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Monday, December 12, 2005


Kokkewiet lays down the law.

This is not particularly new, however, the last we heard Mr Baby Richards, former (apparently) President of the Griquas Rugby Union, was reported to be adamant that he wasn't going without a fight. Apparently that was announced after he'd initially accepted an overwhelming motion by the board requesting him to vacate his position.

That request had apparently been preceded by a number of occassions where Mr Richards was alleged to have ignored the mandate given him by the GRFU board and chosen to follow his own wishes when voting on SARU matters.

It was then reported that Mr Richards had apparently had a subsequent change of heart, engaged legal counsel, and refused to vacate the President's office.

So, the question is, has Mr Richards experienced an epiphany, or is legal action still pending against the Griquas Rugby Football Union? Following on from the press release is a calm and reasonable Griquas fan's plea to his boys, which I urge you to read!


'Mr Dawie Groenewald is die nuwe president van Griekwa rugby. Daar lĂȘ n moeilike maar n opwindende tyd vir hom voor.

Om deel te wees van die nuwe Vodacom Cheetas Super 14 span sowel as om te sien dat Griekwas weer die gesogte Vodacom beker suksesvol kan verdedig.

Mr Groenewald het ook gese dat dit vir hom n prioriteit gaan wees om klub rugby weer gesonde grondslag te bestuur en alle struikel blokke uit die weg te ruim .

Mr Groenewald is afkomstig van Springbok en hy het n pasie om rugby in die platteland sowel as in Griekwas te bevorder.'

Following on from that, at least one Griquas supporter, Kokkewiet, has very firm views on how the players should conduct themselves, or indeed, on how they shouldn't conduct themselves;

'Subject: Julle moet gaan Kyk!!!!!!


"Spelers wat net wil baklei in pubs, te groot vir hulle skoene raak en nie nederig bly nie, wat groter as die game is....klink dit bekend boys????? Jy kan eers windgat raak as jy in n Wereldbeker squad is wat DIE BEKER WEN!!!!!! Let op!!!!! Neem Kennis!!!!"

Kokkewiet wasn't finished. No sirree, not by a long way, indeed it wouldn't be an injustice to surmise that Kokkewiet was only warming up.

"Griquas gaan oor trots!!!! Neem Kennis, nie hoeveel girls jy by die local pub kan druk, of hoeveel ouens jy kan rond stamp en slaan nie, en dit nog skool kinders ook (Dalk verdien hulle dit , want hulle is te jonk vir pubs)!!! Julle ouens word betaal, magtig man! (Indeed, magtig man!) Dink n bietjie, luister na die coach en bring die beker in 2006 huistoe!!!"

Name: Kokkewiet'

Well, Griquas, you've been told - bring that cup home in 2006, or else.....

P.S. I cannot find fault with the obvious passion that Kokkewiet holds for Griquas rugby and, therefore, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, I'm four square behind the contributor! No more slapping school boys, no matter how much they deserve it, never mind that they shouldn't be in the pub in the first place and certainly, without a doubt, no more 'drukking girls'!

Come on Griquas, get your priorities right! Beker eerste - rond stamp, slaan en druk 'later', asseblief!

Post script: I should hasten to add that the contributor is a massive fan of the underdog, and leaving underdogs aside for the moment, is a massive fan of Griquas and their quirkily independent spirit.

I'd go as far as to say that whilst I wish Mr Groenewald nothing but the best, I would include Mr Baby Richards in my best wishes and, indeed, couldn't preclude Kokkewiet, who sincerely appears to epitomise South African rugby fans the land through - we bleed Green & Gold and then our Provinces!!! Do us proud, lads.

In summary, pirates rulez!
You snooze, you lose!!!!


Hehehe, having a 2 hr advantage on you guys helps!!

Aldo, take note, I'm NOT posting this at 'past 2 am' in SA, the night is yet a puppy for me!
Somebody is working hard, and late....on working out the archives....

Great festive candles by the way, Kandas!!!

See, not EVERYTHING is your fault...
Re your mailed question:
"Kokkewiet" is translated as a "boubou shrike". One of the more favoured birds with a beautiful call.
Which, of course, is all Kandas'Fault.
BTW I share all your sentiments, also on favouring the underdogs.

I assume you ended up watching the Pirates - Chiefs derby and bleeding...

Me too.

Second time this season...eina.

We're talking about the same team that pays its lowest paid players R3K per month...

Rugby players are a quirky lot at the best of times and any time you let a youngsetr who is filled with testosterone free in a pub and mix it with alcohol, you are making a heady mixture.

Make him a meaty rugby player and you'll eventually have some git looking for kak with him with predictable results. It happens with boring regularity. Look at the Aussies. Nary a S12 or 3N goes by without their players somehow being involved in some incident in a South African pub....

Ras...2 hours either way ain't gonna help us. I'm asleep at midnight.

And I'm still asleep at 4 AM.

This shows the commitment people as fans have to their rugby in South Africa.

And it show us that the Vodacom Cup does count for something for these teams, who, with the main S14 squads on duty, get a chance to compete on relative parity with the traditionally big provinces.
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