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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


International Teams: Boks face marathon campaign in 2006

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New Zealand three times, Australia three times, England twice, France at least once and Scotland twice. This is the marathon campaign awaiting the Springboks in 2006, when they will attempt to take their success rate above 70 percent for the first time since Jake White took over as Bok coach.

Although the South African Rugby Union (SARU) has yet to finalise all the Bok fixtures for 2006 - especially those for the mid-year Tests in June and the year-end internationals (November) - the Boks are set to play 13 games next year.

With the exception of the two encounters against Scotland and a warm-up Test against a Tier 2 or 3 nation early in June, all their games will be against opposition ranked in the top five in the world.
South Africa will face world No.1 New Zealand three times, but two of those will be on home soil and more particularly in the rarified air of the Highveld.

There is one home Test against world No.3 France, while it is uncertain who the third year-end (November) Test will be against - France or Scotland.

The Boks will face Australia, ranked fourth, three times - twice in Australia. And England are up twice, both Tests at Twickenham. It will be a huge challenge for White and his team, who have managed to keep 68 percent average since he took over as Bok coach in 2004.

In his first year White also had 13 Tests, won nine and lost four - 69.2 percent. This year the Boks played 12 games, won eight, lost three and drew one - 66.7 percent.

But the most impressive aspect of White's tenure is his home record - 10 wins from 11 home games and one draw. No defeat at home!

It is the away record - currently standing at a paltry 50 percent - that White and his Boks will want to improve on.

And their away games in 2006 are all against Tier One nations - New Zealand once, Australia twice and England twice.

South Africa have not won a Test in New Zealand since the Boks' 13-3 win over the Kiwis in Wellington in 1998 - the year of the Boks' first Tri-Nations triumph. However, it has to be said that the past two years it required a late score for the All Blacks to sneak past the Boks on New Zealand soil.

You have to go even further back to find a Bok win at Twickenham - 1997, when South Africa beat England 29-11.

While South Africa did manage a 22-19 win against the Wallabies in Perth this year, their previous win on Australia soil was also back in 1998 - 14-13 at the same Subiaco Oval in Perth. There was also a 14-all draw in Perth in 2001.

But you have to go back to 1993 to win a Bok win on Australian soil other than in Perth.
It certainly means that the Boks will have to produce something special in what will be a marathon campaign for them in 2006 ... the year before the World Cup.

It will be a relatively easy start - a warm-up Test against a Tier Two or Three nation and then two Tests against Scotland (ranked No.10 in the world.

But after that there will be no let-up.

Provisional Bok fixtures for 2006:
3 June - TBC
10 June - Scotland, Durban
17 June - Scotland, Port Elizabeth
24 June - France, Cape Town
15 July - Australia, Brisbane
22 July - New Zealand, Wellington
5 August - Australia, Sydney
26 August - New Zealand, Pretoria
2 September - New Zealand, Rustenburg
9 September - Australia, Johannesburg
November - dates to be confirmed:
England twice

By Jan de Koning


davidS loves WP
I read in SASI that JW wants to maybe focus all his attention on the NH tour in 2006, he will then maybe rest his top Boks for the June tests and even the TN matches. He wants the EOYT to be a priority cos we are in the same group as ENG at 2007 WC. He however realizes that the public wont be happy if we lose too many games vs Aus and NZ...
Jake must just play the Bulls in the Tri-Nations, then.

That is what all the Bulls supporters are saying all along :-)
wpw sings:

"Maak al die Titans Proteas"

Jisis this is wild.

I can see why JW would focus on getting the Boks to peak for the EOYT.

I wouldn't mind a 50% win/loss ratio in the 3N if we absolutely demolish those white jerseys and leave nothing of them but smears of shit all over Twickenham, making the crowd choke on Swing Low.

We have a pretty decent record in Wellington though. Can't understand why seeing as it's such a damned blustery unpleasant place.

There's going to have to be some rotation in the Bok squadf if JW wants to get a good record next year.

Aren't all the Boks excluded from the CC next year? How will JW identify and select new talent then? What if players like Earl Rose and Tim Dlulane and Peter Grant and Bevan Fortuin have storming S12's?

Do they go into the Bok squad or do they get left in the doldrums of CC unable to prove themselves against incumbents and how will JW know who to bring in to repace injured Boks...because we WILL have injuries.
It's easy Davids, Just replace the injured player with the next in line at the Bulls. ;-)

O Ja: "Maak die Titans almal Proteas!"

Just joking, tough season ahead. JW will need to get his head out of his arse and rotate his squad. It's extremely important with a season like ours next year.
The first priority is to remain unbeaten on SA soil again....continue with the trend of rebuilding SA into a fortress.

With 3 games away in a row(we are being dupped again,same as the S12?)'s important we start well overseas.A win in Brisbane is imperative.....otherwise it's going to be 3 losses in a row and make our home games that much harder.

For the end of year games......1 win at Twickenham is non-negotiable.
As for Jake Whites rotation would seemingly appear straight forward.

The only problem I see is that we don't have a suitable replacement for Burger, Van Linde and Montgomery.Needless to say, withregards to yesterdays debate,I'd be particularly interested in seeing who would replace Smit for a full 80 minutes.
My guess would be that Jake starts with Shimange to appease the quota police and hauls him off after 40.

Other than that I wouldn't be to worried about any of the current group stepping up to show what they can do.

even more important, he needs to find a guy that will lead the team and give him enough game time next year to get comfortable with that role - smit can break down anytime and what then?
I'd guess too that we'll need a 30 man squad.

Maybe even bigger.

JW will have to rotate.


You don't reckon resting Bakkies and Big Vic is crucially important and I know you rate Pakslae, but surely we can't have him replace both?

In the centres we'll have the current crop with Marius Joubert maybe joining the fray.

Wings...Maybe Habana is going to be needing some rest too.


We got plenty good in Johan Roets and Conrad Jantjes. Maybe Roets by a shade for his excellent defensive abilities and his physical size. And just one mistake (in contrast to Pissant's favorite SACS boy where it's guaranteed) under a high ball I still rate him.

Meyer Bosman will have to stay on because he kicks real accurate like, and he can cover centre and flyhalf.

Schalk = Tim Dlulane, Ryno VDM, Baywatch Grobelaar, you name them. They're lining up.

CJ = a problem child to replace.

John Smit = a problem child to replace. More probably Gary Smit than Hanyane and Schalk Britz.
Problem PA

And he doesn't rate any of the skippers available does he.

I mean Victor Matfield?

Schalk Burger?

Nobody really seems to step up.

My spanner in the works is the belief that De Wet Barry is quite a useful skipper.
I would love to see Schalk or Joe as vice-captain. They are loosies so they won’t stop anyone from the bench playing

joe maybe - but i dont rate schalk as a captain for some reason.


i believe you are right RE dewet - i am just a firm believer your skipper should be in the forwards where games are won and lost 99% of the time.

juan smit??????? - to young perhaps?
vic is probably the obvious choice, but he is also in serious need of rest.

get wikus in the squad and let him captain in the abscense of smit!!!!!

You're right

On paper

(Ouch dammit)

But doing that will upset a pretty damned effective loose trio. Who do you drop? Juan Smit who was our best loosie this year? I reckon more likely Joe Van Niekerk...don't you?

The idea of 12. DWB and 13. Jean Div intrigues me but again you're looking at dropping our most effective (not highest try scoring) back line player if you do that. Maybe DWB and JF? I dunno.....

Jean Div hasn't exactly stepped up to the plate after Ellispark has he?
Your skipper should be a forward or 9-12.

12 is close enough to be near the engine room.

Should Matfield and Bakkies go down, I wouldn't be to worried about Albert van Berg and Pakslae replacing them.Nothing wrong with that combo.Don't forget Pedrie has also covered lock before and would make an interesting substitute lock.An AJ Venter would make an excellent lock sub as well.....adding real mobility to the pack later on in the game.

As for skipper..............funnily enough, I have a hunch that captaincy may well bring the best out of Joe Van Niekerk.Although seen hanging out with the pussies of late, he's from up north, he's got steel hidden in him somewhere.

DeWet would also be a pretty decent choice...Juan Smit looks like the smartest and most consistant player around, he'd be the popular and logical choice.

Don't forget that caps are accumulating nicely now and leadership becomes less of an issue when you have an experienced squad.

Your opensiders may well be lining up, but none of them have shown us anything yet.

i am also unsure what to do in the midfield, btw, not to question the ability of the players - or maybe i am, but going on last year and dewet and MJ's record, how come JDV and JF are rated our most effective combo? did they let less tries through - did they score or creat more scoring opportunities? it is a serious question- i dont know but i dont think so...

JDV did not step up to the plate and had one good game. so is it not fair enough to give dewet the no. 12 jersey back, and rotate him with julies?

depending on MJ's form in the S14 we can entertain that problem, but for now rotating JF and JDV on 13 is not a bad option, i still reckon JDV will be a great 13.

if MJ comes back with a bang use JF at 15 (which is his most dangerous position imv) rotating him with monty, with jantjes and roets given fair opportunity to prove themselves too.

on the wings nokwe & chavanga should be given lots of game time - habana and paulse should be used less - we know what we have in them.

on wikus - i think schalla should be looked after next year, so to juan, they are by far a cut above the rest. so give wikus, ryno, dlulane even, sollyt and the likes mroe gametime to get used to rugby at this level - the idea is for any one of the second choices is to step up at any time and be ready for a big game if injury forces first choice players out isnt it? then they must get at least 240 minutes of game time in the bok jersey in the year - at least!!

in botha and shimmie we got plenty backup at hooker - lets see how brits performs in the S14 first - i have my doubts about him but thats another discussion.

we do seem to be short on props - i hope JW seriously considers getting visagie back. in OS (should maybe play 4 games at most next year), CJ, Guthro, a fit Bands and even that Botha fellow we can build nicely in this area but i do believe the experience of a visagie is vital!

same in the locking department - JW has to seriously consider getting in contact with Boome, and with pakslae they can work to become a very good combination - also, dont forget about that guy from the states, he had a very good season. and then there is also albert.

so if he rests john, rest juan or schalk too and bring wikus in as cappy. i will probably get ripped to pieces but i dont think Vic will make a good skipper.

i forgot about AJ - very good backup indeed.
Okay StP

So we'll have to wait till after the S14 to have a guage of our opensiders and their abilities.

JVN is from Jeppe Boys...tough bunch that....

But good points on the caps accumulating now.

I guess if the skipper is reasonably smart and the team is well coached, the skipper is just there so the ref can whine about Schalk or Percy to him before he hands out the yellow
It's easy. Bring Anton Leonard out of retirement, make him captain and "maak die bulle almal bokke." There you go, end of discussion. What would you guys have done without me?  
i hoped they would make joe captain of the stormers next year - but it seems tehy have already decided on schalk.pity  
talking about the guys second in line - can we seriously put JW first choice 15 down at the moment?

one that will perhaps run onto the park to face france in the WC final in 2007?

i think our idea of first choice 15 is a bit different from JW's
Why is it that every time the replacement of "BIG VIC" is discussed the name of the one guy who "constantly" - I believe 2/2 should be called constantly- hammers him in the lineouts in CC Finals, are never mentioned.

I can excused DavidS maybe- because we are speaking about an ex-lions here, but guys, lets face it

Why in the hell would you guys want to run on the pitch- with Albert VDBerg- when Barend Pieterse are available?

And do not chirp me "OO wants to make all the Cheetahs Bokke" because then you are belittling the enormous effort that this guy had put in oduring the past two seasons.

I am not saying that Big Vic must be dropped in favour on Pieterse- but hell- he isnt that far ahead.

Pieterse is a bliksem in the tight loose as well.

But as Jake White used to be a Gauteng Headmaster- maybe the olde school was not the right school for the Cheetah yster.
i agree with your take on JDV and the fact that he didnt do as well as he did in that Ellis Park test for the rest of the season but i have to disagree on your take of him being moved to 13. My reason for this is cos ive seen him play at 12 for WP and he is our best 12 in SA. I personally think he has curbed his attacking flair due to a conservative game plan used by JW. I also dont think he had too many bad games for the Boks after Ellis Park. Against Wales and Fra he was consisitent and good on defence. He never had very bad games... I think we South African's expect 5 or more tries in each game or to defeat the opposition with flair all the time...

I think Julies and DWB should play most of the first tests and maybe even the TN tests and JDV can rest or come off the bench but he remains our best inside centre. I would also like to see him and MJ in partnership. I get the feeling they will be brilliant...

You are truely insane!!!!

You have doubts about Skalk Britz.......but none about Shimange!!!!

Forget about Boome and Visagie,they are at the end of their careers and would require far more effort than reward to get them back.Visagie is a bit of a nut job anyway these days.


JA...and I'd like to see Julies play tests for us in Oz and NZ just so we can kill this, "we always win when he plays myth".

Or maybe we might bloody win, then pick him all the time.

Win,win for all of us really!!

i did mention him i just forgot his name - AGAIN!!!


look i agree on the guys' talent, and the reasons for him not performing can be due to various things.

my opinion is based on a personal believe i have in rugby, that your most creative backline players should play 10 or 13. 12 is your organiser and Mr Dependable. someone that can read the game very well - defend well - organise defensive lines - distribute well (put people into space) - and has an educated boot (optional but a huge bonus in my view).

what i am trying to say is that your 12 should almost be a 'classic' no. 10 who can tackle like a demon. we have that in dewet and julies, well not the boot but everything else.

and i will still maintain no matter how much people slate me for this, butch james can be a devastating 12. and in this view i agree that bosman should be played at 12 more for the cheetahs too.

all our inside backs i rated hennie, pieter (no boot), michael dup and dick muir had these qualities - well most of the qualities apart from an educated boot. they made the danie gerbers, andre snymans, etc the devastating outside backs they were imo.

because Albert has 20+ odd caps already and is a more logical short term selection.
As long as that wet fart Gerrie Britz doesn't start for the Boks at lock.  

schalk brits was a brilliant CC player so far - nothing more. i will reserve judgement when he runs out for the stormers next year in the S14.

i remind you of the late EB - absolutely devastating in the CC - ordinary in the S12...

so yes - i have my doubts about schalk. you seem to seriously rate our local competitions like the CC StP?!?! i dont.

yet again - visagie is rated by everyone outside of SA as one of the best in his position - but south africans seem to think differently - it truly boggles the mind?????

Boome is far from over the hill - and was one of the best locks in SA before he left.
I think the weaker tests should be used to blood new Boks.

You can decide for yourself in the Ozzies should qualify for this.

I want to play the AB's 2006 with this team.

The second name in the 15 is a designed replacement- therefore will not be listed on the bench.

Orakel's FirstChoice for 2006 TN

15. C Jantjes
14. J Fourie
13. Marius Joubert
12. De Wet Barry- Jean Div
11. Habanero

10. The Boy- unless he is useless in S14
9. Enrico January

8. Schulck- playing like Cheetah 8.
to be replaced by JvN later in the game.
7. Juan Smith
6. Wikus van Heerden
4. Big Vic- Barend Pieterse
3. CJ
2. J Smith
1. G Steenkamp


5. Big Vic
4. Bakkies- if he is lazy then pakslae must be sommer in from the beginning
Ja,well I don't know what S12 you were watching last season but Skalk Britz was far and away the best hooker for SA.

Also, remember I get to watch this Visagie oke play on Sky....not you.And he doesn't play that much anyway these days.

And believe me, he may have been highly rated once but not so anymore.

You need to believe less of the drivel people feed you about who's rated and who's not and formulate your own opinions once in a while.

This habit of hijacking comments that are posted by others...and turning them into FACT, quiet frankly is becoming rather boring and too easy to tear to threads.

Selbourne Boome....the okes an average lock playing for an average team.
Up your game,please?
and unlike Shimange, Skalk Britz WAS able to push Naka Drotske out of a starting spot for the Cats.

But your memory appears to be only short term.

Seek medical advice, there must be a pill somewhere.
Shimmie is a better hooker than Gary Botha will ever be. When he got game time for WP in the latter stages of the CC, he won a few MOM awards and was consistently their best forward. And all this playing in a weak tight 5. Unlike Botha who couldnt even find Matfield(best lineout lock in the world) during the S12... lmao

Stop only criticising the non white players, you really making a fool of yourself.

these are the non-white players- your moniker- that I really rate as A grade rugby players.

Rayno Benjamin

Very Promising
Jonno Mokeona
Eddie Andrews

I , for one wished that we could have kept Guthro, Hanyani & Tonderai in the Free State, as I believe like Gerrie Britz, they have played their best rugby- to date- for the Free State.
ah but i do watch heineken cup games - satelite tv is brilliant and it is now available in africa if you did not know.

from what i watch - and comments on players by their PEERS - not posters like you, i tend to base my opinions.

saying brits lifted naka out of the starting position for the (dismall) cats (sorry davids) says absolutely dick squad to me. yet again it is the opinion of the coaches and selectors that determine who gets selected and who does not.

if you followed brits's game so avidly, please highlight the instances where he completely outplayed international opposition????? i can remember him having some moments of brilliance against local opposition and that is about it. after that- the media and predictably the rest of SA especially the supporters from up north jumped on the bandwagon calling for him to be the bok hooker - same old SA mentality we are stuck with till this day.

so who exactly - is forming their opinions from the media and threads?????

like wpw mentioned, when given the opportunity, shimmie with his limited game time - always comes through.

i reckon the snow is affecting your judgement, and unfortunately unlike me - medication might not help you.
oh yes, your opinions about boome and visagie is only that - same as mine - opinions.

when i do highlight facts i usually back it up - try it, its quite a nice experience at times.

Okay so who would you have as tight head to replace CJ?

Lawrence Sephaka?

Steady Eddie?
Sephaka will have to cover for both sides

The Black are good up front- but it is at the back that they are killing us- hence my somewhat lopsided bench

The battle commences- that is the

War of Words.
Dammit OO

Are you deliberately leaving out our own Jerry Collins Kabamba Floors and fetcher of note Tim Dlulane?


Sounding rather keo like here today

Kumbaya my lord kumbaya.....

Watch the Cell C ad, sms seven friends, create world peace....

Okay so Britz did lift Naka from the Cts. PA

Surely, even if you don't rate him, old Chester and his team must be better placed than us to decide whether Naka or Schalk are better hookers. The international trend (and by this I mean KIwi) is to have a hooker in the mould of a fourth loosie rather than a scrummager. Kevin Mealamu is this. Shimange offeres this in local competition. Gary Botha has done well at S12 and at Bok A level. Hanyane has not had the opportunity yet, but to be honest how often do you guys think someone will repace the skipper on the day? Not often.

MY greater and more pressing concern is, as StP pointed out...tight head.


The Black are good up front?

I assume the All Blacks?

Disagree. They're as average as can come and we're much better than they are in the T5. It's their backs that are scary...well those aside from Weepu who must be the most overrated scrummie ever to wear AB colours.

although sephaka is not a bad player, i hate the fact that people highlight the importance of a prop being able to play both sides.

correct me if i am wrong, but their roles are completely different, and every single prop i spoke to said it was near impossible to be affective on either side. you specialize in one and thats it.

I included Kabamba

I did left out Solly T as i do not really rate him and have not seen enough of Tim Dlulane.

he has been around awhile- so if he proves me wrong- like julies did- I will post it here.

The point I was trying to make to Wes is that non-white players vcan be poor rugby players as well. They do not have to be supported by default.

If they are good- see my list- they should be playing- no questions asked- because it was already answered by their performance on the field.

dont get me wrong - i never said i dont rate him - i simply said he has not proven himself yet imo against quality opposition, unlike shimmie and botha.

we have enough capable guys covering 2 at the moment, and until i see schalk's performances in the S14 next year, i will reserve opinion.

if he has a stormer (no pun intended) then by all means get him involved. thus far, he has been brilliant against local oposition teams and players, i would love to see what he does against the NZ and aussie teams next year though.

and looking at what naka did for the states this year - it might have been worthwhile keeping him on instead of brits.... :)

I agree- having played loosehead- I was really bad at tighthead, not that much better at 1- but....

Look at the context- I am not saying that Sephaka must be the long term replacement for CJ- most likely it will be Jannie Duplessis- BJ Botha or Rayno Gerber- wake-up call for Bandsie in Blue is accomming- but I already acknowledged that I have a lopsided bench there.

Surely a fit Sephaka can do a holding job at tighthead if CJ gets injured? Smith to go to 1 if Steenkamp also needs to be replaced. Unless jake wants to pull a Rassie on the AB's ;-)

What will happen if you have a dedicated 3 on the bench and he also gets injured in the first 15 minutes
good point OO  
maybe he should pull a rassie!!!

man i would love it JW gets him involved in 2007, even just technical analyst.
look as i said in my posts thus far - we should have enough cover here, but the streetwise, hard arsed no shit attitude the visagie's, Os' and the likes bring to the party is invaluable. just look at what an 'over the hill' os did against the puma scrum!  

Sorry about the Typos

yes the AB's is not scary up front- That is why I had said I would like to play them with that team.

It is no use trying to bulldoze them- if the poms couldt not win by doing that at Twickers we need to blunt them where they are at their most effective.

That is also the reason for JF at 14.

Jdv can replace later in the game either MJ or DWB.

I believe that we do not need to cling to the blitz defence for the whole time next year. If you look at my tight loose players- well maybe the blacks will do some close defending of their own- King Dan will have to be a footman as well.
same can be said for locks, mark andrews was quoted as saying a lock only matures at around 27 or 28, and he needs (like mark had) some wise old men to show him the ropes.

we are talking about a WC here, not the CC - these type of players are very important. why else would jake stick with Os?
pissant is a token boere thug...  
Oh please WPW......cry me a river pal.

Only critisizing black players.......what pish.I've been highly critical of many of JW's selections in the past.You only notice the critism of players with color......seemingly the modus operandi these days, everyone is soooo touchy feely and culturally sensitive to an extent where a bloke can't even speak his mind.Wooohooo, looks like the beginning of a lovely dictatorship in SA.Not long until we have our SS secret police rounding up the folk who don't conform to popular opinion.

And what is this habit of bad mouthing players who are in direct competition with players that ARE an issue? What's the problem with G.Botha,what has he done wrong apart from cement his position down with his union? All right, he hasn't had the impact that he had last season, but neither has S.Burger,L.Watson and a whole host of others.Shimange hasn't had an impact in almost 3 years.

Shimange won MOM awards when he played in the CC for WP?

Errm.....when? Which game exactly?
Mendez was at hooker for the bulk of the games.

It was well documented that Skalk Britz was one of the few SA players to maintain top notch performances away from home in this past S12.

Again, you okes tend to ingnore the blatantly obvious.

Britz lifting Drotske from the Cats starting 15 doesn't count......meanwhile Shimange(Bok No.2) can't make the weakest tight 5 in the tournament?

Shit, we are going in circles here.

The okes done nothing to warrant the hype, that's why Mallet brought in Mendez and that's why he brought in Britz and that's why no coach ever bloody picks him to play a full 80 minutes.....even JW who didn't give him a full game against Uraguay....a game we won in the first 15 minutes.

Tighthead......possibly Bands or Sephaka, neither get me to excited withregards to scrummaging.Possibly we should take another look at that BJ Botha oke.

In a perfect world, with all availible and tactical substitions in play.I'd start with CJ and bring Bands on later as a ball carrier and ruck buster.

As for the All Black forwards not being scary....speak for yourselves, their unit is a far better drilled machine than ours.They are seemingly a little thin at lock though.

Quite frankly, with the amount of debate going around concerning his own abilities......if I was in his situation, I'd possibly consider withdrawing myself from the Bok squad and look at a union where I am sure of getting a game, even if it is not S12.Let's face it, if he is Bok material...a season of playing for the Elephants,Griquas and the likes---surely he and us,the public, could expect to be THE star performer for the season.The same sort of thing Nokwe has done at Boland.
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