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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


'Hypocritical' ICC warns against sledging

An Article by Boertjie
In another of its strange actions the ICC has warned players from South Africa and
Australia that they risk misconduct charges if they continue the sledging that has dominated the build-up to the first test starting in Perth on Friday.

Both countries have rounded on the international body and defended their behaviour on and off the field. Australia captain Ricky Ponting said on Tuesday he saw nothing wrong with players engaging in banter, while South Africa's Cricketers' Association said its players had always conducted themselves in line with the spirit of the game.

"This South African team plays hard and fair and is full of experienced cricketers who have for years conducted themselves in line with the spirit of cricket," Saca chief executive Tony Irish said in a statement. "Australian players have done likewise. I am amazed that the ICC sees fit to warn players, and even past players, in the media."

"Banter is part of our game and so far the build-up to this test series looks like it is going to be pretty intense," Ponting told a news conference.


Former Australia fast bowlers Jeff Thomson and Terry Alderman said the ICC was being distracted by minor matters while ignoring bigger issues in the game.

The Australian newspaper's chief cricket writer Malcolm Conn described the ICC's actions as hypocritical.

"How can the game's governing body possibly complain about what is essential promotion of the game when it is standing idly by as test countries self destruct?," he said.

By failing to act on the Zimbabwe crisis and allowing Bangladesh to continue competing at test level, the ICC is sponsoring the freefall of international playing standards."


Yesterday the Proteas (with an eight run deficit in the first innings), were in grave trouble on 220-8 shortly before lunch before Jacques Rudolph (201*, 371 minutes, 312 balls, 24x4, 2x6) and André Nel (64, 145m, 110b, 9x4, 1x6) put together 175 to put the Proteas in command.

This may still not be enough to earn Rudolph a test spot. Coach Mickey Arthur said they will stick with opener AB de Villiers, even though he contributed very little in his past five innings.

Rudolph may however replace Jacques Kallis, who is still struggling with an elbow injury and is unlikely to play. A final decision will be made today (Wednesday).

The match-saving partnership followed the departure of Ashwell Prince (57), Herschelle Gibbs (0), Mark Boucher (0) and Shaun Pollock (9).

Source: SuperCricket.
like most sports governing bodies - a bunch of selfserving f@#kin idiots.  
Yip PA

Most people start out as passionate fans-

but rarely does the "Governors of the Game" stay fans and supporters.

Instead they become harvesters- much like grasshoppers cleaning out all the green stuff in their path- the worst part is that they fly off and shyte somewhere else, so they do not even fertilise the soil for the next season-

anyway only wanted to say that these pseudo politicians do not understand the concept of sustainability.

Absolutely PA

Can't believe they care about the onfield banter between two teams when they're supposed to be the international administrators. And that banter is an integral part of the game. Marketers use that to set up the series with the public and now the ICC tells the players they can't talk. What is the game coming to. It's just the Poms getting all PC because they don't like being sledged and now they want to change the rules to suit them..

It's the same with their whining about dirty AB's and Boks, because they can't play rugby.

Now they should get lost and concentrate on developing the game in the US, Canada, Bangladesh and saving Zimbabwean cricket...
I am just glad I am not Mickey Arthur

if there ever was a poisoned chalice- I am of the opinion that he is taking big gulps out of it-

In the end it all boils down to why Bob Woolmer was fired-

and that is something that the Governators of Cricket will never take responsibility for.

Crickets coaching dilemma will become as bad as the soccer one.

Or why Ray Jenkins wasn't appointed on a permanent basis. But let us give Mickey Arthur a gap. I just fear that he's not hard arsed enough for a tour down under. Ray Jenkins was just the type of guy we neede for this tour. I hope it all comes together and Greame blasts these bastards of the field. The ICC can go shit themself. I think we should start a Aussie tour fund to pay the lost match fees of the players that gets fined for their sledging and send out a petition to send these ICC bastards back to her majesty's Island. They can go rgulate their little league or something, but leave test cricket to the big boys.
I just wish for once that the administrators would focus on what they are supposed to do: Build up and promote the games. This goes for rugby, cricket or any other sport. It seems the moment the money becomes big the administrators lose their objectivity. Hockey and netball for instance is struggling to get money and that is what the administrators are focussing on. Hope they don't go down the same road if they get it.

As for the ICC, why don't they rather focus something like releaving the pressure on umpires. How many times have we seen no balls being called when it wasn't or not beign called when it was.. A small decision like that can determine the outcome of a game. I felt for the Black Caps in I think the second ODI. Tehy were going along strongly and through two poor decisions they lost wickets and the plot. We didn't deserve the way we won that series. That game could have changed the whole face of the series.

Just my 2c. But I really feel very strongly about this. It has come to a stage where I don't even really enjoy watching cricket, because one decision like that puts a bad taste in one's mouth.
Good Morning All  

Bad decisions has allways been around. It's only through advances in technology, that we at home are now able to see them. I agree that the plonkers at the ICC should concentrate on it, but how much can really be done to assist umpires. Can you imagine every no ball decision or every appeal going to the 3rd umpire? It would just about kill the game. Sadly it is something we must live with, unless you have some bright ideas in that crasy mind of yours????
Another quite start to the day, i see.  
Who are you calling crazy, Crazy?  
I'll see you guys a bit later. I need to start an internal audit of all IT equipment. What a kak job.  
Oh no , Donner. I claimed the normal part first. Shit, now I really need to get going. Chat later.  
Howzit guys? We only closing on the 21st. I know you wanted me to leave but i'm afraid you stuck with me till then... lol

I see my dutchy friends are all in early this morning.
Aldo, how does it feel to be a woman in a man's body? lmao
I come back to my desk to pick up a piece of paper that I've forgotten and I see this shit! ;-) How can you say something like that wpw, I'm hurt. I really am. lol

Anyway, I'll tell you, as soon as you tell me how it feels to be a closet stoere, Afrikaner, Bulls supporting, Racist, anti trensformation, Boere thug in a token black body? lmao
aldo, you mean ray jennings. lol
he is a chop!
he never got the job becos he is too controversial, after Ntini had a bad game vs WI he publically humiliated him infront of his teammates and then told the media that if he doesnt improve he will get dropped. So Barnes(ass coach) helped Ntini with his action and they did alot of hard work.
The next match Ntini takes 13 wickets and a new SA record and wins the match for us.
So ray jennings takes all the credit for this and tells the media that Ntini improved cos he(jennings) put pressure on him to perform...

The plyers didnt like this and when they were asked if Jennings is the right man for the job in their opinion, they said NO...

I remember he also once said that his team (easterns at the time) lost a game cos they had 1 more black player in the team than their opposition and that he weakened the team...
it feels great aldo. i never knew black women were better lovers than white ones until i experienced it for myself... lol

So how does it feel to sleep with men? lmao
It depends wpw, if they shave their arse hair or not!;-) Fuck, I'm gonna be sick. Why don't you rather call me something like the firt white anc wnnabe leader or something. This gay thing is hard to joke about. It just doesn't sound right when I respond. Eish, man. You're making it difficult on me.

I found out how easy it is to organise a audit today. I've been worried about it for quite a while now, this morning I just printed out our last reports, gave the techies there different sections and did the audit of the serverroom, where nothing has changed in the last 6 months, since the last audit. Shit it's nice not to be a techie. I used to do that shit, my first ever audit as a non techie!
OK aldo. No more jokes about the fact that you are gay. lol

You wanna hear something revolting?
I was out with 2 of my friends last night, the one just got back from working in London for about 4 years and the other one works 6 months on a crusie liner and then comes back for 6 weeks and so it goes on... He says on his 1st trip he had to share a room with a gay boere thug from Joburg...
From the word go they couldnt get along.

One night he woke up in the middle of the night and got this funny smell... lmao
He says he then heard this moffie and his chick/ou having sex opposite him... He totally freaked out and nearly bliksem'd them...

He then reported them and got moved to a single room... I couldnt stop laughing my arse off when he told me... It is revolting though.. Disgusting.
sorry, thats cruise liner  
That will haunt you for the rest of your life...NOOOOIT!  
Jisis wpw

That is f---ing disgusting.

I've been in a room pretending to sleep where one of my buddies was servicing some dollybird, and although uncomfortable, it wasn't too bad an experience being able to crit him on his technique the next morning, but as for being in a room where two moffies were going 'guns blazing' so to say is not something I would want to experience.
ps. Morning Province  
Shit wpw, that'll haunt me for the rest of my life!!!! Glad it's never happened to me. To be honest, I'm a bit homophobic (afraid of gay people). I put it down to going to a family function in st8. My one cousin brought two gay friends of hers along, both of them were 21 I think. They actually flirted with me the whole afternoon and then tried to get me to have a threesome with them! Needless to say, I allready was a big boy by that time (played reserve for the first team), so I kicked ones arse and the other one just dissapeared. My cousin never talked to me after that day!  
Interesting Phillip

I also worked on cruise liners for a couple years.Hard work but a lot of fun sometimes as well.

On a ship you are either ship staff or hotel staff.Ship staff get rank and as a result the right to go into guest areas.Hotel staff get the salaries.....and on occassion, bloody good single cabines if you are in some sort of management level.

The kitchen management had their cabines all in a line just outside of the crew bar.The Scadinavian housekeeping staff(20-25year old Blondes)used to pile in one by one.

Until we caught them comparing us........(his is bigger than his,yes but he has more stamina,etc.)
We were not happy.
As punishment we started associating with the beauty salon staff.

The Scadinavians can be quite a jealous and vindictive lot.....we nearly started a war.

And the really funny part was,that whenever we docked in Rio,Beaunos Aires or the likes.....we'd run off womanizing with the local talent when the ship girls all wanted to be taken for dinner and the theater.

Funny enough on friday i slep in a room with a girl who was getting it on with herself...that was just funny,she was enjoying it.Woulda asked if i could help out but she wasnt a pretty animal.  
It's only disgusting when you "service" the bird that your subordinate "serviced" the night before.

The other way round is completely acceptable.

And those cabins weren't sound proof either....on a couple occassions collegues of mine kicked down the door with cameras at the ready, just at the time that my South African Injection was being emptied.
Sounds like good times St.P  
When I just finished varsity I worked as a waiter in CT for three months at the V&A.

Bliksem there must have been something wrong with me because every single gay oke was hitting on me.

One even accosted me in the bathrooms at Quay 4 while I was pissing!!!!!!

Needless to say the bouncers escorted me off the premises after I had beaten the crap out of him...

Jisis StP

What race, creed or nationality of women have you not had the opportunity of screwing yet?

What's disgusting is servicing a dollybird right after your buddy.

Tyhe next night is just a bit of a disappointment because then you know she preferred him over you...
gives a whole new perspective to the tv program 'love boat'  

Ja DavidS

We docked at a city called Manus in Brazil for 3 nights.It's about a 1000 miles up the Amazon.Most of the chicks had never seen "white blokes".It was like shooting fish in a barrel.Us chefs are a nasty bunch.We decided to play a game.......who can service the most Brazilians between a dinner and breakfast period.And off we went.I finished a creditable 3rd with 3 services.A frikken Austrian won,5 services, the use of stimulants was debated hotly as was the fact that he didn't drink much.I was absolutely smashed and nearly didn't make it back to work in the morning.

The only plus was that his 4th was my 2nd.........yuck,yuck,yuck
Needless to say,
HIV tests are required when seeking employment on cruiselines.
lmao St.p
he said the same thing about the noise coming from the rooms next to him... You know what is strange? When he was on another trip the same thing happened but this time the two okes were busy in the shower. Their room had a shower ahich they had to share...

He showed me some photos last night, Canadians, Mexicans, New Zealand chicks and many more. he says they would just come fetch you and then you know you gonna get it... Hectic... And he is leaving on Friday again and his Mexican chick is waiting for him...
And most of the chicks are damn HOT. Also got with a German chick in a club...  
Yip as 'n ou moet trein ry , dan verkies ek on die lokomotief te wees!  
And I can understand why StP

Bliksem with that kind of promiscuity happening, you could start a high paying 'reality' website about life on a cruise ship!

There's no love about it

More likely Fornication Boat
Is there any thruth in the saying that FUCK stands for

F-ornicating U-nder C-onsent of the K-ing

No truth whatsoever
Portside Out Starboard Home
lol @ OO vir daai lokomotief comment!  

Your coments on Jennings I have echoed pretty much on another thread. I do agree with wpw though, the man is completely crazy and was no long term solution for the team. But he does have that hard-arsed thing about him, that "ornery" quality (to use an American term), that can really work in a one-off series, especially against the Aussies. They would not have enjoyed having their sh!t shoved right back at them.

I share everyone on here's reservations about Arthur, about our selections in general, and quite frankly, about Smith's captaincy.

On acronyms:

Most of these popular legends about acronyms are untrue. The word FUCK is a very old Anglo Saxon word (coincidentally from the same root as folk or volk, believe it or not).

The word POSH was around in English slang usage long before the luxury liners started their operations.

A lot of people also think POM comes from Prisoner Of (Her) Majesty.

Also untrue. Apparently in the 1920s and 30s a lot of English emigrated to Australia. Some Aussie wags started to do a word play between "immigrant" and "pomegranate", and the latter name stuck, in its abbreviated form of "pommy"!
Thanks for that Mr Postman

I knew that there were other histories, but I didn't have them on hand.

Let Us F*** The Hostesses And Not Say Anything

Flippin Italian After Thought
First In All Troubles
SABENA = sh!tty airline, bad experience, never again

Though it couldn't possibly be as bad as Iberian. The ugliest, surliest hostesses around.

What you thinking about it?

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