flights to George from Durban, CT and Jhb.

How much are they compared to flights between the main centres?

I for onje would love to make a weekend out of flying to George on Friday afternoon, have a rugby day Saturday and a short visit to Knysna on Sunday before flying home on a Sunday afternoonn/ evening, especially if the Lions are playing ;-)

Have you been to the Lion's Merchandise shop at Ellispark?

They've gone more for the look of a Total Sports

You should see that place before ANY game at Ellis

It's a hive of activity!

On services and and products to pay for. There are specialist companies who actually do this and go out looking for donations. This is the kind of thing you can outsource and pay them on the commission for what they save you, and as an added bonus they get the exposure of being affiliated to a big name rugby union (which I hope SEC will become)

Why am I the only one talking to myself this morning?
Hey, hey, hey

Nobody's trying to take over from Keo. Just got bored talking to muself ;-)

As for the 'marketing', just trying to stir the SWD and SEC, maybe Kandas will invite me to a SpearLeaders practise.....
*myself* even...  
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