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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Happy Birthday

Antonie Lombard
Full names: Antonie
Date of birth: 6 Dec 1885
Place of birth:
Bedford, South Africa
De Villiers Graaff, Villiersdorp
Initial province:
Eastern Province
Date of death: 22 Feb 1960 (Age 74)
Test summary: Tests: 1 Tries: 0
First Test: 27 Aug 1910 Age:24 Forward against Britain at Crusaders (St George's Park), Port Elizabeth
Last Test: 27 Aug 1910 Age:24 Forward against Britain at Crusaders (St George's Park), Port Elizabeth

John Luyt
Full names: John Douglas
Date of birth: 6 Dec 1884
Place of birth:
Ceres, South Africa
South African College School (SACS)
Initial province:
Eastern Province
Date of death: 3 Oct 1964 (Age 79)
Test summary: Tests: 4 Tries: 0
First Test: 23 Nov 1912 Age:27 Forward against Scotland at Inverleith, Edinburgh
Last Test: 11 Jan 1913 Age:28 Forward against France at Le Bouscat, Bordeaux

Hugh Ferris
Full names: Hamish Hood
Date of birth: 6 Dec 1877
Place of birth:
Newry, Co Down, Ireland
School: Methodist College, Belfast
Initial province: Transvaal
Date of death: 17 Jul 1929 (Age 51)
Test summary: Tests: 1 Tries: 0
First Test: 12 Sep 1903 Age:25 Flyhalf against Britain at Newlands, Cape Town
Last Test: 12 Sep 1903 Age:25 Flyhalf against Britain at Newlands, Cape Town
Damn Ras,

I was just trying to get something like this together.

Great work man.
Hamish Hood Hugh-Ferris

That will get Murph celtic heart going ;-)

For a moment there I only saw Hamish and got shivers thinking that Nancy might have found us.
Ooops, sorry, Donner!

You snooze, you lose! ;-)

I was just wondering

In all these old player profiles, foirwards are referred to as just that, forwards. They're not called as props or hookers or flanks etc.

Was there a norm that positions were not clearly deliniated and anyone could basically be a forward or were there specialist positions from the start.

I know in my grandfather's day (30's, 40's and 50's) his position was just that of a third prop who could get the ball out the scrums and he acted as fourth loosie. Throwing in was done by one of the wings, depending which side of the field the lineout was.


So could you help us maybe with a history of how the positions and functions crystalised?

I remember playing U11 as wing and having to throw the ball into the line outs.
i had to do that too donner  
I support tackler in his protest

regarding that John Luyt played his last

test aginst Bouscats in france while never

against any in SA
You support Tackler Murph?

When I was at school the wings always threw the ball in in primary school.

They were pathetic throw-ins and my chances of taking a throw were probably 50% on our own throws.

Our coach just put the three tallest okes in the front, middle and back of the line-out and it was simple deep on me, middle on the one lock and fron on the tallest oke in the team.
lol davids,

dont they still just do exactly that?

okay the wings dont chuck the ball in anymore but anyone who has seen tjoepie van den heever in action might have thought that rule never changed.
Not Tackler , just the Principle !

He he h eh

seems its lost though !

ha ha

At least it wasnt the Pouscats !

ha ha
Bouscats is racist Murph

We're not in Zim anymore!

I hope you are not accusing me of that!

Besides that i am not actually from Zim.

Am taking a dig at the pld regim.

When we were in school we used to take pride in how well / quickly we integrated, esp the rugby ou's

When they allowed blacks into our school it happened pretty seamlessly. The one place that it was most noticeable was our rugby sides. within a couple of years we had teams with 50/50 representation in a school that was still majority white.

But the best example of how above the hype the lads were was seen in one of our backline moves.

We had a Blits vinnig guy called Thutukha

He was quick enough and skilled enough to play wing but he was amachine in the loose so we played him at flank.

But when we needed some blits off the scrum or line out we played him at 11 or 14 and brought him through the Fly and cover defense like a bat out of hell.

At that stage alot of schools and teams had obvious adjustment issues and theri divide was visible.

When we posed the question as to what we should call our secret move, T cheekily pipes up " Bushkat , with a k for killer "

It was odd how we could scream the move out with this monster black ou on the wing and either by shear stupidity or political correctness other teams would not adjust their lines.

Bloody Funny !
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