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Sunday, December 11, 2005


The Kiwi View Point

I have emailed Patrick and requested that I can post his weekly articles onto with full accreditation, under the heading, 'The Kiwi View Point'. I've made Patrick aware that I've posted this article up here and invited him along to view it and, hopefully, stay and participate, giving us the real New Zealand opinion on rugby life.

Hopefully Patrick will come back and approve his email being a weekly, or whenever, contribution and it is my sincere hope he'll grace us with his deep felt opinions on rugby, not just New Zealand rugby, but in general.

Patrick, hope you get to see this and welcome aboard! The most enjoyable thing about Patrick is his fearless manner in presenting his view and utter committment to being transparent. Long may it last.

Should Patrick wish it, I will delete his article immediately.

The Headmaster Fiasco -

There has been a lot of talk just lately about Coach Henry’s idealistic plan to ensure the state of AB rugby, even at the risk of downgrading the money-making Super 14 game, that does the most to prop up funding of the various participating Unions. I’m referring of course to his plan to over-ride the NZ Super 14 Coaches hopes and aspirations in developing their best teams so that his team gets all the plums, and the others would need to dance to his tune. I believe this is an extremely self-centered attitude, and one that the NZRU should nip in the bud, right now ! ! !

I don’t have the slightest doubt that the rugby culture in NZ is extremely well served at all levels by having their strongest Super 14 sides, their strongest AB sides, and the now not so flash NPC comp having the leftovers to do the best they can, with the, what is not that flash, and with developing the new boys to inter-provincial rugby. I don’t have the slightest wish to disrupt either the Super 14 or the NPC just so that it will benefit Coach Henry and disregard the best opportunities for all the other Coaches. He should get the same resources as all the other Coaches in NZ – he should be capable of developing the best effort he can, with his selections in the time allotted to the tests. It is ridiculous to suggest the other Coaches and Teams should be bludgeoned into dancing to the Headmaster’s tune – now is the time for Chris Moller to put a stop to this arrogant nonsense, and take the overall view of ensuring that all that is possible to be done for the whole of NZ rugby, not just for Coach Henry’s charges.

I could be moved to agree for something of this nature to be introduced in the year of the RWC, but I think it’s a load of absolute codswallop to introduce it 2 whole seasons before the RWC.

And what do we intend to do with the average of about 4 players per year who come out of Super 14 and NPC to be the new AB’ s. Do we simply draw the line now, and say, sorry fellas, your chance of making the AB’ s for 2007 will have to be put on hold. Come on Chris, it’s time to tell the Headmaster that this garbage is a no – go ! ! !

My RWC2007 Prospects -

15….No worthy candidates at this point in time. Neither Leon McDonald or Mils Muliaina are good enough for Test rugby. Nick Evans is a current possibility, otherwise we will have to see what turns up in Super 14 this year. In most years we get about 3 or 4 new stars.

14….Rokocoko….We currently have a good reservoir of wings, and all things being equal I would have Rokocoko as my left wing. I don’t think Sivivatu has enough to offer as an AB.

13….Nonu…..Very powerful, but currently doesn’t have a Coach good enough to get the best out of him. I would not select Conrad Smith as I believe he is too fragile for a RWC programme.

12….McAlister / Umaga….By 2007 McAlister should be as big a star as Carter currently is. If Umaga is fully fit, and not totally defense orientated, he could be the mid-field reserve.

11….Gear is the obvious choice provided he is still fit. Doug Howlett will make the Team also if he is fit, currently wings are not a problem, but 2 years waiting is a long, long time.

10….Carter should make it with ease provided he’s not injured.

9……Weepu has overhauled Kelleher, but if Kelleher got some special coaching, he could get his position back. Both need to pay serious attention to contributing fully to the game plan, and putting their team First.

8……Collins….Currently we don’t have an International No.8. I think Collins could adapt well to this position. Angus MacDonald could also be a fall back choice.

7……Masoe…..I don’t think Richie McCaw will still be playing Test rugby in 2007. Concussion problems will probably force him out of rugby in 2006. Hopefully Masoe will learn to play to the rules during Super 14 this coming season. We can’t afford to field a player who the Refs will look to spot.

6……Flavell….Hopefully Flavell will get fit enough to handle the AB pace again. We have a decided current weakness at the back of the Lineout, and Flavell should fill this void extremely well. There is a serious need not to include Flavell as a lock – the best plan is to get him fully fit for the No.6 position. Angus MacDonald is also a fall back choice.

5……Williams….I have serious doubts that Chris Jack will make it for 2007. By saying that, I mean making it on merit. He may well make the team as a Canty favourite.

4……Ryan….At the time of writing Ryan should be the No.4. However, he has stuttered in the latter half of the season, and needs special coaching attention. I believe he has an attitude disorder.

3……Hayman……At the time of writing he is No.1…probably in the World.

2……Oliver…..If Oliver wants to make it to RWC2007 he will need to get a lot fitter and convince the Selectors he can play at least 2 games in a row without injury. His obvious back-up is Mealamu, who has scrummaging limitations.

1……Woodcock…Only needs to stay fit to make it as Prop.

My 2005 World 15 -

This team is selected on the basis of only from the Teams that the AB’ s played against the AB’ s in 2005.

15…..Latham OZ……Probably the only fullback in the whole season who played up to a suitable World standard.

14…..Habana SA…..A standout on the left wing requiring only a touch of space to do the business.

13....Umaga ? ? ? ….Whilst I am not a fan of Umaga as a centre, I can’t think of anyone else. Fourie of SA only has speed in his arsenal and nothing else, Mortlock of OZ has been terrible all season, O’Driscoll hasn’t had any performances to judge him on, I can’t select Nonu of NZ because he hasn’t played there very much at all……….so who else is qualified enough !

12….McAlister NZ …Clearly the rookie of the year, and a proven match winner for the AB’s. Would be my reserve Goal-kicker.

11….Gear NZ ….Clearly the leading right winger who was the leading tryscorer in Super 12 and also the top try-scorer in the EOYT.

10….Carter NZ …Player of the year on two counts. Standout performer with a string of highest scores against his name. My Goal-kicker.

9……Weepu NZ …Just a nudge ahead of Henjack (OZ) and Kelleher.

8……Van Niekerk SA….When on his game, and free from injury he shone over all others. A very savvy No.8 with good lineout strength. I think a good Forward Coach could improve his game by about 20 %

7……Masoe NZ…..With the few outings he had, he impressed with his power and athleticism. McCaw not considered because his game in 2005 bore no resemblance to what he has shown in the past.

6……Juan Smith SA …Possibly one of the most clued up loosies in the game, he played over all the others, and was a colossus in positional play. Another valuable player for added lineout strength.

5…..Vickerman OZ …Perhaps not any better than Matfield in the lineouts, but a clear winner with his overall forward game.

4…..Botha SA …There to supply the 2nd. row power in the scrums. It is also a long way to run around him.

3…..Hayman NZ …Was a clear winner over every opponent put up against him.

2…..Oliver NZ …Whilst not yet fully fit, nor seemingly capable of playing successive games without injury, he is getting closer to his best. An excellent scrummager, and a very good forward leader.

1…..Woodcock NZ … Yet another player who outplayed every opponent put up against him.

No Northern Hemisphere players in this team ? I always select a proven front row as a group, and also always select a proven pairing of scrum halves. If I broke up the front row, then Thompson and Sheridan of England would be considered in a mixed front row. In fact, had the England scrum been able to out perform the AB scrum, then they would have been selected as the front-row group, but of course the AB’s did them over.

Right now, the Sun is out, the water temperature is 19c, the fish can’t wait to take those baits, so it’s good day from me, wishing you all a Super Xmas, and a very successful New Year.

By Patrick INNES

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nice blog ,good work ,keep blogging  
That's very kind of you, freegiftsforworld, hopefully you'll come back and give us some contributions.

Superb article, Patrick.

Thank you.

You don't think Victor Matfield would make your team?
Ouch, no McCaw or Burger at 7!!!

I can understand Burger but sheesh, McCaw????? Isn't he a world class player?!!!
it is nice to get a view from an honest NZ'der on their own team. very interesting views on some of their own players and i agree with most of it.

i have my reservations on umaga though, but his contribution as captain in my view was invaluable this year for them. the team really rallied around him. the best? not by a long shot in my opinion. another francois pienaar scenario i guess and to a large extend a john smit scenario before this year, where the argument will always be what is more important? having a great leader or picking the best players with no strong leader? i stick to my believe of picking your captain first.

so yes, i agree with the pienaar scenario and smit scenario (even though pienaar cost us my most favourite player - Strauss). i guess umaga fits that category so fair enough.

on the world 15 - not much wrong there either. i think he underestimates fourie a bit, but you can expect that as i am sure he does not get the same press we do. his workrate on the park is phenominal, and given space he can be devastating on attack. we all know he is no idiot on defense too. but given my view on umaga and captaincy i guess its fair enough.

i hope the view guys from other country's on our players gives us an idea on the importance of certain of our own players, his assessment on joe is accurate to the tee. if he ups his game 20% he will be the best in the world for a long time.

i would swop the 6 and 7 around though, juan is one of the more clued up loosies around as he mentioned, but he is a blindsider, and one of the best.

it is a close call between smit and oliver. personally i think smit is better, but as he mentioned, he picks combinations. guthro and cj is about 2 years away from being the best. so i would go with his selection there too.

but on the whole, a very good assessment. thanks for that ras.
oh yes.

on matfield i agree 100%. he is the best in the world come line outs, but his total game lacks.

you need your locks to do more than just catch line out ball.
PA, it's only us who use 6 as openside and 7 as blindside.

As far as I know, the rest of the world use 7 as openside therefore Patrick is right to have Juan at 6, from his point of view....
"4…..Botha SA …There to supply the 2nd. row power in the scrums. It is also a long way to run around him."

Lol, it is also a long way to run around him

That one is classic

Well done Ras.

I also like his point on JS and Big Vic as well.

Rasp did you check the website? Is it not perhaps spamming?

I must say that I'm not that interested in the comments about the All Blacks and the internal stuff of New Zealand rugby. It gives a perspective of New Zealand rugby that would interest New Zealanders probably more than us.

BTW is silverfern still up? I can't seem to get in.

His insight on the world xv is cool though. It gives us a diferent perspective that we can all relate to.

I see the affinity for playing flyhalves at inside centre is something the Kiwis like too. I still think if you take a decent flyhalf and move him to inside centre he becomes a fantastic playmake. And yes I'm aware Butch failed there, but Hennie Le Roux didn't...


I tend to agree with your views on Tana Umanga relating to his onfield leadership. Additionally he also has that something for speaking to the media. He is the perfect face of the new age of New Zealand rugby and he is a fantastic spokesperson.

I know of your guys affinity for Percy, but I'm completely with him regarding Latham, and I personally think that despite his contribution with the boot, the same argument we have regarding Matfield, re his singular superb contribution, takes away from the fact that he has terrible deficiencies in other departments. In all honesty, Percy has been a superb contributor to SA rugby, but like Jost, he's poast his prime and should gracefully retire from the game while there is still respect for his abilities.

Amazed that neither Burger or McCaw made the world team, but although not pinged, the effect of Schalk Burger was much less on opposition players this year. His impact was lessened and he played without intellgence, relying solely on his unbelieveable Andre Venter style workrate, rather than ability to play rugby. McCaw got undone this year.

I agree with you on Fourie PA.

They may not watch him the way we do or see the immense contributions he makes in other fields of play.
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