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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Kumar resignation not good enough for NZ

The resignation of the ARU chairperson, Dilip Kumar, is simply not good enough for the NZ Rugby Union. In the ongoing saga in which the ARU made public its support for Japan in the Rugby World Cup bid for 2011, NZRU made it clear that despite the resignation of Kumar, they remain ‘concerned’ about the stance its neighbours took and how it might impact the already shaky relationship between the two SANZAR partners.

Your While Australia hoped the resignation of Kumar might help mend the strained relations between the SANZAR partners, NZRU made it clear that it will take a lot more from the ARU to restore the confidence and trust they once enjoyed before this debacle.

NZRU boss Jock Hobbs issued a strongly-worded statement on Friday which gave the feeling that the huge disappointment continues at the Wellington headquarters over Australia's refusal to vote for New Zealand. This is a clear indication that NZRU believes the problems lies much deeper than Kumar.

"Despite some previous media comment, our concern was that the ARU board chose to support Japan in the RWC 2011 vote, so from that perspective, the resignation of Mr Kumar does not change our position nor alleviate our concerns about the ARU's decision," Hobbs said.

Hobbs said these concerns have been delivered to the ARU board in writing.

"I have written to the ARU board through Mr Kumar outlining our concerns and the damage this decision has done to the Australia-New Zealand relationship."

What is extremely interesting is the fact that there has been no official reaction from SARU on this matter. If the ARU, who carried more than one vote, decided to support one of their two SANZAR partners, things could have turned out very differently in the end. We must also not loose sight of the fact that this vote or votes the ARU carried, is worth Billions!

It boggles my mind that SARU and the idiots running our rugby is not supporting NZRU in this matter to find some answers about why the ARU snubbed them? Just imagine if Japan actually won the bid, and what the impact would have been on the SANZAR relationship. It just proves yet again the clowns running our rugby has absolutely no balls.

Source: XtraMSN
Original article can be viewed at:,,12416-5123279,00.html
Oh I thought he was Rudolph- the red nosed Reindeer.

Seems that the Trans Tasman Tiff is going to heat up a bit.

The NZ's maybe Rugby Union's heavyweights- courtesy of an illustrious past and a Islander present & future, but apart from yaughtmaking- they are the junior Anzac partner- by far.

This domestic trouble will be interesting to watch- you can bet your bottom ZAR( yip the one that has not yet been spend on X-mas decorations, presents, turkey & Booze) that the guys from HQ-maybe even MI6 is monitoring this closely and even maybe playing it a bit on the side.

BTW Liddel-Hart was a pommy, I believe...

Caught out!

Julle bliksems

I'll be back and coaching the Boks....just you wait!

I told you to judge me on the World Cup. But you fools judged me on the 2003 one and you should have judged me on the 2011 one you idiots!

Ja, the Aussies see NZ as an imminet 7th state and a bit of a backward neighbour.

All very condescending. With the Kiwis cock-a-hoop about 2011 they think they can shunt the big neighbour about. They better be careful this doesn't come back to haunt them when it's time to select RWC 2016!

Or when they want more of a concession on players from the islands etc. Or when next the Aussies discuss work permits for Kiwis in Australia...
Ed Zachery my point DavidS

maybe the Kiwi's should be silently enjoying their RWC 2011
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