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Monday, December 12, 2005


Like sands through the Aussie hourglass...

This more or less what Australian Rugby has turned into in the last couple of weeks – nothing more than a soap-opera. I must say, I am starting to feel for the poor buggers, I think no one in the world knows better than a South African rugby supporter or player, what it is like to go through a slump like this. The latest in the ongoing saga highlights the much anticipated response of George Gregan on the axing of Eddie Jones.

Although Gregan was still defiant in his stance not to debate this in public, it is very clear that the Australian captain is starting to feel the pressure and is probably avoiding any negative comment and the implications it will have on his own playing career.

"I don't really need to debate this publicly," said Gregan in The Sydney Morning Herald. "I spoke to him and he knows how I feel about it. He's been an outstanding coach. He's been a big part of my life and my career since 1998. He'll do really well in whatever he chooses to do in the future.

"We've gone through a lot together. We've had our ups and our downs, it's been a very good working relationship."

Gregan does however agree with most of us when he made mention of the fact that the results in 2005 did nothing to help Jones’ cause.

"It's the nature of what we do. We are judged on results. It's got no reflection on his work ethic - it's outstanding. It's just disappointing we didn't get the results. The coach particularly is always under pressure, particularly in Australian sport."

Gregan did come under fire from supporters of Jones for not publicly supporting him, mainly because of his close links to the former Wallaby coach. But one can hardly blame him as he is fighting a seemingly loosing battle to save his own international rugby career.

However, Wallabies vice captain, Nathan Sharpe, was more outspoken on the issue calling the sacking of Jones “harsh”.

"Eddie has been a fantastic coach for Australia and a great mentor as well," said Sharpe. "He's suffered at the hands of poor results for the Wallabies. It's a harsh call, the results of the season also lie squarely with the players."

Sharpe also believes Gregan has a lot to offer Australian rugby.

"I think he's a tremendous player and a tremendous captain," Sharpe said of Gregan.

"George, he's endured absolute mountains of criticism through the year and he's held his chin high and he's not going to let it weigh him down. I love playing under George Gregan and he's a tremendous leader. Who knows what next year's landscape is going to be with no coach appointed at this point?"

Full article can be viewed at:,,12416-5133753,00.html
Nee man OO

So hoe lyk dit, Moeilikheid down under dan? Hartseer storie, maar soos Doc Craven gese het, jy's net so goed soos jou laaste game. En dit het hulle teen 'n swak Wallis verloor as ek dit nie mis het nie.
I just love the Christmas season.

One of my suppliers gave me the now infamous The Right Place at the Wrong Time just to say thanks.

Guess what I am reading next week.
Afternoon Donner

The difference between us and Australia is that Australia will learn from this and leap back rejuvenated and super dangerous with a point to prove.

Be afraid.....
I don't feel sorry for them at all..........Aussie tuncs.

You think they feel sorry for us?
You must be joking!!!
did you guys hear what that cocky aussie shane warne said bout the proteas? we gonna need a shrink after they are done whipping us...
i cant stand these aussies.
what did he say wpw?  
Melbourne - Australia spin ace Shane Warne has warned South Africa that they may well need psychological help after the Aussies have finished with them in the upcoming three-Test series.

Reacting on Sunday to the news that the tourists planned to fly corporate psychologist Francois Hugo in from Johannesburg to motivate them before the first Test starting in Perth on Friday, he noted it might be a good idea.

"They might need a psychologist by the time we've finished with them," the flamboyant Warne stated, leaving no doubt that there was still little love lost between the two countries.

South Africa will be aiming to regain some lost pride, having failed to beat Australia in a Test series since being readmitted to international cricket in 1991.

'The South Africans have had a bit too much to say'
Warne's bowling is a particular concern for the visitors, who seldom have to face such a formidable spinner.

He has an excellent Test record against South Africa, having taken 101 wickets at an average of 22.35. The visitors have also rankled the Australians by claiming they employ "sledging" to upset and distract opponents.

Top-order batsman Herschelle Gibbs last week said the players had come to expect such tactics from Australia and would think something was wrong if they weren't sledged.

"As usual, the South Africans have had a bit too much to say. They should worry about their own backyard; get (it) in order first," Warne, the leading wicket-taker in Test history, suggested.

He added that he had recovered from recent back pain and was looking forward to the first test, even though the Waca ground in Perth was not known for assisting spin.

"I feel pretty good, I've done a lot of yoga, I've done stretching, I've done pool and all the strengthening for my back. It's an ongoing thing, I suppose, at 36. I've bowled a few balls over 15 years, so I'm going to have to put up with some sort of soreness."

Meanwhile, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has warned the players to behave during their three-Test series. ICC chief executive officer Malcolm Speed said the "war of words" between the two countries had raised concerns "that the high standards expected of international cricketers are at risk of being eroded". - Sapa-AFP
warne has always been a tosser.

but that speed guy is a bigger tosser.

sledging is part of the game, he must shut up and get on with doing his job at the ICC properly.

i reckon microphones should be taken away or at least switched off during over changes.
Ja, but Shanus was reacting to the Proteas stupidly saying they're getting a shrink to help their players get through the Aussie sledging.

What kind of a poofter thing is that to tell the media....

They should have said they're gonna mash the Aussies to Kangaroo Mince and eat them raw ion the field.

That woulda gotten their attention. Wth this crap, they're just givibng the Aussies ammunition for onfield banter.

Makhaya Ntini on 0*

Brett Lee: So Mate. Reckon yer shrink's gonna help you make a 100 huh?
Too true Davids. We're still babies when it comes to sledging. I think Greame's gonna give them a tough time!  
All they've done is give the Australians ammo for sledging.

Malcolm Speed should shut his guts.

Another Aussie wanker if ever there was one...
Graeme will be ok.

They hate Jacques Kallis cos he doesn't react and they call him "Bubble Boy"

Jacques Rudolph has shown an amazing affinity for batting against the Australians. He always plays his best against them for some reason.

Andre Nel will go toe to toe and so will Andrew Hall.

I'm worried about the rest.
i think this tour is going to get ugly.

cant wait
i reckon we will do well if we play to our potential. the guy i despise the most is Glenn McGrath.
If only we had 11 okes with the same character as Graeme Smith, we would be world champions already... I cant wait for Nel to give it to the Aussies. I can see him staring Hayden after delivering a bouncer against his helmet...
LOL wpw, that'll be priceless!  

That'll be priceless

I'd enjoy it if the Aussies start bleating in the media that our cricketers are thugs!
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