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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


International Teams: Pacific Islanders gets the short end again

In what is fast becoming an embarrassment to the IRB in its 'so-called' mission to make the game of rugby 'global', the Pacific Islands team, yet again, got the short end of the stick, when the All Blacks announced that they have cancelled their planned match against a combined islands team and would play Argentina instead.

No this is not taking a cheap shot at the All Blacks, South Africa can do more as-well to develop the game globally - hell at least we have started an African league, but to cancel a planned match for the reasons stated is a bit pathetic in my view.

Especially if you consider the media attention surrounding the mission of the IRB, and certain rugby unions, to try and take the game of rugby and make it global. And let me rather not get into the topic of raping the islands for rugby talent.

Out of all the rugby playing nations, NZ owes the islands a hell of a lot more than what they currently care to believe. Taking into account that a couple of weeks ago NZ confirmed that the islands will not host a World Cup pool match, not even a Japan versus Namibia, one would forgive the Islanders for thinking they are in the middle ages where the big bully comes into their villages, rape, plunders and steal your women and children to work as slaves for them whenever they feel like it.

The All Blacks will open their 2006 season with two tests against Ireland, in Hamilton on June 10 and Auckland a week later, before locking horns with Australia and South Africa in the expanded Tri-nations.

The All Blacks were originally scheduled to face the Pacific Islanders in late June, but the combined team of players from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga were forced to postpone the match because of other commitments.

The New Zealand Rugby Union announced on Friday that the All Blacks would now travel to Buenos Aires to play the Pumas on June 24 before returning home for the start of the Tri-nations.

Winning 11 of 12 tests, New Zealand had a hugely successful 2005 campaign, sweeping the British and Irish Lions 3-0, winning the Tri-nations, then completing a grand slam of away wins against Wales, Ireland, England and Scotland.

However, a wary coach Graham Henry said Argentina would be tough opponents.

"They held the British and Irish Lions to a draw earlier this year and beat France in Marseilles, the stronghold of French rugby, last year," he said in a statement.

"New Zealand fans will also remember the last time the All Blacks played Argentina over there, they just got home with a 24-20 win."

New Zealand's international schedule for 2006 (One test match less than SA):

June 10 v Ireland, Hamilton
June 17 v Ireland, Auckland
June 24 v Argentina, Buenos Aires


July 8 - New Zealand v Australia, Christchurch, New Zealand
July 15 - Australia v South Africa, Brisbane
July 22 - New Zealand v South Africa, Wellington
July 29 - New Zealand v Australia, Brisbane
Aug 5 - Australia v South Africa, Sydney
Aug 18 or 19 - New Zealand v Australia, Auckland
Aug 26 - South Africa v New Zealand, venue to be confirmed
Sept 2 - South Africa v New Zealand, venue to be confirmed
Sept 9 - South Africa v Australia, venue to be confirmed

Source: Factual information

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Found the new BEE codes.

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